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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
New Blood - Live In London [Blu-ray] [2011]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
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on 1 June 2015
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on 11 May 2017
Masterpiece. Sumptuous edition with CDs and DVDs in a hard cover booklet. A must-have for any PGs fans.
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on 24 March 2014
Never really into Peter Gabriel much but saw this concert on TV. Tracked down this DVD - just simply brilliant!
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on 27 October 2011
This is a stunning piece of work! I was lucky enough to attend the second night of the two Hammersmith shows (having attended the initial 'Scratch My Back' tour at the O2). Peter's interpretations of his back catalogue are well put together, excellently produced and beautifully played by the New Blood Orchestra. Peter's vocals are also a perfect match...full of emotion when they need to be, yet not overwhelming against the background of the orchestral arrangements.
If listening to this on CD only, you can understand why some have not been so complimentary. Your mood or listening environment can affect the way in which you feel about the music. However, load up the Blu-ray and play it through your 5.1 surround system and you are immediately transported back to Hammersmith as part of the audience. As with all Gabriel productions, both sound and visuals have been carefully managed to provide the optimum listening and viewing experience.
One final point is the packaging. Almost 'LP-sized' (for those of a certain age), the hardback book-style case is immediately recognisable as a quality item. Weighty, and made of good quality materials, it's a pleasure to hold and the print quality of the photographs is also excellent.
All in all it's one of the best 'special editions' packs I've purchased for any artist and coupled with such high quality content too, this is recommended without reservation. 10/10
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on 5 April 2012
Firstly here's the positives, The presentation is very well done, great quality of the book & photos. More importantly the music is fantastic, so much better than the offering of Scratch My Back. When I saw PG with the New Blood Orchestra on the Later...with Jools Holland show, I knew I had to get the New Blood album & DVD of the live show, I thought it made sense to get this box set which includes the live audio too.

So you get 4 discs - 1 Dvd disc & 1 Blu-Ray disc of the Live in London. 1 New Blood Cd Studio Alum & 1 Live in London Cd. But I can't help but feel that it should have been a 5 disc set!

Here's the negatives, Why Dvd & Blu-Ray together? One or the other, otherwise where's the 3D disc also? So there's 1 disc space wasted. I think that the double disc edition of New Blood should be part of this set. Then there's the live Cd, why only 1 disc? on 23 or 24/04/12 the double live Cd - New Blood Live will be released. This is hardly fair to those of us who have already purchased this set, believing it to be Deluxe & the complete edition of New Blood!

Even if you're a PG completionist, you will probably buy The New Blood 2 disc edition & the New Blood Live 2cd, so really you could be buying this release, just for the book! A great opportunity missed, this could have been the all in one, definitive collection of everything New Blood & New Blood Live. What a real pity!
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on 24 October 2011
having enjoyed the music of peter gabriel for many years both with genesis and on his own, peter gabriel has become without doubt one of my music heros. having seen him perform last year at the 02 in london with his blood orchestra i have been waiting in anticipation for this set to come out.

on first glance the set of 4 discs along with a 200 page colour photographed album looks and feels a quality item, nothing has been spared to give an impression that what you have is a piece of music history, a product that like everything peter gabriel does reeks of quality.

the music, well, i really could go on for hours as to this amazing work, it chills you to the bone from the outset, songs of immense clarity, songs of immense meaning and songs written right from the heart. peters own work is mixed alongside some songs that are not his own, but he does them total justice. the dvd of the concert at the hammersmith apollo is first class, again total quality throughout. this de-luxe set is worth every penny, you are getting the work of a master of his craft, not many singer songwriters have the ability to grasp an audience from the start and actually make you feel you are in a private audience with peter. this is an amazing work which will bring you into the realms of real music, of hard work and total comittmet by the artist. this is a must for any serious music collection, it is wonderful, 10 out of 10.
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on 2 January 2012
I take no shame in saying that I am indeed a Peter Gabriel fanatic. I absolutely love the mans work and was lucky enough to see my first two Peter Gabriel gigs over the past two years, both with the orchestra. I managed to attend the first night of this dvd performance but I'm not supposed the review the show itself. It's the dvd you're looking at so here goes.

You should definitely be aware before buying this that it is a bit different to his past work. The orchestra brings a whole new dimension to the music. Some songs work better with the orchestra, some work better without but as an experience it's worth seeing or, rather, hearing.

It's beautifully shot with plenty of footage of the orchestra at work, the backing singers and the lads in orange that have become a centrepiece of Mr. Gabriels performances. It's well lit so you can clearly see whats going on the whole time and the animations running along the top of the stage and on the screens at the back are at time moving, humorous and sometimes just weird. Peter Gabriel himself doesn't move around a lot during the performance so the screens supply the visual element of the performance.

Now for the music. Peter Gabriels voice is as good as ever. He was apparantly suffering from a throat infection during these performances but I can tell you now, his voice carries the same amount of power and emotion as it has for years. He can reach very deep notes for songs like Darkness but can still hit very high notes for songs like blood of eden. The backing singers seem to have completely divided opinion. I personally like the voices of Melanie Gabriel and Ane Brun. They're both very unique.

He seems to have pulled out all of the miserable songs from his own past for this performance and then borrowed a couple of other miserable songs. Yes, a fair bit of the scratch my back record makes it into the performance and unfortunately they didn't choose Heroes, Mirrorball, Flume or My Body is a Cage. Scratch aside, the songs are miserable but brilliant. Wallflower is more emotional with an orchestra and songs like Intruder are unbelievably atmospheric.

Highlights of the show include a very moving rendition of Biko with a huge drum in the background which seems to break the no drum rule, an almost spiritual San Jacinto and Rhythm of the Heat. RotH originally ended with masses of drums beating into a mad climax but here the drums are replaced by strings. It's not got quite the same punch as the original but I've never seen such a brilliant use of an orchestra. It's absolutely stunning! It's a bit of a Peter Gabriel cliche but my favourite song of the whole DVD has got to be In Your Eyes. Here we have the return of Sevara who was also a guest on Peter Gabriels Growing Up tour. The sheer joy expressed in this song is impossible to describe.

Before I get too carried away I should probably end the review. Many people have complained about Peter Gabriel supposedly "wasting time" on this project or not giving his fans what they deserve. All complete rubbish. The man owes us nothing but what he delivers here is an amazing look back at his career interpreted through an orchestra. The show contains a wide array of moods and emotions and some great animations. I'm as happy as anyone that he's decided to start working on new material but this is an absolute gem and has never stayed on my shelf long enough to gather even a speck of dust.
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on 25 October 2011
OK. I have SEEN the thing.. and HEARD it. Yes.. the BluRay version of this concert - not the Jools Holland show... (Sorry little dig there)..

Ok So what is it like?

Well its exactly what you would expect from Mr Gabriel.

Its long!!!! Love that!
Its slow - in places - but don't take that as a negative - its not dull - just slower paced. The emotion and voice is there!!

I watched the whole show then the documentary then went back and played a selection of my favourite songs. It just blew me away playing The book of love, the power of the heart, --> Biko, San Jacinto, The Rhythm Of The Heat, Wallflower- in that order..

I recommend everyone tries this after they have watched the whole show..

Really great versions!!

Ok. Picture quality is awesome - crystal clear transfer and there is no grain anywhere! Its all crystal digital..
Sound Quality - I listened to the HD Master Audio 5.1 Soundtrack and the dynamics are amazing - hardly any compression in there - my amp was turned way up and it was quiet... and boy it was loud!!

Overall - considering Mr Gabriels age etc. I have to give this release 9/10

He puts other artists his age to shame..

Well worth buying and the long running time is great!!!
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on 4 August 2013
Now I am a huge PG fan. Whilst the 3D affects were amazing and I think more live acts should adopt this format, I just missed the old line-up.

If you have ever seen Peter live (I have twice), I am sure that you will know what I mean. I missed the regulars, who I am sure are having a well deserved break. Melanie's vocals are as hauntingly beautiful as ever, but I thought Ane murdered 'Don't Give Up'. Its such a shame Paula Cole couldn't come back for this tour. Or even Kate Bush.

Anyway, I won't be watching this much, even though Mr Gabriel is so talented and his voice is timeless.

Sorry Peter.
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on 3 November 2011
As somebody who has been involved in theatrical concert performances since the early 1970s with Genesis, it is fitting that Peter Gabriel is at the forefront of 3D presentation now with this 3-disc set.

To some people, it may not have seemed like the obvious target for a 3D spectacular - but this is in fact a visual treat as much as a musical one. Working with the New Blood Orchestra on new arrangements of many of his best-loved tunes as well as some tracks from his "swap" arrangement with artists like Paul Simon, you would expect this to be an interesting musical project. But as throughout his career, Gabriel has not ignored the visual aspects of his live performances.

So there is a translucent curtain with projections which mostly sits above the stage - but at times is moved down - and there are back projections behind the orchestra. At times, images stream out at you in 3D and it all adds to the experience. It really seems a concert worth seeing in 3D! So it's not just the projections - but it's interesting to see the orchestra and what's happening. The 3D gives you the perspective and depth which makes the images seem even clearer than full HD. You can explore the stage and how technology has been used to provide screens for the performers, to make sure the vast forces are in sync.

As to the music, the surround sound is wonderful - with huge bass and incredible clarity in the strings. Gabriel and arranger John Metcalfe doen't go for "washes" of sound - but rather use the orchestra for very rhythmical parts that at times sound like Stravinsky and the "Rite". Mostly the arrangements are subtle and suit the songs, but occasionaly the orchestra let rip and really surprise you with dynamics and huge sounds from Tuba and full brass.

This is a long concert and there are quite a few slow tempo tunes in the middle, but interest is maintained through orchestral colours and visuals. There is a storming finale though, with old favourites and guest vocals. The crowd get involved and in 3D you really feel like you are there at the hall with them! This is certainly the next best thing to being at the gig.

The musicians are note perfect throughout - it might have been a studio recording and I noticed UK Jazz player/composer Tom Cawley standing out on Piano, unexpectedly enhanced in 3D. Basses are lead by another stalwart of the UK Jazz scene, Chris Laurence. This is a demonstration quality disc for what you can do with 3D and surround sound - highly recommended
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