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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 29 April 2012
Since they added LoveFilm, Netflix, iPlayer, etc. to the 360 it has become the center of my home cinema. I use it to play all my downloaded video files, stream movies and (of course!) play games. I wanted a remote as using the controller all the time was 1) wasting batteries and 2) cumbersome.

After receiving the remote the first thing I noticed was how good looking it is. I have the new slim 360 and the remote has the same piano black finish. It looks really smart. It requires 2 x AAA batteries which were provided in the box - always a bonus!

Within minutes I had set it up to control my TV too so now I only have one remote for the TV and the 360 which is really convenient. The remote doesn't need to be synced to work but it does require line-of-sight. The instructions for controlling your TV with it are in the box and it's a really simply process.

If you use your 360 to play any media then this is a must-buy. My only criticism is that it doesn't replicate the trigger & bumper buttons functionality so you can't skip through content a screen at a time - you have to scroll through the items one by one. This is the only reason it didn't get 5 stars.
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on 26 March 2013
I was fed up with my controller powering down when watching films through my Xbox so decided to buy this remote. I had read all the negative reviews about the line of sight having to be straight on to the console for it to work, but I didn't let them put me off and bought it anyway. After all it was under a tenner (delivered). It arrived swiftly in 3 days and was easy to set up. I found my TV code on the Xbox website which surprised me as my tv is not a mainstream brand (it's a Hannspree). The tv controls are basic but work fine and the Xbox controls are all ready to go straight from the box. The remote works great from all angles in my average sized lounge and my Xbox is in a tv cabinet with glass doors (which were closed when I tested it) so nothing to worry about. I'm glad the other reviews didn't put me off. Buy it you won't be disappointed! IT WORKS!!
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on 26 May 2012
If you use your Xbox 360 as a media center, and spend more time streaming video and music to your HDTV with it than you do playing video games, you may be interested in Microsoft's new 360 slim Remote. Its easy to setup, & has a nice glossy finish to it!! Awesome :) I would highly recommend it to anyone. 5/5
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on 13 February 2012
I brought this remote in December when I was looking for something extra to add to my "Secret Santa" present for a friend and found this for £13, which was ideal to bring me up to my £30 limit - and while I was buying it for them I decided to get one for myself - why not, after all it was Christmas?

I know remote controls aren't particularly exciting but it seems good quality, plus its small and light; personally I would have preferred a matt finish, but that is just me.

After some light to medium use (as I tend to do most of my DVD etc. view on my PS3) I have found that the remote seems to do what it is supposed to do - i.e. it turns the Xbox on, navigates the menus, selects whatever content you want to view, plays it, pauses it, stops it, etc. - it even controls the TV (something which my PS3 remote cannot do as it uses Bluetooth tech). I personally didn't find this too difficult to set up, but I would say that the instructions left a little to be desired and I think the more technologically shy would spend a little bit more time than I did trying to get it working.

Again, the remote controls the TV (mine is a Sony Bravia HDTV) without any problems - turns the TV on/off (standby), changes standard channels, selects the alternative inputs such as HDMI 1, 2, 3, etc. changes the volume... and so on and so forth.

The only thing I can say against it would be that you have to make sure you are pointing directly at the 360 - and I know this is the case with all standard remotes (well, usually the general direction and this seems a little more direction sensitive) but I've probably been spoiled by the PS3 bluetooth remote, as you can literally point that anywhere and it will do as instructed. And the only other minor point would be... it's not particularly necessary... and do we really need any more remote piling up on the [insert your preferred remote location here]?

Overall though worth a buy, especially if you've got a spare £13 you don't know what to do with and you prefer the feel of a standard remote control to a 360 control pad (which no doubt, some of us do).
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on 16 October 2013
So, when flicking through the settings on my Xbox I discovered that I could enable standard Windows Media Center remotes, which I have. This proved incredibly useful for watching videos on my Xbox, but interfered with my PC, which I use in the same room as a media center (e.g. I'd hit the WMC button on the remote and it'd turn the Xbox on, when all I wanted to do was start WMC on my PC). I decided to buy this, as yes, more remotes is a nuisance, but I figured the benefits would outweigh that negative - after all, I use both devices for different video requirements (locally stored films and TV on PC, YouTube and Netflix on Xbox).

Other than a really sharp plastic edge on the top (which may be a manufacturing flaw as it's only really noticeable on the left), this is comfortable to just hold in my hand while I watch videos (I tend to hold on to remotes so I can instantly pause etc. rather than fumble around looking for it). I use a computer monitor rather than a TV screen, but I'm sure the TV controls on this remote are as useful as other reviewers have said. For the functionality this remote offers, it's useful and I certainly don't regret purchasing it.

The negatives then:
-The top is glossy plastic. I really don't understand why any manufacturer chooses this finish on products that are going to be handled a lot... it's like the car paints in GTA V - glossy looks more 'premium' than matte, but it shows up marks clearer. And naturally, there's going to be a lot of fingerprints covering this remote. For comparison, my WMC remote has a matte finish on the top, and yes, it looks cheaper (although it isn't), but it also looks brand new despite several years of use. After using the Xbox remote for a day, it looks like I've been using it all week.
-A keyboard would be nice. Ideally, something as great as the qwerty keyboard on the Boxee remote, or at the very least a '2 abc' 3 def' method on the number keys.
-Bumper buttons, say, between the I< Menu >I and direction buttons and placed on the side where your thumb and forefinger would rest for switching between whole dashboard/app pages would be extremely useful, from browsing the dashboard to flicking between panes in the YouTube app.

Yes, the three cons are quite annoying, but, for £7.68, what you get out of this remote is worth every penny - it'd just be nice if Microsoft made a more expensive one that had all the missing features listed above.
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VINE VOICEon 24 October 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I want to start by saying that this is a really nice quality remote, beating the quality of most remotes provided with TVs. It's sleek, a nice glossy black and great quality. I found it really easy to set up - you can tune it to your TV so you can control volume and input for your TV. The set up took literally seconds with the instructions being clear. It also comes with a couple of free duracell batteries - a rare occurrence with electronic devices.

So, the quality and everything else is in no doubt. If you aren't an Xbox live TV user, I don't really see much point in the remote - it doesn't add any functionality compared to the remote. The remote has various controls for Xbox Live TV, which will no doubt be useful if you're a user of that service - in particular there are quick access buttons for the TV guide, starting Live TV and various fast forward/pause/record etc controls. If you're not going to be using these, the remote essentially controls only turning the Xbox and TV on/off, volume and number controls (as well as A, B, X and Y buttons).

So, if you want to get rid of the Xbox controller and use instead a remote, this is probably handy. If you're not too worried about using the Xbox controller, I wouldn't bother.
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on 6 February 2014
This was a good little remote for the xbox. It did what I needed it for. The extra functionality was not needed because I only controlled the xbox and not a tv. Only niggle was that it seemed to need to be pointed very directly at the xbox in order to work. This was annoying at times when it was unresponsive.
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on 1 July 2012
The pricing on this remote is of decent value, especially when taking into account the usual inflated prices of official xbox products. Its certainly better for navigation around the dashboard than a control pad. Especially so if you use your xbox to play videos and music on your tv via window media centre on the 360. Having a small slim remote instead of a pad feels better in your hand. The design, look and shape are great as well.

A few negatives would be that the remote is quite unresponsive at times, you often find yourself having to press buttons 2-3 times before you get a response. The remote can link up to your TV as well in order to operate volume and channel up/down. If you want to increase/decrease the volume by a large amount, you have to physically press the button for each volume change (meaning you cant just hold the button down). This kind of thing has been around for many years now and its strange how the manufacturer could miss such a simple design flaw.

There is also no STOP button for when playing videos, only PAUSE and BACK. The TV functions are restricted and you can only really change volume & channel, no AV output change buttom (that im aware of)

Its still better than all the fake/copies that are out there though !
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on 28 January 2012
Nice glossy remote with extremely easy set up for controling your TV. Works with the xbox great and also lets you select the input for the TV as well as volume.

The downside is the remote range. You need to be sitting direct in front of your Xbox for it to work! Imagine a 3 seat sofa, the right had side seat is in a perfect straight line to the xbox, sit there and it works fine from around 12 feet. Sit in the middle seat or to the left seat of the sofa and the remote does not work!

Because of this I can only give it 3 stars and have to agree with previous reviews about the range.
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on 7 December 2012
To be clear, I read reveiws before I ordered this, so to those who warned me I thank you.!.This is a very attractive remote and as I use my xbox to play tv shows or movies via the usb I thought this would be handier than the controller. The thing is, that unless you are pointing the remote directly at the xbox straight on it won't work ! ( I had been warned ). Other than that it's a remote....for xbox for a tenner, handy if you use your box for a media centre but if you only use it on occassion I'd give this bad boy a miss !. COME ON MICROSOFT, YOU'RE BETTER THAN THIS !.
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