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on 4 March 2017
I have a Samsung Galaxy GT-S5830 and the old battery was lasting about 12 hours with WiFi, data and G3, and 20 minutes talk time. This new battery didn't perform much better, perhaps an extra 12 hours with the same usage (WiFi etc.). However, this is always going to be the case when the phone is used as a mini computer - the demands are just too much for the small battery. Checking the battery function did lead me to realise that although I had WiFi etc on, most of the time I didn't need these functions because I use my other devices (iPad, MacBook, Kindle Fire) to do most of my data work, plus I don't want be alerted about incoming emails all the time. So, I switched off WiFi and data, and changed to 2G, and with 30 minutes talk the battery has been running for 36 hours and is at 50% charge - it will probably run for 3 days with an hour of talk on these reduced settings. I was thinking of buying a Nokia retro-brick, but having lobotomised my phone (it definitely is no longer smart) I already have a Samsung brick (and no charging for 3 days, so far).
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on 28 February 2016
I am very pleased with this product.
My mobile is a little old now but in good condition. However, the battery was dying within 3-4 hours and that's only if I did not use the internet, look at the photo gallery, take a picture or use whatsapp too often. A couple weeks ago I checked the bus route app and it drained my battery down half way before I even got to work. I could not listen to music or an audiobook (audible) on my phone.
I had to keep my phone on charge if I was talking on the phone at home. If I played a game on my phone I don't even think the battery lasted 2 hours. I could not make a lengthy phone call outside my home.

This battery was delivered earlier than expected and now the battery is lasting for 1-2 days. I can use the internet, play a game or listen to some music or an audiobook again.

Fantastic product.
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on 13 August 2015
Originally posted - Had it a couple of weeks - so far performing great. Noticeable improvement in holding charge. Unless required apply the usual considerations on the phone turn off background data sync, GPS, WiFi ,Bluetooth and I get 3 to 4 days without charging on light usage. No indication to me that it is a clone - manufacture date in 2015. Delivery was prompt and arrived before the suggested delivery date.
**Updated started noticeably going downhill after posting this review lasting now less than a day with above services turned off. Have reverted back to original battery! So worked for me very well initially then started failing rapidly.
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on 16 December 2015
The battery arrived on time and well packed, the original battery (about 3 years old) would not hold a charge and every time we tried to recharge it only took 5-10min when battery indicator said it was fully charged but the charge lasted less than a day. Fitted this new battery put it on charge for 12 hours this charge lasted 3 days and is still continuing to perform very well.
The physical difference I noticed between the old and new battery was that the old one was miss shaped (fat) the new one was totally flat.
Very happy with our purchase.
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on 7 September 2013
My original battery was struggling to power the phone after nearly two years of reasonably heavy use.

I decided to buy another, and originally bought one from a different seller (not the battery I am reviewing here)- it was labelled as "Samsung" and appeared to be genuine: except that on close inspection there were subtle differences. The real giveaway was the fact that it only lasts half a day; less than the defunct battery I was trying to replace! In the end I got a refund.

I decided to give it another go, and got this battery (the one I am reviewing) as it is billed as being "genuine"; which I take to mean a "genuine Samsung product" as opposed to a "genuine battery". On arrival, I was disappointed as there are obvious physical differences between this battery and the original Samsung one that came with my phone. It seems to be another fake. However, I have given it some pretty intensive use to try and see how long it lasts in the day. I simply can't get it to run out with pretty heavy use of 3G and Wifi.

The conclusion is, it does not seem to be genuine (hence I have knocked a star off) but it does seem like a great battery nonetheless and at a great price!
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on 5 December 2016
One of the most unfortunate things of technology in mobile phone was the batteries. My present model (a Samsung Galaxy Ace 1) had been constantly draining power, therefore had to seek a replacement battery. Very sadly, the replacement purchased was halted in the delivery process due to damage. Once the replacement finally arrived, the same thing was constantly depleted of energy condition. By that, I am sorry to say I am most disappointed with this fiasco.
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on 23 January 2015
Not as good as the original battery that came with the phone - does not hold charge as good. The one I received was not in a sealed bag, and looked a bit scuffed, bit grubby and the electrical contacts had signs of use. The manufacturing date was older than the battery that came with the phone! Seller said the date was not relevant, as the batteries are checked/charged periodically, hence not sealed and signs of use on the electrical contacts. Would buy elsewhere next time.
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on 24 October 2015
My old Samsung Ace phone was functioning really badly until I bought this replacement battery - lots of funny faults including locking up, incoming callers being advised that I was not available, text messages taking multiple days to come through etc. With this new battery installed, I am not experiencing these issues any more so it looks like it's job done!
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on 18 February 2016
Breathed new life into and old phone.
Old battery was running out early evening, new battery now keeps the phone going well into a few days light use and two for fairly heavy use.
Superb delivery. Ordered Saturday afternoon, received Tuesday .
Would use seller again.
Perfect .
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on 17 May 2014
Ordered two, one each for me and hubby as our couple of year old phones batteries no longer hold a charge. I thought it was bad, but until I got these, I had no idea. I'm a very light phone user, I get 4 days out of this battery, I don't tend to play games, just text mostly. No idea how long it would last someone who has there phone glued to their hand!
I have a newborn, so obviously I've taken a fair few pics, my old battery died after taking 2-3 pics, this will snap happy for a coupld of days!
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