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on 27 June 2012
Wow, okay this printer is expensive but it is worth it. I bought this Epson to replace a wireless HP that was super ink thirsty. I think it was cheaper to run my car than that thing. Anyway I digress...

This printer is fast, provides excellent quality of prints and prints on CDS! Also it has a dedicated paper try rather than have paper hanging out all over the place.

The most important part inks... I have printed off some full A4 prints without a noticible drop in ink levels and search on Amazon for replacement inks --- £10 for 18 ink cartridges! Yes thats replacing your pritner 3 times over for just £10!

Blown away really, oh one more thing... scan a CD in and it prints straight to a blank CD, also print covers etc.

Only Cons: Its a little expensive to buy but compared to my HP I would rather buy an expensive printer that costs virtually nothing to run rather than the other way around.

I hope this helps?
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on 25 August 2012
Epson, as far as i am concerned are the number one when it comes to printers, to be completely honest i have never owned any other brand. my first printer was an Epson over 10 years ago, and i have had no reason to change. this is a brilliant all in one printer with great features. i owned the previous model (nothing wrong with it, thieves have it now the b******s). so i bought this model, very similar to the previous model but just updated with better touch screen and very slight design change.
it prints superbly, very quiet, a little less quiet than the previous model it seems. set up was childs play even setting the Wi-Fi was a doddle, took less than 2 minutes. you can send e-mails, documents and messages direct to the printer from any smart phone or compatible device, you can even have e-mails from people sent straight to the printer and printed straight off as the printer has it's own e-mail address which you can edit to something more memorable, this gives you the ability to print even when you're not there, setting this feature up was again, a doddle.
print quality is excellent as you would expect from Epson. there's not a lot more to say really. it does exactly what it says it does, and it does it brilliantly. i would not have anything else.
Pros: Good quality printing - price - quiet - cheap to run (compatible inks are around £1 each) - touch screen - double sided printing - prints lined and graph paper at the touch of a button - prints direct from memory card or USB - direct CD/DVD printing. - good clear, easy to follow touch screen - software that enables you to convert scanned documents to various formats including PDF, which is editable.
Cons: it's not small, it's a fairly large machine but not obtrusive - paper tray, now i know some people like the paper tray being inside rather than having to stack the paper vertically behind in a feeder, but personally i prefer those type because it is easier to change the paper. with the tray being concealed inside you have to keep taking it out to change paper type, which can be a bit of a nuisance, it does have a seperate section for photo paper so you can have more than one type of paper in the tray at the same time, but not of the same size. this is a minor gripe considering all the good.
A nice touch is the front flap which automatically opens softly when the machine is switched on.
i would seriously recommend this all in one printer.
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on 12 May 2012
I have always bought Epson Printers. This was a good printer, but it developed a fault at just over two years old(and out of warrenty) which was not worth repairing. This was the first time I have had any problems with an Epson printer, maybe the fault was a weakness with this printer, but I did buy another Epson printer.
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on 28 June 2012
I love this printer so far, having tried out it`s capabilities since I received it a week or so ago. Works beautifully and does all it promises with no problem at all. The only thing that prevents me giving it five stars is that I feel that the paper trays are a bit fragile and seems likely to break quite easily unless you are VERY careful with them - the rest of the machine seems solid and and well made - so we shall see. Mine arrived with a continental two pin plug instead of a British 3 pin, but Amazon sorted that for me immediately.

You also need to have a spare USB cable to hand as it`s not provided - just for the original setting up, which is an absolute doddle. I find that the printed manual that comes with it isn`t so helpful as the one on the installation disk. In fact it makes everything look far more complicated than it really is. I just printed out a few relevant pages from the one on the installation disk as and when I tried out a new function. The double-sided printing (which I used to do this) works beautifully and is fascinating to watch. I did think it was a bit noisier than my old Epson Photo 900. The Wi-Fi works like a dream - just follow the instructions on screen and make sure you have the code for your router.

I love the touch screen which tells you exactly what to do. The disk printing gizmo does take a while to sort itself out, but then proceeds to do a really great job - I find the results much better than my Lightscribe.

It`s much bigger and heavier than I expected! Not that I`m complaining, having a large husband do do the lifting - once in place I won`t be moving it again. In fact I really wish I could give it 4 and a half stars - it`s just that fragile paper tray which concerns me, otherwise it would certainly get full marks. The box it comes in is VERY very strong and the very devil to break up to put in the recycling!!!
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on 22 July 2012
Stylish and wireless - what else do you need. fast printing and great colour rendition. I can now print from any device capable of email - super for that document sent to my gmail account which ends up on my phone. The children love the fact that they no longer have to transfer files to the main PC by memory card or USB stick. A great purchase. The only downside is the cost of the ink cartridges.
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on 5 February 2012
I did a fair amount of reshearch to find a good printer at an affordable price and the PX730WD is superb. Setup is easy, Wi-Fi is simple enough so long as the instructions are followed. Prints letters, photoes (black and White and Coloured) spot on.Overall a very good printer and would reccommend it without hesitation.

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on 7 August 2012
I had a PX720WD and it was the business.

Printer / Copier / Scanner & all the software, with USB / Ethernet(networked) / Wireless connections as standard. Well it broke and I needed a replacement.

Found another PX720WD but then saw this NEW updated PX730WD at pretty much the same price as the older version.

Well it still is as much the 'business' as the 720 but they have cleaned up the user abilities somewhat and I am most happy with this machine.
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on 15 August 2012
Fast, high quality scanning and printing. Easy to install and set up. Works seamlessly via WiFi network. Not a lot more to add to the review heading really, except that the reason I chose this particular printer is that it is one of the few models available (by any manufacturer) that prints on CDs and DVDs, an essential need for my home run production business.
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on 24 September 2012
This is a good quality printer/all in one at a very reasonable price.
As with all Epsons the ink costs are likely to be the biggest downside for this printer.
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on 29 March 2013
I'm reviewing this purely on the quality of the prints and they are just top notch, I've only used with epson ultra glossy as it suits the series of pictures I'm working on, so can only comment on my opinion of this combo, but what a combo! Fairly quick to print A4 in 300dpi along with wi-fi makes very convenient. I ocasionally use this to photocopy documents, if I need a bank statement or similar copying in a hurry, which it also does with ease, one button press. Maybe the odd printed document too, which is also fine for me. I like to save that expensive ink for what I bought it for though - SUPERB IMAGE QUALITY PRINTS..
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