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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 23 October 2004
1986 was without doubt Queen's year. Appearing at a sold-out Wembley Stadium, Queen are shown here at their most successful point in what was already an illustrious career. The band had stolen the day at Live Aid the previous year at the same venue, and these dates were the most anticipated of 1986.
Typically of Queen, the show was put on in the grandest manner. The largest stage set (160 feet wide!) an immense bank of coloured lights, and state-of-the art sound and vision system to cater for the 72,000 fans who had made the pilgrimage. The cameras seemed to be everywhere; stage side, in front, above, even helicopter shots looking over the stadium. It was as though they KNEW one day there would be a suitable medium to release this footage on.
But what of the band themselves - by this point the group were one of the very few great British rock bands of the 70s still playing, remarkably with not one change in personnel from their debut album. They had survived glam, punk, disco and New Romantic to emerge as the UK's biggest rock act. The set they played on the Magic tour was carefully considered, with old material sitting comfortably alongside more recent.
You see the approach to Wembley Stadium as the intro plays to 'One Vision' before the camera pans across an empty stadium, and time-lapse footage of the stage being constructed and the fans pouring in. The camera then switches to the stage, and first to emerge is the great Freddie Mercury, arm aloft, bestriding this huge setting. Flanked, as ever, by the reassuring sight of Brian May, complete with curly mop of hair and trusty Red Special in hand, and 'quiet man' John Deacon on the other side, and backed by the blonde powerhouse Roger Taylor, they launch into the main body of the song, the lead-off single from their then current album 'A Kind of Magic'. A succession of oldies follow; they are even confident enough to resurrect their old 70s set-closer 'In The Lap of The Gods...Revisited' (owners of 'Sheer Heart Attack' will know that is the correct title) three songs in - you see clearly the huge crowd swaying along to the 'whoa, whoa' chorus and already they are in the thrall of the majestic Mercury.
The many cameras cut often from Freddie to Roger, Brian to John, but this is far from distracting; it seems to add to the 'feel' of almost being there in the stadium with the crowd, and serves to illustrate that they really were a BAND, and not just the Freddie Mercury show, with great shots of the whole group putting their all into the show. There is even a 'multi angle' feature' on the second disc, with a camera trained (mainly) on each individual band member for four songs, and it is possible to see just how hard the guys rocked out behind Freddie.
With a long set that covered many bases, they even played a light-hearted medley of rock 'n' roll standards before bringing back the heavy artillery towards the end of the set, the band illustrated perfectly why they were so enduringly popular.
This DVD features the complete set for the first time (previously available was a 75 minute edited version) along with the second disc packed with goodies. There is a documentary, the aforementioned 'multi angle' feature, new interviews with Brian and Roger, plus tour manager Gerry Stickells and video director Gavin Taylor. If the whole of the Saturday set was not enough, then there is even some footage included from the Friday concert, when the director used the show to rehearse his filming, plus home video footage of the band rehearsing, previously held by a private collector.
Although the best equipment then available, and plenty of it was used to cover this show, inevitably the footage shows its age when compared to modern digital video - nevertheless the quality still stacks up well and as an added bonus on this release, the soundtrack is available in DTS as well as regular stereo.
If you are a Queen devotee doubtless you are already in possession of this DVD, the more casual fan can buy with confidence. If you are new to Queen and perhaps not familiar with what they were about, watch this disc just once and you will understand. It is painfully clear from watching just ten minutes of this concert just what we lost when Freddie left us; his voice, charisma, showmanship and stage presence were beyond compare, and his ability to enrapture the largest audiences is sorely missed in these days of anonymous arena acts.
Remember Freddie this way: treat yourself to this DVD. You deserve it.
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on 10 June 2003
Nearly 20 years ago I was at this concert, and little did I know that now in 2003 I would be watching this concert in such a great format.
The first disk is pretty similar to material that has been shown on TV and been out on VHS before (a couple of extra tracks however), so I will not comment too much on here, although obviously superior quality.
The second disk is the real gem however. You have your usual interviews with Brian & Roger (who provide some good insight into concert preparations). Also included are interviews with the Camera and Concert directors.
Back in 1986 someone used a dodgy camera to video Queen rehearsing for the tour in a warehouse, and that makes a great insight into the work thet Queen put into becoming the greatest live band ever.
Finaly are the Queen Member cams. Ever wanted to see exactly how Brian played a particular riff, but the camera edit went to Freddie just at the wrong point? We its not a problem any more, select The Brian cam, and the footage never leaves him. Same goes for the other 3 members. Fantastic!!
In summary, Disk 1 is for your casual Queen fan, the great concert in its entirity, remarkably undated. Disk 2, your die hard queen fan will love.
If you like live rock music, get this DVD now, it shows you how live Stadium rock should be done!
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on 1 October 2003
I love this DVD. Queen were remembered for their live and superb performances. This DVD has captured the magic of it.
The show starts with the brillant opener 'One Vision'. The jubliation of the crowd when Freddie Mercury comes out is fantastic and the one shot of him coming out of the smoke holding his sawn-off mic stand could go down as one of Rock's greatest shots.
The rest of the songs go through and the band pull them off with such class you might think they were from CD.
The light show is brilliant and Freddies Mercury is the perfect showman, jumping around like a mad man, but none the less you love to see him do it.
To pick favourite tracks is so hard but to pick my favourite it would have to be "Crazy Little Thing called Love". The Rock And Roll tongue in cheek always makes me smile and Brian May solos at the end are so great. Anyway, Brian May changes his guitar three times in that song!
The extras are good aswell. The interviews are amazing, but the multi angle section is such a great advantage. To flip between the bands between each part is a great idea, if only for some songs. Also the selection of songs from the Friday concert is great!
This is one of my favourite DVD's, showing a band who had conquered the world yet still put on a show to get it again.
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on 15 August 2006
The only way to describe this DVD concert is "wow". If you would like to see Queen at their best, this is the concert for you.

In the previous year to this Queen appeared in Live Aid, and decided that after the amazing response they gained in this concert that they would like to play Wembley. It astonishes me how these 4 men managed to carry the entire concert off ON THEIR OWN with only the help in a couple of songs, from long term friend and musician Spike Edney. The amount of energy that is put into every song from each member is incredible, and you definitely gain some of the energy through watching the concert; even though you are not physically there. I am yet to find a band that put as much effort into their public performances as Queen did throughout their career.

Another reason that you may wish you view this, is the fact that I was the last tour the band performed before the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991. It is without doubt a must see for any fan. If you have only ever heard their music on albums, I suggest that you watch them live, because they're pure magic. This is one that you can watch over and over again. Truely, a kind of magic!

As well as the legendary stage performance, this double disc set also invites you to watch the band in rehearsals. The second disc offers a whole range of different viewpoints on the concerts, so for example, say you are a budding guitarist wanting to learn a song, you can set the concert to just watch Brian May on certain songs! As well as this, the second disc also includes rare footage of the band rehearsing before the concerts - this is an insight into the amazing chemistry between the members and is increidbly fun to watch; even though the sound and image quality are not fantastic.

Buy this and take a little piece of Queen home with you. I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed
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on 16 December 2000
When I first watched this video I thought WOW, because to me watching Freddie playing a LIVE! gig was absolutely amazing. I only started listening to Queen in the late 80's when I was 8, and I thought there was something about their music which made it stand out. A lot of people out there talk about putting 101% into all you do, good old Freddie must have been putting 200% into this Live act as you could see the beads of sweat gushing out him. If you have to get any Quen video then this is it. It's an absolute must for all you Queen fans out there.
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on 19 June 2007
Revisited this after quite a few years and had forgotten quite how good a live Band Queen were. Over 20 years old now, this show seems as relevant today as it was groundbreaking then. A year after LiveAid, Queen really let rip at Wembley - they raised the bar on what a live show should look like and nothing and no one have come close since.
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on 10 June 2003
This is the long awaited COMPLETE Wembley concert from 12th July 1986. Previously released as a cut down 75 minute VHS version Queen have worked with the original Director, Gavin Taylor, to recreated the entire 110 minute concert.
The package itself concists of 2 discs. Disc 1 has the concert whilst disc two promises unseen footage, interviews, behind the scenes and a gallery etc. The DVD is presented in a standard double disc packaging which unfortunately means the encosed booklet simply falls out although since this features a few pages of pictures and no background info it's no great loss.
Inserting Disc 1 sees the familiar Queen 'crest' and a simple menu. Ready Freddie? I'm a big Queen fan so I suppose my expectations were high and i've played the VHS short version many, many times as well as the CD version. The picture quality is obviously better than the VHS but not exceptionally so but at least is hasn't been cropped to 16:9 and remains in it's native 4:3 format. If I had to complain about the picture it would be that occasionally the quality actually improves on certain shots becoming laser sharp, but this is probably where a different source of the footage (video?) was used rather than the original film. Minor quibble really and nothing to worry about as it doesn't distract from the performance which now flows much better without the arkward edits from the VHS. The restoed Footage is fantastic and you have to ask why it was cut in the first place.
The sound however dissapoints. Boasting DTS sound the result is that the rear speaker a used for 'ambience' and crowd noise with the occasional instrument popping up. The quality is not greatly improved cpmpared to the CD version and whilst I was not expecting it to be on par with the recent Queen DVD-A's an opportunity has been missed in my opinion.
Disc 2 is a mixed bag as most bonus discs are. The new interview with Brian May and Roger Taylor is entertaining but reveals nothing new. The Do-Ro documentry is upto their usual lacklustre standard, recycling old clips from the Magic Years videos. The unseen rehersal footage is actually from a home video camera and whilst interesting to the fan, the quality is poor in both picture and sound. The real highlights of the bonus disc are the Queen Cams (where you can watch four songs with the camera trained soley on one member of the band) and the footage from the previous nights concert.
Overall however this remains a must for the real Queen fan and casual music lover alike. All the more memorable hits are included and the actual performance of the band once again does NOT dissapoint at all. In fact you can see the fact they are enjoying themselves on stage. Freddie is his usual energetic self and has the wembley crowd just where he wants them!
Buy it if you haven't seen it! (where have you been??) Buy it if you have the VHS for the restored footage, Buy it if you a Queen Fan.
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on 14 November 2003
Greatest live act?Best showman of all time?....You decide.
For me the answer is yes and hopefully this DVD will show you why.Queen at their most peerless.Fresh on the heels of Live Aid,Queen return to the scene of that triumph and top it.Songs are drawn from most of their albums and range from heavy rock to beautiful,haunting ballads that really show off the songwriting abilities of all members of the band effortlessly.
Highlights are A Kind of Magic,Another One Bites the Dust,We Will Rock You and of course Bohemian Rhapsody.Some of the best interpretations of these songs I have ever heard.Bonus disk is also superb with lots of unseen footage and bonus material.
Highly recommended.A great introduction for the people out there who don't really know the band all that well.After watching this display of musical brilliance you will be a fan for the rest of your days.
Enjoy and revel in the way music used to be and how it should still be.
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on 17 June 2002
As a huge Queen fan I love all of Queens music, but I never had the opportunity to go and see them perform live as I was only 5 when their Magic Tour came to Wembley! So, when I was older and I found this video I just had to have it! The magic of the concert can be felt through the TV! It was a wonderful performance where they performed some of their best classic songs and some new songs (such as Who wants to live forever from Highlander) and the atmosphere in the stadium is electric! Queen rock the crowd like no-one else has or ever will! With 100's of thousands of people singing and clapping along to "WIll will Rock you" and "Radio Ga Ga", they literally blew the audience away. Its also an opportunity to see the legend that was Freddie Mercury show what made him so popular! The music is great, the sound in wonderful, you never miss a thing, the direction is some of the best for concerts. Almost as if you were there at the time! If only....
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on 14 October 2005
Queen is really a kind of magic! During their "Magic Tour" Queen showed again their tremendous energy, their unique extravagance and their great ideas, which never seem to end.
A gigantic concert full of huge hits and Queen's immortal magic, which lasts until today.
The complete concert on Disc one contains beside the songs of the album "A Kind Of Magic" many of Queen's timeless hits like "Tie Your Mother Down" and „Now I'm Here" and songs much loved by the audience like „Crazy Little Thing Called Love" or „Love Of My Life". Also great is „Impromptu", „Brighton Rock Solo", where Queen show they're a real Liveband and some songs from the 50es like "Tutti Frutti". "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" of course top the end and "God Save The Queen" follows them. That means great rock, great show and great songs - summarized: Queen!
It's always nice, that the audience is included into the songs and in e.g. "Love Of My Life" it's singing parts itself. In "Radio Ga Ga" everybody claps as usual in unisono.
An unforgettable moment is, when Freddie Mercury tells the audience: „There's been a lot of rumours lately about a certain band called Queen ... the rumours are that we're gonna split up. What do you think?" Audience: „No!" Freddie Mercury: "Forget those rumours, we're gonna stay together 'till we die, I'm sure!"
A huge concert with Queen in top form and even on the couch in the living room you are carried away because of that power, Queen has.
Disc two: Here you find many specials, such as new interviews with Brian May and Roger Taylor, the Queen-Cam - that means you can watch all four band members separate in four selected songs, a "documentation" about the construction of the stage in the Wembley Stadium... and much more! Very interesting extra material!
The "Magic Tour" went to be Queen's last, but with that concert you possess one part of the huge spectrum of this unique music of that unforgettable band in your shelf and probably also in your heart, of course not to forget the magic, which makes Queen immortal.
A concert you have to possess as a fan!
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