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on 22 November 2011
I have recently moved 'up' from a Panasonic DMC-ZX3 compact (very good, by the way, and I shall probably still use it a lot) to the D5100. My last SLR was a Nikon EM circa 1983, so I felt I needed a bit of help in using the new camera which comes with more buttons and menus than you can shake a stick at. The Nikon manual is OK, but it comes only on CD which I find irritating because I don't always want to sit in front of a computer, particularly when trying to use something like a camera. So I needed a book, particularly one which tells me not only what the camera can do, but why and when I might want to do it. I have found that this book fits the bill exactly. It starts simple, and builds up nicely to the more complex stuff. It is clearly written, with quite a lot of photo examples, and reasonably entertaining - you still need to be in the right mood for a book solely about one camera. I found it best to read a section at a time with the camera in front of me, fiddling with the camera to match the text, then try out what I thought I learnt - leaving breaks so as not to appear too obsessive. I would say that if you buy a camera like this without previously owning a modern SLR, then you really need a book like this to get you started.
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2013
The D5100 has been around for a while now and the price has dropped substantially and so it is a bargain to be had. If you are thinking of getting one then this book takes the manual to a much more in depth level and offers some advice on using the advanced features to improve your photography skills. It is well written and presented and has a clear, easy to read text. As with all reference books it isn't something you necessarily read from cover to cover, but you can do if so desire.

My D5100 was my first step into the DSLR world and off-the-bat I was getting good results with the full auto mode. However, I was determined to get to know some of the settings of the camera. So I picked up this book and sat down with the camera and started to experiment. Whilst the camera features are mentioned in the PDF document manual some of them were not fully explained and some assumed knowledge was needed to grasp what was being said. This book has filled in those gaps for me and explained what the features are in simpler terms.

I would guess that anyone with a good knowledge of photography and DSLR cameras will not pick up a great deal from this book, but if there are lots of features that still confuse you, then this is a good starting place. There is also a good section on some image manipulation, but it isn't in depth.

Bottom line: A good starting point for venturing out into the DSLR world with a D5100 and you want someone to hold your hand
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on 27 April 2012
Got this as I was lost with my 1st DSLR. Well this made it a lot clearer. I will need to read it again in a week or two to get it in my thick head, but everything was made clear. I will not get out (when the weather is better) and try the S and P settings without breaking in to a cold sweat! May be in a year or so I'll even have a go at the M setting :oO
Would recommend this book to anyone who is starting out on the exciting world of DSLR. I only which I had bought it at Xmas when i got my camera!
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on 28 January 2015
Comments from Pip C; My only problem with this book? I can't put it down. I've been a keen photographer for about 40 years and during that time I've used a variety of semi-auto and manual film SLRs and TLRs. 5 years ago I put my toe into digital water with a very nice bridge camera - very successful results but I never really took it off the AUTO setting and consequently didn't learn much about the "digi aspects" of modern photography.

A month ago I treated myself to my first DSLR, a shiny new Nikon D5100, which has left me delighted beyond belief. However, I felt that I needed to learn more about the mysteries of digi in order to get the best from my new Nikon so, after some research and many reviews, I settled (with reservations) on "Nikon D5100 for Dummies." Before reading this book I'd been a little unsure about the "for Dummies" part of the title as I am completely familiar and at ease with photographic terms such as aperture, shutter speed, focal length etc as I've been playing this game for a long time - so I didn't want a book that explains how to use a camera for absolute beginners only.

I needn't have worried. I've read numerous photographic books in my time but this one really does the trick. I'd like to personally thank the very talented author for this masterpiece - yes, it explains the basics simply and clearly but it also deals with the clever stuff in a way that makes the scales fall from my eyes. A week ago I didn't know what white balance or RAW was, let alone how to customise a DSLR - but after owning this fabulous book for three days I'm confident that the combination of my D5100 and this addictive piece of writing will make me the photographer I've always wanted to be.

If anyone from Nikon is reading this; why can't you write camera manuals as well as you build superb cameras?

In short, if you have a lot of experience in manual and semi auto photography and if, like me, you find the technical aspects of digital photography somewhat daunting - OR, if you're a complete beginner who is lucky enough to own a Nikon D5100 as your first camera - THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU. The perfect companion to a superb modern DSLR.

Pip C.
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on 12 May 2014
This is my very first "For Dummies" book... I was, and still am, surprised how very useful it is. At first I figured it would be way too basic. I have used many camera's over quite a few decades and thought that the book would be mainly for the "first time photographer" Well it is for the first timer, but it is also structured so that even the more experienced camera addict will find it both relevant and interesting too. I got "Nikon D5100 for Dummies" 'cos I had never had a camera like the D5100 before and I wanted to get the most out of it. I would say that if you have recently purchased the Camera you will not regret paying out for this excellent "Dummies" book... well worth the money and is useful... surprising very useful.
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on 28 October 2017
This books been a godsend for getting the hang of my camera! Its been well read & getting a bit tatty now but that’s surely the sign of a good book! It has lots of screen shots of how the menus on the camera look. Its well laid out & divided into chapters so you can go to the exact thing you need help with quickly.
I really like these Dummy’s guides, had a few for my computing degree a few years back!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 29 January 2014
This book brings to life the (otherwise excellent) dry description in Nikon's online manual
What I really like are the suggestions of setting combinations that the author has found to be most useful - she also suggests areas for experimentation.
See my fuller review of the Dummies D3100 book by the same author . Obviously there is some duplication but JAK also highlights the new areas / opportunitiie offered by the D5100
I had the D3100 camera / book for some 3 years then invested in this book and a D5100 ( body only) this year ( late 2013)
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on 21 February 2014
I borrowed this book from my local library and was so impressed with it i decided to purchase the book myself.
I needed this book to learn about Dslr cameras and especially the one stated as it was my first Dslr iv'e owned.
The book has a great amount of information and has helped me a great deal on understanding the most simplest and confusing parts of setting up the camera with plenty of hints and tips to better your shots. I would recommend this book to anyone.
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on 7 January 2013
I'm not one for instructions or guide books, but having spent £400 on the D5100, I thought it might be wise to know exactly what everything on the camera does.

A lot of the functions and menus are similar to my previous camera, the Nikon P100, but for the bits and pieces I'm not familiar with this is an excellent book to reference to.

It is written in clear, concise terms with pictures and diagrams that is easy to understand.

Highly recommended.
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As always with the '...for Dummies' range the book is really clear and full of lots of useful information. As a total newbie into photography this book has been an excellent guide into how to use my new camera. Far better than the included user manual, the sections are organised in a way that allows you to jump around the book to the parts you're most interested in/need help with.

If you've got a D5100 I highly recommend this book.
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