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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
Retreat [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 4 August 2013
Martin (Cillian Murphy) and Kate (Thandie Newton) are a married couple who go off and live on an island. She had a stillborn and the day after she came out of the hospital her husband was at work. In her blog she has a secret of her own she can't tell Martin (one that isn't worth waiting for). The house is huge and they have plenty of food and even electricity from a finicky basement generator and Internet access. Kate is distant and aloof from the start as Martin is the more likeable of the characters.

Kate retreats to the bath and doesn't allow her husband to see her naked, as she appears extremely disturbed, blaming Martin for everything. Then suddenly a man in military fatigues, sinisterly armed with a pistol shows up on the island and passes out from his head trauma. Jack (Jamie Bell) the injured man recovers and informs Martin there is a deadly airborne virus killing off the world's population and is headed "our way." He wants to seal up the house which is on a cold remote island.

The couple doubts Jack's story but have no way to verify it or leave the island. They are prisoners in their own house in a slow developing home invasion film. Twist at the end makes the whole film a waste of time.

F-bomb, no sex or nudity.
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on 20 June 2017
Misleading description, suggests of some kind of apocalyptic horror but it's not. It's more thriller with over tones of an horror, if that. Unfortunately it's predictable plot wise. The characters are irritating in the extreme to the extent and the score just adds to your irritation. The best part is Bell but even he cannot overcome the drab script.
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on 18 November 2011
a very boring low budget film, honestly Thandie Newton must be hard up for a bit of work !!, tediously slow, don't waste your money , go and get a Kebab you will enjoy it more.
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on 21 March 2017
I got it as I like Cillian Murphy, and all the cast were fine in it, but it was pretty weak and I would say don't bother with it, it's not up to much. The story is daft and old hat, and I'd say it took about five attempts to get through it, and I still nodded off before the end. My cat has begged me not to put it on again, as she found it hard to sleep through every time. Why do they make such silly films with good actors. I know, money.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 16 November 2011
This is an indie thriller from director and co-writer Carl Tibbetts and it is billed as a sort of `Twenty Eight Days Later' meets `Straw Dogs', well it really is neither but is still quite good. It is about Kate (Thandie Newton) and Martin (Cillian Murphy) who go to an isolated island in order to repair their fragile relationship after she has lost a baby mid term.

They are the only occupants of this island and the only connection to the mainland is by CB radio to the owners, an elderly couple, who have to come by boat. They try to settle in but the past is all around them and so is the memory of recent events. Then after repeated calls for aid as the generator has, spookily, broken down, they spot a man. He has apparently been washed up on shore and has suffered a head wound. They take him in, he claims to be Private Jack Coleman (Jamie Bell), and he has a story to tell them.

Apparently there has been an outbreak of a new disease which has spread rapidly around the globe. It is an air borne virus to which there is no defence and more importantly no cure. To make it sound more terrifying it has letters and numbers in its name like N31 J42! Their only hope is to lock themselves in and batten down the hatches until the disease burns itself out.

This is a psychological thriller and not a gore fest; it is also not an `end of the world' disaster movie, so claims to have been so are misleading. It is a well acted semi claustrophobic mind battle. All of the performances are well above par and Jamie Bell is particularly interesting as the clearly affected young man. It also boasts a really good score and eight, yes eight executive producers, really guys that is a bit over kill. Still it does have the obligatory twists, but manages to avoid cliché heaven despite a couple of plot holes, that only anoraks (like myself) would spot, or indeed be churlish enough to mention. At an eighty six minute run time, it is perfectly paced and suspenseful enough to keep most entertained, not one to watch twice though as its strengths are the surprises, so makes for an ideal rental.
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VINE VOICEon 7 November 2011
Kate & Martin (Thandie Newton & Cillian Murphy) have returned to Fairweather cottage on Blackholme island in an attempt to rekindle their ailing marriage. Hoping to recapture the romance felt the last time they were there, it's obvious relationships are frayed this time around. When Jack Coleman (Jamie Bell - Billy Elliot) washes up on shore and identifies himself as a soldier, he says that there is a virulent outbreak of Agromoto flu on the mainland that is killing everyone and that the army are quarantining. With no radio or contact with the outside world at the remote cottage, Kate & Martin have no choice but to believe him or risk contracting the disease, but as Jack's behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, just who should they believe?

Retreat is a fantastically filmed experience; the picturesque surrounds of the cottage and the island really drive home the remoteness of the area. As the relationship between the trio changes dynamic, especially given the marital problems of the couple, you are never quite sure who is leading this dance and this is what keeps the tension in place throughout the film. And tense it is, given Jack's odd behaviour and Kate & Martin's distrust of him and the claustrophobic confines of the rural cottage, either Jack is insane or the entire world has gone to pot.

Extras: There is a "making of" featurette, but it's really nothing that special given that the entire thing is set in a cottage.

All in all, well worth a watch, a premise that is supported by solely a trio of actors and will keep you guessing until the end. Recommended!!
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on 25 April 2017
What a trip away does for a young couple
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on 12 October 2014
I do like Cillian Murphy,BUT ,I don't like this very much..If you want to watch a reasonably predictable movie,with a bit of 'I don't think so'inserted, then this IS for you.Far too predictable,far too early for us--at least ,pad the storyline out a little more.Basically,its the story of a couple,who have had/are having a few marital problems[and who isn't,from time to time?!!!], and retreat to a island,where they have holidayed before.Enter Jamie Bell, and trouble.Well it passed an hour or so on a bad tele night!!!
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on 5 April 2017
Worth a watch
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on 16 March 2012
I like Cillian Murphy and I like Jamie Bell - in fact I would rate them amongst my top ten actors around. They are the type of actor who appears in interesting films, and even when they don't they are often the standout in poor films. Therefore, a film that stars both of them as two heads of a virtual Cerberus must be a good thing? Nope, `Retreat' is awful and not only because they have to act alongside Thandie Newton.

The likes of `The Disappearance of Alice Creed' prove that a triple header film is not easy to pull off. You need every actor to be on top form and a script that will involve the viewer enough to distract them from the fact there is little to no budget and only one set. It helps if the set is as gorgeous as the one seen in `Retreat'. Set on a remote Scottish island troubled married couple Martin (Murphy) and Kate (Newton) are marooned trying to piece their relationship together. Maniac squaddie Jack (Bell) soon shows up suggesting that the end of the world is nigh, what would you do?

Personally, if a nutter like Jack turned up at my holiday home unconscious, but with a gun, I would lock the bloke up and call the police. Unfortunately, this is not what happens in `Retreat' and the film descends into a messy what the hell is happening-athon. Martin is so weak and Kate is annoying, they both conspire to drag the plot out when any rational people would build a raft and get off the island. The entire central plot did not work for me, making the cast unbelievable and the story annoying. This has to be down to writer/director Carl Tibbetts who failed to convince me that this situation could happen. A silly film with a strong cast, let down by a poorly formed script.

I watched the BluRay of this film and although the location was lovely, it was not shot to a standard that needed HD. The extras also included a making of.
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