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on 3 March 2013
I am a big fan of Ian Dewhirst, his picks and issues, the important work he does in saving this music from oblivion, and especially the Backbeats Series. I have pointed out that the Backbeats Series is a little less than what one would like in sound quality, but for the money and the top choice picks I have bought them and will continue to buy them. They are perfect for the economic recession. You lay down your single digit bucks and some great picks show up that sound a little cheesy but does the trick.

However this Salsoul issue is a different story. This should be a first-class issue. This is up there with Love Train: The Philly Box, Super Rare Disco, A Complete Introduction to Disco (bit gunned up also) and other milestones of this genre when it comes to its importance. Unfortunately, it does not sound like these others.

This disk is unlistenable off the disc. The treble and middle range are gunned up to piercing levels. Fortunately, I know from experience that this kind of distortion is mostly not permanent. I plan to redub this onto tape through an equalizer and lower the high mid-range and let the treble mellow itself out to make it listenable. I would give this one star if I did not know how to fix it.

Look, Ian Dewhirst needs to find better mastering for his 1st class picks. I don't know if this is his mastering or Demon Music's, but Demon Music has also put out the horrible sounding 100 Hits Disco.

Stayed tune for my review on the bizarre 100 Essential Disco Hits issue...

I had a chance to run this thru my equalizer to see the frequencies. It's worse than I thought. The low -mid and the mid have a big hole in it and the treble is driven into the stratosphere. I re-dubbed it. It is quite fixable. I have a copy now where the frequencies dance nice and even along with the music instead of looking like the New Orleans levees before the storm.

It's a terrible shame that such an important issue is mastered by people who do not even know how to use an equalizer. This CD looks(and sounds)like someone ED'd It with no meter in the dark.

Look, I have flattered Ian Dewhirst enough. I still like his picks, but he needs some serious help before another great collection is ruined. He is complaining that 96% of people download music for free. I don't know if this is true but I can tell you, all these cuts are available for free in better quality than you have here. There is no excuse for this. However, like I said, my copy is now great because I know what I am doing.

Here is my proposal to Ian Dewhirst: either re-issue Deep Disco Culture.... Or write me: my e-mail is on the Deep Disco Culture review and you can sell me a copy of Vol. 1. for regular price. This way I do not have to download it for free. If you keep it out of print, what do you expect? I mean it. This is not a joke. Contact me with a copy of Deep Disco Culture or I may demonstrate this Salsoul CD on YouTube and how it was mastered by a lizard. I think that is a fair exchange for my insightful review.

You other reviewers need to look into this, you are attempting to listen to an unlistenable CD.
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on 7 October 2011
What a collection, it brings back so many memories of going to the local record store and ordering the latest Salsoul import. This has got everything any budding disco fan could want or indeed any hardcore disco fans.There simpley isnt a bad track on this 3 cd set, stand out classics are the phenomenal "I got my mind made up" by Instant Funk, "Janice" Skip Mahoney, "Runaway" the Salsoul Orchestra featuring the excellent vocals of the much missed Loleatta Holloway and "Ten Percent" by Double Exposure.This is a collection of 12" mixes that I can't recommend highly enough PLEASE buy this the price is excellent.It is nicely packaged and has a booklet that gives a track by track discussion. IT'S A SUPERB GEM you wont be dissapointed.
Thank you Ian Dewhurst for putting this together.
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on 15 August 2012
This is sooo good - the sort of disco cool people got down to back in the day, when the uncool lot were throwing shapes to Travolta. Salsoul was one of those labels where you could more or less buy without listening, because you knew the quality would be there. For me, one track on here is among the best of the seventies: Double Exposure's 'Ten Percent'. If it doesn't make you want to dance, you really should check whether you still have a pulse.

My only quibble is that I would have liked Charo & The Salsoul Orchestra's 'Dance a Little Bit Closer' here, but that's a very minor flaw.
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on 30 June 2012
I received this 60 minutes and am already in love. Best purchase I've made in years, especially the low price (wish some of the other disco-era record labels would lower the costs of their box sets). Highly recommended.
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on 20 November 2013
whilst not wishing to start a war of words with one reviewer I have to say the mix on this recording is very good.my ears and a damn good reference system tell me so and that's that.
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on 19 September 2011
Great collection.
A whole bunch of stuff that I hadn't heard before but all quality.
Makes me wish I was more into this genre when it was bubbling !
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on 7 November 2011
All the classic Salsoul you need at a killer price. Listening to this makes me yearn to be a gay Puerto Rican in a late 70s, pre-AIDS New York having just a FABULOUS time, darling. Salsoul stuff's been out of print for ages so it's great to finally have a compilation with pretty much everything on it. Basically, if you don't know any of these records your existence up until this point has been pretty empty.
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on 3 April 2013
I just love this cd full of dancin' tunes,especially The Salsoul Orchestra, Loleatta Holloway,expanded editions of songs,worth listening to,by the way its a three disc sets for those love dancing tunes.
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on 30 November 2011
good cd with extended mixes and rares mixes , favourite sounds with all fans of this years , you can play all this track in a disco and funky club
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on 11 September 2013
The music on these 3 discs includes the Salsoul usual suspects. Runaway, Hit & Run, Dr. Love, Ten Percent, ect. If you are a fan of Salsoul, you know what to expect. Some tracks might be album cuts, but the vast majority are remixes from the likes of Tom Moulton, Walter Gibons, Larry Levan and others.

The main issue I want to address is audio quality (because Syd, in his review, brought the issue up). First I listened to Dr. Love by First Choice (Tom Moulton 12" mix) on this set. I did not notice any problems with eq or mastering, and the mix sounded fine to me. However, my ears are over 40 years old and I am not a professional engineer, so I thought perhaps Syd just detected problems I could not hear.

My next strategy was to listen to Dr. Love on other CDs and compare it to the version on this one. Some versions sounded a bit different than others, but this one sounded no better or worse than any of the other versions I listened to. FYI, I listened to Dr. Love on four other CDS: Salsoul 12" Gold Master Series, Original Salsoul Classics, Salsoul 30th Anniversary, & Salsoul presents the Definitive 12" Masters. Some of these contained the album mix, and at least one contained the Tom Molton 12" mix (same mix as on the product I am reviewing). Again, it may be that my ears are not sophisticated to detect the alleged differences between the recordings.

My next strategy was to import the five versions of Dr. Love onto my computer as Wave files (I used iTunes for the import). I then used Audacity to plot the spectrum over the first 4 minutes of each of the 5 songs. I then saved the spectrum view for each. I then compared all 5 spectrums and found very similar patterns in each. This was even more surprising given that I was comparing different mixes of the song to each other. The version being reviewed has similar signal strength assigned to the mid-range and treble as all the other versions.

Conclusion: My 3 disc set did not appear to have any of the flaws noticed by Syd. The recording was a tiny bit more crisp than 2 of the other recordings, but no other major differences could be detected by my ears. If you are tempted to buy this 3 disc set, I suggest you should not be put off by Syd's review.

Note: I only did the spectral comparisons on one track (because I do not have an infinite amount of leisure time). However, I did listen to all 3 discs in The Definitive Salsoul Mixes set, and they all seemed fine to my unprofessional ears. If anyone wants to see the spectrograms of the 5 versions, I can email those to you.
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