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on 20 June 2016
The 1990's series of Tintin (not the Belvision ones I remember from the 1960's; "Herge's Adventures of Tintin" etc) but I knew that because my children used to watch this new series and they enjoyed them. Have bought these now so that there is something additional for the grandchildren to choose if they ask for the tv to be on. They seem to quite like these older programmes. I suppose they are different from the current animated series they watch which are all CGI and so have a different feel to them. I got the 75th Anniversary set as I had noted other people's comments that the more recent boxset in the black cover has had the pictures all cropped to 16:9 format which would lose some of the picture, originally 4:3. This earlier boxset maintains the original 4:3 format picture.
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on 21 October 2014
Just to clarify, this review is for the Review for the Adventures of Tintin (2011). It seems that Amazon has sadly mixed all the reviews for all Tintin DVDs together. The box shows Tintin and Snowy caught running in a spotlight.

I bought this Tintin box set for my five-year-old after studying lots of reviews on Tintin sites. I certainly made the right decision. We both love to watch them. The stories are engrossing, paced just right and are full of detail and humour. The characterisation and the animation are great. I chose to introduce my son to Tintin via these animations before showing him Spielberg and Jackson's works. By the judge of their first film in the series, it is obvious that these will be fantastic too. A shame that I couldn't introduce the little one to the characters through their original medium. Maybe I can surprise him with one of his favourites in book form and see what he makes of it...
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on 17 July 2016
Brilliant, reliving my childhood with my 6 year old when she can be persuaded to watch it, when she is she is rapt. Many people have said this is not the Tintin of their childhood, well it is definitely the Tintin of mine, I guess it depends on your age I'm 37. One reviewer said Tintin had an American accent and Thompson and Thompson sounded like East End boys I have to respectfully disagree.

I bought this from music magpie used (good as new apart from no cellophane) for a total of £2.48 inc delivery.
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on 19 September 2014
the package was sturdy and I really liked this version. All the adventures together is what prompt every Tintin fan to buy this but although it gives you all the adventures at a really low price beware.

The version of the episodes are indeed corrected to much the 90's and many thing have been left out or cut. For a child this is not gig to be a problem. You can only have English but subtitles are not included. This may have been fixed I. The newer version but still.

The ultimate anniversary box at some point SHOULD include the following:

Tintin and the Lake of Sharks: the only Tintin animation which was first an animation and then ttansfered to a book. It is NOT included in this box set or any other as far as I'm aware.
All the adventures unadulterer and remastered in 16:9 if possible.
French and English audio and subtitles
Bonus features!
The two live action films of the 60's with audio and subtitles in French and English
And finally the 2011 movie.

Anything less would be an offense for true fans
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on 17 June 2015
I read all the reviews from enthusiasts about screen size and which edition was which and got confused so I brought this copy on the basis of price and am not disapointed. Possibly collectors would be but for me to take a trip down memory lane these are just fine. Seems to be good audio-visual quality and the stories are quite faithfull to the the books. I agree that the accents take getting used to but a small point in the scheme of things. I f you like Tin Tin and dont want to break the bank - go for this item.
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on 3 November 2014
Being a great fan of the books, I used to love watching this as a child – waking up early in the holidays to catch the half 8 episode on Channel 5. So the chance to buy the entire boxset (even though I’m quite a bit older now!) was taken up very swiftly! So what do you get? All 21 original episodes without the ad breaks of course and for me personally I can watch each one over and over again as they are simply brilliant (and far better than the Movie!) I would thoroughly recommend this not just to the existing Tintin fans but also to any newbies out there who will no doubt find themselves rushing off to buy the books!
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on 3 May 2012
I could be wrong but these very closely resemble the books as I remember them and stay true to the overall feel of the stories. Personally I think the voices are far better here and more akin to how I always imagined Herge's characters wound sound than they do in the more recent Spielberg/Jackson movie. Visually the animation is fair but not groundbreaking and I did notice a bit of judder in 1 of the episodes. I doubt if picture quality in the bluray version would be any better. 21 episodes at over 4hours for a 10er means a no brainer purchase for all tintin fans and a good way to introduce new comers though I think I still prefer the books for the little ones. Lock yourself in get your cigar and firewater and take a trip down memory lane. I remember reading the hardback books under the covers with a tiny torch and on lazy afternoons sprawled out on me bed. BTW Tintin in congo is missing in line with the book withdrawal from most shelves but I've never understood why milo's and tornosel's names had to be changed to snowy and calculus.
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on 21 November 2017
Still the best adaptions of the Tintin stories even over 20 years later. You should have this if you have even a passing interest. There is some adapting to remove certain elements of the stories but nothing too detrimental. Besides, you can still read the books! The only thing that lets this package down is the lack of subtitling. Otherwise, an absolute bargain in terms of cost and content.
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on 27 May 2012
I got this Tintin box set for my nephew, who until this box set, has never seen a Tintin episode. He has, however, read some of the books. Needless to say, he enjoyed the box set and the 21 episodes.

The box set starts off with "Tintin In America", with the boy reporter fighting gangsters in 1930s Chicago. From there, the box set and Tintin's creator, Herge, brings the boy reporter and his faithful companion Snowy all across the world. From China to South America and Tibet to Australia and the seven seas, Tintin engages in all kinds of adventures.

Professor Calculus, Captain Haddock and Thomson and Thompson all appear in various episodes. The episodes are faithful to the original comic books, thus it is almost like the comic books coming to life in 2D.

Regardless if you are 10 or an adult who read the comics as a kid, The Adventures of Tintin is entertaining and the box set is great value for money.
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on 24 April 2014
As a youngster growing up in Tehran, Herge's Tintin opened me to the vast magical diversity of the world and its peoples. Tintin also helped me learn the English language, and develop a taste for its brand of humour, which ranged from slapstick to tongue-in-cheek, droll and dry humour. My love for animals (which was absent in the culture I grew up in) is another aspect that is directly attributable to Herge's books. Consequently, Tintin holds a special place in my heart - a love that has since also been instilled in my children.

This animated series was very well done, so I am happy to have purchased it. However, I'm disappointed that the transfer to Blu-Ray wasn't accompanied by a thorough clean-up of the source. Unfortunately, specs, flecs, hair, smudges and debris abound.

Audio is very good - the rousing theme music brilliant and so well suited to Tintin.

Story Episodes - 5 Stars
Picture Quality - 3 Stars
Audio Quality - 4 Stars
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