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on 13 September 2011
After being rather bemused by their first album, a ramshackle low-fi affair, which I disliked on first hearing but have slowly warmed to, I hadn't anticipated having much interest in their subsequent work. I find myself REALLY liking this album - again, its a fairly disparate collection from catchy pop hooks to J Mascis inspired effects pedal work outs (and the beginning of 'Die' is straight from Wolfmother) but this only adds to its attractions. The production is more full on this album and this helps the songs to breathe. I'll be grooving to this for a while.
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on 6 October 2011
I took a bit of a punt on this, I hadnt heard any of thier stuff it was all based on a Pitchfork review. Well it was a gamble that paid off. The album is rich and diverse with occasional shades of Pink Floyd.

Its always nice to be suprised by an album and this ione did just that. From the nice gentle beginning of Honey Bunny it goes onto be a rich and expansive album. Well worth a punt!
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Holding out for Christmas presents may make economic sense but in the case of "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" by the remarkable "Girls" it amounted to a prolonged form of musical torture. Listening to this album almost constantly for the past week confirms one of the great unheralded albums of 2011 with enough variety, charm and innovation to make other contenders seem woefully shallow and painfully inadequate. In one sense no surprises here for their brilliant debut "Album" (see separate review) was a blast of spaced out joyousness not least containing two of the best songs of the past decade "Hellhole rat race" and the irresistible exuberance of "Lust for life".

At the time their resident genius Christopher Owens told Uncut that "it could have been "Pet Sounds" if they had decent equipment to record it on". In one sense it's a nice bit of bravado, but in another Owen is travelling a path within the 54 minute boundaries of "Father, son and holy ghost" which is almost peerless on the current rock music scene with a scale of ambition which is admirable and almost obscene. Equally the musical step up from their debut is huge and you wish that whatever source of inspiration Owens is drinking from that he would buy a round for some other bands far less blessed. Listen to the great folk gospel single "Vomit" and its starts off evoking Radiohead of the era of OK Computer but by the end almost reprises "The great gig in the sky" with a Clare Torry style fade out. It's a superb song although matched by the gently boiling melancholia of the nearly 8 minute long "Forgiveness" one of the loveliest drifting songs you will have heard in a long while which builds to a great climax and instant recourse to the repeat button. It is often the simplicity of this album that makes it so great, for example the slow rock n roll blues of "Love like a river" could have easily been written by John Lennon as Owens niftily recasts a universal melody, while "My Ma" calls to mind vintage Neil Young. Equally the poptastic "Hunny bunny" with its hint of surf rock inspired harmonies does not break no ground but its just great, while "Die" is polished glass indie rock which will commence by knocking the ducks off your wall and yet fades out sounding like a missing link to Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here". The closer "Jamie Marie" shows that Owens probably has a great solo album up his sleeve, a gentle Dylanesque lament which is the perfect lo fi end to proceedings, while the tightly strung opening guitar lines of the lengthy "Just a song" lead into a complex structure, a sort of modern aquatic nightsong.

On the evidence presented on the truly wonderful "Father, son, holy ghost" it is clear that Christopher Owens is a first class pop savant who has produced an album which the Irish Times has rightly argued has "countless depths to plumb and myriad layers to unravel". Thus before facing in the direction of 2012 pause and step back into 2011 for an untrammelled pleasure.
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on 17 February 2012
Girls 2nd full album 'Father, Son, Holy Ghost' is the best album I have heard in the last 5 years or so. Though often accused of having no definable sound, other than that of 'indie band' Girls do embrace different genres and styles on a regular basis, particularly on this album with nods to Thrash, Country n' Western, Rock n' Roll, Pop, Accoustic, Gospel etc and the mini-album 'Broken Dreams Club' with it's Latin horn influences BUT it is exactly this quality that make them such a musically brilliant and interesting band who seem to refuse to be pigeon holed into any genres. In Christopher Owen, Girls have the most gifted song-writer of this generation whose lyrics and voice are full of pain but equally hope. Many of Girls songs begin with loss, heartache, regret, sadness etc but mid-way through they often take on an almost 2nd song quality which is hopeful, accepting, forgiving and optimistic that change will occur for the better. Quite simply this is an amazing album from the best and most interesting band in the world at the moment.
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on 29 November 2011
First time I've been driven to write a review. I am 43 and have been listening to a lot of music the last 20 odd years, and its very rarely now that a guitar band makes those old hairs stand up on the back of my neck, but this band do it for me. It's a great album and you just know it won't get much attention but will be regarded as a classic in a few years time.

It's a classic rock sound most of it, and I've read reviews that the songs/styles & ideas swing around too much, but to me that's exactly what makes it so great. There is a wonderful tenderness to their songs. So gutted I couldn't see them in Cardiff recently.
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on 15 February 2012
This is how modern music should be produced and sound. Quality music with a fantastic eclectic mix of styles and influences. Needs several listens to fully appreciate its diversity and beauty. A lesson for the music industry at large! Audiophiles and music lovers can buy with complete confidence.
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on 22 December 2011
This is one hell of an album.
It is modern, but has a sense of the tradition of the music.
It is sensitive and rocking.
I can't stop replaying it.
It even makes me cry a some points.
And I am no teenage girl or something.
But why, why did they have to mix in this soulvoice at one or two points?
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on 4 December 2011
The amount of lush melodies and lyrics chris ownes manages to fit into this album is inspiring, every song is perfectly crafted and results in girls best album yet and my favourite album for many years. Any Indie rock group should really look to these guys to see how its done!
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on 28 August 2014
The vinyl sounds excellent! Way better than the digital copy!
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on 29 April 2013
I think I heard one tune on radio six and read a good review when these guys were flavour of the afternoon.
Sadly the album doesn't live up to expectations.
The guy just moans. It's not even good moaning. This is coming from someone who really likes the cure and morrissey. This guy moans in the way that one of your mates just wont shut up and goes on and on. Urgh, his voice!!!
Not touched the album again in ages, wish I'd never bought it. Thanks radio 6.
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