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on 27 November 2011
I took my Theory test last week and the test was exactly the same as this DVD many of the questions were the same or very similarly worded. Would highly recommend this DVD if you are thinking of undertaking the theory and hazard perception parts of the DSA test for PSV or LGV (mine is PSV so can not comment on the LGV side)
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on 8 October 2012
i Bought this product two weeks before my test date, used it each day for a couple of hours, my test was a breeze! not worth taking the chance on failing the tests due to re-sit fee's so this was a no-brainer, decided to use this product instead of the offical dsa version as it was a better price as you get both parts of the test, i already have the dsa version of the standard car test and this product was almost identical in everyway apart from the lgv & pvc question bank. the hazard perception part is identical. and not really needed if you already have the car version. seeing how the dsa version without the hazard part was the same price as this version i decided to get this one instead. Very happy with it.

I've decided to edit this review i did and change my rating from 5 to 4, the reason being is the title of the product. The "Complete" LGV & PCV Theory and Hazard Perception Tests 2012. Now let me explain, this product claims to be the complete theory and hazard perception tests, it is not!. this product only covers module 1 of the theory test, module 2 is not included. Module 2 is the theory case studies test which for some reason is not available in dvd/cdrom format and i could only find a paperback guide covering this test. Don't get me wrong this product is great for module 1, but shouldn't claim to be The Complete without stating module 1 only. I do find it strange that there isn't software available for module 2 anywhere on amazon, i did find a couple on ebay but they did look kind of home made, so i decided to purchase the book from amazon based on the reviews it gained. I will review the product after i have my module 2 theory test passed.

One more thing for anyone starting out new to driving buses, you do not need the 35 hours drivers cpc course when you start out, what you need to do is pass a four module initial qualification test which consist of module 1: Theory and Hazard perception tests 100 questions and 19 video clips. Module 2: Theory Case studies ,7 case studies each with 6-8 questions totaling 50 questions, Module 3: Practical Road test. Module 4: practical demonstration of vehicle safety. Pass these 4 tests and you will obtain your Drivers qualification card (which must be carried whilst driving) Drivers CPC is a refresher course (35hrs) that you must take within 5 years of gaining your qualification card, and must be refreshed in 5 year periods. The reason i added this bit of information is because i was led to believe (by bus drivers) i had to take the cpc course as a new bus driver this is not the case. (i almost booked and paid for this course) Hope this helps anyone else just starting out and good luck with your tests.
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on 6 August 2012
I purchased this package to assist me with the Hazard Perception and Theory Tests for the PCV. I bought it on the recommendations from other comments I read on Amazon. It has proved to be an essential package and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to take their PCV or LGV tests.

I sat numerous mock tests and randomly-set tests with the Theory section as well as simulations of the official Hazard Perception Tests. It proved very useful indeed in preparing me for what to expect in both tests - the sort of questions asked and the timings etc. I successfully passed both tests and will be taking the road test very soon. An essential purchase in my view - and well worth the cost.
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on 8 January 2012
Bought this for my son who was having trouble at the test centre, after a couple of times at the pc his results improved greatly, so much so that he has now passed the theory and hazard perception parts, i think the testing centres are probably a money making scheme for the corrupt government but that is my own personal opinion, would recommend this disc to anyone contemplating a theory test.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Complete LGV & PCV Theory and Hazard Perception Tests 2012 Edition (PC) by Focus Multimedia Ltd Theory Test is one of those programmes that does `what it says on the box' to paraphrase Ronseal's adds.

Let's face it you're reading this review to see if people think it's any good?
Well I've watched and reviewed quite a few of these programs now and can, Hand on heart, fingers totally uncrossed really recommend them.
It's a sound investment.
Why? Simply because they help you pass your test FIRST TIME., and if you think how much time, trouble and not to mention the cost of not passing first time will cause you problems this is a 'sound investment'.

I won't go into all the features, you can read them in the comprehensive description yourself.
You get a CD ROM that has 3 parts to it.
The Theory test lets you practice and practice your test time and time again with an added option to have the thing read out to you which is really useful if you're not so good at reading or just learn better (Like I do) with a verbal commentary. It has the useful functions to monitor your progress so you will know just when you are ready to take and pass the test.
Make no mistake if you don't get near to passing these tests don't waste your time and money to take the test you will not pass for these programs are really close to the actual test. (just read what my fellow reviewers who have used this DVD ROM and passed say.)
The Highway code speaks for itself, although I'm not sure I would bother to print the stuff off.. better to have an actual highway code yourself to save printing?

The Hazard perception test is wonderful. It enables you to it unlimited random mock tests that are pinpoint accurate and simulate the actual official DSA test to a T (and I'm not talking junctions here!)

This is the closest thing to an guaranteed insurance policy to pass your test that I know of.
All in all a sound investment if you are genuine about wanting to pass your test first time.
Then sell it on Amazon to get some of your investment back!!
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on 20 April 2012
Using THE COMPLETE LGV & PCV THEORY AND HAZARD PERCEPTION TEST C.D. Helped me 100%, i scored 98 out of 100 on the Theory test and 74 out of 100 with the Hazord test, i PASSED And it was all down to this C.D. IN THE THEORY TEST their was at least 90 Questions which where the same as in the C.D. some word diffrent. so all i can say is it is the best buy and you will pass first time with a high score like me. I passed at the Glasgow test centre, staff are nice and frendly no problems.
So if you want to pass first time with A high score get this C.D. and practice all the time and you will pass easy as that.... all the best.
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on 13 February 2012
If you are going to sit your PCV test I recommend getting this before hand. You can learn all relevant things that are missing from the standard car papers. There are many practice theory papers and hazard awareness videos, graphs to show your progress and a breakdown of what questions you need more practice on.

May seem expensive but I can gaurantee this will make passing your tests a great deal easier!
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on 17 May 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Im not sure what other question and learning kits there are on this subject - but i would look no further than this if you want to pass first time. All the material is here, all the questions are easy to work through, and the mock tests are great.
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VINE VOICEon 1 January 2012
"The Complete LGV & PCV Theory ad Hazard Perception Tests" DVD provides thorough preparation for anyone about to take their DSA test. The software installs easily and painless on a Windows PC, and allows for multiple as well as single user operation, allowing progress in the sample tests to be recorded and reviewed either for individual private use at home, or as part of a larger instructor-based school operation.

The software provides thorough overview of the theory required to pass the test, and allows any number of mock exams (theory, and hazard perception test) to be attempted and reviewed. The hazard perception tests are particularly valuable, these being a singularly artificial part of the test, which need separate practice and drill in order to do well in. The software exercises on the disc do not give precise replication of the DSA tests, providing only an approximation. If anything, they are probably harder to score well on than the real thing, which means that attaining good scores with this software really should indicate a readiness for the test. With some 70-odd practice clips and over 200 separate clips from which mock exams are assembled, the package can be used to give quite a lot of practice without running the risk of a user becoming misleadingly over-confident as a result of being tested on repeat material. (Additional clip libraries can be purchased if you really need a bigger bank of these.)

When learning to drive, there is, of course, absolutely no substitution for a real (human) driving instructor sitting beside you, as you practice out on the road; this applies equally to LGVs and PCVs as much as it does to any other vehicle. The producers of this software do not pretend otherwise and sensibly concentrate on providing those aspects of test-preparation where trained instructors are not quite so necessary -- providing full theory information, and managing the tedious drilling in sitting the exams themselves. Well thought-out, and easy to use, the package would be an ideal addition to anyone's LGV and PCV training regime.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've tried out and reviewed a number of these driving test packages now, as we seem to get offered them a lot on the Vine programme. This is the first time I've ever reviewed one designed to help you get you HGV licence though.

I think, in general, these driving test aids are a good investment if you or your children are trying to pass their test, as they prepare you very well for what's ahead and what to expect in your test. The HGV version seems to be no different, giving you a good grounding and a 'heads up' in many areas and aspects.

I can't claim to be an HGV driver, or even preparing for my test - I ordered this out of sheer curiosity to see how it differed from the other practical driving test packages I've reviewed... And fundamentally it doesn't: It's a great way to prepare for what lies ahead.

If you have a test coming up, or are thinking of taking one, this item should help you enormously. It'll help you prepare in many ways and help put you at ease on the big day. You don't get as much in it as you do in some other packs I've reviewed (although not relevant here, some packs have included application forms and even a set of L plates) but nevertheless, I can still recommend it and it'll set you well on your way to getting that pass you need for a new career on the open road.
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