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on 20 July 2015
I faffed about for ages comparing various widescreen replacements for my trusted old Hanns G monitor, and settled on this highly rated option from Asus. The monitor was purchased in September 2013, so as I write this nearly 2 years later (I know!) I feel it's time I added my comments.
I would add however, that my initial assessment would only have rated it 3 or 4 stars, as I've been disappointed at how bright and contrasty it appeared. I'd also add that apart from web browsing/emails, I use it for image editing with Photoshop and Lightroom 5.
Straight out of the box, the monitor was easy to set up and use, but (as I mentioned) I found it noticeably brighter and harsher than my old Hanns G. However, I ran with it, thinking maybe my previous monitor was well past it's sell-by date, and that the advantages in terms of clarity and resolution were worth it. I did try to reduce the harshness through the monitor menu and a calibrator, but I was never able to get it "just right".
A couple of months down the line I replaced my old bog-standard Huey calibrator with a spanky new Spyder 4 Pro, but again, I was never able to achieve total monitor nirvana, although to be fair, I was always amazed at how accurately my old Canon Pixma printer reproduced my images. We were getting close, but I wasn't ready to award any cigars. Colour accuracy was fine, it was the underlying harshness of the display.
So, here we are in July 2015, and I just reloaded the software for the Spyder 4 Pro, and lo and behold, it's been updated by Datacolor.
I simply followed the new, updated instructions, and somehow I was able to begin the process of calibration of my Asus from better, and more "neutral" default settings. Several minutes later, I returned from making a coffee to find the option of comparing my calibrated settings with the "old" ones. Sure enough, the old settings were indeed harsh and higher-contrast, whereas the new ones were perfect. Well, as near perfect as I need. Print quality is even closer to what I see on the monitor, and web-browsing is an altogether more pleasant experience.
So, without going into endless technical gobbledegook, I'd say that the combination of updated Spyder 4 Pro calibrator, with the Asus ProArt Monitor, is finally a result that I'm happy to award 5 stars. On it's own, with no calibrator, I doubt you'd achieve this level of performance without a lot of luck. Yes, I know good calibration should link monitor and printer profiles, but I'd say this is as close as you'll get without going that far.
The ProArt itself is built like a tank, with all the physical adjustments you'd expect in a decent bit of kit.
So, finally, after nearly 2 years, through no fault of the monitor, I've achieved nirvana.
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on 20 December 2016
The picture quality of this monitor is superb. When first used the colours of my photos were so intense that they looked over saturated. I calibrated the monitor using a Spyder 5 Elite and the brightness was reduced from the default 50 to 32 giving a better reproduction of my photos. I have struggled in the past with other (expensive) monitors to get them calibrated correctly because the brightness level wouldn't go high enough. This monitor has plenty to spare. It also covers the range of the Adobe RGB gamut which many other monitors can't. The monitor also has lots of additional things it can do beside delivering a great image.

When it comes to photo editing, previously on other monitors there was little difference between many of the RAW and JPG images from my Canon SLR. With this monitor you can see the subtle differences.

I did have a problem when I attached the monitor initially to a Windows PC. The screen resolution was automatically set to 2560 x 1440 when the PC was booted. This produced lettering that was blurred and almost unreadable. I tried configuring the text with Windows without success and the only way I could improve it was to switch to standard HD resolution which made everything sharp but too big on this size monitor for normal desktop viewing distances. I then tried changing from using the DVI port to the DisplayPort and got a perfect picture. It would seem that DVI cannot handle the bandwidth of the 2560 x 1440 resolution. I don't know how the monitor would respond to fast moving images as I am not a gaming person, but for me it was a very good buy. The only thing I would change is the ability to access the menu when the monitor is not receiving a video signal. The only thing you can change is the input, the menu and other buttons don't work until the monitor receives a video signal.
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on 25 July 2017
I really do love this monitor! I've had it 5 months now and had no problems at all.
I looked at quite a few monitors online and also websites that suggested the best monitors for photo editing, before choosing this one, This was the only one in this price range that had a color gamut of 99% Adobe RGB. I do a lot of editing in Photoshop and my old monitors (laptop and CRT!!) were pretty much at the end of their useful life.
The difference between those monitors and this one are immense; the colours on this monitor are just amazing; I haven't calibrated it at all, I just used it straight out of the box. The clarity is also very good - I never knew my photos could look so good! I use Adobe RGB (1998) colour profile when editing in Photoshop and I find the colour balance just fine.
I remember that some of the reviews mentioned leakage with this one, but I haven't had a problem with it.
I think it's a brilliant monitor and worth every penny.
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on 10 February 2018
So i already have one of these monitors and ive got to say its a very nice monitor, colors on my original monitor are nice and whites are white and blacks are black, not the best for gaming but i knew that when purchasing and wanted it more for the color reproduction. I decided i wanted to move to a dual monitor set up to help with my productivity instead of tab-ing out all time.

So i ordered the same monitor as i had already got and a Dual monitor arm bracket, delivery as usual from amazon is perfect, ordered it the Friday got it the Saturday nice and simple!
got the monitor upstairs into my office and set up the monitor arm with the 2 monitors attached switched on my computer and set up dual screen. I then immediately noticed a very strong color difference in both monitors the new monitor had a very yellow tint to it, thinking it was just some settings that needed changing i started to play around with it.... 4 hours later a LOT of googling and still not fixed and read could be a problem with the panel its self so contacted Amazon and set up a replacement to come on Monday. (again, great service from Amazon)
Replacement came Monday and again same thing!! Arrrgh so fed up with it by now i set up a returns for them both and decided to just get my money back!
i really do like this monitor and normally i would recommend it as my original one has been great for me, maybe its a bad batch i dont know but theres definitely something wrong with the ones i got, i am quite OCD about things and i just can not cope with something like that lol

Hope you have better look than i did!
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on 22 October 2013
Can't be beaten for the price. No sign of light leakage as other reviewers have mentioned and well packaged. I'm a photographer and I wanted something that would show the greatest detail and render colours accurately. This screen does that. It comes ready calibrated and matches exactly with other devices I have.

If I had a niggle it would be the placement of the buttons on the bottom front right: just where you would grab the screen to tilt it or move it up and down. It's all too easy to accidentally push one. Move them to the bottom and the problem would be solved.
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on 17 February 2017
I have been using the Asus PA238Q 23-inch IPS Professional Monitor for over the last THREE years.

The screen has been superb. Excellent build quality (better than others I have - mainly Samsung), bright sharp and clear from any viewing angle.

The stand is awesome, being flexible enough for my needs (many other makes are not).

In three years I have had an opportunity to use the monitor for a broad range of usage. Everything from typical web browsing/emails usage, plus complex Excel spreadsheets / MS Project plans, through to image editing with Photoshop / Lightroom and editing/watching video.

Overall money well spent. Happily recommended to friends and family.
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on 3 December 2014
I was concerned by the negative reviews, but decided to proceed based on the positive professional reviews available elsewhere. I am not a gamer, I use this monitor for CAD; Office; Photoshop and Lightroom for 10 to 12 hours a day. This is an excellent, beautifully clear and bright monitor. I could not believe how dull and dingy my old (6 years & 10 years) Dell 24" monitors looked alongside it. Suffice to say that I have 'retired' those and ordered another Asus 27" 2560x1440 (but a bit cheaper) to run as the second screen.
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on 8 December 2012
For the price I was expecting a good quality monitor and was not all at disappointed, the build quality feels fantastic compared with other cheaper monitors I've had in the past, the plastic feels strong and well put together with an extremely good stand as well that is easy to adjust to any desired position including portrait mode which is great for working on text with.
The monitor comes with a bunch of cables including VGA, DVI and more which is a real bonus as most monitors I've bought only come with a VGA cable.
The first thing you'll notice when using it is the extremely good color quality which requires zero calibration in sRGB mode, there are a lot of other presets and options to choose from however I find sRGB is the best mode to use for pretty much everything.
Many people have complained of serious light bleed which worried me slightly at first but once I got it the problem appears to be very mild indeed, from what I understand this slight edge glow is completely normal and to be expected to a degree with any IPS panel.
The only thing that annoyed me is the label they stick on the front which took some time to clean the glue off.
In conclusion if you want a high quality color calibrated monitor this is excellent value for money for any purpose, even gaming.
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on 18 January 2015
One of the best IPS monitor with quite accurate color management, I ever had. Especially for such price is unbeatable!

Two small notes:
- Display can be rotate for 90° ONLY in the clockwise direction. That mean right side of display will go down. Sometimes I would like to rotate counterclockwise. Unfortunately, not possible. but that is only one very small disadvantage, which I can live with. :)
- Monitor have couple USB 2.0 ports with one USB-in connector, like printers have. So you can use those ports for extension or charging. And because of charging, it would be very handy, if those ports would have power from monitor power supply, it would need only very small change in design, but made good benefit. And while we talking about USB port, why not 3.0 standard? It's common of these days.... Ok, ok, I'm too demanding. Forget it. Enjoy it!
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on 20 January 2017
Good screen but needed the brightness and contrast backing off a little. The only little gripe is the headphone socket hidden away under the screen. The built in speakers have good bass for their size. I opted for this version rather than 4K. I just couldn't see any difference and wanted to make life easier for the graphics card. The USB 3 hub is a great idea and works well.
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