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on 7 December 2011
One of a number of early 80s horror movies that centre on the consequences of rape, Humongous is often compared to Friday the 13th Part 2 and Madman because of it's hulking deformed killer. Personally, I think it's much closer in tone to Just Before Dawn, the Tourist Trap and The Beast Within. Humongous is very good at generating a sense of foreboding and panic. It's doesn't have the flat TV movie look of Lynch's more famous outing, Prom Night. In lots of ways this film feels more 70s than 80s. The picture quality of the DVD is a vast improvement on the old VHS, but it's by nature a dark looking movie.
As a slasher fan it's nice to see a good print of a decent film. I just wish someone would put out a copy of Butcher Baker, the best lost slasher of them all.
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on 16 September 2012
at last a uncut dvd release.humongous is a forgotten horror from 1982 and a rare classic.i remember watching this nearly 30 yrs ago on uk vhs which was cut but its finally on dvd in its original version with a good pic and sound quality.the cast of unknowns do a brilliant job but director paul lynch who did the brilliant film bullies pulls out all the stops with loads of scares and gore.ok its outdated but a its must see for all horror fans.still cant believe no uk dvd release but the good news is that this usa release is not region 1 but 0 which means its available to all to watch.a rare horror classic
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on 18 October 2013
This is a cheap US horror from 1982 concerning a group of teenagers who go off on a boat trip and end up stranded on remote Dog Island, where they stumble upon a deserted house, and evidence of a strange family and something not quite right about the place.

Savage dogs roam the island, hence the name, and also something else is there stalking them.

One of hundreds of stalker / slasher films made around this time, here we have the usual poor acting and obvious situations of peril and jeapoardy, as a hulking great retard mutant goes on a killing rampage. Not much violence in this one to be honest. Thekills are all a bit tame.
There is some attempt at adding a few quirks to the plot, and some parts of this reminded me of Tower of Evil - 1972, although nowhere near as entertaining.

Basic video presentation. I think this is one for fans of the film only.
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on 13 May 2012
I have a copy on video and despite a couple of small deletions this is a great example of how to make 'horror' movie better by not showing all the excess gore...... more letting the imagination do the work. Like all U.S teen movies there is the quota of the really obnoxious. What makes this better is ~ guess what happens to them? good escapism.
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on 21 September 2013
After the success of Prom Night, Paul Lynch went right back to the well and brought forth another Canadian slasher in Humongous, albeit much different. Replacing the city school setting is the thick, woody isolation of the Canadian forest with Jamie Lee Curtis also having moved on, being replaced by some newcomers as well as actors who were relatively unknown, but had some experience under their belts. Despite an awkward last half hour, this fun little slasher from the director of Prom Night is actually pretty good and I enjoyed it much better than the slightly overrated "Prom Night". The acting isn't terrible, and the cast is very attractive. Janet Julian, as the film's heroine, is sympathetic as is the sarcastic but cute Janit Baldwin. The film isn't especially gory, though the opening murder is memorably brutal. The film's only main drawback is the climax, as it could have been alot better. Back in the late 1940s, a wealthy young socialite-in-training was savagely raped outside a party her family was throwing on their private island. Eventually one of the family's rabid-looking dogs killed the attacker, but by then it was far too late to save her -- but not too late for the island to get itself a new name out of the deal, and it's been referred to as "Dog Island" ever since.

Fast-forward to the then-present day and five teens, who are staying on another island nearby, are out getting wasted on one of their daddy's boats when said boat runs aground on the other island where the (surprisingly quite long and brutal) earlier sexual assault took place. The teens along with a another man who was abandoned on the lake, soon begin disappearing one by one under mysterious circumstances even though the mansion and all other grounds as far as the eye can see look to be, for all intents and purposes, completely abandoned. Except it's later found out that there's a huge, hulking, mutant killer on the island. Humongous is competent and well filmed horror gem that has tons of atmosphere, it was a fun slasher film that was reminiscent of other slashers like Just Before Dawn, Madman and Friday the 13th.

Apparently the film's distribution was quite notorious for being really bad, the picture quality on the vhs copies were very dark and barely watchable, however Scorpion Releasing offers a pretty terrific transfer--particularly terrific if you'd seen this in any previous home video incarnation, in which the already dark film was basically unwatchable. The image is very clear with solid contrast. Audio is served up in a perfectly reasonable Dolby Mono track. Scorpion also offers up a couple of decent extras. In addition to the trailer--along with trailers for other KNT films--there's the "R-Rated Opening Sequence," which is a slightly watered down version of the rape scene prologue edited down for U.S. audiences. The best though is a commentary, moderated by host Katarina Leigh Waters, featuring Gray, Lynch, and "Horror Historian" Nathaniel Thompson. The good-looking transfer and worthwhile supplements make this worth checking out for horror fans.
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on 2 September 2012
After many years of unavailability i am glad to finally own a copy of this film,thanks to scorpion releasing.
A freakish killer stalks a group of stranded twenty somethings on a pretty cold looking canadian island.
It's an entirely enjoyable entry into the genre from Prom Night director Paul Lynch.Featuring a capable cast of
actors,some semi-familiar faces Janit Baldwin and Joy Boushel from other cultish flicks are a welcome presence for
me at least.
The dvd has a reasonably good looking print taken from a best available tape master so the image is abit soft but
still a great improvement over the past vhs release.This version is also thankfully uncut.

As part of The Katarina's Nightmare range there's an intro by dvd host/wrestler/quasi Caroline Munro lookalike Katarina Leigh Waters who also shows
up on the commentary with Director Paul Lynch which is more ably moderated by genre writer Nathanial Thompson and well worth a listen.
A few trailers for this and other titles under the Katarina range finish out the extra's.A good film and a nicely put together disc 4/5
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on 28 May 2013
As an 80's slasher fan I was so thrilled to get this
Excellent film
DVD extras is tops

For TRUE fans of 80's horror & Slashers films need to get this to add in your Horror collection
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on 13 October 2014
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on 16 April 2013
Excellent first class service product exactly as described postage was excellent Recommend 100% excellent recommend first class service excellent recommend
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on 12 October 2012
This was a birthday present for my brother and he was really happy with it, so i have no complaints.
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