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on 28 January 2014
Had one of these for a while now, and use it primarily for bank cards. Very sturdy and good protection for the cards, I can fit two cards comfortably in each slot so 12 cards fitted with ease. Obviously there is finite space within the product so if you try and overload the slots then the holder will no longer close, so recommend two per slot as the limit, you may get away with three at the ends depending on the thickness of the cards you put in it.

I can't make an informed judgement on the RFID blocking capabilities of the product but understand the concerns with plastic bank style wallets particularly with "drive-by" reading attacks so for me was better safe than sorry.

Satisfying click when the holder is closed however the clasp is plastic so likely to be the first part to eventually fail, but looking good so far despite daily use. Even if it should fail at the price there was no downside to selecting this product and would definitely buy one again to replace it.

** 2015 update **

So here I am two years later (I originally reviewed after using it for half a year or so), having dropped this on the floor countless times, regularly tried to stuff too many cards into it and generally given it a fair amount of abuse - and it still survives. I had some reservations about the longevity of the clasp when I wrote the original review but I am pleased to say it has lasted well, despite being used almost every day and often several times a day.

Two years of use and the individual card holders inside are starting to split down the sides (I have two cards in each), and the edge of each of the ridges on the top of the case have worn the blue colour away down to a normal metallic silver colour.

In short this product has been fantastic value for money. Now the sides have started to split I need a new one, and am buying exactly the same item again, except now they are even cheaper than they were before!

A highly recommended purchase that has lasted exceptionally well given the price paid - and now it is even cheaper to replace it with new.
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on 12 April 2017
Aluma Wallet Credit Card Holder RFID Blocking - Blue Color
This is the 2nd one of these I have ordered albeit from different sellers.

Dirt cheap credit/debit/store card holder that will hold 6 to 12 cards.

Arrived quickly from China . Slight dents to one surface which if packaged better would not have happened. I will not be returning as at £1.44 one cannot expect miracles.

Measures approximately 11cm x 7½cm x 2cm.

Seems to be made of some sort of metal but cannot ascertain if it is aluminium as claimed or not. Who really cares. It is a sturdy little piece if kit.

There is a clip on one edge that when pressed opens the case to reveal a black plastic inner. There are six holders for cards and each one will hold 2 cards. Notes could also be stored.

One point to note: The plastic card holders seem very flimsy and I would think if any part were to fail it would be these at the folds.

All in all I am pleased with the holder and if it last 6 months or more then I will be a happy bunny.

I will order more as cheap stocking fillers for Christmas.
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on 14 December 2017
Love the idea, but this wallet is a flimsy rubbish which fall apart after a week. Today the closing mechanism no longer works, it looked flimsy from the very beginning, the plastic casing also seems falling apart. I will be buying again but this time a higher quality item - you get what you paid for as the saying goes.
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on 2 March 2016
This is the second such item I have purchased from the Amazon site.

Item arrived within three days safely packed.


I was a bit dissapointed in the lightness of the holder (normally this is a good thing for most items in life) but after loading it with my cards I pot it in my pocket. Oh dear oh dear. The depth of the case is significantly deeper than my previous one and was very noticeable in not being comfortable in my pocket. This got me thinking. Logically if the item was lighter and as thin as my old one it could be pick pocketed and I may not notice until I went to pay for something. This case would have to be dragged out screaming and kicking before someone else could get it. So in a strange way what appears as a minus is in fact a plus.

To make it lighter the metal covering it is thinner but paying for some shopping I tried to see if the contact less machine could pick any of my cards up. Nope nothing so it does indeed do as advertised.

So does the job but may appear flimsy but then you wouldn't be using it to hammer in a nail.

Would I recommend it?

Yes is the simple answer. At the price it does exactly what is expected of it.

If anything changes I will keep you informed.
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on 29 March 2017
It's bulkier than I was expecting but you can fit plenty of cards in it and the catch seems fairly robust. There was a small dent in one side when I received it (probably caused in transit) but it's cosmetic only and doesn't affect the operation of the card holder. At this price I didn't think it was worth complaining. The cards are held securely and don't fall out when you open the device.
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on 7 December 2012
I am very pleased with my recently brought credit card holder. No problems to date. Make sure when the card holder is open that it is upright or else the cards could drop out of the holder, having used it for sometime now this isn't a problem though.
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on 23 March 2017
Very badly packaged in a thin plastic postal bag. Arrived badly dented in several places. It's way too thick - almost 20mm so it's too bulky to slip into a pocket comfortable.
Fortunately it's cheap enough that I can throw it away and look for something better.
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on 18 July 2017
Initially I feared for the plactic catch holding the wallet closed, but this has proven better than I thought. However, the aluminium casing is SO flimsy it has dents all over it from my pocket. Admittedly this only cost a couple of pounds and my last one cost nearly ten, and lasted nearly 2 years before the catch broke, but what is the point of manufacturing products that are so obviously cheap and flimsy? Three Stars is very generous in my opinion.
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on 11 August 2015
Bought this as I was worried about my contactless cards being poached (I have about 5 separate cards that all use contactless technology). The holder does a great job of blocking all signals, even with the case open and pressed against a scanner.

The case is also very strong, you can easily sit on it with your full weight without it denting or buckling.

I would also reccomend this for anyone who misses having an old flip phone you could snap shut with the flick of your wrist, you can do the same with this with a satisfying "clap" noise.
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on 18 August 2013
Not just a great colour, its also a great little gadget that keeps your cards safe - well so thats what its recommended for.
It can hold up to 12 cards, there is 6 slots for cards, but I find it good if you are using a few cards that you need. e.g AA card, Credit Card, Membership Card, Vouchers and Receipts. It does all the things its meant for and more.
Without it being cluttered, or organised clutter. The clasp is plastic, it is the only downside to this box, after using it alot, it becomes weaker, so its ideal to have another box available. I like it because its flat, it is easily found in my bag, because its colourful, and its compact and flat. Whoever designed them? Needs to get prototype 2 rolling, with a metal clasp not a plastic one.
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