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I wanted a pair of speakers to get better sound in my gallery than my computer speakers could supply, and so, a bit of research and reading of reviews later, I decided to try these.

Sound quality was simply excellent for the size, and though I still prefer the sound of my old and now discontinued Cambridge Soundworks 2.1 set, these were pretty good.

I don’t know exactly what happened to mine. I can’t say for sure whether it could have been a fault with them, or if something I did caused them to die. A combination of something bumping into them, the potential for a power surge and some other things did however happen, after which they no longer worked, and since I couldn’t be sure whether it was my fault, I never returned them.

Whatever the case might be, I would have to conclude they might be a bit more fragile than they look and feel, for which I have deducted a bit in my star rating. I’m sure not all speakers would have succumbed so easily to the same combination of misfortunate coincidences.

My old Cambridge Soundworks speakers are heading into their 12th year now – and they have even gone through the hardship of moving to a different country via the mail service once – when my Audissies only lasted a month or so. Disappointing.
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on 24 October 2013
I've had these speakers a while now and all I can say is how impressed I am. I use them with an iMac using a optical cable and the sound is (for a set of desktop speakers) quite superb. The bass is rich and warm and much greater than you'd guess from their diminutive size. I'm really impressed with them and am so happy I decided to get these.
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These are a bit special. They are small powered speakers of the type you would sit either side of a computer on your desktop, but put simply, they sound bigger than they are - smooth, clear, and with remarkable bass extension.

Set up is simple. The right-hand speaker includes an amplifier, so this is where you plug in the power supply and either (or both) an analogue or digital input. There is also a speaker output which you connect using the supplied cable to the left-hand speaker. Source can be pretty much anything with a line out or headphone socket, or better still a digital output. I tried it with an iPad, an iPhone, and a Squeezebox Touch.

Once connected, just press the on/off/volume control on the front of the right speaker and play your music. For convenience there is also a front headphone socket.

So far this could describe almost any powered speaker, though a digital input is a rarity, but the sound quality of these is better than anything else I have heard from a package of this size. Part of the secret is that much of the back panel on each speaker is occupied by a passive bass radiator which must be why the bass is so extended. Extended bass counts for nothing though unless it is of good quality; fortunately in this case it is tight and tuneful.

I played Kind of Blue by Miles Davis: you can follow the bass easily, the piano sounds like piano, the trumpet is clear and immediate. Another good test track is Sade's By Your Side from Lover's Rock; this has strong bass that can easily turn to mush, but sounded excellent on these.

If possible, I recommend you use the digital input. This means the speakers can work at their best, since the integrated electronics handle the entire digital to analogue and amplification chain. They still sound good with a high quality analogue input, but to my ears they are clearer and cleaner using the digital in.

Volume is decent but don't buy these for parties. That said, they are fine for a living room at ordinary listening levels, and more than enough for a desktop.

I tested these by perching them on top of the floorstanding speakers in my separates system. Someone who came into the room had to ask which were playing, which is remarkable. I am not ready to ditch the separates yet, but considering the substantial price difference there is no doubt which are better value - remember, you do not need an amplifier or DAC with these.

A few specs: the DAC is said by Audyssey to be up to 24/48 though I successfully played a 24/96 signal. I don't know if this is automatically downsampled, but it works. Power is unspecified but Audyssey says they are rated to produce 95db SPL at 1m listening distance. You can connect both digital and analogue inputs if you want though you cannot switch between them; just make sure you only play one at a time!

A few minor complaints. The power supply is rather bulky and not universal; the UK version is 220-240v. No remote volume control. There is auto standby which can be a nuisance, since you have to get up and turn them back on if the music pauses for more than 15 minutes.

These are minor niggles though. Hear them first if you can; but if you are looking for the best sound quality from small powered speakers, these should be high on your short list. I have heard none better.
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on 2 December 2013
My last speaker purchase was £600 worth of Acoustic Energy Aego P5, a very highly regarded speaker indeed. I would have to say that at low volumes this set do come very close in sound quality for a fraction of the price; Very impressive indeed.

The bass tails off quickly once they are driven past half volume to prevent distortion which is a nice touch, but also shows these are perhaps a little underpowered for party volumes. I wouldn't recommend these for filling a large room, but for a desktop speaker they are very, very good.

why only 4 stars then?
I must report that my first set sent to me had a faulty power supply and wouldn't turn on, hopefully this is an isolated case, and either way the warranty covers such defects.
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on 28 May 2014
Awesomely clear sound. Zero distortion, even at max wattage. Surprisingly good base for such a wee thing. They look cool too.
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on 22 October 2013
Well built desktop speakers that output solid bass with good detail and at a decent volume. Stands provide a solid base.
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