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on 2 June 2012
Part two in which Lou leave RCA and signs up with Arista. As with the first box, the chronology is slightly adrift in that the double set Live: Take No Prisoners came out after Street Hassle. Due to length it's still a double CD so I can see why it's left out, but it's unfortunate because it's a crucial part of this period in which Lou released some of his most challenging and uncompromising work.
Here's the low down:
* Rock n Roll Animal: Left over from the first box and one of the albums non Lou fans tout. Louie pulverises his Transformer and Berlin songs into proto metal. The Sweet Jane intro is sublime and the point where THAT riff comes in is priceless, but the rest of it I can live without. As is common, you get the remaster with a couple more tracks added.
* Rock n Roll Heart: The first LP of the Arista tenure and one that's since fallen between the cracks. Plenty of parping saxophones, some VU left overs - Follow The Leader, Sheltered Life - and a curiously under rated set. It has a jazz groove running through it and is none the worse for it. Not saying you'll play it much, but even when Lou wasn't firing on all cylinders he was still a nose in front of the competition.
* Street Hassle: This is the killer, where Lou really turned up the heat. There's more punk attitude here than in the whole of the young pretenders school of 78 dissertation. You have to hear it to believe it, Lou turns on everyone including himself on the opening Gimmie Some Good Times ("hey, if it ain't the old Rock and Roll Animal himself. What you doin' bro?). Too many stand outs to list, but the title track is mesmerising and features a cameo from Bruce Boss. I Wanna Be Black takes racial awareness to a new level of coarse humour - like an aware Bernard Manning. Recorded, as was the Bells, using the Stereo Binaural System (whatever that was). Listen to the retooled live I Wanna Be Black on the NYC Man compilation for an idea of how it should have sounded.
* The Bells: In which our Lou teams up with Nils Lofgren to produce a confusing and puzzling set - Stupid Man, Disco Mystic anyone? Time reveals it's charms and there's still an edge there. The title track has a nod to the Murder Mystery as far as lyrical obliqueness goes but its swell nonetheless. One for the fans.
* Growing Up In Public: In which Lou comes of (middle) age. Recently hooked up with Sylvia, Lou grows up and gets kind of boring. This isn't bad, but you get the impression that Lou's playing the game, that he's in bed for 10:00 and that he's behaving himself. The cover got rated by Rolling Stone as one of the worst ever. It figures. And even the SBS system had been dumped.
Is it worth it? Yes, but unlike the first set it's not one for curious bystanders. This is Lou for those who want to get the real wild side.
Usual replica sleeves and outer slip case; cheap but functional.
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on 11 September 2017
The man is a genius. RIP Lou
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Thanks to John Who pointed out I'd got the entire listings wrong!!
this should be correct unless....
Brian Jones has also informed me that all of the discs are remastered except 'Street Hassle' and that it's only the live CD that actually has extra tracks.

This CD set features the albums Rock N Roll Animal (1974); Rock N Roll Heart (1976); Street Hassle (1978); Bells (1979) and Growing Up In Public (1980). Sony. 2011.
There are I believe 4 such sets produced and all at an amazing bargain price.

True you get get the CDs in cheap cardboard sleeves and this set, I believe is not remastered and has no additional tracks.

But who plays Cardboard sleeves?

I would encourage you to check out the many sets in this series and to explore some sets like Jefferson Airplane which have a lot of the remastered sets with additional tracks and are just amazing value..Original Album Classics

Thought the album titles and the actual tracks on them would be of use because there are 4 Lou Reed sets and you need to check you get the titles you actually want
I can recommend this set for example.Original Album Classics there is this one too Original Album Classics

If you want to read a really great review of this set I suggest you read W. T. Hoffman "artist and musician's review on Amazon USA. It is a really fine review IMHO and would be hard to beat.

If you spot any mistakes just add a comment and I will correct.
(two people have been kind enough to correct my mistakes and thanks should go to them)

here are the track listings!!

Rock N Roll Animal
1. Intro/Sweet Jane
2. Heroin
3. How Do You Think It Feels?
4. Caroline Says I
5. White Light/White Heat
6. Lady Day
7. Rock 'n' Roll

Rock N Roll Heart (1976)
1. I Believe in Love
2. Banging on My Drum
3. Follow the Leader
4. You Wear It So Well
5. Ladies Pay
6. Rock & Roll Heart
7. Chooser and the Chosen One
8. Senselessly Cruel
9. Claim to Fame
10. Vicious Circle
11. A Sheltered Life
12. Temporary Thing

Street Hassle (1978)
1. Gimme Some Good Times
2. Dirt
3. Street Hassle
4. I Wanna Be Black
5. Real Good Time Together
6. Shooting Star
7. Leave Me Alone
8. Wait

Bells (1979)
1. Stupid Man
2. Disco Mystic
3. I Want to Boogie with You
4. With You
5. Looking for Love
6. City Lights
7. All Through the Night
8. The Bells

Growing Up In Public (1980).
1. How Do You Speak to an Angel
2. My Old Man
3. Keep Away
4. Growing up in Public
5. Standing on Ceremony
6. So Alone
7. Love Is Here to Stay
8. The Power of Positive Drinking
9. Smiles
10. Think It Over
11. Teach the Gifted Children
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on 29 October 2014
the fourth 5 cd set with an out of place rock n roll animal
when this should have had live in New York
these are all strong albums including street hassle and the bells
essential for anyone interested in lou reed
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on 3 March 2014
5 album by Lou Reed , including the extanded version of the ultimate rock classic Rock'n'roll animal.It's a pity the Lou Reed Live( from the same concert) is not included. Great value for your money
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on 24 June 2015
great value CD set. Ideal for those who aren't ready to accept inferior low quality itunes & mp3s etc.
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on 19 February 2015
Great CD. I gobble up anything by Lou Reed
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on 6 May 2014
You need to be a Lou Reed fan to buy this (I am). These are not his greatest discs, but only the last track of the Bells disappointed me. The live album (Rock and Roll Animal) is vey good.
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on 17 November 2016
Great collection of classic albums
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on 2 September 2014
a 1st class set of c/ds
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