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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 10 July 2011
This book really helped me to realise te hard world within prostitution and how women get into it, the different jobs they do and how there customers treat them. It was also interesting to read how they felt about themselves and what background they had come from as well as some warning people not to get involved in it due to the risks that can happen
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on 17 September 2010
I bought this book as its such a taboo subject. I have an interest in finding things out and learning about things that I wouldnt normally know. I find it interesting to find out why people do what they do and their experiences.
I bought this book and found it so interesting and I'm glad that I bought it.
The stories from the prostitutes are so different and informative.
I praise the author of this book and find that his approach to this subject brave and the respect shown for the girls involved.
Deffiantely worth a read.
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on 15 September 2014
Loved this book. There is something about prostitutes that has always fascinated me, I guess its just the fact that I find it so hard to believe that anyone could sleep with so many strangers - i just couldn't do it. From reading this book some woman never had the option and it's their only way of survival. A well put together book, from stories of the hookers themselves to the punters who pick them up. There seems to be different ends of the scale when it comes to hookers, from those who sell their bodies just to earn enough money in order to pay for their next drug fix, to those who are high end escorts, who accompany rich men on dates and then sleep and spend the night with them for over £700 a night and are so used to the high class lifestyle of champagne, designer clothes and jewellery and earning so much money that they just can't stop and know they would never earn that sort of money by doing a normal 9-5 job. Very interesting and would read again.
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on 16 March 2012
I gave this book a go and could not put it down, very moving, funny, gritty, Seperate real life interviews.Each one touches you in a different way.. Well done, i loved this.
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on 10 March 2013
A very honest and sometimes disturbing read about the oldest profession. Makes you think twice after reading some of these harrowing stories, that these women are fighting for their lives and deserve help. They are not the dregs of society that they are always tagged with. They sometimes have no other choice than to sell themselves. A very (at times) sad read. Makes legalising the trade seem like a good option to help protect these vulnerable women.
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on 6 August 2013
I really enjoyed this book - it's a very easy read and I found it really interesting to look at multiple views and experience s prostitutes was enlightening. However, as each individuals story was only a few pages long, you never really had the chance to connect with a specific character which was a shame. I found it very interesting and would definitely recommend it but more as factual & interesting rather than an actual story
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on 28 July 2016
This is an excellent and honest account of real people. It is also astonishingly good value. I am amazed that still in the 21st Century a sexual arrangement between consenting adults involves the law of the land. I suppose the reason the police want to keep it illegal is because it is easy work for lazy officers to arrest poor women rather than have to make an effort to catch real criminals. Also, I suspect, many corrupt police officers (as is shown in the book) would have to give up their 'freebies' with prostitutes and instead have to have sex with their own wives. Hypocrisy is never so obvious than when sex is involved. It's a bit misleading calling it 'Hookers' as it's an account not of American but of British women (and all the better for that) perhaps a better title would have been 'Prostitutes'. Again, I highly recommend this informative and entertaining book.
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on 29 January 2013
I downloaded three samples from the same author. This one, Streetfighters and Bouncers (which I shall be reviewing at a later date) and, being only £1.99 decided to buy Bouncers and Hookers. The book is split into twenty one chapters. Two chapters are on punters and their experiences, and the final chapter is about a girl who was murdered. The remaining 18 chapters are concerned with "professionals" - 17 women and 1 man. The majority are prostitutes, but it also deals with a dominatrix and escort agencies. Their stories are very different, some are quite sad. It is a revealing look into the world's oldest profession, but it is handled in a way where it's not smutty, and it neither condemns or condones what goes on. You feel like you connect with the individuals. There are stories from other countries as well. Nearly all the women give the same advice - Don't do it, it's not worth the risk. There was a touching story in the Punters section whereby a man who was disfigured in an accident, and the prostitute he was introduced to at a brothel, later moved away and married each other, and it ended with the man saying that if she could look past his disfigurement, then he could look past her past. All in all, a very very good book and one that is highly recommended.
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on 15 October 2012
I thought this book was not bad and I read it pretty quickly but my main problem with it is it's not very in depth at all. The author has clearly spoken to all different types of hookers to let us know that some love it and some hate it and some have had it easy while others have had a bad time and so on but each chapter is by a different woman and they are all only a few pages long.

Squeezed into a few pages we get the women's back story and an overview of what it was like working as a prostitute but some of them have done in for decades. I just felt the book was too condensed and would have been better had the author spoke to less women but put in more detail. It started to become very repetitive towards the end as if she had just tried to speak to as many of these women as she could but didn't really bother about the content.

I've gave the book three stars because even though it had flaws and became a bit boring towards the end it is still a quick easy read with some interesting points however I feel the author should go for quality over quantity next time.
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on 9 January 2014
To describe my emotion to this book as "like" is not the correct word, but it was an experience.
Julian Davies explains the various reasons for women entering into the sex trade and it is hard not to have sympathy for them. Only one woman expressed a desire to continue working in this way and the reader is left wondering how other reluctant hookers can be weaned off their life style.
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