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2.8 out of 5 stars
2.8 out of 5 stars
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on 4 December 2012
I liked this movie since its a very unusual take - texas straight reacting to gays. The story is set on campus and follows a path well known - unrequited love for a fellow student! The situation out in the cabin on a farm is very funny as the friends spend time marooned there due to flooding. I liked the fact that ther eis a good ending and that sense prevails but the bad nature of homophobia also raises its ugly head. The leads are good looking and able to act as well. I thought all in all, unexpectedly - a really funny, nuanced little movie with big heart. I would recommend it.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 21 January 2012
Another gay comedy, I know there have been so many but as May West once said `too much of a good thing can be wonderful'. This is based in the dark days of 1982 when it was still cool to be homophobic and absolutely de rigueur in some places - like school work or out in public. We are introduced to jock boy Jacob Newton who plays Kevin. He is busily proving his macho credentials by sleeping with all the cheerleaders, so we have bedroom squelch pretty early on. The thing is he is fantasising that she .... wait for it, is a he! He also has pet names for his house plants - another hugely masculine and heterosexual trait (so I am told!)

Then along comes Cesar (pronounced Sayzar - pretentious I know) played by Derek Efrain Villanueva (a bit of a mouthful that - actually that might be a simile for the film). Along with studying Willa Cather, he also agrees to do some nude posing for art class good boy Kevin. Well things get out of hand (that happened to me once actually) and Kevin decides to run off for a weekend of frat male bonding and video porn with the likes of `Cindy does SINcinatti' (for those who haven't seen it, the production values are woeful).

This film has some laugh out loud moments and does not rely on the gross out humour that often besmirches, what could have been a funny film. There is some nudity, but not when it comes to the boudoir. There are fashion faux pas a plenty lots of great jock one liners and more than a couple of oninism episodes (do it yourself hand action). Dylan Vox as Steve is pretty hunky and seems to have never visited wardrobe which I did not mind about at all and all the stereo types get challenged.

Though made on a small budget it wears its heart on its sleeve and was a really enjoyable movie. It is not a laugh fest, high cinema or particularly challenging, but it put me in a good mood hence the rating. Director David Lewis has done an excellent job, I thought the soundtrack could have been better, but then I am a music snob, and copyright laws are a real pain in America. If you like gay cinema and your sense of humour juices are easy to get flowing, then give it a go.
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on 31 March 2014
"Longhorns" is one of the most endearingly charming and entertaining independent movies by gay producers and talent that ever I have seen. (It also is known by the alternative title, "Sexy Buffalo Boys".) The budget for the project, obviously, was limited, but no large-scale effects or artificial settings were needed, so a lot of money was not required (or probably even desirable).

Jacob Newton, as Kevin, is a real cutie, coltishly exuberant and sensuously irresistible, perfectly cast in the central role of one truly oversexed young dude, good at bedding the college women, but also, it turns out, even better in bed with the lads (as his gay instincts especially draw him into arousing them at groin level so skillfully by mouth or hand), as he repeatedly finds out to his confused chagrin. Newton's talents as well as his looks, dressed or full-frontally buck-naked, are utterly perfect for the role. As such an erotically mega-charged undergrad college boy, surprised by where his feelings and inclinations, in situations of delicious hilarity, take him, no better casting could be desired! It is very pleasing, as well, that Newton is a native Southerner (in real life hailing from Louisville, Ky.), which helps to make his spoken dialogue to sound so natural in this 2011 film's 1982 Texas setting. And Derek Efrain Villanueva, as César, is the perfect foil for Newton, a very different kind of young gay dude, one who is very confident in his homosexuality but is alike of more sleekly delicate physique, and of more innately refined sensibilities, than the taller and varyingly more robust young men in the cast who surround him.

The two protagonists, though so different, were destined for each other! And that is how things turn out, too. This little film is destined for a gay man's utter enjoyment! Although I acquired the DVD only rather recently, I have watched it several times, with ever greater delight.
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on 6 March 2013
It's always hard for me to be severe with films with good intentions, obviously tha's always a lot of work, but you always feel like it could have been much better... and then you feel a bit of guilt, because making a film is always such a tremendoux amoubt of work anyway.... and there are good ideas, you enjoyed a few good scenes or dialogue.... this is not a bad film though, you cans enjoy what you can get....
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Longhorns is a very enjoyable, bighearted comedy as long as you don't mind the slightly forced quality of the plot and low-budget look. It could almost be an Eric Rohmer film from the visual style, that's to say with absolutely minimal lighting effects and settings, but you quickly realise the script doesn't have that kind of subtlety. As so often in Rohmer, the lead, Kevin (Jacob Newton), is actually quite delusional, but remains likeable. In fact it was not hard to find him very attractive and convincingly straight, while the love interest, Cesar (Derek Villanueva) has a rather lovely face and is very different, much more obviously gay and more sorted out. The speed with which Kevin gets into bed with him is unconvincing, as is the nude sketching which precedes it. All five male leads appear in full-frontal shots. The film's characters represent a number of stock heterosexual reactions, but even the homophobe comes round, which is part of the film's charm. One of them is after a very amusing girl who is best friends with Cesar. The three men featured on the box are all much more attractive in the film itself, and the eye candy is a significant factor. As is the tagline - Wanna help a buddy out? - which refers to the frequent masturbation scenes. These college boys certainly seem to be very keen on this activity to films with names like Sindy does Sincinatti, but it is all almost-innocent fun, and it is this warm perspective that ensures your delight through to the closing credits.
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on 12 May 2012
This really felt like it had been made back in the 1970's I guess that must have been something to do with the production values or technique. Some greta laughs which is what I expect from this kind of movie and the knowledge that all men in the irght circumstances can succumb. To say more would spoil the plot.
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on 1 May 2014
I am surprised that people can raise money to make this kind of trash! The dialogue of bad, the plot stupid and pointless, the actors unattractive and the film is an embarrassment. If you want to do a bad gay movie at least use handsome men like Dante's Cove.
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on 22 November 2011
let down.
Quite short (less than 80 minutes long), simple story about a closeted student (a cowboy) who fights with his own desires and feelings. Add some nudity, a couple of dirty jokes and hey presto you got "Longhorns".
It's not a masterpiece and I think it wasn't intended to be. I am giving the 3-rd star for Derek Efrain Villanueva - not my type, but played his part very convincing.
Rent it before you decide to buy a copy.
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on 6 January 2012
Don't believe the product description of "Easily the funniest, wildest, gay sex comedy since Another Gay Movie" - It's not.
Basically it's the "story" (in the very loosest sense of the word) of a few thick necked American student guys (not even particularly good looking guys)from the "Deep South" (accents included) who enjoy beating off together over straight porn.
The sub plot being a gay guy César (pronounced keser of course (acting skills not included)) that falls for one of the "confused" straight guys.
Overall the film has about 2 moments that were slightly funny apart from that it was slow, dull, unemotional and unmemorable, even the full frontal nudity shots weren't even even enough to save this film and the less said about the 5.1 soundtrack the better!
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on 10 June 2014
Not really worth bothering about. If you want poor acting, implausible script, practically no scenary outside of a student bedroom and lots of naked torsos then this is for you. On the other hand if you have anything between your ears you may want to give it a miss. I was going to write a longer review but the film just isn't work the typing time.
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