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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 5 April 2010
I've been a fan of the show for a long time and it's weird to watch the boys have only grown one grade while I'm now four years out of high school. Season 13 of is able to continue the series longer than most animated shows still without compromising what the show is meant to be.

The Ring - The Jonas brothers make Kenny's new girlfriend hot he starts wearing a promise ring like them only to become boring and a shell of his former self. Is a very good take on Disney and middle class children .

The Coon - In the midst of the depression "The Coon" rises up from the gutter to defend the city. Cartmen is the city's sole savior until Mysterion arrives on the scene and he must team with Professor Chaos to unmask the new hero. [This was an entertaining stab at more recent super hero movies Dark Knight and Watchmen.I'm also surprised how few people were upset by the subtle allusion to Obama in this episode and it's controversial title]

Margaritaville - While the town fights over who to blame for the poor economy, Randy steps forward with a plan to live without an economy at all. Soon the town returns to biblical times and only a Jew willing to pay for our sins can save us. Meanwhile in trying to return his father's unneeded margarita maker, Stan symbolically explores the actual problem with the economy.

Eat, Pray, Queef - An April Fool's Day joke gone wrong finds America's women and two Canadian women much like Terrence and Phillip standing up for their right to 'fart' like men do, despite how truly disgusting the men find it. Definitely not one of the best episodes

Fishsticks - When Jimmy comes up with a great new joke about fishsticks Cartmen tries to take credit and then so does comedian Carlos Mencia. Meanwhile Kanye West doesn't get the joke and winds up becoming the joke himself. A great episode considering it's centered on such a simple joke and manages to attack so many people so well. Do you like fishsticks? Then you must be a gay fish.

Pinewood Derby - When Randy lies to help Stan win the Pinewood Derby it results in him teaching his son how to cover up a lie only for things to obviously escalate to ridiculous levels.

Fatbeard - Cartmen decides to become a pirate and drags Butters and a rag tag crew along only to wind up being unknowingly kidnapped by real Somalian Pirates. While Cartmen lives the life of a fairy tale pirate, the US tries to get them out of the hostage situation.

Dead Celebrities - Ike is being haunted by the presence of dead celebrities the boys call in the ghost hunters only to realize they only scare themselves by bumping into things in the dark. the boys learn the numerous recent dead celebrities wont't move on because one refuses to accept his death and possesses Ike, leading to a hilarious scene that mocks the perversion of toddler beauty pagents.

Butter's Bottom Bitch - Butters first kiss from a girl finds him realizing why boys would pay for kisses. When he tries to start a kissing ring it escalates, unbeknownst to him, to a prostitution ring. Soon a dedicated cop is trying to take down Butters who has transformed into a P.I.M.P.

W.T.F. - After going to a wrestling event the boys all want to become wrestlers. When they learn what real wrestling is on the school team they opt out to form their own wrestling arena where their over the top acting is so good Vince MCMahon stops by to possibly recruit them.

Whale Whores - When Stan's birthday trip to the Aquarium is ruined by Japanese Dolphin killer's he sets out to stop them and make a difference in the world. He crosses paths with several Discovery Channel reality shows before realizing they don't actually do anything. In the end we see why the Japanese hate Dolphins and Whales so much.

The F Word - When the boys use the f word (ends in an ag) to describe some attention seeking Harley rider's everyone gets upset. The Harley rider's explore the origin of the word while the boys fight to explain their meaning of the word versus the meaning the adults have.

Dances With Smurfs - When Cartmen takes over the announcements at school he becomes like many recent supposed journalists who just use free speech as an excuse to package their opinion as fact. Soon he is targeting class president Wendy and accusing her of elaborately made up lies.

Pee - When the boys go to a water park Kyle is bothered by the discovery that everyone, including Stan, pees in the pools. Cartmen is disillusioned by the abundance of minorities. Then when the pool PH levels are nearly all P and no H disaster strikes leaving Kyle to face his fear of urine and Cartmen believing he is the last white man alive.

Overall a great great DVD with hours of non PC adult humor.
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on 27 April 2012
As a 40 yr old, struggling to find comedy of real merit on TV, I find South Park's no-holds-barred approach to satire utterly refreshing (still). This series has many hilarious episodes. It simply delivers lots of laughs through all three disks.
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A dvd box set containing all fourteen episodes of cult tv animation South Park. Spread over three discs.

Each episode runs for twenty two minutes.

Languages and subtitles are as follows:

Languages: English, German.

Subtitles: English, Dutch, German.

There are short commentaries on each episode from the two creators of the show. These never run for more than five minutes. And can, like the episodes, feature uncensored strong language. But the commentaries are funny, interesting, and great to listen to.

Episodes are as follows:

'The Ring.' Kenny gets a girlfriend. Who loves the Jonas Brothers and follows their preachings about purity. And the Jonas Brothers themselves fall foul of the head of a certain corporation. A great season opener and very funny.

'The coon' parodies recent superhero movies, and sees Cartman become a costumed vigilante. But he faces competition from another hero who's more popular than him. A clever and amusing parody of such films but the final joke is very visual and as such perhaps doesn't quite sink as well as it could at first.

'Margarataville' sees the credit crunch hit South Park, and Kyle and Randy deal with it in different ways. Whilst Stan discovers a few hidden truths about the economy. Clever satire that makes some good points as well.

'Eat, Pray, Queef' is one of those episodes with a central joke you will either love or hate. It sees two ladies come to rival Terrance and Phillip, with an act that those who like the latter find offensive. If you get the joke of this one, you'll love it.

'Fishticks' sees Jimmy come up with a great joke and Cartman try to take the credit. But both fall foul of Kanye West, whose attempts to understand the joke drive him to extremees. A great idea worked for all it's worth, with some brilliant looks at the workings of Cartman's mind.

'Pinewood Derby' sees Stan caught up in an escalating lie started by the actions of his dad, which results in them having to deal with an invading alien who talks like an old movie gangster. The commentary makes it clear this episode had a troubled genesis and thus perhaps it's not all it could have been, but it's still pretty funny at points.

'Fatbeard' sees Cartman heading to Somalia in order to become a pirate. And finding that modern day piracy isn't like it was in days gone by. This takes a great idea and really works it well and is very funny.

'Dead celebrities' sees Kyle's brother haunted by the spirits of dead celebrities and the boys having to make a certain deceased pop star's ultimate dream come true in order to save him. You possibly won't have heard of one of the main celebrities in this one, but it's still very funny anyhow.

'Butter's bottom bitch' has butters helping girls sell kisses in the playground, and graduating to fully fledged pimping as a result. Whilst a local cop gets in very deep when going undercover. A nice little character comedy that's not the most hilarious episode ever but will make you smile anyhow.

'W.T.F' has the boys forming their own wrestling federation and getting very good at the drama that surrounds it. Some things are so absurd that they don't need satire, and thus this episode offers some hilarious pastiches to the real thing.

'Whale Whores' takes on a reality tv show about ineffectual anti whalers and satirises the whole thing superbly.

'The F Word' sees the boys use a certain word to deal with annoying bikers and cause controversy in the process, in a funny and fascinating episode that will teach you a few things.

'Dances with Smurfs' satirises american political commentators and a certain movie that wasnt actually released at the time the episode was made, and is a funny cartman centred episode with a very satisfying final few minutes.

'Pee' parodies a few disasters movies as trouble strikes when the boys are a water park. With some gross out moments about personal hygiene and some clever movie parodies it's a lot of fun.

Disc one also has a couple of extras: a five minute long tour of the studios where the show is made. This is a bit too brief to show you much and acts more as an advert for x box live.

Plus seven deleted scenes. Each comes from a different episode, spread across the season, and they have to be watched in a row as there's no option to watch individually. All run less than a minute. And it includes the original ending for 'the coon' which does work a little better than the broadcast one.

A cracking good season of South Park and a great box set for it.
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on 25 May 2011
The South Park production team never runs out of lifestyle groups to lampoon - in this series they hammer Harley bikers, Japanese whalers, and Purity Ring devotees. The scripts are always witty and full of movement, and characters become more and more polarised as time goes by. Some may view the simplistic animation style with doubt, but this often allows us to see deeper without distractions, and over the years it has improved noticeably. Deffinitely still holding its own again more recent pretenders like Family Guy and American Dad, whose comic values are a lot less subtle.
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on 11 December 2010
The genius that is matt and trey continues to demolish all competition in its way. Sick of the embarassing trash that is the modern simpsons? Bored of the increasingly annoying and one dimensional family guy? Try one of these episodes for a blast of truely inspiring, incredibly funny cartoon comedy. Don't believe me? Go watch a new episode of family guy on BBC3 and then, when you have washed the bad taste out of your mouth, put on one of these episodes. See what I mean? Just buy this right now, one-click, as well as anything matt and trey put their name to. Oh, and get some curb your enthusiasm while your at it.
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on 30 September 2010
I own every single season now on dvd/blu-ray and this is probably one of the best seasons so far, after watching season 12 i thought south park was going the way of the simpsons, i watched every epidode on their and did not laugh out loud once, this is why i was so surprised and pleased when season 13 came out, not only was it so much better than the previous season it comes close, if not to topping previous seasons before that, laughed out loud in every episode and have watched them all repeatedly now, as for it being on blu-ray i was pleased it looks very good although i have not seen it on dvd or when it aired on tv but if you buy this i guarantee you would not be disappointed.
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on 18 June 2011
Of all the seasons of South Park (me and my better half both being huge fans) with the exception of Season 7 episode "Krazy Kripples" (of which I'm madly un-PC because disabled Jimmy and "special" Butters are among my favourites) this is definitely my favourite. The episodes are memorable, "The Ring" and "Fishsticks" in particular are hilarious.

Fans of Butters and Jimmy will not be let down this season with some of their best features in this particular series. That isn't to say they are largely featured, only the scenes they feature in are truly great. The season spends at least half of the episodes with focus on mainly only one character, which is more than previous seasons I'm sure, but this doesn't let it down in the slightest, using many of the personal characteristics of the characters we've grown to know and love.

One of my favourite elements of South Park's humour is that they never cease to find events to mock endlessly, yet these events being ridiculous have truth laced into them - Eg, "Pinewood Derby" in which an alien gives over millions of cash to earth which they lie to the rest of the galaxy about attaining so that they can spend it... which in my opinion is only something earth would do!

In summary, this would favour anyone with a: Silly, cynical and totally un-PC humour!
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on 4 March 2015
Probably the best series of South park. Wtf, the f work and fishsticks are 3 of the best episodes ever. If you haven't watched South park in a whole, this is the series to get you back into it.
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on 5 September 2011
Every season gets better and loving how each season has a reference back to previous ones. Keep them coming its fantastic
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on 1 May 2011
Not for the easily offended, but then you would not be watching South Park in the first place. The best bit is Cartman singing Lady Gaga.
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