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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 September 2016
John Porter has been kidnapped by Pakistani terrorist Latif, who is masterminding "Project Dawn". Michael Stonebridge (Winchester) is tasked to find dishonourably discharged Delta Force operative Damian Scott (Stapleton), who can positively identify Latif. But what is Project Dawn and can they stop Latif.
The five stories are essentially stand alone, but there is an underlying theme behind all of them –Latif. This has a much more laid back title but this doesn’t use local languages, as in the first. When released many of the topics and circumstances depicted or discussed were current which gave this a reality and edge not found in many action dramas. The dark humour gung ho atmosphere has gone, replaced by the standard testosterone hype, but there are glaring errors made in the name of action drama and tying things up quickly.
The three discs cover all ten 45 minute episodes [this being the USA format, which were actually 5 two part features in UK ] and each has play all, scene select and subtitles on/off, with disc 3 containing a double episode and the extras [making of, scott vs Igor, firearms training, broadcast titles]. The age rating runs from 15 to 18, all discs feature many scenes of sex and nudity, along with the F, and P words could make this uncomfortable ‘family’ viewing for some. Discs 1 & 3 are rated 15, Disc 2 is rated 18 due to an explicit sex scene and some full frontal nudity, but if you like plenty of action and a decent plotline with some good twists, this will do the job.
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on 29 August 2011
.....if you rate this new show after only seeing the first episode (or even only the first 15 minutes) before switching it off in disgust, then you're missing something. The first Strike Back, as poster JackB says, was a fine series, and I'm sure that many people sat down to watch this because of Richard Armitage who gave us such a memorable character in John Porter. But, the producers were left in the lurch last summer when Armitage, not surprisingly, went off to join Peter Jackson in New Zealand for 18 months to play the leading role of Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit. Obviously, there had to be a lot of rewriting and, without Armitage and with the Americans now involved, it was bound to be a different show.

To give the producers and the scriptwriters credit, the cameo from Armitage which was, quite possibly, filmed in a studio in NZ because he had no time to visit South Africa, is more a part of the story-line than one would expect. I've seen the first 3 episodes and JP is not only acknowledged in flashbacks and dreams but, by episode 3, we have the reintroduction of Kenneth Bratton from series 1 and a reminder that JP saved him when he was a hostage. IMO, Porter is given a heroic send-off and has been made a part of the over-arcing story-line. What more could they do if the actor isn't available?

And my opinion of Project Dawn? The first episode, setting up the story and with gratuitous sex scenes, thanks to input from Cinemax/Skinemax, was the weakest and doubtless lost a lot of potential viewers. But there were no sex scenes in episode 2 to hold up the action and the series has been bowling along ever since. It is exciting and entertaining, and, as in series 1, is spectacularly filmed in South Africa. The vistas over Cape Town in episode 3 were quite stunning. They also have a good bunch of actors on board: Sullivan Stapleton was in an Oscar-nominated film earlier this year, Philip Winchester does a great British accent and has a certain gravitas, while Amanda Mealing reminds me of a young Judi Dench in her M-style role as the chief of Section 20. All the stunts are extremely well staged, there is a good bromance developing between our two heroes, plus some excellent twists in the plot and some humorous dialogue. So far, it reminds me most of the last story in the first series and so it's not completely removed from its original source.

I am giving this 5 stars because, so far, for excitement and entertainment value, I think it's worth it. If it disappoints me in future episodes, I shall return and make some adjustments.

Edit: Well, I have seen the lot now and I haven't changed my opinion. Although the gratuitous sex scenes were a bit TOO gratuitous for my taste, had no bearing on the plot and held up the real action, this series thundered along to an exciting and well-executed climax. Series 3 has been announced and I shall be back to watch it.
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on 27 July 2016
Well after watching the first and second second seasons all I can say is what a brilliant series just a pity that they didn't make more and two Philip Winchester and Andrew Lincoln bonus if like me you love action this is for you
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on 2 October 2011
Absolutely love this series! I saw the first two episodes then decided to buy the first series, which was also excellent. So now it makes more sense. I thought the killing of John Porter (Richard Armitage had to be free to go work on the two year project, THE HOBBIT) was realistic in the ever escalating war on terror. The changing of almost all the characters from the first series reflects the magnitude of the army needed for this battle. It's not just one man or the same group. It is a team effort and this sequel series more then aptly shows that. It is fast paced with interesting characters. Some may complain that some of the missions appear to be unrealistic,but I believe it shows how men and women devoted to the cause are able to think swiftly and on their feet in the thick of battle, damn the torpedoes. As the saying goes,"One must adapt himself to the tools at hand." The newly added American character of Scott brings a needed freshness and different sensibility to the subject as well as necessary jolt to the language and sexuality of people under the constant stress of ongoing combat with an enemy who disregards life. An exciting well made series and a more then fitting companion to the first series to add to the STRIKE BACK saga.
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on 18 February 2012
I loved Series 1 and was gutted that Richard Armitage was moving on but I needn't have feared! I nearly didn't buy Project Dawn because of some of the negative reviews particularly about the sexual nature of Series 2. Thank goodness, I ignored them!!!! This has been such an enjoyable Series and I have loved every minute of it! Brilliantly conceived and scripted, tight plots, fantastic, believable action, flawed heroes,it's got it all! The sex is not that hard core (it is an 18 after all) and makes sense in the pyschology of Sullivan-a man who, having lost it all, has nothing to lose. So don't be put off- this is must-have unputadownable TV! Well done Cinemax/Sky and thanks for doing it. Roll on Series 3 and it better have Stonebridge and Scott in it! Do not miss!
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on 26 October 2011
Watched this on Sky 1 and it's gripping all action entertainment. Great acting, suberb variety of locations, fantastic plot delivered with a pace that will keep even the most avid remote user locked in their seat from beginning to end. Like others I bought the first series after viewing this one and both are brilliant television productions. I will be adding this to my blu-ray collection the day it's relaeased, it's that good. Buy it and enjoy it.
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on 28 September 2016
Sky TV teamed up with Cinemax (aka skinemax) for season two, and as if by magic there’s more T&A in the first 5 minutes than the entire first season (and sex / nudity at every possible opportunity moving forward!) Replacing believable badass John Porter with two new faces was a risky move, and it takes a while to adjust to the change, but they really shine from the mid-way point of the series: the British agent (Stonebridge) is played a touch too straight, and American Delta Force (Scott) a tad on the caricature side, but their chemistry, and “yo mama” style banter is thoroughly entertaining – like the highlights of a drunken Lad/Pub chat.

Whereas the first season played out as a tight, tightly focused, serious political drama, season two is basically an action romp around the world – where everything explodes, everyone gets shot, and the American guy bangs every hot local in sight. The generic plot-lines only serve to deliver piece after piece of over-the-top action – chases, shoot-outs, sieges, espionage… it’s all there, it’s all good, and there’s 4 more episodes than the first outing! There’s very little resemblance between Season one and this, but they’re both great fun and totally entertaining in their own ways.

Score: 8/10
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on 10 May 2013
Fantastic! It builds on series 1 and is just as exciting; rather than becoming predictable. I went on and rented series 3 from Lovefilm - which again is just as good!

Try series 1, if you love it - You'll love 2&3, if not then I'm sorry!
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on 8 June 2016
Absolutely fantastic Series 10/10 if you like action and suspense then this is for you I would also recommend the complete box set as well it has a brilliant story line in which you can follow and more twists and turns than a roller coaster
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on 7 March 2013
Exciting, fast moving follow-on from the original series. (No point making comparisons)
Also, rather humorous (Because of overly predictable sex scenes.) More target practice for our sex obsessed hero, I guess.
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