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on 6 December 2011
I have owned this for two weeks now and I have put it through it's paces,I have been a photographer for over 30 years now and still enjoy the hobby, I own several compact cameras and a couple of Nikon digital cameras the thing that I always crave for is more reach to get this reach with SLR cameras you have got too pay big bucks for big lenses I suffer from chronic back pain and it has left me disabled there is nothing like getting on my motability scooter with camera(s) to hand ,the Olympus is quite outstanding you can take a photograph of the moon and you can see the craters on the moon!
There are features on it that I have not seen on other cameras is the mirror effect it's so funny , I don't use my SLR cameras any more as they are heavy and cumbersome , the Olympus is so small and light and the price is very reasonable compared to Panasonic and Fuji.To sum up I would say this is a fabulous camera.
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on 29 October 2011
Always dependable, this is another quality camera from Olympus. At the top end of the 'pocket' range, it offers some high-end functions, particularly the impressive x36 optical zoom. Definitely recommended for those who enjoy landscape or sports photography and don't want the hassle of carting separate lenses about.
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on 10 May 2012
I have had this camera for a few weeks and taken it away on holiday. Firstly it takes great pictures with 14 MP there is plenty of detail in the photos even for enlargements. The main point with this camera is its zoom. You will be zooming into the distance and getting great shots even when you are far away. The zoom allows you see things that you are unable to see with your eyes. Even at full zoom you can take blur free shots. The video quality is good enough with image stabilisation. Good price and quality pictures make it a good buy.
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on 20 March 2012
I bought this camera for a green season safari in Zambia as I thought the 36x zoom would be useful. It certainly was and I got some truly wonderful close-ups of lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, baboons, pukas, and impalas (among other animals) and some very clear shots of sometimes very small birds.
It was particularly good at capturing the very individual faces of the baboons and the giraffes' faces on the end of their very long necks.
My only complaint is the lack of view finder which meant that when I had a bright sun behind me, I was shooting "blind". As asking the animals to move, or changing my position was often impossible, the result was frustrating. There often wasn't time to put a t-shirt over my head to try to see what I was doing.
I appreciate that view finders in low end cameras are rarely available, but that doesn't make it right, so one star off for that.
However, I found the battery usually lasted for the 4/5 hours of a game drive (despite taking hundreds of photos and the SanDisk extreme video card gave me a quick write.
The lightness of the camera was of great value on the walking safaris.
I never did work out a way to take good photos on the night drives (although some with much more expensive cameras were able to do so) but I am not certain if the failure was mine or the camera's.
On balance, I thought this camera did what I needed it to at a good price with a great size and weight.
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on 8 June 2013
I was given this camera by my boyfriend for my birthday. I requested this specific one, and had done a huge amount of research into cameras prior to asking for it. I love photography, and taking photographs, however I will not claim to be brilliant or know much about it, its just a hobby. I purchased a brilliant little Samsung (WB550) about 2 years ago, and as much as I loved it, I really wanted something which gave me a little but more. I wanted to be a bit more creative in my picture taking so I started doing some research.

The reviews I got on this camera were mixed. Some said it was great, others hated it, which put me off for a while. However in the end this camera seemed to offer me what I wanted, for the best value...without being too cheap!

I received this product and I can only say I love it. If I enjoyed taking photographs before, it is nothing to how much I love it now. I go out with that one simple mission, and I put it down to this camera. Now for the experts and the more advanced photographers, you will probably turn your nose up at something like this. As bell and whistles go, it obviously does not have anything like the technology DSLR's do. However this suits me fine. I considered a DSLR, however honestly wouldn't be able to afford all the lenses to make it worthwhile having one. And to be honest I would not know what to do with it.

If you are like me and take photos for fun, this really is the camera for you. I have been so impressed with what it can do. The colour and clarity it produces are outstanding. The zoom is exceptional, if not indecent! I was worried the picture quality might suffer at the extreme end of the zoom range, however I have not found this is the case, with pictures being just as crisp. I am also impressed, (being a lover of taking pictures of sunsets and sunrises)how well this camera deals with glare. I have taken lots of pictures where I expected there to be lost of glare, and instead the colour and the light were awesome!. The camera makes me want to experiment with my photography, and surely that it what amateur photography is all about, experimenting and having fun!

Down to the boring bits. The battery life is brilliant, especially when considering this little camera is always trying to focus, when it is turned on. It is very light and easy to carry around. I LOVE the fact you can recharge it via your computer, or plug it into the wall. It is so convenient, and part of the reason I went for this model in the first place.

If you are looking for a camera which has bells and whistles, with a manual zoom and shutter speed, stay clear of this one. HOWEVER if you are like me and don't know a great deal about photography, but want to experiment and take some awesome pictures, and need more than a normal Digital compact camera, this really is the camera for you. I love it!!!!
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on 9 July 2012
I bought this camera about 3 months ago mainly because of the zoom lens, I gave my old camera to my son who is showing and interest in photography we took both camera`s to a country park and I let my son have a go with this camera to get used to all the different settings and he found it very easy to use making videos and some great shots of the wild birds so much so he sent the pictures to the local paper and he won photo of the week. So it looks liike we will be buying another camera for him for his birthday.
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on 15 August 2012
I wouldn't consider myself to be a 'photographer', I am someone who gets the camera out a few times a year and charges it up overnight before we go away to a wedding or on holiday etc. I don't often take photo's just for fun, so I appreciate that others will be able to give you a more 'professional' appraisal of this camera. However when I read some of the very few negative reviews about this camera (either by fellow Amazon'ers or on photography websites), that's exactly what I got... a professional photographers view, on an unprofessional camera!

I'm what Olympus and other manufactures apparently call an `armature upgrader', I'm not quite ready for a full Digital SLR Camera but I do want something better than my current compact - at first I wasn't happy about being `put in a box', but on reflection that does about sum it up and subsequently Olympus and others seem to have developed a range of cameras all within my price range offering pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, so great.

I love my old compact camera, it's a Samsung which I've had for about years and it's great, touch-screen, the battery lasts all day and it takes great 14mpix photos. The only problem I have with it is the zoom. I didn't actually find this out until I went to the London 2012 Olympics and noticed that those around me were able to zoom in so far you could see an athlete smiling... when I zoomed in as far as my compact would allow, I could barely make out which country they were from! So I realised that it was time to upgrade and spent much of the next week researching different cameras from Sony, Panasonic, Canon etc...before narrowing it down to just a few, including the Olympus SP-810UZ.

In general I found nothing but praise on any reviews for the SP-810UZ's small size, weight and the fantastic lens with an unrivalled zoom. The bad points highlighted in these reviews tended to focus on the lack of manual professional settings and options where the reviewer felt that they could do a better job than leaving it to the pre-programmed settings to take care of things auto-magically. They might be right. There was also few points about 'noise' and 'range' etc, again I trust that they are right and that a more professional camera would do a better job. But when you look at the benchmarking against rival camera's, it's all swings-and-roundabouts, the Olympus SP-810UZ was better at some things and the Panasonic or Sony at others.

Other criticism, typically from a less professional audience, suggested that with the zoom fully extended it's hard to take a crystal clear photograph. Some said that you can overcome this by using a tripod, suggesting that a shaky hand was the most likely cause of the blurry photos. This worried me slightly, because again I'm sure that they're right, but I don't own a tripod and don't want to have to lug one around just to take a few holiday snaps.

So I bit the bullet anyway, despite the few negative things I'd read, the good points and praise for the camera seemed to far outweigh any of the bad. I've now had the Olympus SP-810UZ for about a week, tried out all the features and tested it out at Dorney Lake for the Olympic Canoe Sprint finals and also at the British Firework Championships in Plymouth.

So here is what I've found...

Bad Points:
Yes if you are videoing something and try to zoom in or out then it's not great, in fact it's rubbish - the sound will cut-out on playback until a few seconds after you've stopped zooming. But if you zoom in first and then video something then it's fine.

It is possible to take a blurry picture if you zoom in really far and take a picture whilst you're moving the camera. But if you zoom in and wait for a second, the camera usually focuses itself and providing you hold it relatively still, will take a crystal clear photograph without needing a tripod etc, I find half pressing the shutter button before taking a picture seems to do the trick.

The strap that comes with the camera is, well, rubbish. It itches and scratches, is too thin to be comfortable but unfortunately, it is necessary! The camera is quite heavy and I'm sure like me you don't want to risk dropping it. I replaced it with a different strap (see below) which fits perfectly and is really comfortable.

The lens is huge, which is great for zooming but not great for picking up dust and the odd fingerprint etc. You'll need something to clean the lens and I can't recommend your t-shirt. Also, because of the lens, whilst the body of the camera is the same size as a regular compact camera, the size of the lens means that finding a case is difficult because a compact case is too small and an SLR case is too big. At the time of writing this and when I bought the camera, amazon was recommending a `waterproof case' to go with this camera for around £10, so I bought one. However the case Amazon recommend is, well, absolutely useless. Should have read the reviews first, mine fell apart after one use and was sent back for a refund. I found a much better case (see below).

Panoramic Pictures can either be taken on an `auto' or `manual' setting, I'd recommend manual, as the auto sometimes get's it right but often fails to overlap the pictures correctly, I've got much better results from manual.

Good Points:
The camera is seriously easy to use, not just to take regular pictures and videos but if you want to experiment then you can apply different effects to photos, reduce red-eye, take 3D pictures and awesome panoramic views and the camera makes it really easy.

The end result is pretty good, sometimes you have to wait for the camera to auto-focus but in using it two times I've been able to take some really great photographs of people, landscapes, even fireworks over the water and night and you can see in perfect detail the ripples on the sea, reflection on the water and each sparkle coming from the firework, it's really quite impressive.

The zoom is amazing, better than I expected. I was able to snap picture, even more amazing when I think back to my old camera (which had a 2x optical zoom) and what I thought was okay, seeing this I can't believe I didn't upgrade sooner.

Even on the highest and best quality settings, photos are coming out at between 4mb and 8mb each, which gives you plenty of detail but leaves plenty of room on a standard sized 2 or 4GB SD Card) for hundreds of photos.

The battery lasts for ages, I was worried about this and actually bought a spare. I'm sure it will come in handy on long days out but so far I've just not needed it, been snapping photos for hours and it's still half full.

Overall it's just better than I was expecting, even after hours of research and comparison I was pleasantly surprised by how good this is. If like me you're looking for a camera which will let you take better pictures than you should be able to, easily, at a great price and be able to zoom in to snap things you can't even see with the naked eye, then you could do a lot worse than the Olympus SP-810UZ.

Below are a list of accessories I've bought to go with this camera which I've found out the hard way, are better than the ones amazon recommend that you buy! In relation to the case, the Lowepro Apex 100AW case comes with a removable shoulder strap, comes with a rain cover which pulls out from the bottom, is the perfect size to find in the camera and has just about enough space for a spare memory cartridge (in a dedicated compartment just for memory!), a spare battery, the neck strap and a cleaning pen.

Lowepro Apex 100AW Shoulder Bag For Digital Cameras/Camcorders - Black
OP/TECH E-Z Comfort Strap - Black
Hama Lens Cleaning Pen
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on 20 November 2011
My first digital camera was an Olympus and I've come back to them with the purchase of this camera. The first thing that struck me abut this camera was how much smaller it is than my current digital, which had a massive (at the time) 12x optical zoom. This camera will however fit in your jacket pocket without too much problem. I like the USB battery charger that is also a USB mains charger. Fingers crossed that i'll take some decent photos with it...!
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on 13 April 2013
I read the reviews of this camera and i agree with most of them. SO i wont reiterate those pros and cons. What i will tell you is this. THIS CAMERA CAN BEAT THE HELL OUT OF A DSLR FOR CLOSE UPS. There is a special mode known as 'Super-Macro' wherein the camera acts like having a fixed focus lens. The zoom gets disabled. BUT.... It is in this mode that you can take mind blowing closeups. I mean you could have a crystal clear image of the fibers of a piece of cloth. Or of the dew sitting on green leaves early morning. Here is a sample pic of what i am on about: [...]
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on 19 May 2012
I bought this camera for my wedding & honeymoon in the USA. It is an amazing camera and I am so pleased that we finally chose this one, the photos we have come back with are brilliant. It takes amazing landscape photos & the zoom is amazing to get close ups. Well recommended!
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