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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 August 2012
Where to start? Overall this case is BRILLIANT, since this was my first build, I needed to make sure that I could find a case that was easy to work with, and I found it!
The 500R has 10 case fan mounts, 2x120mm at the front, 1x200mm or 2x120/140mm on the side, 2x120/140mm on the top, 1x120mm at the back, 1x120/140 at the bottom (next to PSU), and 2x120mm on the hard drive cages. (Providing you don't take the top one off.) The stock fans (2x120mm front, 1x200mm side, 1x120mm rear) are very quiet, and provide brilliant performance, and even the Fan Controller is amazing with 3 different fan speeds to choose from. Also has a LED button right next to it.
I looked on the Corsair website to see if they sell the 500R fans separate, as i wanted some more for the top and bottom, but for some reason the fans aren't on Corsair's website, and they haven't released the manufacturer for their fans, but i did buy 2 Xigmatek 140mm fans for the top (Xigmatek Crystal 140 White L%C3%BCfter and they look very very similar as the stock fans (As in the fan structure and LED pattern on the blades) and I also bought a Cooler Master Blade Master for the bottom (Since you won't see the LEDS anyway). If you're not going to spend a wad of money on a radiator for the top, then i recommend you buy these fans also. They have excellent airflow and provide good cooling capability.
Cable management in this case is very good, it took me one or two trys to move the cables around and get the back side panel on, but so far so good.
Accessories were brilliant also, including a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 adapter, which is very useful if your motherboard doesn't support USB 3.0. The case also comes with some extra fan screws, and the usual, motherboard standoffs and screws, and psu screws.
The case also has thumbscrews which don't fall off the back panels when fully undone, so of-course you don't drop & lose them!
The case also has a fully black interior, which just makes the overall aesthetics of the case look wonderful.
It does include 100% tool-less bays! Hard drive bays and optical drive bays (Can also put screws in), the hard drive bays are quite flexible, but once you get a hard drive in them, and its in the case its solid as steel! They are also SSD compatible.

Overall 5/5! If you are on a budget for a case, or if you are starting a new build, then I recommend you buying this!

EDIT: After having this case for a while now, and i've added a few extra things to my build: radiator, SSD, another hard drive, and a few more things here and there, i've noticed that the rubber grommet next to the power supply is abit small, so if you have loads of cables coming out of your power supply, this might be a tad small, and tight to get them all through.
The radiator i have installed is the H100i, from Corsair, this fitted easily, with a 15mm mounting spacing, Corsair do this with all their cases, and radiators, so they're all compatible with each other. I was originally debating the H110 also, but after reading a few threads and forums you can only mount the H110 in a certain angle. So i went with the H100i for ease of compatibility.

EDIT 2: I have now pretty much maxed out this case, I've filled every single fan mount (2 120mm front, 2 120mm top (H100i), 2 140mm on the side, 2 120mm on the hard drive cages, 1 120mm rear, 1 120mm bottom) I also have 2 128GB SSDs in Raid 0, and 2 2TB WD Caviar Black HDDs in Raid 1. Also a sound card and 2 GTX770 graphics cards in SLI and this case does have adequate room for them, and since i have provided more then enough fans for airflow, they do stay relatively cool, even under gaming load.
I mentioned above about the issue with the grommet next to the power supply, again it is a little bit on the small side, and getting all the cables through is a squeeze, but I have managed to do it. even with upgrading to a 860w power supply to accommodate for the second 770.

EDIT 3: Bought this when I was 15 (18 now), and I can still agree with all points made above. The only issue I've had since then is that 1 of the 2 front USB 3.0 ports doesn't work (?). Other than that, all is going well.
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on 14 January 2013
To answer a question I was asking before I purchased - the case is wider than it appears in the picture. I thought it looked a little thin, despite common sense and mathematics telling me it was easily wide enough. I needn't have worried - I bolted a huge Noctua NH-D14 to the motherboard, and there's a good amount of room between it and the stock 200mm side fan, so even if you've got another, thicker fan you'd like to stick on the side instead it should fit even with a massive aftermarket cooler.

Fan filters - yes it does have fan filters, but only on the front and bottom. This isn't too much of an issue for me because I have the side fan facing away from the dusty parts of my room, but it's worth noting. The bottom fan filter slides out so you can install a 120/140mm fan, but I can't because my PSU is quite long and covers some of the mounting holes. If you turn your PSU upside down as I did so that the intake fan points downwards, that's covered by the dust filter as well.

As for cooling, there's a total of ten fan mounts as listed, if you remove the 200mm side fan which I haven't just yet. Otherwise there are eight total. I, however, removed the top hard drive cage to improve airflow through there, and bought a Corsair SP120 fan to stick to the bottom hard drive cage in a push/pull type thing and also attached two Corsair AF140 Quiet Edition fans to the top of the case to act as exhausts. This means I have all 7 total fan mounts filled. The airflow is good when you manage the cables properly behind the motherboard. It was a bit of a squeeze for me because I'm terrible at managing cables, but there's enough room behind the motherboard tray for every cable you could ever fit in a case this size.

I can't speak much for ease of build. I imagine for a veteran it's a cakewalk to build in something as spacious as this, but I kept screwing up and had to remove the motherboard three times to fit new cables in or suchlike. I may even have to do it again to attach the wifi card to my motherboard. But what I will say is that this case is very forgiving for even a clumsy fool like myself, and it made it much less arduous than some cases I could mention (but won't). So overall I enjoyed building into it - you can get your hands around it and pick up dropped screws and so on, so no problems there other than ones I caused myself.

In my opinion, this chassis looks better than it's supposed better, the Graphite 600T. It's imposing and angular, but not ugly. The paint is solid and only scratched off where I attached my anti-static wristband, while a screwdriver barely scraped it. Most importantly it comes with a fan LED switch. A lot of cases seem to forgo this for some reason, but the 500R has one and I'm eternally grateful for it. During the day, the white light looks great but at night it gets a little bright and obtrusive and it's great to have the option to switch it off. The fan controller is a bit basic, only wiring up to the front and side fans by default, and I just leave it on maximum because they're quiet enough at that setting.

So basically, a forgiving first-timer's case with good cooling, cable routing and more than enough space for two, perhaps three large graphics cards, native SSD support (so no need to go out and buy an adapter), removable hard drive cages and a switch to turn off the LEDs if they get annoying (which they might in the dark) all in a <£100 case. You'll probably need to buy some extra fans if you're going the overclocking/heavy use route, but I guarantee you won't mind because the case you're putting them is of such great quality.
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on 14 June 2015
I put a lot of research into buying a case and it was down to this or a CM Storm Trooper. This one won out due to being far smarter in looks and a smidge smaller. I regret that decision.

For a hundred pound case, the build quality is poor. The metal is thin and I immediately snapped the plastic clip that holds the top fan-filter in place. Gravity now provides that function, but lifting it out can be fiddly now.

The case offers a lot of potential for cooling - air doesn't like to change direction and with a mesh front and side it offers a lot of opportunity for direct cooling. Whilst all fans positions have grills, only the front has dust filters and this case does not lend itself to traditional in through the front and out the back. Personally, along with a H110 on the top, I've got air coming in the top and sides, and going out the back and front. I've got a slight positive pressure running but more importantly it means I can provide direct cooling on components which means air is constantly being exchanged over hot components. This keeps the components running very cool even when under-load.

In terms of usability, this case seems to be in the first generation of providing cable area behind the back-board, it's appallingly tight and there isn't really anything to tie cables down with - certainly no room for any slack to be hidden.

The plastic drive easy-fit drive bays are horrible and with the aforementioned lack of room for cables, often get popped out by the force being imposed by the tight cable turns. The flimsy plastic has no place here. If you're actually hot-swapping things, don't expect it to last long!

As with others, my USB ports didn't work and I had to have them replaced by Corsair, which they did swiftly without question.

In summary, it provides great cooling but isn't very nice to work with. The CM Storm Trooper may be a better bet - but I haven't tried it. There really hasn't been an ultimate case since the USB2 generation Lian-Li's so this is one of the few contenders for a decent cooling case.
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on 28 March 2013
Best case I've used as it has loads of space to install mb, etc., and SSD and DD can be fitted without tools. The case looks great the stock fans give a reasonable airflow. One issue was that I needed angled sata cables as the drives go in from the side and it is a shame it doesn't have a finer filter for the large side fan.
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on 6 November 2015
Beautiful case, I absolutely love it, Comfortably holds my Sapphire Toxic R9 270x and still lots of room inside. Everything is kept ice cool with the size of this, it comes with 3 fans already installed (with white LED's(yay)) with more space on the top for another 2 fans and I believe there's space for one on the bottom too. It looks simplistic enough that it doesnt stand out if you don't want it to and the LED's that come with it look amazing.

As for the more practical side of things, Cable management is a tad more difficult than it should be, but nothing that's overly annoying to make a fuss out of. The clip at the top where you pull the cover for the fans off(although I know this is more down to me being sloppy) is a little flimsy, you really have to be careful when you pop the top off, I broke mine and the cover sort of just sits there now.
There is loads of space inside, and I mean LOADS, not just for a graphics card but for hardrives, disc player, whatever you want to put in the front of it, there's room for it.
The case comes with a fan controller with three options to go at a fast speed, low, or medium, and there's minimal noise from the fans.
There is a dust filter on the bottom, it's brilliant.

And just one last thing, the tray at the top, the plastic(whatever type of plastic they used I have no idea) is extremely hard to keep clean, dust will stick to it and for the love of God do not let your sister put their cup of tea in it, it's difficult to get rid of the ring.
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on 21 June 2013
This was my first build in 4 years, and I wanted to chose a case that would last, not only for this build, but the next in a few years time.
When I opened the case the first time, I knew I had made the right choice. Plenty of room for expansion inside, and with a good selection of holes for cable routing.
My last case was a Thermaltake Soprano which, while not the most expensive case, looked pretty good and claimed to be tool-less design. The only problem was the many sharp edges and plasticy brackets for fitting drives.
I have no fear of cutting myself in the Carbide, and it really is tool-less. I have fitted 2 conventional hard drives, an SSD and a DVD rewriter with no need for a screwdriver.
If I had to think of one negative, it is the lack of an internal speaker. But in 20 years of using PC's, I have only needed it once to fix the BIOS by listening for the beep code. And you can always pick up a cheap one elsewhere.
Lastly, whether its the case, or the components used for the build, I have to say that it is virtually silent. The only way I know it is on is by the light on the front. Fantastic.
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on 25 July 2013
this case is excellent with very good build quality and good airflow. On the downside it is rather large but given how well it is designed internally I am not sure it would have been possible to manufacture it in any other way. Certainly looks the business
would recommend it without question.
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on 23 February 2015
Really good case.

Well thought out and designed with easy o install drive bays and good fan accommodation.

The minor complaint is that the instructions are rubbish.
How hard would it be to say that the 'spare' cable from the case harness actually attaches to the 600mm case fan.
It really isn't at all obvious this custom connection goes to the case fan.
I couldn't work out this at all and ended up breaking the fan cable.

Great case otherwise (even if I did have tow buy corsair fans to replace the broken side fan)
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on 19 May 2012
This is the best case I have ever worked in with a brilliant design, loads of cable routing holes and quick release, tool free HDD mounting system, which can take SSD as well as 3.5inch. It is really easy to build a tidy system and the fans are whisper quiet (2 front, 1 back and 1 side) and the case looks classy with the white fan LEDs to complement the smart black and arctic white colour scheme. Recommended.
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on 30 June 2013
very spacious compared to my last case that i had my only gripe that i have is the fans it comes with have proprietry fittings on them and will not fit properly into a separate fan controller if you have one
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