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on 3 February 2014
They lasted 3 months. I took them on long plane rides, long train rides, and lots of phone calls with them. I'm a veteran of in-ear headphones and I use them nearly every single day for about 2-3 hours a day. I use them on trains, buses, at my desk, walking around, etc.

On the positive side:
They're attractive.
The braided cord is nice and doesn't tangle like the vinyl ones do.
They have pretty good sound. I like it.
I like the size of the control/mic buttons. They're easy to find without looking.

On the negative side:
The microphone, instead of hanging on one of the ear wires, is at the Y junction where the one wire separates into the left and right ear wires. This puts it nowhere near your mouth. It hardly qualifies as "hands free" if you have to hold the mic in your hand to keep it closer to your mouth than to your sternum.
I don't find them as comfortable as my trusty old Sonys.
The markings for "L" and "R" on the earpieces are entirely too faint and tiny. I can't see them, but I think I know where they are. I don't know which one is left and which is right.
They didn't even last 3 months.

About 3 months after purchasing them, one of the speakers stopped working. With the various other negatives, I didn't replace them with the same model. I upgraded to a really nice set of RHA in-ear headphones. I can't recommend these. Especially with all the quality issues that other owners report.
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on 20 June 2014
As someone who uses headphones everyday and shoves them in a bag when they are not being used, they dont normally last that long.

However, here we are 8 months later and they are still going strong. The only thing that has happened is that the bit of tiny plastice on the back on one of the 'pods' has come off. Does not effect the sound

The braided wire certainly helps strengthen them.

Sound great with all my music, i listen to dance, ambient and soundstracks.

I should add that i bought these when they were on offer (£16) at Amazon so my 5 stars is based on that price. Think that the current price (June 2014 - £25.94 - £29.99) is probably too high. I
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on 24 November 2013
House of Marley were recommended to me by a friend who commutes a lot like I do - we both like our music to have excellent sound, with little noise filtering in and for the product to be comfortable. You get all of that with these, I barely feel them in my ears they are not heavy, and the sound quality is wonderful and there is hardly any noise filtering in or out so they are great on both sides.

I read a review that the remote only worked for Apple, but they do work on my Sony phone - it may be a test it and see kind of thing. But generally if you want a good pair of earphones that you can enjoy your music to while at home or out and about, these are a really great choice.

Would definitely recommend them to anyone.
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on 17 September 2014
Needed a new pair of headphones but I usually go for Sony ones. However, I am quite happy that I bought these. First of all, they look really stylish without a doubt, much prettier than the usual white ones, and many colour choices. The sound quality is quite similar to my old ones with a stronger bass (just slightly). Feel comfortable in the ears. Reasonable priced. The reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is the position of the Mic and control. It is at the Y position where the both sides of the headphones meet with the main cord, so it's nowhere near the mouth. It will be much better if it is on one side of the headphones which will make it practically hands-free. But now I will have to hold the mic nearer to my mouth to talk on the phone.
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on 23 November 2013
I love these headphones! Comparing them to the sony in-ear with mic for a similar price (Sony MDREX38IPB.CE7) they're superior in terms of quality. Really nice punchy, clear bass. They look fantastic too and I love that they're made of natural materials.

My one criticism... the mic is at the point where the two wires split, rather than along one of the split wires (like on the iPod/iPhone/Sony headphones). This means that the controls sit on your chest rather than by your neck, and if you have your headphones under your top like me it's annoying when you want to change songs.

Otherwise, great product! Love it!
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on 3 January 2015
The sound quality, aesthetics of the design, noise cancellation and in-line controls of these earphones are all first rate. Or rather, they were. If they'd stayed like that for more than a month, this might well be a five star review. But, in reality, the right earbud stopped working completely after a couple of weeks rendering them completely useless. Now, a lot of you reading this will be thinking; 'he probably handled they really roughly' and all I can say is: No. If anything, because they were so good while they worked, I treated them with a level of care approaching reverence. To be avoided.
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on 8 May 2014
I'm a huge fan of House of Marley, and have bought earphones from them for years - being really dissapointed when my other House of Marley ones stopped working. But I was really disappointed with these, as despite looking amazing, and having excellent track and volume control, I fodun that the excessive use of wood on the earphones themselves, meant a reduced volume and quality of sound overall. I went over to the dark side, and got the more expensive Ure Beats by Dr Dre earbuds, and the sound quality and track and volume control are much better. This is a shame, because I really love House of Marley, but I'm afraid their choice of style over function just didn't do it for me.
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on 12 July 2015
LOVE these earphones. As someone who wears these earphones every single day, they certainly fit the bill. Not the most 'crisp' quality of other earphones I have tried, but other qualities outweigh this (such as the longevity in which they last compared to other brands). Personally, I seem to go through earphones almost every 3 months due to one side breaking or the wires becoming frayed etc, but these earphones have lasted me for around one year thus far. They are comfortable to wear, anti-tangling, and ascetically pleasing. Would recommend for anyone looking for some every day earphones that will last a relatively long time.
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on 30 January 2014
Don't normally write reviews, but with these, I felt I had to.

These hit the scale at both ends to myself. I'm not massively into getting the absolute best earphones, etc, I probably couldn't tell the difference between £5 ones and £500 ones, but I fancied something relatively good quality, for a decent price and going by reviews, these seemed to fit the bill.

Overall, I find the sound very good indeed. Nice and clear, with good bass(not too much), but I must agree with others when it comes to the wires. They DO make an audible noise, when rubbed against just about anything and it's quite loud. I don't understand how or why, but I listen to music when in bed about to go to sleep and against the bed covers, if you move at all, they make a heavy ruffled sound, through the earphones. I can imagine if wearing these under a jacket or jumper, they would infuriate the hell out of you.

I'm happy enough to keep them, but I will not buy another set again.

Oh and one more thing, the controls do work on the iPhone, but only occasionally.
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on 10 October 2015
These are a fantastic make. They give amazing quality sound and amazing bass. Definitely worth more than they were when they were available from marley. definitely my favourite pair for listening to. However, they break easily, very fragile and it's always the left ear bud that breaks. I've bought multiple pairs more than 5 because they were worth it however, all broke because of the left ear bud. No wonder Marley no longer sells them. Only buy them if you're very careful with them and are aware of this. I've tried fixing but its nothing about how they are connected, they are very well soldered and impossible to fix. Also the logo at the back of the buds scratch right off. Not sure what that was all about. Overall only suggest buying if they are very, very well look after. Not the type of headphones to be shoved in your back pocket.
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