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on 24 June 2017
After about 5 years of using Creative Fatal1ty I though to change the headphones. Looking on the reviews and comparisons I was quite attracted to Turtle Beach X12 taking in consideration the price as well. Coming from Creative background I can tell a few differences. The Creative Fatal1ty sound was a little more clear however the bass wasn`t that good as is on the Turtle Beach X12. The bass adjustment scroll button is just amazing and you can actually set the bass level which suits you on the game or just by listening music. Another good side of the Turtle Beach X12 is that is very loud on max volume. If the bass is on max as well you will literally feel the headphones vibrating on your ears. The other good point which I would like to say is that the wire is very long (about 3m). The only down side which i could find is the background noise which is constantly there especially when you don`t play anything you`ll hear the "background noise" .All in one is very good quality for the money considering that this headphones are not the premium class.
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on 31 March 2016
First can I recommend the XBOX 360 Optical RCA Audio Adapters Cable HDMI Cable GA82 just in case you need it and don't already have the required cables. I didn't, and I bought this with the headset. I'm glad I did.

I've been an online gamer for a while, mainly since I started playing Borderlands2. While I have played multiplayer and joined public games I've never used a headset before. One day someone randomly joined my game, and he was using a headset. Have you ever tried to coordinate gameplay when one player has a mic, and the other doesn't? It was hilarious how we tried to communicate: he'd ask me things and I'd basically nod and shake my head! Over time we played together quite a bit and eventually I decided I was going to treat myself to a headset; it would certainly make co-op a lot easier, and a lot more fun! But I didn't know which one to get. I asked this guy his opinion and he immediately recommended the Turtle Beach X12, since they were what he was using. Eventually I decided to throw caution to the wind and order a pair.

I have to say I was impressed; they do exactly what they're supposed to. You have three controls: chat volume, game volume, and bass control. These give you complete control over audio and allow you to find the right balance when chatting and gaming. The bass control is there to enhance game sounds and the overall audio experience in-game. It also has a mute button, which is self-explanatory! The mic itself is nice and flexible so you can put it in any position you need. The headset itself *is* comfortable, although like with all headphones if you wear them for hours on end they can start to hurt your ears.

Overall I'd give the Turtle Beach X12 headset 9/10. If you're looking for your first gaming headset (they can be used on PC too though I can't remember if you need additional connectors/cables for this) then I highly recommend these. Just remember to plug the chat cable from the headset into the controller - I didn't do that and it took me a while to figure out why chat wasn't working!
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on 31 August 2017
When they first arrived, they fit so tight around my head that it hurt to wear them even when I extended them fully. I had to constantly bend the top part straight for a week so that it would be loose enough for me to wear.

Sound output quality is average, there is a buzzing sound that is very noticeable when the volume is high (but considering its price i was willing to accept this). But the sound coming out of your headphones can easily feedback to the mic, having the volume above 50% or any high pitch sounds will certainly come through.
I think its because not only that the headset is not very soundproof but also that sound feedbacks internally. Even when my mic is muted, the input level on my mic would randomly go up.

After the 3 weeks of use, cracks started appearing on the connection from the earphones and the top, the part that slides in and out to adjust the headset. The outer shell had cracked, the actual sliding mechanism is just a thin strip of plastic on the underside that would easily break (especially now because of the cracks).

Sure enough, 2 months after my purchase, the right side snapped after the outer shell fell apart (left side shell also has cracks now).
It is now held together with tape and paper clips while I wait for another headset to arrive.

Just to be clear, I take good care of my headsets. My last headset before this was the Plantronics Gamecom 388 which was similarly priced. After 3+ years of use, there was only 2 problems with it: the mute mic switch sometimes did not work and that the ear comforters were worn out.
I was very disappointed at this Turtle Beach headset after such a good experience with my previous one.

There are definitely better headsets out there with this price, i would not recommend this headset to anyone.
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on 12 May 2017
love them bought many headphones for gaming and these are the best so far for budget headset
sounds awesome good for hearing footsteps (PUBG) and gun fire direction
LOVE the feature of hearing your self slightly with no delay so you dont end up shouting
had no complaints about mic and it picks up my voice from far away from mouth so no nose or mouth sounds (breathing)
LOVE the feature to turn up or down bass/chat/game volume separately

only drawback is same as any budget and somtimes expensive headset is usb for power brings feedback in ears but simple fix was plugging into a mains socket/wallsocket/extension easly done with a phone charger these days(i got a usb extender) some people have said usb hubs work is well but i have not tried
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on 7 May 2016
This Headset was recomended from a youtuber I watch.
Until now I never got a problem with this headset the sound is super clean and its perfect to the kind of games I play, the bass wheel its good to have to isolate some background sounds from the games I play.
The microfone isn't the best but for 35$ I expected less of it (it actually makes my voice rough wich I like)
Before I had an ozone rage st, those where good but just for the bass wheel this ones beat it.
The bad part about it, its that my ears start getting to warm about 1h30min of gaming, but still they are quite comfortable. The noise isolation isn't the best but they cover the hole ear. If you don't want any one to hear what you are listening to don't use te sound of your computer at max or near it cause people around you will hear it.
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on 28 February 2014
I purchased these headphones as my original headset died. I decided that I might as well go for headphones which route all sounds through them over chat functions only, to spare others in the house...

The set up is a little complicated. I decided to not purchase the adaptor which many people seem to require as I have so many cables I thought I'd be able to sort something out. As it turns out, the red and white SCART ports which I have on the TV didn't work, they must be input only or dedicated for some SCART source. My TV, however, does have a headphone jack which the headphones work with. I'd urge everyone to check this themselves first, as I'm sure many TV's do have this!

Negatives first:
1) When I plugged in the mic to my controller, the static noise was overwhelming. The reason for this is that I had my play and charge kit plugged in, which interferes with the signal. It's a little irritating, but just one of those things you have to deal with. I don't have it plugged in often so it's no real worry.

2) Outside of the play and charge kit, there is an audible hiss in the headphones. It's not too loud, but it is there.To be honest, I've not played a game yet which is quiet enough for it to be heard over the gameplay, although I can imagine it being noticeable in quieter games with more vocals over action noise.

However, there is one main positive and it's a big one - the sound is fantastic. Playing GTA it is possible to hear the click of gears as you change up and, when getting out of a car, you can hear the tick of the engine cooling down. These are things which I never noticed when playing the audio through the TV and is indicative of the quality of the output. I was really impressed that headphones which are not that expensive would output such crisp audio.

The mic is also good, with voice seemingly transmitted clearly and audibly (according to others). It's a really useful feature to be able to control chat and in game volume separately. The bass booster is also a great inclusion and really makes an impact; it's a setting which I change from game to game.

The headphones themselves are comfortable and fit even my slightly large head. I could wear them for extended periods with no discomfort.

All in all, really impressed. The sound is fantastic for the price and the additional features of separate voice and game volumes, as well as a bass booster, are appreciated. Loses one star for that hiss in quieter moments, but it really is negligible.
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on 31 December 2015
Headset itself is pretty good... mostly in the fact it has such superior sound quality considering how little you have to pay for the headset!

the build quality, granted they made slight improvements is still not enough. it can easily snap if you pull both ear cups away from each other at a reasonable distance... not only that the internal build quality (granted they made improvements there as well) still sucks ass. ive owned 3 X12's in the past 3-4 years or so and the problem is always the same.. the wire gets severed at the left ear cup... it snaps at the extendable part above the ear cups... or the wires erode somewhere within the cable

if you want fantastic sound quality for such a low price... then this is the headset for you!

however dont count or rely on it always being in working condition.. max time ive had one of these headsets is for 1 year 6 months!

Build Quality 5/10 (Mediocre at best)
Sound Quality 9/10 (Superb)
headset only works with PC and 360.. so its pretty crap in terms of how versatile it is with other platforms
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on 23 February 2017
The Turtle Beach X12 is actually quite a good headset for gaming. It provides good sound quality, good surround sound and a decent microphone in one relatively cheap package. However, the only thing preventing me from giving this five stars is two small problems. One is that the cable connecting to the headset itself can slide in and out a bit. This makes a strange scraping sound inside and sometimes a small static sound. The second problem is something that I'm fairly sure would only affect XBOX 360 users. The cable and/or the port for the cable (I'm not entirely sure which) that connects the headset to the XBOX 360 controller and therefore Live chat is very easily broken by moving about. By this I mean bending the wire, especially near either end. When it breaks, you are basically unable to use the headset for XBOX Live on 360 unless you use an external microphone such as the one on the Kinect, which may not be as good. Overall I would recommend for anyone looking for a relatively cheap gaming headset.
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on 13 August 2015
This headset is absolutely fantastic. The sound quality is stunning, there are inline controls to change the chat channel, and volume of the game and your party chat. However there are a few issues I had.
One is the masses of wires needed. There is one long cable that connects to the headset and the TV (with various audio input connections) plus a short cable to run between the headset and the controller. I get tangled a lot...
Second (and this is the biggest problem) if you wear glasses, prepare for a huge headache within twenty minutes. The headphones crush the glasses arms into the side of my head no matter how much I adjust the headset. And it is painful...this means I have to hope raids etc don't last too long because I can't stand needing my mic for long periods.
The only reason I am giving this four stars rather than less is because the other functions are very useful.
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on 11 August 2017
On to my 4th pair now as they always seem to be something wrong but now Argos has discontinued them I seen a pair for just under £20 on here from DealBerry and the delivery was free (and fast too! arrived a day earlier than scheduled and it was tracked) which I was pleased about, the headset looks completely new and is still in its sealed wrapper along with the manual and adapter provided, which I am highly pleased about. This headset is perfect for PC gamers, the mic quality is amazing and the headset itself is overear so you can block out all the background noise, and the volume is overwhelming too, and with bass control it sounds amazing to listen to music. Thanks again DealBerry I will be sure to buy from you again!
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