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Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£12.38+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 31 January 2015
Truly awesome album; and where to start ? Evanescence's rich combination of metal with a veneer of classical piano and Amy Lee's wonderful voice seems to be improving with age; I remember after "Fallen" a friend said "yeah they're good by the need to mature a little". They have done that, and then some.

On this album, I think my favourites, almost diametric opposites musically, are "the change", and "My heart is broken". Very nice that they follow each other, kind of like "Tourniquet" and "Imaginary". And the effect is the same, "the change" is an angry, pacy track with a really outstanding, brooding bass guitar during the verses, and Amy really giving it some welly on the lyrics "I've been screaming on the inside and I know you feel the pain - can you hear me?", "yes it's over but I need you anyway".

And as the feedback from the last electric guitar riff dies away, in comes the gentle piano intro of "My heart is broken". Anger fades to sadness. Truly an anthem for everyone who's ever been hurt. A song of raw emotion and richness of sound that I've not heard since "Lithium". The last chorus literally reduced me to tears; just the piano and some strings, the line "My heart is *broken* - release me, I can't hold on"; the simple, almost childlike delivery of emotion in that line, like the final relinquishing of hope, the bass drum discretely fades in followed by a reprise of the guitars. To steal a quote from William Gibson, "pitch perfect and clear as ethanol".

And then, like a gift that keeps on giving, there is "lost in paradise". The first is a gentle, classical, introduction; very slow piano with Amy slowly building the emotional context. Then the the strings build in, it's pretty awesomely done, like s shot of good scotch it's warming without the burn... "all the promises I've made, just to let you down...". And then, it builds up to the punchline "and now, I'm lost in paradise" - when the electric guitars and drums kick in (with still the strings backing). And there is the burn. In that moment, perfect, distilled emotion.in audio format.
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on 22 October 2011
It's been a long time since an Evanescence album has been released, so my anticipation and expectations for this album were really high.
I'm happy to say that this album is so passionate, driven and creative that I wasn't the slightest bit dissapionted - this is Evanescence back with a vengeance.
What You Want is a great opener; it gently eases you into the albums new electonic tones which become more evident in later tracks such as the ethereal Oceans, the pensive Swimming Home and the powerful Sick.

Amy's voice has matured, and the programming really reflects this. Her voice still soars above the music, sounding much more raw than previously. This time, however, the sound doesn't seem focused on her voice. Its more a record that signifies the band as a unit. The new line up is in my opinion the best yet, it sounds like they had a lot of fun making this album.

Higlight tracks would be What You Want, Made of Stone, The Change, My heart is Broken, Lost in Paradise, Sick and Oceans. The bonus tracks are also just as good, the most memorable being Dissapear. Secret Door is stunning, and feels like a fitting ending to the record. Amy's vocals really shine on this dream-like track.

I love this band, and I hope they go from strenth to strength with thier music. The themes used are so interesting in the songwriting and the lyrics are thought provoking. All in all, a great new entry and a bit of a re-invention for the classic rock group Evanescence... roll on the tour!
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VINE VOICEon 23 November 2011
Yes, I know that this is Evanescence's 3rd album but, as I've pointed out on various recent reviews of albums where it is the artists 2nd album, what we find here is a similar "writers block" syndrome.
I loved Evanescence ever since they first burst onto the music scene, so it was with some sadness that I noted the split in the band after the Open Door album and had to content myself with the superb offering from We Are The Fallen's wonderful album Tear The World Down (why oh why was this superb album ignored?) to compensate for the lack of Amy Lee's dulcet tones! So, when this new Evanescence album was announced, replete with Amy on vocals, I was back up on cloud 9 - that is until the album arrived and I hastily shoved it into the player...because the sound emanating from the speakers whilst sounding like the Amy Lee of old, with vocals soaring to the very heavens, the music was NOT of the same quality...and indeed for me, the first two tracks almost had me reaching for the skip button - really, I was more than a little disappointed! However, once we launched into The Change through to last but one track Never Go Back, all those wonderful memories of a truly great band came flooding back...without a doubt, this new band rocks! After a spluttering start.
So, with the exclusion of the opening What You Want and Made of Stone (which have since grown on me - a bit, but are still sub par compared to the rest of the tracks presented here)and the slightly weird closing track: Swimming Home, this is a great album. If you like Evanescence, you will doubtless like this latest offering, and probably have already purchased it. However, for people new to the band, then the mentioned tracks could just put you off...but bear with it, it really is worth the time and trouble!
Me? I'm already looking forward to the next album!
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on 28 December 2012
I have absolutely loved listening to Amy Lee's voice for the last seven-odd years, and this album has certainly not disappointed me. I was a little unsure of the album to begin with, as it is a bit different to the previous stuff, but once I had heard it a few times, I was hooked!

In terms of album comparison, *I* feel like this album is more similar to that of The Open Door, as opposed to Origin/Fallen. In regards to that statement, I say that as Amy Lee's voice comes across more powerfully (e.g Call Me When You're Sober), with piano (in some songs), that is not so much the main focus of the song (e.g Everybody's Fool), but more an accompaniment. You could possibly even say that her voice sounds a little more 'grown up', than it did in earlier albums - if that makes sense at all!. One thing is for sure though; her voice is still amazing. Also, there is lots of the guitar that we have come to know, love and expect from Evanescence!

Only complaint is that the CD version (Which I'm reviewing, as I bought it) doesn't come with the 4 bonus tracks. I only figures out the other day, even after seeing them live twice (They had even been sung >.>), that there was a 'deluxe' version, with four extra songs!

Seriously, listen to this album. Especially My Heart is Broken, Oceans, Lost in Paradise and the bonus track, Disappear.

Here's (hopefully) to another album!
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on 23 November 2011
First, I never expected Evanescence to release another album. Second, I never expected it to be one of the best albums that I would own!

I can honestly say that this is a cracking tour de force, and it is very true to the spirit of Evanescence. This, to me, was the most refreshing and praiseworthy thing about this album. Unlike other bands which I have followed and liked, such as Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil and even switching genre to Black Stone Cherry, who have all abandoned the heaviness and depth in their music in favour of something far more commercial and less satisfying, Evanescence have remained true to their original sound.

The sound quality of this album at first appears to be a little shoddy, but I can assure you after multiple hearings at considerable volume, it's actually pretty good. I'm not sure why it sounds a bit disjointed when you first hear it, but it soon melts into a cracking symphony of outstanding music.

Amy Lee has outdone herself on this album, her vocals are not only haunting and beautiful, they really pack a punch.

In my humble opinion, there isn't a bad song on this album, but track 4, 'My Heart Is Broken', may well be my favourite song ever! It is truly spellbinding.

A monumental effort from a much underrated and unduly criticised band.

Evanescence are back...and they ROCK!
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on 20 May 2013
Personally, I've been an Evanescence fan since their first EP Origin way back before their biggest-selling album Fallen and I've seen them live I think four times. I love what Evanescence stand for and the haunting voice of Amy Lee with the powerful lyrics and gothic rock tones gets me listening to them again and again. This new album however seems to slip more towards mainstream music and I do detect elements of modern pop and possibly even chart music in places so initially I wasn't fond of the album. However it grows on you very quickly and soon you'll see through the occasional pop/chart beats in the background and the slight lack of the haunting power of Amy's voice and emerge as I have at the conclusion that this is a good album to build on for the band. It'll never touch Fallen or The Open Door, but it's an album I feel all the fans need to hear. For under £10 and excellent service, you have nothing to lose...and at worst it'll make you appreciate the old-style Evanescence more :)
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on 11 October 2012
This review is also on my dooyoo/ciao account under the username alexcatt97. This album is the third album by rock/metal band Evanescence who are well known for their debut album "Fallen" and debut single "Bring me to Life" which have received major worldwide success both selling millions of copies. Evanescence also have many Ep's and a demo album which before they were signed with Wind up so they can be downloaded for free on the internet. Their second album was achieved major global success in 2006 but after the album the band went into Hiatus until recordings for this album started in 2010. In my opinion this album has elements of the previous albums in it but slightly different from them.

Not much happened in those five years between albums except for the guitarist John LeCompt and drummer Rocky Gray being fired and the new lineup being formed which is the one which recorded this album.

This album took a long time to be released and the date was pushed back many times due to vocalist Amy Lee being unhappy with it, problems with the label and a change of producer. The album was set for release in 2010 but these factors pushed the date back to October 2011 when the album was finally released when the band where happy that it represented Evanescence which is the reasoning behind the eponymous title. The album is available in standard edition with 12 tracks or as a deluxe version with 16 tracks and an extra DVD which I shall be reviewing.

Evanescence on this album includes:

Amy Lee - '''Vocals'''
Terry Balsamo - '''Lead guitar'''
Tim McCord - '''Bass'''
Troy McLawhorn - '''Rhythm guitar'''
Will Hunt - '''Drums'''

==Track reviews==

===What You Want===

The album starts with the lead single and very catchy song called "What You Want" which was released as a single before the album release. From the release of it, I have loved this song and still listen to it regularly but the things which really do stand out in this track are the drums which you can hear from the onset and also the vocals from Amy Lee which are outstanding in my opinion on this song. The chorus of the song I think is the reason why this track is so catchy with the lyrics, "Hello, hello remember me? I'm everything you can't control" always getting stuck in my head when I have recently listened to this track.

===Made of Stone===

"Made of Stone" is the second track on the album which at first I was unsure about but have grown to love. It is one of the heavier tracks on the record and I love the lyrics on this song and they are again brilliantly performed by Amy Lee whose vocals on this track seem a lot angrier and I think this fits with the heavier sound on this track. Also I think this is one of the tracks where the guitar work really stands out. I was hoping for this to be one of the singles from the album because of it's heaviness.

===The Change===

"The Change" is the third song on the album and has always been one of my personal favourites on the album but in my opinion is not as powerful as the two previous tracks but is good in its own right. The whole band perform this to an equal excellence and in my opinion everything on the track works brilliantly together to create a great song.

===My Heart is Broken===

The fourth track on the album is called "My Heart is Broken" and is the second single from the album. When I saw the title of the song before the albums release I was pretty disappointed because it sounded a bit cliche and poppy but I have found that it's meaning is a lot deeper and so are the lyrics which are about victims of sex trafficking. The one thing you can hear more prominently on this track which isn't so much on the previous three is piano work which features throughout the song and is quite enjoyable and one of the things that stands put on the track as well as the vocals especially in the chorus.

===The Other Side===

"The Other Side" is the fifth song and has been released as a radio single so unfortunately it will not be getting a music video. It is not one of my favourites on the album but an enjoyable song to listen to with impressive guitar and drum work throughout. The riffs on the song work brilliantly in my opinion and especially along side the vocals from Amy Lee.I also enjoy the lyrics in this song but I cannot quite understand the full meaning of them. I would have preferred this song to have been the third single and to get a music video over "Lost in Paradise" (track 7) in my opinion.

===Erase This===

"Erase This" is track 6 on the album and one that stands out lyrically and vocally on the album showcasing Amy's really powerful voice and the bands excellent writing. This is one the tracks on the album where everything works together brilliantly and I also really enjoy the piano work featured on this song. This has to be one of my favourites on the album.

===Lost In Paradise===

"Lost in Paradise" is the third single on the album and is due to receive a music video. I think it was a good choice for the band as a single as the very prominent use of piano may remind old fans of the very successful sing "My immortal" from the bands debut album. I really do enjoy the use of other string instruments such as the violin which really make the track a bit different from the other songs and could also remind fans of previous work where those types of string instruments have been quite prominent.


"Sick" is the next track on the album and another which feels a lot angrier than the other songs which is shown by the vocals and lyrics mainly which work great with the guitar and drum work on the track to produce that affect. When I say it is quite an angry track, it is quite different from Made of Stone which is good because it gives the album a lot more variety.

===End of the Dream===

"End of the Dream" is a track which starts with quiet heavy guitar work although it gets softer through the song but is something I enjoy on this song quite a lot which manages to work well with the vocals in this song. I think that the song can be a bit repetitive at times and therefore sometimes a bit boring but Amy's vocal lines on this track manage to keep me quite entertained.


"Oceans" is not one of the tracks which really stands out instrumentally although guitar/drum work is good. Despite this it is one of the song that really gets stuck in my head because of the lyrics and vocals throughout the song which in my opinion are really impressive and enjoyable which is the reason that this is one of my favourites on the album.

===Never Go Back===

The eleventh track is called "Never Go Back" and is the opposite to the previous track in my opinion as it is one that really stands out instrumentally especially with the guitar work which is heavy throughout which I enjoyed. I do also enjoy the lyrics which are about the Japan disaster and Amy's vocals performs the quiet deep lyrics with power and emotion. I do have to say again that there is some repetition within this song but not as much as track 9.

===Swimming Home===

"Swimming Home" marks a good end to the standard edition of the album and a lyrical masterpiece that I think is about death and because of this the lyrics really stay with you and get stuck in your head. This song is a lot calmer compared to the other songs and has a more electronic influence that other songs. In fact this song is like nothing I have heard from Evanescence before and that is one of the reason I enjoy this song so much because it is something different but still has Amy's brilliant vocals.

That is the end to the standard edition of the album and a great one. The 12-track album is definitely a strong one and one that compares very well to their previous work and to other artists within the same genre. The album has also spawned very good singles and I hope that it may at least spawn one more in the future because of the quality of the album

==Deluxe edition==

So the Deluxe edition album has four extra tracks which are not included in the standard edition. Many people think that extra tracks are never as good as standard edition one but on this album this is not true with it consisting of four incredibly strong tracks.

===New Way to Bleed===

"New Way To Bleed" is the first of the four bonus tracks and starts them off very well. Its not my favorite of the four but a very impressive track especially instrumentally although vocals on this track are pretty great as well. This track has also been remixed for the very popular film "The Avengers" and is included in the soundtrack to the movie.

===Say You Will===

"Say You Will" is the next one which is again really enjoyable and one where the guitar work and vocals are brilliant together. I think that the lyrics on this track and not as good as some of the album which is a disappointment but a good track.


"Disappear" is by far the best of the four extra tracks with the use of piano and guitar work really standing out on the track. It is hard to understand why I love this track so much but it is one where pretty much everything about it is incredible and one I listen to every day.

===Secret Door===

"Secret Door" is the end to the 16 track album and it ends on a high note. This is the track which is really different from the others and the reason for that is Amy's use of the harp throughout the song which is her new found talent. I think that the harp in this song makes it a really calming end to a brilliant album.


If you have purchased the deluxe edition you will receive a DVD with the CD. The DVD was a great watch and good edition to the deluxe edition with videos from the What You Want video filming, photo shoots, the studio and Amy Lee explaining all the songs. These things in my opinion were worth paying a bit extra to buy the deluxe edition although I especially enjoyed the part where Amy Lee talks about the songs as it gives you a new insight into them and from it I have listened more to the lyrics of the song to see the meaning of it because of watching that part.

Also watching the studio footage on the DVD was also very interesting because you see how the album came together and how the band really are like while recording and I learned more about why the producer was changed and why the album was released later than it was said too. Overall the DVD is a really good edition to the album and really entertaining and interesting thing to watch once you have finished the album and I would really recommend getting it.

==Cover/ Inlay Design==

The cover design is the same on both editions of the album and is the bands name written in their usual font and is quite mysterious which is quite effective with 'waves' (I don't know to describe it but look at pictures below) of colour lighting the band name which I think visually looks awesome. The name of the album is also written at the bottom in very faint font spelled backwards which adds to the mysterious effect. I think it really represents the whole band because the focus of the cover is just Evanescence unlike the previous two album where the covert has been a picture of Amy Lee.

The standard edition is in a normal jewel case with a lyric booklet whereas the deluxe edition is in the form of a digipack to hold the two discs. The cover on the digipack is shiny unlike the standard one with makes the cover look really cool and effective really brings out all the colour within it. Also when you open the digipack you see the main promotional picture for the album and this really drills in that the album is about the band and not just vocalist Amy Lee. The only small criticism for the deluxe edition case design is that both cd's fit into two slits in the digipack instead of being secured in like a jewel case. Because of this the cd's are more prone to scratching and can easily fall out which could cause damage to the cd.

Both versions also contain a lyrics booklet and both a very similar, the only difference between the two is that the deluxe version has more songs in it as expected. The lyric booklet contains full lyrics for the songs unlike some booklets I have seen before and also feature the many promotional pictures for the album which I love.

==Value For Money==

The prices for the album on amazon are as follows: Standard - £4.99 and Deluxe - £13.39 which seems like a big difference but the standard editions price has been dropped recently so the gap is bigger but the price for the 12 track album is very cheap and for a great product by a great band so you cant really go wrong. The deluxe edition is obviously going to be more expensive but in my opinion the price is reasonable and worth the extra things you get with it. Overall which ever version you get I think that you will have spent your money well and you will enjoy it.


Overall this is an album that really represents Evanescence and the talents that the bands have and therefore I see it as a must listen. Obviously it will not be everyone's cup of tea because of the genre but I would recommend this both to old fans of the "Fallen" era and people who many not have listened to the band before because the musical talent on this album in my opinion is outstanding and hopefully you will not be disappointed. Please take some of your time to listen to this album because I have to say it is one of my favorite albums of all time passing all of the bands previous work and hopefully if you hear it you will see why.
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on 21 November 2011
I have to admit that I didn't really like the open door. There were some good tracks but to me there was far too much filler. Amy lee's voice is always stunning and on this new album she really uses those lungs. This is definitely much better than the open door and all of the tracks are memorable and as ever most of them have the catchy choruses that Amy excels at. It's hard to say what genre this fits into it's definitely less theatrical than the open door but there are similar moments to both fallen and the open door, best to say it's a mix of the two with extra spice on some tracks almost leaning towards metal in parts. If I was pushed I would say it's mostly hard rock (I don't really like to classify music into specific genres) whatever it is it's definitely Amy Lee. Stand out tracks for me are the change, my Heart is broken and lost in paradise.
The band is tight and I would say better than the previous guys especially the drummer. After the previous effort I had my reservations but thought what the hell let's give it a go and I am glad I did it's not been off my mp3 player and I even listen to it end to end (typically I select the tracks I like rather than listen to the whole album). Well done Amy I hope to see a live DVD released ASAP. Don't leave it so long next time :)
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on 16 January 2013
I'm saying that as an Evanescence fan so maybe a little bias?, or is it just old fashioned good taste? Lol

Anywhoo, there is an evolution of sound from the previous two albums, as you would expect with Ben Moody missing (off doing his own equally great album with "We Are The Fallen", but still makes me sad they aren't working together, because that's the sound of "Fallen" and the expectation many fans of the first album have from this band) what this album lacks from the first is finesse and elegance, but this one has more guts and ballz, it still retains the essence of Evanescence

But comparisons are inevitable, and Fallen has set a high standard,
Approach this album without expectation and listen to it, forget where it came from, and judge it for it's own merits, it's Fantastic,

You will ache to turn up the volume,
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on 4 November 2011
So, Evanescense release their version of "the notoriously difficult third album".
Is is great ? No.
Is it as good as "Fallen" or "Open door" ? Not quite... But they were both exceptionaly good albums.
So, is it a good album ? Yes it is... Amy Lee's soaring vocals are still incredibly good, the band are great musicians, but it doesn't quite reach the heights of the previous two albums...
But turn it up really loud on the drive into work in a morning and it's still pretty damn good !
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