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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
F1 2011 (PC DVD)
Platform: PC|Change
Price:£14.04+ Free shipping

on 15 November 2011
I was at first not able to get the game on my preferred gaming system of choice (PS3) so I decided to go for the PC version.

My computer specs are slightly below the minimum specs required but I have since found out that they are fine. I get 30+ FPS on medium settings with a i5-480, 315M 1GB Graphics card and 4GB RAM.
I have read the other reviews that seem either 5* or 1* and I wanted to add my take on the game.

Having owned every F1 game to come out since F1 2000 I had become accustomed to being let down by the intervening games. And although Codemasters last attempt wasn't what I had hoped it was going to be it still was a solid bases from which this game has grown.

The graphics have improved out of sight compared to F1 2010 and the game play has improved as well! While some aspects are not perfect, (a patch due out this week 18th November) the game is as intense and fun to play as other have pointed out.

At first I struggled to get to grips with all the new features.. KERS, DRS etc. But once I had a few laps under my belt the game became a whole lot more enjoyable. The AI this year are vastly better than the previous game and I do struggle to match them in some races!

I think the best thing about F1 2011 is the longer races (75% and over). This is where the game really shines. I know a larger percentage of players may not play this length but I would ask each and everyone of them to play a 100% race around any track and not come away enthralled, excited and (if the result doesn't go your way)disappointed.

I tried a 100% around Melbourne and came away tired sweaty and mentally strained. I started 8th and finished 5th even though not an amazing result the sheer satisfaction of slowly reeling someone in, and then battling to get past is one of sheer joy when you do get past!

Managing all the different aspects of F1 2011 is another of the best aspects I could find. Every lap you have to think about:
-Pit Strategy
-Opposition gaining or losing time behind or in front
-Safety Car

This is all before worrying about hitting the apex just right, entry and exit of the corners... etc.

So overall a vast improvement over F1 2010.
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on 6 October 2011
If you have used the game GP4 this drives very much like that, the graphics are similar. Only a bit better on the track but a lot better on cars and people. The graphics have a crisp clear bright feeling to them, happily nothing like the smeary misty over exposed look of Grid.
Nice to see all the new tracks, I started to use a thrustmaster steering wheel, but despite many adjustments I found it very tough to control the car. When I used a joystick every thing got vastly better.
This the complete opposite of a game like dirt 2.
I like many others, still find the penalty system very odd, and far to inflexible. E.G. I got black flagged and disqualified 3 time's in a row, and I never moved off the start line. When did that ever happen formula 1 Racing!
A good point is you can make your own grand prix season up just, picking the tracks you want to and race without any qualifying laps like quick race setting on GP4.
I have used this game on 2 computers and stability is good with a good average 45-50 F.P.S.
Windows live has already made 1 update to it.
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on 20 October 2011
I am new to the whole F1 simulators, however my knowledge of racing sims is quite high. I was just expecting an okay racing sim here. But what you actually get is a really close fine tuned simulator that is gonna give you hours of fun. I know many people moan about how sims are boring, I was the same, but this game is completely different. You can have the realism as high as you like. With all driver aids off and all HUD mods off, and of course a decent steering wheel and pedals setup, it's like you're racing the real thing! I'm only on the third weekend of the season after a week of playing it since I'm trying to learn the track. I love how you start low with say Force India, ending up with a contract deal with Red Bull or who ever. To all those GRID fans out there, no you can't go round a corner a million miles an hour whilst drifting. You make one tiny mistake and BAM, you're either the wrong way or into a wall. The damage is awesome too, really makes you try and set each corner up, as you don't wanna end up in a wall on your last lap of 20.

The only downside (if you can call it that) is that you have to really learn the track before you race it. Obviously coming from say F1 2010 or if you're used to the track layout it's gonna be easier, but for me it's impossible to put a good time down in quals. So I end up using all of the practice time to finally grow accustomed to the track. It's all part of the fun personally, but I guess some would grow rather tired of this.

In terms of graphics, they are pretty good. Nothing amazing, i think if anything it's a downgrade from 2010 but it's not the most important part of the game. You tend to forget about graphics when you're concentrating so much on the track layout. At least they have better graphics than the console equivelents :3

In all a fantastic game that every racing fan should at least try, even if you've gotta play it on a console ;D
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on 14 May 2012
F1 2010 was impressive for a first attempt from Codemasters. It took me a while to buy F1 2011 but I had read about the number of improvements over the first title.

This is easily the best F1 racer I have played. On the PC, you have to look back at games like Grand Prix 4, the old Ubisoft F1 simulation or some of the decent but buggy attempts by EA. This is much better.

1) Excellent graphics, slight improvement on F1 2010 (e.g. reflections and weather effects)
2) Realism in driving, handling, tyre degradation and track changes due to weather
3) DRS and KERS are not just gimmicks, you really need to use them to maximise your times and they work really well
4) Details e.g. you can run off line and pick up 'marbles' on the tyres and the surface of the tyre visibly changes as they wear
5) Customisable difficulty and drivings aids
6) Removed silly press conference from the first game, parc ferme celebrations add a nice touch
7) Contract offers are realistic and reflect your performance more realistically

1) AI difficulty is too easy on intermediate but can be formidable the next level up or inconsistent between tracks (e.g. seem unbeatable at Istanbul but trailing in my wake in Montreal)
2) Menu 'forgets' what controller you are using and keeps defaulting to keyboard
3) No ability to customise your helmet
4) If you start a race and then decide you need to do something else, the game registers a DNF for that race and could ruin your championship
5) Engineer comments in the race can be misleading e.g. rain imminent but there is no guidance as to when you should change to wet tyres
6) Replays from odd camera angles that make it feel less realistic (I remember the old Grand Prix 4 used the actual TV camera locations)

These are small gripes. Overall, the racing is an authentic recreation of F1.

Mistakes are very easy. Flashbacks are present as in the 'Dirt' series of games and F1 2010. They are both a blessing and to some extent a cheat. I have completed one racing season and have not managed a single clean race...each time I have either had contact with another car or made a mistake and spinning or hitting walls. Without flashback, I would have had to restart every race. However, you can get distracted by people or things around you during the game which would not happen whilst driving the real car.

All in all, it deserves 5 stars and I just hope that Codemasters go out with a bang in their 3 year licence and produce an even better F1 2012.
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on 5 November 2011
I have been a big fan of Codemasters motor-racing games ever since I climbed into the driving seat with Colin McRae 2 back in the day. I have enjoyed many incarnations since then through the Race-Driver series and Grid. I have to say though that having quickly become totally hooked on F1-2011 I think this is simply the best work they have done! They have managed to achieve that magic blend of fun game-play and challenging realism. Well done Codemasters, great job!
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on 13 February 2012
I thought this would just be F1 2010 but with the new stuff for 2011 (KERS, DRS, new drivers & tracks etc)
It is, however, a vastly different and superior game.

-they degrade quicker & 'go off the cliff' when run for too long.
-they also make for more interesting long races, with 2-3 stops.
-this is the biggest improvement over F1 2010 - the AI are more difficult to beat and more consistent over all tracks.
-however, if the race is wet I have to put it on professional or intermediate difficulty (instead of legend) as they are far too quick, which can be annoying.
-better than in F1 2010 - you can make the car slide (which is fun but damages your tyres) and you don't spin randomly when hitting kerbs like in F1 2010.
-both are very well implemented into the game - you can feel the KERS boost out of the corners when you use it and the DRS acts just like it does in real F1, giving you a chance to pass whilst not letting you sail through past the other guy.

Overall, there are still a few glitches and crashes, but they don't really affect what is a brilliant game.
If you are an F1 fan, buy it (even if you have F1 2010, as it is a lot better).
If you aren't, it can be difficult to get used to the small details, such as the strategy and car setup. It can also take a while to learn all of the 19 tracks, so can be quite time-consuming.
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on 3 February 2012
I enjoyed last years game massively and was really looking forward to this coming out. I bought it on release day and gave it a try to find out that the developers had changed the controls editing system for steering wheels. Now instead of pin-sharp handling there's a 0.25-0.5sec delay between steering inputs and whats on screen.

This problem is widely documented on forums elsewhere. To be honest i'm not sure if it's been fixed or not as I got sick of the poor controls (why should I play with a control pad if I have a steering wheel) so have not played it since.. Would recommend doing more research to see if its fixed if you intend to play with a steering wheel!
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on 31 October 2011
I own F1 2010 so knew what to expect. The improvements are worth having. However the problems with the program crashing aren't. No doubt there will be a patch to over come this but I would wait until this hits the shelf before buying - Nothing is more frustrating than to play a game that has a long playing period and find you PC crashes to leave you either set back to the start or at best several places back in your progress.

Overall the effect is very realistic and the general standards high.

Detail is where it comes loose.

For the F1 purist several areas have been simplified.

A lousy manual doesn't help either.

Runs on Win 7 64 bit.
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on 12 August 2012
Codemasters have been pioneering driving games for some time now and this F1 title is yet another fine example of how it's done. Being a tad old school I find myself wanting to play the game the way I like and found the aids and settings simple and easy to use. Perhaps not everyone's cuppa tea but the way I see it they have managed to mix Simulation with Arcade features well which is no mean feat. Online the Live system takes some getting used to if you've never used it before but being an Xbox user it is straight forward and makes joining friends online simple the way it should be. My favorite feature is the Co-op Career giving you all the thrills of the game with one other friend, it also tracks your progress so returning to the game where you left off is superb.
I had read many other reviews and have to agree that the parts during the game like the interviews, and loading times are not the best but I personally found it not to impact on what is a fantastic driving sim and given a chance will make a great addition to anyone's game collection.

Graphics 9/10

Sounds 8/10 - In car comments can become tedious although at times work perfectly to give you some tense moments of pressure

Until the next season/version this is the best F1 to date
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on 21 December 2011
I was one of the people who didn't think the first effort by Codemasters was all that bad but this years edition is considerably better.
Firstly is the addition of the Safety Car, while it could be a bit smoother in places they've done a good job of replicating it. The handling of the cars is the most noticeable change and its now more realistic in that you can have oversteer moments but if you are a diehard rFactor fan you'll still probably be disappointed. The AI is also much more competitive and can give a good fight on the hardest mode (Legend) but if you are an experienced driver you'll probably be able to beat them frequently.
New for 2011 was DRS and KERS which have both been implemented very well and both can have failures and stop working for you randomly. Downshifting too harshly will likely cause your engine to spectacularly explode ending your race.
The damage for me is the weakest point of the game as you can slam into another car at high speed and only break your front wing.

Overall its a considerable leap from 2010 but there a few disappointing bugs as we've come to expect with Codemasters games which is why I can only give it 4/5 stars.
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