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on 29 May 2017
Horrified to discover carpet moths eating my expensive stair carpet. I bought this product on the basis of excellent reviews here and because it was pet safe once it was dry. Last Thursday morning before work I covered up bare skin and wore a breathing mask, put on plastic gloves, shut the cat out of the hall, and spent about 10 minutes before work misting the entire stair carpet thoroughly, plus the skirting areas of the hall and landing (I used most of this size bottle). Then left it to dry all day while I was at work (cat still shut out of the area). I got home, checked the area: a fairly strong chemical smell but not unbearable. I opened windows to air it out, and carried on with life as normal. No sign of moth activity since! Have now realised I have signs of carpet moth also in the sitting room carpet. Am just investing in the 1 litre size bottle to tackle this, and will continue to monitor the stairs but it's looking good. My cat shows no ill effects at all. I'm one very happy customer as this is an economical and apparently effective solution.
**Update: here we are in the early spring the year following using this. It cleared moths completely from my stairs and sitting room, and they have not come back. I have a bottle of it to hand in the cupboard though, and may treat the carpets again in a month just as a precautionary measure. This is a really effective solution to the carpet moth problem and I can't recommend it enough.
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on 10 April 2017
Identifying carpet moths;
It took me a little while to identify these as carpet moths. For those wondering what carpet moths are, there are small sliver/cream/light coloured and they don't eat clothes (well at least not mine). They lay eggs in your carpet which look like small cream coloured balls, size of large grains of sand and they are often in clusters. I found large clusters behind a chest of drawers (by the skirting board) and also in a corner underneath boxes.
What I tried before;
I had a carpet moth infestation in my flat and tried lavender and those moth catcher things (with the sticky paper). The papers would fill up with moths but it wouldn't stop them from coming.
1. Hoovered the rooms first- removing as much dust as possible (and using a crevice tool for the edges). I moved all furniture to get underneath there too.
2. I then sprayed the 'Carpet Moth Killer', let it dry, and then hoovered again.
3. As a last step, I emptied the hoover and removed the dust from the house.

Effectiveness of this product;
In short - this stuff works!! Don't hesitate buying this if you have the same problem as me. The first time I applied this, I didn't have much time, so I sprayed in all the open areas and moved the furniture only a little bit and sprayed as much as I could, also focusing on the edges. At this point i didn't know what the moth eggs looked like so wasn't looking for them. Even still, this made a massive difference. I didn't see moths for a good 5-6 months. After about 6 months, i started seeing them appearing again. I wouldn't put this down to the product though - more that i wasn't rigorous in spraying everywhere. Last week I used the method above and sprayed the entire carpet in both rooms and moved all the furniture to get under there too.
I uncovered the problem spots where I found 2 clusters of eggs (missed the first time around) and a massive source of the moths! I was both happy and disgusted when I found them! For these areas, I repeated the process. I know it's only been a week - but so far so good and I'm confident I got them this time. I will come back in a few months with an update.

1 month update
in the first 3 weeks i have seen a few moths - about 4 in total which is still a lot less than before over 3 weeks. Every time I saw one I caught it and got rid of it asap. i think this may be the last few remaining ones. In weeks 4-5 i haven't seen a single moth - which is amazing! really feel like they may be gone for good! Very happy!
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on 9 November 2017
This product is excellent. Clear the room, hoover it, systematically spray every inch, leave to dry, make sure anything you have removed is free of contamination. Hoover again. We also finished with a smoke bomb. No moths now. We will repeat again in spring. This does work you just have to be very clinical and appreciate that if your on here buying moth killer it’s because moths are everywhere which means the larva are everywhere. Spray it all not just the bald patches in your carpet. We were quoted 2500 to get this done professionally. So that’s money saved!
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on 17 July 2017
It certainly reduced the infestation around the carpet area after applying 2 rounds, focuing on the edges of the carpet against the wall. However, I am dubious as whether it has erradicated the entire fleet altogether cos the moths are very mobile and do fly and lay eggs around the house where the environment is suitable e.g. under the bed sheet, linen or rug. I will have to wait at least for a couple of months to see the full results. I may need to reapply to keep them at bay.
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on 25 May 2018
I have a cream wool fitted carpet in a room about the size of about 25sqm. Having caught a few moths per day I finally found their hatching spot, vacuumed the area and then applied the Carpet Moth Killer spray at the edges of the carpet around the room. A couple of days later the moths were still alive, so I misted the entire carpet lightly. Moths were gone...but the smell wasn't. The smell got worse and after keeping all doors and windows open, as well as an oscillating standing fan blowing at the carpet, it didn't get better. I wasn't sure why it smelled since most reviews said there would be no smell once the chemicals dried. However, having researched permethrin (the active ingredient) I found out that there is actually a smell that some people detect, which is a petrochemical type of smell like the one from the off-gassing of new carpets. So I spent half a day doing the following: 1) washing the carpet with a vinegar + lavender oil solution using a wet/dry vacuum (twice); 2) scrubbing it with Vanish carpet foam (exhausting); 3) rubbing in baking soda and vacuuming it up; 4) spraying an entire bottle of Febreeze onto the carpet; and 5) buying a steam cleaning machine and going over the entire carpet. Unfortunately, none of this worked - the smell remains just the same. Further research revealed that permethrin binds to fabrics and washings won't help - you have to dry clean the item. Not sure how I would go about dry cleaning a fitted carpet but it's my only hope left to get rid of that awful smell. It only gets a star for having got rid of the moths for the time being. Going forward I'll rely on my new steam cleaner to do that and would definitely test any insecticide for smell before relying on opinions. Really wish I hadn't bought this item.
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on 5 June 2017
This is the second time that I have ordered this Carpet Moth Killer. We used it last year when we had an infestation of carpet moths devouring silk blouses, cashmere scarves & attempting to bite pieces out of our wool carpets. This Carpet Moth Killer really worked & killed them all off. I have ordered more this year to be prepared in case we have a problem with them again.
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on 9 August 2017
This is more expensive than some sprays but after trying quite a few this one does work, I am not being paid to write this review but I would say after years of moths, this limits the amount. I dont think anything ever gets rid of them completely even pest control companies so this is good to keep them at bay and minimise.
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on 3 June 2018
My order came a day before stated which was good ,plus its free postage another plus. and well packaged
The Carpet Moth Killer was 500ml which for my small house was just about adequate but for a large house I would recommend the larger size.
I sprayed my lounger and bedroom carpet my bedroom haven't seen any moths since but my lounge where it has the most infestation need two sprays on consecutive days ,having check under my settees and in the corners I can find no evidence of any moths .
So I would say at the moment the product seems to work ,I will see how long before i see any more .
So from my experience be it only a few days I am fairly happy
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on 15 August 2017
I used this and many other products available on market to control moths, They only last days or months. If you are really worry then get proper treatment from local good pest control company, that's what I did in the end. Main reason is these products are not strong because of law, pest control usually have very strong sprays as they licence to buy them , little expensive but worth it.
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on 4 June 2017
I only put 4 stars as we're waiting to see if they return! Can't believe how quickly carpet moths took over the carpets and the damage they did. We removed what was left of the worst affected carpet but have treated the other rooms where we didn't want to have to replace the carpet and so far we've seen a couple of moths but no more damage.
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