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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Strange Angels: Book 1
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 14 December 2009
Dru knows about the 'Real World' the one where the things that go bump in the night exist, she's been hunting those things along side her father for years. But now she's on her own in a new town with no one she can turn to, grieving the loss of her father and trying to deal with the trauma of what happened with him. To her surprise, it's a human boy from her class, Graves, who comes to her aid giving her somewhere to stay and some much needed company. But Graves doesn't know about Dru's world and that's risky. For him and Dru.

While Graves is getting a crash course about the reality of the Real World, Dru is learning that it's far bigger than she imagined and that everything is not exactly what she's been told. The one enlightening her is Christophe, a (very cute) guy who isn't all human. And while he seems to want to help, there's a lot he's not saying. And whilst Dru is busy dealing with her grief, trying to keep Graves alive and deciding if Christophe can really be trusted, she learns that she's been targeted by a very nasty sucker (as vampire's are known here) and she's going to need more than the knowledge and skills her father taught her to stay alive.

This is the first YA book from Ms. St. Crow and I love it. It's dark and dangerous with great characters you can relate to. Dru is tough, but she's also very vulnerable, particularly after losing her father and unlike so many heroines she does scream and run when she's attacked out of the blue and is way out of her league. The way her relationship develops Graves is great reading. It's kind of slow, awkward and cute, and realistic. Both Graves and Christophe make excellent secondary characters, with their own history and issues to deal with.

The plot is pretty tight. There is a fair bit of world building in this first book which is necessary although a little slow at times, but despite that the plot moves along quickly with some great twists and turns. I was left wanting a lot more and seriously regretting being unable to buy any more books for a couple weeks. A fantastic book and I think the series is quickly going to be a favourite of mine. Dru is far from perfect, but she's easy to relate to and despite wanting to slap her a couple of times, I really, really like her. I'm looking forward to much more of her story! 4.5 stars.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 September 2009
Strange Angels is like Buffy and Supernatural thrown together, which, for me, is a very good mix indeed. Dru is a fast-talking, hard-hitting girl, with a knowledge of what's really out there. The real world is a dangerous place full of vampires and werewolves, and Dru navigates her way through it with the help of Graves -- a boy eager and capable of being her knight in shining armour.

The wulfen and suckers are different enough to stand out in the sea of vampire fiction, and the inclusion of zombies rounds out the creature count nicely. St. Crow's writing is sharp and contemporary, with enough sarcasm to make even the snarkiest teen appreciate Dru's voice. Graves is an unlikely hero, with more bravery than I originally gave him credit for, and a loyalty to Dru that even she can't bear to leave behind. Christophe is also a good addition to the character list, and I hope he returns in later books in the series.

The plot is nothing out of the ordinary in the supernatural genre, though it still works well. It does get a bit slow at times, until the next wulfen attack hits, or Dru gets a visit from someone who has all the answers. At a time when YA fiction is completely saturated with vampires and werewolves, new books have to offer something different, and I think St. Crow has managed to do that with Strange Angels. She's tried to stand out from the crowd, and it shows through in her memorable characters and interesting mythology. I'm looking forward to reading Betrayals, and hope Dru will eventually find the answers she's looking for.

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on 29 December 2009
The storyline is based on a young girl called Dru, who is constantly changing schools due to her fathers profession of hunting paranormal creatures of the night. It starts off with her starting in a new school and befriending a boy called Graves, who sits near her in class. One night her father fails to return home but eventually turns up as a zombie trying to kill her. She kills him and then flees her home, eventually meeting up with Graves from her class. The storyline continues with both characters being prominent. A handsome stranger Christophe turns up to save the day however they don't trust him. Dru becomes attracted to him and falls in love. The storyline looks like the beginning of a love triangle romance, however it isn't just based on the romance it has plenty of action. The storyline becomes a little disjointed in places and I was getting impatient with it however with perseverance the book turned out okay and you are left with wanting more. The second book in the series is much better than the first and can't wait until more are published.
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VINE VOICEon 21 December 2009
Strange Angels is a treat. This is totally pedal to the metal adrenaline and you will want to devour it quickly. Although billed as YA fiction this will appeal to anyone with a taste for supernatural action over about 15. I love Ms Saintcrows adult fiction too and this has all the quality hallmarks of her Jill Kismett or Danny Valentine novels but with a younger protagonist, no bad language and no sex. But the action is there in spades and so is the gore, peril and brutality.

Dru and her father live a nomadic existence, moving from town to town every few months while they rid local neighbourhoods of nasty things. Unlike Ms Saintcrow's other more recent fiction though, this isn't a world where ordinary people are aware of the supernatural. dru and her dad are pretty much on their own in this fight and managing normal life with supernatural shenannigans is hard.

Coming home from school, Dru starts the novel having to kill her own father, who has returned from his job hunting the evils that lurk in the 'Real World' as a zombie. From there, Dru hurtles from incident to incident trying to find out who zombiefied her dad, what happened to her mum who died many years ago and why exactly all manner of supernatural beasties are chasing her with intent to kill.

There are some amazing set pieces in this novel- such as the most brutal and thrilling trip to the mall since Dawn of the Dead. The winter setting adds to the tension and bleakness of Dru's situation. and Dru makes a friend along the way. Abandoned teen Graves, local Goth Boy, finds himself in deep water once he tries to help Dru. No Twilightesque love story this though- more a genuine, honest friendship with a few sexual sparks that feels more real because of it. lets face it, when running from vamps, weres and other supernatural beasties you don't have the time for courtship. A lesser writer would have flung Dru and Graves together. Ms Saintcrow is more concerned with doing the story justice and so keeps them and us guessing.

Dru is a fantastic heroine, she can fight, she knows her AK47's from her Glock's, she can throw a knife with deadly accuracy. She has psychic ability. She is a positive female role model for young women of today and this first outing was a thrilling experience. Bring on volume 2- Betrayals.
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on 20 April 2015
One star I gave purely because the front cover really caught my eye. The girl looks so intense and, despite the lack of frizzy hair, suits the heroine of the book pretty well.

The other three stars I gave for a brilliant writing style, giving suspense and light relief within the same paragraph and hearing Dru's inner voice throughout the novel as well as the narrative. I also loved her dads voice in her mind helping her through the tough fights and the gradual building of her powers, using her Gran's voice to explain it. It was done so well. I also loved Graves and Chris, though we haven't really had much of Chris, which I am hoping changes in the next book. I am going to like him. I also enjoyed the plot, though I felt that ending could have been longer, more intense and shown a little bit more of what Dru can achieve. She manages to be young and vulnerable at the same time as mentally chastising herself and toughening up. I wasn't too keen on her mood at the end.

I couldn't give it the full 5 stars because, though the synopsis hints at a love triangle, it never really shows. Her friendship with Graves has 'moments' that are sweet but I never felt romance or anything more than two people relying on each other in a tough situation and we don't see enough of Chris to get that feeling at all. We know she finds them both handsome but that is about it. The ending of the book didn't really round things off for me and I wanted to see more of the villain in the book, get a sense of evil with a lot more tension and fight but I am hoping we get that during the next books.

I can't wait to read book 2
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VINE VOICEon 13 November 2010
There are many things about Strange Angels that make it seem like a typical YA paranormal book, until you start reading and realise it's completely different. What's so utterly striking is Lili St Crow's raw, edgy writing style, which I absolutely loved.

Dru hasn't had a typical childhood. Brought up by her hunter Father since the death of her mother many years ago, she's been moved from place to place, school to school; constantly on the move chasing creatures from the other world, she's tough. She has to be. But when her Dad turns up as a living dead Dru is plunged into a situation that just seems out of her control. All alone she's scared and doesn't know where to turn. Step in Graves, street kid with ambition and a huge heart. But will untrained and trusting Graves turn out to be more of liability to Dru as the secrets of her past are revealed? Can a girl in her position risk getting close to anyone?

I loved Dru. She's a truly kick ass heroine, rough, raw and real. Her reactions and emotions are gritty and believable no matter how unpleasant and I both pitied her being left all alone in danger, and admired her strong fighting spirit. I also loved her snarky dialogue too; Dru's absolutely my kinda girl and one of my favourite female characters I've read about recently. I also really loved Graves too. He's streetwise and naïve in equal measures and so adorable he completely stole my heart. Fiercely loyal to Dru, even when she shrugs him away, the pair of misfit loners really do bounce of each other and have real chemistry. I wasn't so keen on the third character, Christopher, possible love rival, although he is also intriguing with a real air of mystery and because I'm still unsure what he is actually about.

Strange Angels is a fast paced, action packed, gritty and edgy paranormal story and throughout the book I wasn't sure where things where going to go. Sometimes it can be a little too fast and at times I had to reread full passages to fully understand them but this is really my only complaint. There's a whole host of supernatural creatures to get to grips with both traditional and new. Reading it was thoroughly exciting from start to finish and the ending takes an interesting turn which will leave you racing for the next book in the series as soon as you've finished.
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VINE VOICEon 29 May 2011
Since the death of her mother, Dru Anderson and her dad have been hunting things from The Real World like ghosts, vampires and zombies. Arriving in a small town in the Dakotas, Dru knows that this hunt is different. She's having dreams about a snowy owl that warns her something bad will happen and her dad won't tell her what he's looking for. When he returns late one night as a zombie that's under something or someone's control, Dru's life spirals out of control.

Hunted by supernatural creatures and uncertain what to do, she finds herself having to trust local loner, Graves, a half-Asian kid who lives off the grid in the back of a mall. Together they need to work out what Dru's dad was hunting and why if they're to survive but then a dark, mysterious djamphir called Christophe turns up with information about Dru's past that changes everything ...

Lili St Crow's first YA novel is the first in an urban fantasy series but it suffers by containing a lot of set-up that won't really pay off until the later books.

Dru's strong first person voice slowly describes her family background, her psychic abilities and the differences between our world and The Real World, where supernatural creatures hang out. However, while she's been trained by her father to shoot, fight and hunt, she dithers over key decisions, so events happen to her rather than her driving events. She's also slow on the uptake and engages in pointless arguments - including 3 pages of bickering over who drives her truck. The revelation of her secret past takes her dangerously close to Mary-Sue territory.

Graves is more interesting. Keen to help Dru because he genuinely likes her, he's a survivor with plans for a future that get thrown into disarray by events beyond his control. However the fact that he's relegated to one corner of a love triangle, neuters his role in the story. Christophe is the other corner but he arrives too late in the story to make much impact and frankly, the impending love triangle is something that's been done many times before.

All in all, there's a lot of running around and action, but the story never gripped me as it should and I wasn't interested enough in Dru or her inevitable beaus to want to read more. It's an okay read, but not a special one.
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on 2 May 2011
Perhaps I'm not the best person to write a review on this book simply because I couldn't be bothered to read it all the way through! Oh yes it was really good *sense the sarcasm!!!*
Anyway the one thing I really want to comment on, which other reviewers haven't, is it the slightly racist tone in the opening of the book. One of the characters, Graves, is part asian..... no problem there cause I love asians!!! But a MAJOR problem is the fact that the lead charcter refers to him several times as a 'half breed' and even says... and I quote... "at least he hadn't drawn the really slit-eyed card that a lot of half breeds have". Frankly when I read this I was appaulded and I don't think it is a case of me being overly sensitive. There is no indication that the character Dru is saying this to be deliberatly offensive... if the character was written as ignorant idiot it would be excusable..... but oh no it is passed in the book as a 'normal' observation which is the worse part of it all. It may be okay to use such term where Ms Lili St Crow comes from but over here it is a different story and the term 'half breed' is not just offensive to part asians but to any mixed raced person!!! This, coupled with ultra boring 'i've read that before' charcters and plotline pretty much put me off reading the book. If I was you try the Mortal Instuments series City of Bones (Mortal Instruments) or the Fallen/ Torment/ Passion trilogy Fallen... these books are better written and offence free!!!
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on 1 November 2012
its all about killing zombies. well actually its more than that which you will find out when you read it. great book for teenagers. great read
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on 27 March 2010
Ok, so, where do you start? This is the first in a series of books about Dru Anderson who, for all intensive purposes, is what you could call awesome. Having been brought up in a world surrounded by the strange, mysterious and, quite often weird, Dru has developed a tough skin. Especially as her dad appears to be a combat-wearing, gun-waving ex-military kind of guy. One day, a zombie breaks into her house and, being sensible, she kills it. After that comes the trying and adrenaline-pumping story line that had me hooked pretty damn fast. Oh, I should also point out that, as usual, boy meets girl. It's a good book and if you enjoy it, you will love the sequel,Betrayals: A Strange Angels Novel.
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