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on 21 October 2012
I've had this machine about six months and it's the first desktop that I've had in the last 14 years (the others being laptops). I like the Slimline design; it sits neatly on my desktop at home and is really unobtrusive.

The unit came with 3Gb of RAM installed. I've recently upgraded this to 16Gb as it's a 64-bit system. If you are going to upgrade the RAM, please remember that you have 4 x 240 pin DDR3 1333 UDIMM slots, but you can only put a max 4Gb RAM stick in each slot, so 16Gb RAM is the maximum you can upgrade to on this motherboard. Whatever you do, don't buy 8Gb sticks - they won't work.

The unit allows for some expansion with the addition of a few extra PCI cards. I was going to add a USB 3.0, but bought a full height card, which was a mistake, you need to buy the smaller height cards for this machine, so something else to be aware of.

I sold the wired keyboard and mouse and soon as the unit arrived and purchased the HP wireless keyboard and mouse from here at This was a really good move and has resulted in a really tidy desk. The wireless dongle can be quickly inserted in a laptop USB port and you are then geared up for using same mouse and keyboard on another device. No wires, definitely the way to go.

The unit originally came with a 3.5" 500Gb hard drive, which wasn't enough for my needs. I bought a Western Digital (Green) 2 Tb SATA 3.5" drive and this was easy to swap with the original drive. Removing the drive / DVD caddy is a doddle, but just be patient and check out that all the screws have been removed (there should be five in total for the drive caddy unit).

Following on from the hard drive replacement, I was curious to know if I could use a second hard drive with this machine. There's no way you can fit another 3.5" disk, but there is plenty of space for a 2.5" drive, but you'll need to also buy a bay adapter so you can screw your 2.5" drive into the adapter, which then fits the 3.5" bay. You'll only have enough height to fit a single 2.5" drive. My thinking was to have a 2.5" drive for the operating system and the 2Tb drive for my data. I tried using an SSD drive, but they don't work with this machine when there is also a mechanical drive installed. Running the 2Tb mechanical drive and the SSD drive just threw up errors all the time, both in Windows and Linux. I then inserted a mechanical 1Tb 2.5" drive instead and everything works fine. An SSD drive on its own works fine as well, but not mechanical and SSD together. I'm not sure why they don't work together, but they don't, believe me I've tried the combination every way possible. So, SSD on its own or two mechanical HDs together. The mother board has four SATA connectors, so you have two for your drives no problems. There's no spare power connectors in the machine, so you will have to go to Maplins and get a Molex 4 pin / SATA 15 pin power cable adaptor and a 4 link SATA power supply cable for HDD (a 2 link would be fine as well, but I couldn't see one in Maplins).

Hooking up the power adaptor and the 4 link will then give you the power cables you need for both drives. Job done.

I've got my unit hooked up to a HP 2211x 22" monitor, which provides a large screen to work with. I may consider upgrading the graphics card at some point, but I'm in no rush. I was thinking about a larger desktop, but now I know I can upgrade and use more than one HDD, there's plenty of scope for this machine. If I need to upgrade the processor at any stage, this motherboard allows this - all the way up to i7, so that would be my next decision.

This machine has enough potential and expandability to keep me go for quite a few years. A good price and a good tidy desktop. Knowing what I now know about the machine I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a tidy solution with limited desk space. Service from Amazon - excellent as always.

Oh, yes, a couple of reviewers have mentioned no documentation. It's all on the drive as too is the recovery partition. You have the facility to create a recovery disk(s) and backup your other docs before upgrading. I didn't, but doing a clean install of Windows is a doddle, so long as you've been to HPs site and downloaded the necessary drivers if using under Windows; Linux deals with all the driver issues for you. However, if you are "old school" and don't take a backup before upgrading the hard drive, then please note, you can get recovery disks from HP. These will cost you about £30 and come over from Holland within a few days. So don't think you are up the creak if you get in this position.

Hope this review is helpful.
GrahamG, Cambridge, UK
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on 6 February 2012
After a bit of research I decided to go with the HP Pavilion Slimline S5705UK. This computer has a small footprint and therefore can be put alongside your monitor. It has a decent performance index of 4.2 and can be upgraded to accept a separate graphics card or more memory if you wish. The computer can also be used wired or wirelessly to connect to the internet. Overall, a nice solid build with full HP support and low price. It came well packaged with fast delivery. I bought three of these and I do not regret it, excellent. I you are looking for a computer, then look no further.
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on 18 February 2012
Arrived very quickly so I left it in the box for a couple of weeks. It's now fully up and running and is a great spacesaver but does not lack in speed or quality.

Just a couple of issues to report - firstly the file transfer facility didn't work so I had to transfer everything manually and secondly, the company providing the pre-loaded music station software ceased trading at the end of December 2011 (before I ordered the system) so that was a bit of a let down.

All in all though, I really like the system and the TV facility is an added bonus for the price.
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on 21 May 2015
Well worth the money
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on 5 March 2012
Smart little PC with large capacity for using six programs at the same time without a pause.
Great for the price too.
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on 8 March 2013
Another useless HP product that just didn't last. Lasted not quite a year.
A total waste of money.
Becomes gradually slower until it just refuses to do anything.
Awful, DO NOT BUY!!!
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on 13 January 2012
This is a good little box that is quite capable of running CPU hungry apps however, as with most things in the budget arena it has drawbacks. This one is the graphics speed which for a gamer would prove slow and will not run some highend games. A simple £25-50 upgrade will solve this though and I suspect that high end gamers would know all about its limitations anyway.

I note that some reviews bemoaned the lack of manual and recovery disks both of which are intended to be made by the user. This is to be expected with budget PC's these days, most manufacturers do this. You can pay extra for them to be pre-made if you buy direct from the manufacturer but the cost is prohibitive and they really are easy to make.

One thing I would upgrade are the input devices, keyboard and mouse if this is to used in the lounge (with TV tuner that is its intended market surely). Wireless devices can be bought for £30 well worth the extra investment.

The build quality is very good for this market, the processing power is very good also (excepting the above mentioned). Memory provision is adequate for most applications, but the adequacy of the hard drive provision will depend on intended use, remember there is limited internal space for an extra drive on this.

The operating system comes in 32 or 64 bit versions no mention is made of this in the advertisement that I can see.

All in all this is a good quality and value for money PC that I would recommend for all but gaming and video editing purposes.
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on 6 January 2012
PC arrived very quickly (2 days earlier than stated) and well packaged. I bought this to set up as a PC for the living room, using my LCD TV as the monitor.
I was impressed with the overall size and look of the product, it runs very quietly next to my TV with no loud wirring fan or other loud noises. Here's some points to note:

USB sockets on front of PC are not too sturdy, they have a fair bit of movement when plugging peripherals in.

No HDMI socket (there is a DVI socket that I believe outputs HD - at least, the picture on my TV looks HD) bear this in mind if you need to buy a DVI - HDMI cable.

It does seem to struggle when running a few progs at once. I am purchasing some more RAM to hopefully stop this.

TV tuner works well. Using the Windows media centre software (provided on machine) I can watch and record TV (single tuner though, so only one prog at a time) watch films, browse and listen to itunes music library (via S/P Dif lead to amp) and control it all with the fantastic HP remote provided.

4 stars
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on 14 November 2011
Excellent PC and works like a dream. Easy to setup and work with. Windows 7 is a bit new but can be mastered quite quickly.
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on 1 March 2012
I'am very pleased with my new desktop. Very fast compared with my 7 year old Dell and it does every thing I want it to do.

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