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on 28 January 2017
Purchased these with the hope of cutting the electricity bill from lights being left on they came with a big guarantee promise of thousands of hours of life before failure purchased. A lot and changed most the bulbs in the house over last couple of year with various BC Gu10 aurora bulbs all have failed and been replaced 1 by 1 as they failed now using stamdard bulbs again it's less hassle then keep having to replace the bulbs every few months at least stamfard bulbs last a few years
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on 22 October 2011
This is a good replacement bulb, almost a perfect replacement for 50W halogens.

We have a number of dark rooms lit by set of 4x50W halogen lights on dimmer switches. The 7W Auraglow non-dimmable came out this year, and after putting a couple in the kitchen (no dimmer switch) we bought a few of these dimmable versions. Putting them side by side vs the old halogen bulbs showed up a few points.

These bulbs really are quite bright, and are (at long last) a true replacement for 50W. The manufacturers have done quite a good job in making them 'warm', and only in the centre of the spot is there a blue tinge. This bit is brighter than the equivalent halogen, so if you don't mind the blue it's actually a bit better - great for reading.

The light is more focussed, which does mean that one bulb will seem more harsh if aimed closely at a wall. Not really a problem with bigger walls, but noticeable with some colours and wallpapers.

We have MK dimmers, which are rated down to about 40-50W. This means 4 of these bulbs will cause the lights to flicker. Leaving in one halogen in a group of 4 will solve this problem. Of course, when dimmed, the halogen bulb is very low, with the 3 other Auraglows brighter. If you really need very low light, you'll have to buy a zero-load dimmer.

Currently these bulbs are still quite expensive - whether they will ever reach 35000 hours is rather hard to gauge (it's about 4 years continuous operation or about 20 years for normal use). We have found a good proportion of our electricity bill is from lighting, so these will probably repay over a few years.

With any luck they'll make some '10W' bulbs, so we can upgrade our lights to super bright. I'm sure this would be a good marketing ploy, actually...
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on 22 February 2012
These bulbs produce the same glow and brightness as my old 50w halogens did and they dim all the way down unlike most other dimmable LED's.

Being only 7w in power they should save £££££'s on the electricity bills as I have replaced 18x 50w halogens so have gone from guzzling 900w to only 126w.

LED's also have the benefit of lasting around 19 times longer than halogens so that's another plus point.

Overall I am very impressed with the bulbs and am looking forward to seeing the savings made and not having to replace blown halogen bulbs every few weeks.

The 5 year manufactures warranty is also another big selling point!
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on 21 January 2013
These Auraglow LED GU10 bulbs work reasonably well. The light is bright and certainly stands up to the comparison to a 50W halogen. The 30 degree beam angle is not an issue - the LED lights up areas very well indeed.

I bought 10 and have had one failure in 4 weeks. Dimmer compatibility is an issue; even with some low load switches. As others have pointed out, you need to insert one standard halogen into the circuit to balance it and allow the LED's to dim properly. Even with this, the LED's are still prone to the occasional blink and sometimes they go off all together and have to be reset (power off and on).

It would be useful if the technical specification of the product included exactly the type of dimmer that they are compatible with i.e. leading or trailing edge low load dimmers.

One other important observation - as the product is slightly longer than a standard GU10, if you have spring loaded "canister" light fittings either in a low ceiling or in a bathroom, these units will not fit.

For what it is worth, customers who are concerned about dimmer switch compatibility should consider the 5W Chips on Board version that is fully retrofitable. I have purchased two of these and they fit into the "Canister" type fitting without any issue. Having only just fitted the same, I can confirm two other things;

1. The unit is a lot less fussy about the dimmer switch type - in a circuit of two, both work without any need for a balancing halogen or a new dimmer switch;

2. The beam angle is a wider 45 degrees, reducing the intensity of the light - my initial impression is that they do not give quite as much light as the 50W halogen, but there is not much in it.

I will write a more comprehensive review of the 5W LED under that product once I have been using them for a while.
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on 14 March 2012
I've been looking to replace the 50 Watt halogen spots in our place for a while. Before I bought these bulbs I tried several others and inevitably ended up sending them back because of the light which always seemed too clinical. In one case the room felt like a hospital waiting room!

The light from these is the closest of any of the 5 LED bulbs I've tried to the light from Halogen spots. They dim well and without flickering on a standard dimmer.

I changed all our bulbs out while my wife was away on holiday and she hasn't noticed the change yet!

Strongly recommended to anyone looking to change out their halogens to a more economic alternative (an entire room of 6 bulbs uses less power than 1 of the original 50 Watt halogens reducing our lighting electricity costs by 86%) and I reckon, based on our usage, that they'll pay for themselves in a year.

Excellent product, can't recommend highly enough. The non-dimmable bulbs are also excellent by the way!
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on 17 June 2012
I've tried a number of GU10 LED bulb replacements over recent months and this product is the only one that has a close color tone and brightness to a halogen spot light bulb. A number of other bulbs rated highly on Amazon I found to be too blue color spectrum, not bright enough or a very directional light pattern. I personally rate this LED bulb the highest of all the ones I've tried to-date!
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on 5 February 2013
the led bulbs are fantastically bright, in fact brighter than the 50w halogens I Had before.
So, the light effect is brilliant.

However, I have discovered that although the LEDs are dimmable, the switch electronics could not handle LEDs!
Electrician told us that this was a common problem!
So, be aware that you need to check your switches.
For me the pay back period just got longer ....

Finally, the first sets of these bulbs have been in place for nearly two years with no failures.
Halogens never lasted long in our house.
Still shouldn't to replace any bulbs in the next 25 years...?!?
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on 15 November 2012
I bought one Auraglow dimmable GU10 as a test to go in my kitchen where I have 8x50W GU10's connected to a dimmer. They are expensive so I did not want to fork out for 8 and then discover I didn't like them. After 4 weeks use, I pleased to say my impressions are on the whole very positive.

-Energy consumption at 6W per bulb is excellent and I have calculated will generate a payback in approx. 18 months.
-The bulbs are dimmable but not as dimmable as halogens even when connected to a circuit containing a further 7x50W halogen GU10's. I estimate the auraglow bulbs dim to 60% full brightness.
-Colour temperature is slightly colder but not really noticeable or unpleasant. However, you do not get the burnt orange colour than halogens produce when turned down low. Again it is not unpleasant, just slightly different.
-The light is very slightly more focused than halogens. I do not think this will be an issue although cannot be 100% certain as I have one auraglow in combination with 7 additional halogens.
-The bulbs are broadly the same size as halogen GU10's and fitting was easy.
-The bulbs have a metallic "surround" at the edge of the glass but I find that they are more attractive to look at than traditional halogen bulbs.

On the whole I am impressed with my purchase. They certainly are better than other energy saving GU10's I have tried particularly cfl's. I will be buying a few more!
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on 31 October 2012
I, like many others am looking for LED repalcements for standard GU10 halogens (dimmable and non-dimmable depending). This product is almost - but not quite - perfect. Having said that, they are the best I have tried so far - and I am going to buy some more.

My first gripe is that the lamp is slightly larger than a standard GU10 50W - which means it is a tight fit in certain fittings - if only they would shave off the last couple of millimeters thye would be perfect. Despite this, they do fit in ALL the fitting I have tried, and that is much better than some alternatives which are frankly laughable.

I am also not 100% happy about the dimming, yes they do dim, but they just don't dim down to a very low level (and I did repalce the dimmer to get one that was suitable). However again these are as good as the best others I have tried.

What I do appreciate is that in light output they are a true repalcement - pretty much the same as a halogen - don't accept 4W replacements, thye don't cut the mustard.

So overall - they do the job and I am happy to use them. I'll let you know in 20 years how long they lasted.
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on 7 November 2012
Used 5 of these to replace 5 50W GU10s lighting a modest double bedroom. For a bedroom, this is quite adequate. The colour of the light is very similar to the GU10s, in fact I am no longer aware of any difference in colour at all - a very pleasant warm white light. They seem to deliver just as much light but they are slightly brighter at the centre of the field and there is more fall-off to the sides than with the old bulbs, so the illumination is not quite so even. If the fittings were slightly closer together I probably wouldn't have noticed this at all. I knew my existing dimmer switch wouldn't be suitable so I replaced it with one designed for the lower load of leds before changing the bulbs. The bulbs are slightly longer, projecting a few millimetres from the fittings, but this is hardly noticeable and has the side-effect of making them much easier to fit. None of these comments is intended to be critical, just a factual description of my experience with them. In short, I am very happy with the Auraglows and thinking of using them in the bathroom next.
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