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on 17 April 2013
I bought this to use with a Series 6 Samsung Smart TV as I couldn't put up with the awful display-based keyboard on the TV itself. It works fine without using the supplied USB dongle and is picked up by the TV as a bluetooth keyboard (turning it off and on once while the TV was scanning for devices helped it get picked up by the TV). The keyboard and mousepad both work just fine. The scroll area at the bottom of the mouse pad is really useful for scrolling windows. The keys have a nice positive click and they've managed to squeeze in all the usual ones (take a close look at the picture). The keys have an orange backlight, which you can toggle on and off with one of the keys (I read in some of the documentation that it had "24 DAZZLING BACKLIGHT LEDS" - well, don't worry about being "DAZZLED", but they're easily bright enough). The battery life seems fine so far. It's more or less the same size as a remote control, so it doesn't look out of place or clutter up your sofa. It's also very light which does make it feel a bit cheap, but which you realise is actually a good thing once you've been using it for 10 minutes. As with other comments, I wouldn't want to write an essay on it, let alone War & Peace, but that's not what it's for. It's a nicely layed out and handy keyboard, more than up to the job of typing a few emails or browsing the web. I would say for around 20 quid it's a bargain, with a laser pointer thrown in, which I too am going to have to disconnect to stop my kids blinding themselves. Finally, make sure you get the correct version - Bluetooth or Wireless. I ordered the wrong one originally.
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on 10 April 2013
Having searched long and hard for something that would allow me to remotely control my Kindle Fire HD wirelessly when viewing content on my Sony Bravia TV via HDMI, it came as quite a relief to discover that this neat little keyboard/remote actually does the job brilliantly!

All of the android shortcuts and just about all of the other function keys work just as they are supposed to, so that I can now easily do things like:

- mute and change volume
- pause/play films, music and audiobooks
- skip forward or back to the next track or chapter
- open option menus with the dedicated square/arrow symbol key
- type quickly and easily into search boxes
- go back with the arrow pointing left key
- go directly to the home screen with the home button
- scroll around pages with the four cursor buttons and tab key etc...'s worth noting that one or two of the very rarely used symbol keys produce unexpected characters and that there is no £ sign, although when the # key is used within Amazon shopping pages, it appears!

Lastly, though and by no means least, in complete contradiction to what the manufacturer states - THE MOUSE AND TOUCH PAD DOES WORK! This means that when connected, a cute little blue arrow magically appears on the screen, which is responsive and accurate, just as you would expect from a good laptop.

So, in conclusion, I now have complete control over my Kindle Fire HD & TV from the comfort of my sofa with the help of this really well thought out little gem of an item. Couldn't be more pleased with it.
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on 20 July 2012
I used the keyboard to type this review.
I bought this somewhat out of desperation, mostly out of being cheap. I wasn't going to spend the money for a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that Apple wanted, nor did I want to have to have my sofa cluttered up like that.
In short, it not only works well, but it exceeded my expectations by miles. (It also exceeds my ability to read the tiny text on the big screen from the corner of my sectional, but that is a good thing on its account.) Granted, I was expecting a piece of cheap Chinese afterthought electronics, but it ended up so much more.
The keys work very well, and have a nice, positive click when you hit them. The touch pad is excellent, and gets the job done.
Good battery life, excellent sleepmode feature to conserve battery.
It also comes with a mini-Bluetooth dongle. That in and of itself will often go for the price of the whole unit. It slips neatly into the side of the case for convenient storage if you don't need it at the moment.
Would I want to write War & Peace on it? Not on your life. But for editing movie titles, clearing error pop-ups, and generally operating a media center PC, it is fantastic.
The blacklight and laser work great, but laser is a waste of battery power in my application. I'll probably plug it to keep my boys from blinding one another.
Other than that, it paired easily and just plain works. Automatically reconnects when i open and close laptop or when you turn the unit off and on.
This is the ultimate media center PC remote for when the Mac Mini little white infrared minimalist remote will not suffice. I give a hearty thumbs up!
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on 16 August 2013
Using it for my Samsung Smart TV. Unfortunately cannot use it with the TV's YouTube app as that app uses it's own keyboard interface that can't be used with this keyboard. Most of the TV's apps use the default interface which does work with this keyboard.
Took quite a lot of attempts to get it to connect to TV. You need to enter the TV PIN and hit 'Enter' button straight away.
The charging port is Mini USB (like a PS3 Controller), why didn't they use a Micro USB charger so that you can use a majority of mobile phone charges for this keyboard? Now I have to use a separate lead for charging.
Cannot permanently turn off built in laser pointer feature - That could be dangerous in a childs hand. I will mask it off with electrical tape
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on 30 September 2012
When this arrived it met my expectations in size and weight which was exactly what I was wanting. The main purpose for this device was to control my HTC ONE X phone. It connected straight away ( no Bluetooth stack issues).

* The keypad was the nicest surprise, I wasn't really intending to use it but it works like any normal keypad, Double tap is left click; when you start to track on the key pad a mouse pointer appears on the screen and isn't to laggy either.
* So people have mentioned about the missing £ sign, well that's true but it isn't an issue for me to be honest.
* The keys feel good, nice click response and whilst holding down on a key you will be surprised at how fast its transmitting the information.
* Back light is descent enough.
* Charging is fine and comes with supplied cables.
* Bluetooth dongle is already inserted.
* It reconnects to my phone each time I turn it on, which was the one issue I for saw but thankfully this isn't the case.

All in all it is a descent product from a good seller and when showing my work colleagues they seem to be getting one too in the very near future.
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on 27 August 2013
Great product, just the right size to fit in your pocket and doesn't take up too much desk space. Smaller than a TV remote. Touchpad works just like how you'd expect a touch pad on a laptop to work but the scroll feature is left to right and not up and down but you get used to it really fast. Takes around 10 to 30 seconds to load up and start in the background on my windows 7 PC on the log in screen once booted but very responsive once its on. Kinda awkward to hold but works fine once your used to it. Would be better if it was more like a blackberry shape rather than a long rectangle but once you use it a few times its pretty fast to type with.
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on 29 May 2013
I bought this item in January 2013, but since then two have become faulty. The first died within weeks when the USB dongle stopped working, and the replacement keyboard lasted about 4 months before the keyboard itself failed to turn on. When it does work however, it is a good little unit - the range is enough for my needs (length of the lounge), the mouse is responsive and the typing ok for web browsing. I use it for a media PC, but wouldn't recommend it for those who wish to do more typing on it than the odd bit of web browsing like me.

As well as its usability, I have also persevered with this item is because of the customer service of Anker. They are quick to respond, very helpful and seem to really care about their customers. I may have been unlucky with the hardware, but the support has been worth the pain.
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on 9 January 2014
I brought this a I have a computer connected to my TV and i wanted something small to operate it from the other side of the room without having wires everywhere. This does that job perfectly. It was easy to set up (plug in, wait for the computer to automatically install drivers, enter a code and play within 3 minutes), has registered every mouse stroke and button press and even has a black light for if you want to use it in the dark.

I could not be happier with this
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on 29 April 2014
WOW! Unbelievable value for money, it's such a great product, yet so cheap!

I bought it to write faster on my Android phone than I could with the on screen keyboard and it works so well. It also works well on tablets and PCs and is perfect for my Android media centre, much easier to navigate or search than with an onscreen keyboard from the remote control.

KEYBOARD: has all the keys you could want, including media controls and SHIFT, CTRL, ALT on both sides for much faster two thumb typing. It's very easy to use all those keyboard shortcuts that really speed up your productivity.
TOUCHPAD: works a dream on all devices. It looks odd seeing a mouse on my phone, and it's NOT as fast as touching the scree, but I can sit with my hands on my lap typing and have my phone up closer to my eyelevel, in an ergonomic position and still do all I need.
MOUSE and cursor buttons: even though I can tap on the touchpad it's sometime nice to have proper clickable left and right buttons.
SCROLL PAD and page up page down: for casual navigation, holding the keyboard like a remote, these controls are in the perfect position to effortless flip up and down through lists of choices or reading multi-screen text and documents

The only downside I have found is that the feedback from the keys makes a clickety-click sound, so maybe not ideal if someone is trying to sleep next to you. However its no worse than a heavy fingered typist pounding a regular keyboard, or someone who leaves the key-click sounds on their tablet's on-screen keyboard.

I have never bought anything for only £15 that is SO packed with features and so thoroughly well thought out.
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on 6 January 2014
This mini Bluetooth keyboard is far better than other mini keyboards that I have had. It works great with my laptop, Android mobile phone and the Virgin Tivo box. The keys are hard, click nicely and feel good compared to mini keyboards with rubber keys. The touch pad is responsive enough for me and you will get used to using it after only a short while. I am using this mini keyboard instead of my laptop keyboard which has a fault on the connector and cannot be replaced. This keyboard has been good enough to use full time until I get around to purchasing another laptop. I have been using this for around two months and its fine for what I do. If you want to play games or write endless numbers of long babbling emails then buy a full size keyboard. The battery has never run out while I have been using the keyboard. I just pop it on charge every couple of days. The blue light on the keyboard that lights up every time you press a key can be annoying and distracting but is of little consequence. The back lighting for the keys is bright enough to make the keys readable in the dark and can be turned on and off. Overall this is a good product for the price and can be connected to many different devices by use of Bluetooth.
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