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on 13 July 2012
Like many other reviews, I concur that these headphones are great, (and not just for the relatively low price). Lots of positives: eye-catching; great, punchy sound; good base; comfortable; novel build materials; pleasant company ethics even! BUT these little buggers have one design fault; (and your product is only as strong as its weakest point), namely: poorly secured wires!
After reading multiple reviews I can see how others were as perplexed as I was when, after a matter of months of fairly prudent and delicate use; keeping them in their little cotton case etc., one or both of the headphones cuts out. Upon further inspection I noticed that the only thing absorbing any naturally-occurring tugging on the wires is a little knot someone has tied in the cable just inside the perfectly-formed recycled, wooden casing, (presumably to stop it being pulled out of the earpiece), which, of course, is not secure enough and eventually means the wires slowly work themselves out of the back of the casing over time and eventually the connecting end tears from the soldering points at the back of the speaker!

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on 12 April 2012
Great sounding headphones which are guaranteed to fail on you. I'm on my second set which have just failed in the same way as the first, the electrical connection inside the earphones fail with only careful, normal use. This is a real manufacturers design issue.
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on 15 October 2012
I needed a new pair of earphones, reasonably affordable and worth the price. I read some reviews on these Earphones then ordered a pair then decided to read on further reviews. Many reviews state that these earphones lasted them a week or two, other reviews only stated the music experience that these earphones provided them but nothing on the durability of the earphones. I thought surely if I buy these earphones and take care of them they'll last me at least a few months... Sadly not.

I was heavily considering cancelling the order but by the time I was about to cancel the order it had already been dispatched.

Very nice looking earphones which came in impressive packaging, attractive bright colours and fabric wires which to me feels a bit cheap but I didn't expect anything better from an earphone for this price which is fine because it really didn't bother me that much. Many other reviews may argue otherwise but the wires did tangle very easily for me and were always kinked which drives me mad with earphone wires. The wires may have annoyed me a little bit but I still loved the earphones and was amazed by the price of them. Bass lovers will absolutely adore these earphones because they do provide punchy deep bass and the vocals sound absolutely fine through them. Noise isolating from these earphones were good, isolated noise as supposed to.

Anyway moving on to the sad truth of the review...

As much as I love these affordable, attractive and very comfortable earphones which by the price I am amazed by the quality I am sad to admit in all honesty that these earphones only lasted literally 2 days. Not fully broken, both earphones work however the left earphone needs to be pressed and angled in a certain way after me having to adjust the wire position for a few minutes which now got me to personally understand why these earphones have a reputation of breaking easily.

As much as I love these earphones I think it's absolutely ridiculous that these only lasted 2 days which kind of made me chuckle a little bit from how it could be manufactured so poorly. Of course this review was from a personal view, I'm not stopping anyone from buying these earphones but take this review as a massive warning, you might get very lucky but sadly and personally I wouldn't risk it, go look for better quality earphones, pay a little more for maybe People Get Ready earphones but please take my words into consideration as I'm planning to get a refund.

Finally a note to House Of Marley, please fix this issue.
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VINE VOICEon 21 November 2011
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I was slightly surprised and confused when I saw these were branded with Bob Marley, a feeling enhanced when I actually received them to find next to no relevance to Marley whatsoever - seems more like trying to sell something off a name rather than make it appropriately relevant.

But onto the actual product:

The first that that strikes you is the colour - in this case bright pink which isn't too much of an issue for me but if you don't like bright colours these certainly aren't the earphones for you. These come with 3 different buds to fit your ears and whilst they do cover the usual little, medium, large categories, the material seemed to be slightly less flexible than my other JVC and Sennheiser buds which makes getting the perfect fit slightly more difficult. I also found it slightly difficult to get the rubber on/off as it is a very snug fit which, whilst good for not losing them, also makes it a bit of a pain trying to swap the sizes around.

The cords is a nice black wire which does have a premium feel to it, although it was slightly too stiff for my liking as I prefer to tuck the wires away whilst listening and with these I could still feel them. The connections seem rugid enough for every day use when commuting and they also come with a convenient and well made carry bag which I always tend to use to keep them in good condition. I do, however, think that even not using this carry bag, the connections should survive quite well if you just throw them into your bag/pocket when commuting.

In terms of sound quality, I found these adequate but not fantastic. Compared to my other earphones these offer little more than my £12 JVC and when tested on both my phone and MP3 player, they were outperformed by my Sennheiser which were only a couple of pounds more expensive. The lower end works fine, but too often the higher-end sounds didn't make it through and I was left with a lot of bass and not enought treble across a whole range of music, from Mozart to Eminem (yes, I have an eclectic taste in music!). And this wasn't improved by playing with the equalisers on the devices either - they just seem to be a bit too bass heavy.

All-in-all these are a decent set of earphones which feel quality but struggle to deliver sound quality. I'm sure the eco-friendly marketing will appeal to some, but if you are looking for perfomance these struggle to match some of the competition in the same price bracket.

***EDIT - Having used these for a couple of months now, mainly on commute with the volume turned up to counteract the poor noise cancellation, I'm afraid they have stopped working properly. Even on the commute, I take good care of my earphones and have had a pair for well over a year that have worked perfectly. Unfortunately the left earphone has just completely stopped working and I can get no sound whatsoever. The right one still works fine but what is the point of having earphones with only one working. I don't know exactly what has caused this problem and the cord and earphones appear to be in perfect condition from the outside but the left bud doesn't work. It is very disappointing and whilst I may have just got a dodgy one it seems slightly odd that a product proclaiming eco-friendly nature essentially will be discarded after only a couple of months use.***
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VINE VOICEon 22 October 2011
Style: Lily|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Everything about this Eco-friendly product deserves high praise. The Marley Jammin' Collection is a range of audio products that support the 1Love Organization, set up in the artists memory.

I note from the company website an impressive looking array of unique and attractive headphone designs - a refreshing change from the standard black plastic often produced by major brands.

Sound Quality:
Rich punchy bass, clear vocals and reminiscent of a product several times the price.
I listen to audio for a large chunk of my day and comfort, quality and of course sound is highly important. These Noise-Isolating headphones come with 3 tip sizes and have a unique wooden housing. Yes, wooden housing - a great idea! The headphones are made using recycled/Eco-Friendly material wherever possible. A handy carry pouch is also included. The chord is not plastic but fabric, an endearing touch.

The base is deep, some may find it slightly overpowering but it depends of course on musical taste and the music of Marley would certainly fit into this category.

I look forward to using these regularly and I have absolute confidence in the build quality. The current RRP of around £20 is a complete bargain and the fact that it goes towards helping the Marley family charitable organisation presents a very good reason to make a purchase.
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VINE VOICEon 30 October 2011
Style: Lily|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Presented in an eco-friendly cardboard box with magnetic flap lid, my first impressions of the Marley Jammin' Collection in-ear headphones is great. Inside the box is the headphones made from recycled aluminium, recycled plastic, FSC certified Sapele wood, a fabric cable containing 8mm micro speakers, 2 additional sizes of ear buds and a handy carry case. For the small size of the product, the build quality seems surprisingly good and the durable cable around the wires provide extra security.

After wearing the in-ear headphones for a few minutes I found my ears were getting sore. However after easily swapping to the smallest size of ear buds they were fine although they take a little getting used to as I am normally use headphones. The sound quality was good on the Pop/R&B music I tried them out on. I was also impressed with how well they block out other sounds and the fact that there is very little sound leakage.

As other reviews have pointed out they are a little heavy on the bass but I didn't really find this a problem. The bright colours and the Jamaican pattern won't be to everyones taste but there are other colour options available. These Smile Jamaica earphones would make an ideal present for someone looking to upgrade their apple earphones and do the job expected for the price.
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Style: Lily|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had many pairs of earphones over the years, some have been excellent and some have been awful. Thankfully these Bob Marley inspired earphones impress where it counts...

...The audio quality may not be as good as some of the more expensive sets available, but for the money these represent good value and the sound is at the better end of the mid-range 'phones on the market. I often struggle with in-ear sets and find them uncomfortable I've found the JVC In Ear Marshmallow Headphones to be the most comfy) but using the smaller covers (it comes with 3 different sized tips) I found these to be a snug fit I could use for prolonged periods of time without them hurting.

The cord claims to be tangle free and it certainly impresses. I've purposefully packed this into my bag and not wrapped them around a cable-tidy so I could see how effective the tangle free cable is, and with very little manipulation it was straight with absolutely no knots. The cable isn't rubbery, it has a textile finish which doesn't snag or cling to itself, even if you try to get it in knots it's difficult to do so. One problem these cords have though is that they tend to absorb the sound from every knock and it travels to the earphones, a pair of tangle-free earphone I had recently were useless if you were doing anything remotely active as every time the cord bang or brush against clothing it resulted in a thud. These Bob Marley earphones suffer from the same effect but at much less a significant level. They might not be ideal for running but you don't have to remain still in order to hear your music!

Aesthetics are always important and these look particularly funky. The bright pink tips stand out well and the cord has a Brazil colour theme with subtle green, yellow and red banding. I was sceptical about wooden earphones but the effect is quite lovely and it feels nice and solid. There are a vareity of other colours available however, if these aren't to your taste.

In a nutshell: These earphone perform well and are very snazzy looking. Bob Marley fans will especially appreciate the styling and it's good to know that by purchasing them you are helping charity (the Marley family's 1Love organisation) and also buying a product which uses materials from environmentally responsible sources.
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on 7 August 2012
It's such a shame I can't give a better review to these. I want to give them four stars, but they're barely getting two. I've owned a pair of these since mid June 2012. Yesterday only early August 2012, they stopped supplying sound to the left ear unless I waggle the jack in the socket of my iPod into a very precise position. I've tried different headphones and they work fine with the iPod so I think its the headphones.

I liked:
* The material on the cables is just so good at not getting tangled, I don't know why it's the norm for other makes to still use sticky rubber cable coating
* The buds are comfortable and you get a few different sizes to experiment with. I could wear them on long journeys and they didn't hurt.
* They were good noise cancellers, meaning I could clearly hear the spoken word from podcasts and audiobooks in even the noisiest environments
* They were good insulators, meaning they shielded others from the noises I was listening to, especially when I sat next to someone on public transport or the office
* They were admirably unusual in colour, design and materials. So many people commented on them when they saw me use them.

I didn't like:
* Despite taking good care of them, with no careless tugs/jerks/manhandling, after not even two months, the left headphone has stopped working unless I jiggle the jack in my iPod. Then when I start moving around, the sound goes again.

Having searched around on the internet, it seems I'm not alone in experiencing this problem. Sudden unexplained loss of sound to one earphone appears to be relatively common. I am tempted to chalk this up to a bad batch and try and just get a new pair. Up until yesterday I thought they were great, and they're not expensive. But I don't want to be burned twice. I'm now also considering a replacement brand.
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on 3 May 2012
I coughed up a (for me) substantial amount of cash for these nice looking, fancy, colourful ear-plugs and I was relatively pleased with them apart from the occasional scratching you get on a zip or whatever. But then, after a trip away where I was constantly folding them - not shoving, or screwing up - into my bag, one of the phones started cutting out, leaving me having to hold it into a certain position for it to work. Subsequently, I got in such a rage about this cutting in and out that I swiftly picked up a pair of scissors and snipped it off. Solved. Consequently I can only listen in one ear now, which is completely useless if the tracks are in surround sound, dolby, headache inducing format.

I would've been annoyed if I'd paid £5 for these only about two months ago and have them break now. I paid £20.

So, to surmise, I could've chose to Stir It Up with HMV over this one, but it would've been Waiting In Vain, so I decided to Satisfy My Soul and give the faulty piece an Exodus to the bin.

One love, Angry consumer B.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 November 2011
Style: Lily|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I admit, I have never understood how people can part with so much money for earphones. There is a market out there where you can (should you choose) pay £100 for a set of earphones!!!However, having said that I certainly don't like cheap earphones that fall apart and only end up with one ear working. It seems to me that these little bad boys are for people like me who are in the middle. They are reasonably priced and do the job. Not only do they do the job, they do it well and have the added bonus of being nice and brioght in colour. There is an added advantage of having three different sized ear tips for the perfect fit for everybody. They are a slightly strage feeling, following the standard pair I had, but once I got used to them they were very comfortable. In my opinion, well worth the reasonable price tag!
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