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on 6 July 2015
Son liked it
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on 16 August 2013
These are small and quick and fun !

They are great but overall must initially say that they are Lightweight and won't take being pulled around.
The car will not take being trodden on.
They will not, i suspect ,last long if you let the kids charge them up without supervision ( Mine are 5 and 8 )
I made sure that I took them out of the packaging and set up, as ham fisted treatment "straight out of the box" would leave a wheel behind..

Charging is by way of a cable from a battery pack which has a small "fiddly" connector that must be put into a small fiddly socket on the top of the car. To access the port you have to take the cover off each time . The cover is secured with some pretty grippy Velco and I think that repeated uses will cause the body shell cover to stress facture.. I'm going to trim the body shell so that it will not require this process. ( Have uploaded a picture showing the charging port and scale )
Batteries 4 x AA and 2 x AAA are required

The Charging process as discussed has its drawbacks but have to commend that if you follow the instructions :
Turn off car
Insure that the Charging lead is orientated the correct way.. have a good look or its game over..
Then press the charging button on the battery pack ... A green LED flashes whilst charging and then goes constant when ready to race a nice touch I think ..

Now lets address the lightweight construction.. This does not make it flimsy for purpose just potentially delicate when handled. But when put to purpose the construction is adequate to take signigicant crashes and yet light enough for these puppies to fly .. Literally.

They really are agile and quick, really quick . I have a sunlounge 5m by 2.5m and the tiles are pretty smooth. In the "fast" setting on the contoller the car basically donuts and almost impossible to control . Put it in slow and its still very quick and capable of jumping off book ramps rolling and generally skipping around all over.. The charge lasts long enough for a good go.

On carpet in Fast they tear up the hall way and gain even more altitude off ramps ..

When you set the car up you fix a plastic loop onto the body of the car. It acts as a roll cage and rights the car most of the time when it flips over from ramps , collisions ect.. very effective and does not , i feel , spoil the overall asthetic.

Pairing : Additional benefit is that you pair the car to the controller : Press Pair on the car and Pair on the controler LED flash flash and its done.. But what it means is that you can race multipul cars without control issues,.. I bought a red and blue straight off and the fun just multiplied...

Overall : For 10-12+ in age these are BRILLIANT .. Fast , light , Fun and for the money ( I paid £11-£12 ) I think really very good. Treat them with a little care from the outset and think you'll have a lot of fun for quite a while .. Don't and they won't thank you for a careless foot on top !

Looking forward for the kids to go to bed and then its my turn...Bring on the Ramps !
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on 1 December 2011
Every bit as good as it is advertised, I'm happy to recommend it.
It is very fast even on carpet, as it says it has another slightly slower speed setting and I'm not sure how common it is nowdays but the throttle is adjustable meaning its like a leaver rather than a button so you can control the speed how you like in theory (in practise you normally go too fast and crash :) ) Also the little self righting mechanism does work and helps to protect it. And the controller is very nice to use.
I havent had it long enough to review the durability but its been bouncing around a lot including in a bath tub and its still fine.
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on 30 October 2013
A would recommend this car to anyone that lives near a park or just wants to have fun driving it around their home.it arrived before the due date and came well packaged, the only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars was because the hairs on my carpet get stuck round the wheels which means it goes a lot slower but overall a fantastic buy for only £9
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on 2 December 2011
I bought one of these for my 8yo son's birthday as he had seen the adverts on TV. It has become his all time favourite toy over the last 2 months. The car is small, and compact, ideal for racing around indoors. The car has been used nearly every day, no parts have broken, and the RC skills he has acquired have been so impressive he is after a Tamiya RC car from Santa to race outside.

The car is very popular in Japan, it has been designed by one of the leading Pro RC car designers at Yokomo and this helps make you realise why it is miles above the standard of the average toy RC car.

The car lasts a good 10minutes from every charge, which only takes 15-20 mins. The cars controller uses 2.4ghz, not infa-red or 27/40 mhz like most childs cars. So his friends can come over and race their cars all together.

The steering is digital, either straight forward, Full left or Full right. The throttle is digital proportional like professional RC cars. So the control of the throttle becomes crucial to control the rate of turn of the car.

The speed is amazing, faster than any TOY rc car available, even much bigger ones that cost £80 in Tescos.

Overall a fantastic car, very fast, very tough and incredible fun.. infact so good I had to treat myself to one.

The only maintenance I have ever done is to get hairs out of the axles with a pair of tweezers, as they can cog up in the front wheels and stop the car running straight. You can check by just spinning the front wheels, if they spin freely you are ok, if they dont, just pull out the hairs and spin the wheels. It takes about 2 mins and it hasnt happened very often over the last few weeks.
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on 27 December 2011
For £30 you can have just as much fun with the GX BUGGY than with a rc car that costs £200. This little car is sooooo fast! And the only way you could really damage it is if you where to tred on it. I will be getting 2 more of these babies for my boots!
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on 24 July 2013
The GX buggy is amazingly fun and very fast not sure if its 22kph but still fast! Not sure how durable it is because it feels flimsy but seems pretty strong. the roll bar works OK but not every time; it probably works 7 or 8 times out of ten. The buggy is about ten cm long and so is the charger. The charger takes 4 AA batteries and the controller takes 2 triple A's. The controller itself is quite small, it's fine for kids but adults may find it fiddly. It has a switch that says fast/slow. In fast mode it lets you pull the throttle all the way but on slow it stops about half way. Unfortunately no proportional steering on the buggy. The shell is held on with a small piece of velcro which looks very cheapo but is sufficient. TOMY may not be known for hobby grade stuff but do not underestimate this buggy! In my opinion its more hobby grade than toy grade.


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on 11 July 2013
For less the 15 pounds this toy is awesome and outperforms toy cars more than cost twice price i use it at the gym at work and at home and will be buying another just so i can race my son(wife) yes i got it for myself the only let down is it dos not have proportionate steering but the only way you're going to get that is if you go hobby class and your talking at least 80 pounds for a 1.32 scale car.

Back to the review i found the car to be well built and has survived loads of 1 meter jumps its fast and most of all fun and being on 2.4ghz is a bonus.
I give this toy top marks on everything one tip when you first but the car super glue your tyres on 4 drops should be good will stop them coming off.
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on 15 January 2014
For the money I was sceptical but this is a really fun little car. It fits in the palm of your hand and goes like a (RACIST JOKE INCOMING) mexican with 5 kilo's of coke in the trunk with 6 border patrol cars after him. Charge takes 20 minutes and the charger takes 4 AA batteries, don't reccomend hard wood floors for this because it spins outta controll when you put your finger down.
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on 26 September 2013
For £11.99 don't expect a smooth ride as you won't get it. However I have had fun with this with my 14 month old son (and cats) chasing it round the house.
The only reason I've knock 2 stars off is that cat hair got wrapped around the wheels and it is impossible to remove the wheels to remove it. With that it's sluggish to the point I have stopped using it.
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