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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
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on 4 May 2014
this game installed 1st time and for the first season played no problems at all , just come back from a week long break and decided to start season 2 . I got a shock when the game refused to boot up so after cleaning my dvd and running the repair function it still didn't work . So I have uninstalled it and will see if a patch becomes available soon .
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on 9 April 2012
The Game: The best game yet by Codemasters im happy they are making the games, very realistic handing which takes me a while to get used to. Using KERS and DRS is so good to. Multiplayer community is also very good as most them are the real fans and like to have good time and not just drive into you and make huge crashes, you will also find they use pro set ups so make sure you look on some forums for set ups or you be left behind.

Relistic Feel
Real Tirewear
Great with controller or Wheel
Great graphics
Great Single player AI
Great Mulitplayer
Realistic Weather

Could do with race commentary
Rain so real you cant see a thing

Usual safe dvd case packaging

Overall feeling:
My final feeling about this game is it is well worth the price, with a great AI in single player they have you challenged its no easy game but realistic. do buy you be happy with this game.
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on 12 August 2012
Codemasters have been pioneering driving games for some time now and this F1 title is yet another fine example of how it's done. Being a tad old school I find myself wanting to play the game the way I like and found the aids and settings simple and easy to use. Perhaps not everyone's cuppa tea but the way I see it they have managed to mix Simulation with Arcade features well which is no mean feat. Online the Live system takes some getting used to if you've never used it before but being an Xbox user it is straight forward and makes joining friends online simple the way it should be. My favorite feature is the Co-op Career giving you all the thrills of the game with one other friend, it also tracks your progress so returning to the game where you left off is superb.
I had read many other reviews and have to agree that the parts during the game like the interviews, and loading times are not the best but I personally found it not to impact on what is a fantastic driving sim and given a chance will make a great addition to anyone's game collection.

Graphics 9/10

Sounds 8/10 - In car comments can become tedious although at times work perfectly to give you some tense moments of pressure

Until the next season/version this is the best F1 to date
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on 16 January 2013
I Love MY Simulation Games. When Ever I Feel Like I Have Nothing Else To Do With Myself There’s Nothing To Take Your Mind of Things Like F1 2011. It Gives You A Real Insight Into What F1 Drivers really go Through. You Would Be Totally Hooked.
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on 21 December 2011
I was one of the people who didn't think the first effort by Codemasters was all that bad but this years edition is considerably better.
Firstly is the addition of the Safety Car, while it could be a bit smoother in places they've done a good job of replicating it. The handling of the cars is the most noticeable change and its now more realistic in that you can have oversteer moments but if you are a diehard rFactor fan you'll still probably be disappointed. The AI is also much more competitive and can give a good fight on the hardest mode (Legend) but if you are an experienced driver you'll probably be able to beat them frequently.
New for 2011 was DRS and KERS which have both been implemented very well and both can have failures and stop working for you randomly. Downshifting too harshly will likely cause your engine to spectacularly explode ending your race.
The damage for me is the weakest point of the game as you can slam into another car at high speed and only break your front wing.

Overall its a considerable leap from 2010 but there a few disappointing bugs as we've come to expect with Codemasters games which is why I can only give it 4/5 stars.
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on 22 September 2011
I've written this review using the Xbox360 version, these are my initial experiences and thoughts on F1 2011.

New Toys:
Virgin don't have KERS so haven't yet used that, but they do have DRS which is a fun little toy. Open the wing too soon on a corner and your off in to a barrier or a spin Equally if you open it too soon your car can start sliding out at the back, which revs the engine and loses you speed. Seems realistic so far. Would have been nice to have the option to press and hold a button, at the moment you press once to once, press again to close (or just hit the brakes, it closes automatically).

They have been redesigned to now have an outer surface rating (1.0 for soft, 0.4 for hard) which is for your 1 or 2 laps in qualifying, so the super quick laps, then a further 9.0 for driving on race day. Seems to work well, I can easily tell the difference between soft and hard tyres, the wear levels are better than F1 2010, but I haven't experienced the "drop off a cliff" effect they are supposed to have. At least not yet, on a 12 lap race I ran with soft's for 5 laps, which they managed with ease.

Live the Life:
Just as boring as F1 2010. Different people asking the questions, but the same old questions and answers have come up so far. I've just for instance, in a virgin, in season 1, been asked if I will be in the chase for winning the title this season. Sigh. There are movie scenes congratulating mechanics after the race, I was bored after seeing it the 2nd time.

In the dry, the car feels better then F1 2010, the suspension has been worked differently and spins can now be prevented, no more random spins on slow corners.
The wet track has been greatly improved, you have to be very careful to avoid spins, and that's with ABS and full traction control on. I didn't manage a single lap without at least one spin.

Good Points:
The telemetry screen shows all sectors.
Pit stops - no delays

Graphics still look excellent
More music to listen to
Additional customisation options
The racing interface, cleaner and easier
Better loading screens, showing random facts about your career so far
Mini map - displays a colour for if your sector is red/green/purple on the time sheets
The fuel mixture is a great little toy to change throughout the race; I feel like a real F1 driver constantly fiddling away at the steering wheel /controller

Hold full throttle, boom lights are green, sit there, sit there, sit there, turn 1. Would be nice to set clutch levels or at least have an idea what kind of revs to maintain for a good start.
You get emails to read, but can't scroll down when reading them.
I have raced with 3 difficulty settings, Intermediate, Professional and Legendary. With Legendary I was seconds behind everyone, with Professional I was qualifying top 10 and finishing top 5 in the race, in a Virgin Racing car. With most assists on these should be slowing me down (although avoiding me from spins etc).
The damage system is unrealistic, same as F1 2010
In Qualifying, cars don't move out of my way until I'm on top of them, at which point it is too late.
I did an entire race on 1 set of intermediate tyres, no drying line ever came up, the tracks grip remained constant and predictable.

This game is an improvement over F1 2010 certainly, but has not met my expectations. It seems to have 2 modes; way too easy, or way too hard. I can certainly see the potential, but the levels of difficulty need a major rebalance. There is no motivation to get to the top teams if I can already be quicker then most in a Virgin Racing car!
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on 19 July 2012
Arrived a day early less than 24 hours from order time 10/10 there
know to the game loads quick for a Windows Live Game look's great
I have a good gaming RIG but this game doesn't play smoothly straight
out of the box unless you have a super computer your have to disconnect
the instant replay playback which when able the game is very laggly
but otherwise its an OK purchase at this price
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on 2 January 2013
There isn't much to say about this really, if you like F1 and racing games then this is a very good game. It's a lot of fun with friends and if you whack the difficulty up it is pretty damn hard as well! I play using an xbox 360 controller and that is definitely recommended over keys! Thought tbh if you're buying this you'll either have a controller or a steering wheel so nevermind. No splitscreen on one PC was an annoyance I found out about the other day when my friend was round, I play this game with him online quite often and we really fancied some splitscreen banter on the projector but it's just not there!

Summary: The best F1 racing game you can get, which might not be saying all that much but it is very good still :)
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on 6 December 2011
This game has a nice image quality, the bits between the racing is a bit repetative, but the actual game play is great. The tracks feel authentic, although I probably have too much assistance when I play. one day I might grow up and play the game wityh none of the assistws, but while I'm enjoying it, they'll stay. I will want to upgrade to 2012.
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on 7 March 2012
I bought F1 2011 (PC version) last month and I'm very happy with this game so far.
F1 2011 is very realisitic and graphics are excellent (all graphics options set to high with my config: Core i5 2500K + GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB).
So, I would recommend it for all gamers who like car racing simulation (and have a powerful machine).
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