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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2016
I bought one of these modems purely for its Caller ID function. At £8.99 it was cheap enough to be thrown away if it didn't work but a number of reviews, especially klone's 5-star review from Feb 2015, gave me hope.

It arrived with a mini CD of drivers, a cable (of no use in the UK) and a scrap of paper listing the modem's 'Key Features', one of which was 'Caller ID (optional)'.

When connected using a spare cable, my 64-bit Windows 7 system recognised the new device as a 'USB HSF Modem' with a Hardware ID of 'USB\VID_0572&PID_1300&REV_0100', but it did not automatically install anything from the CD and failed to find any driver online.

The CD contains a number of folders (CX-FU02, CX-FU02+, FU06+, FU07, PCIE Modem and PCIE-2) in each of which are sub-folders for various Windows OSs and Linux. The CX-FU02 folder also contains a file called 'USB Modem Installation 0.4.docx'. It appears to be written by Conexant, and is headed 'CX-9Z-NR0226 USB Modem Dongle Installation Guide 0.4'.

After manual installation of a driver (unsigned) from the CD, Windows reported the manufacturer to be Conexant and amongst the Windows diagnostics responses were these:

ATI3 SoftK56V_B2.1_V7.63.00.50
ATI4 USB SoftV92 Data Fax Modem
ATI5 180

The ATI3 response differs from klone's. This worried me.
The ATI4 response makes no mention of 'Voice'.
The ATI5 response of 180 (B4 in hex) indicates that the modem is set up for the UK, but I included 'AT+GCI=B4' in my own init string to make sure.

The modem responds 'OK' to the Caller ID command 'AT+VCID=1', but gives an ERROR response to the 'AT-SCID=1' command.

In use, the modem responds with RING to incoming calls but, despite my fiddling with all the settings I could find, it does not report any Caller ID information.

I Googled 'CX-9Z-NR0226' (from the heading of the installation guide on the CD) and I found what appears to be an archive of a Conexant website page containing links to various files. One of these is named 'SWD-202040-002.zip' and is entitled 'CX-9Z-NR0226 Windows OS Drivers (CX93010-1x/-2x Chipsets)'. So I downloaded it thinking I had found a more suitable driver. No such luck - none of the drivers it contained would install.

Before giving up completely I decided to investigate the chipset. The base of the modem unscrewed easily, revealing the chip as a CX06836-11. Googling a datasheet, there is no mention of a Caller ID facility. I feel sure that if the chipset did support Caller ID, the datasheet would say so.

So it seems that buyers of this item may receive a product which doesn't quite fit the description, and, for me, this purchase has been a complete waste of time and money. It may well be a bargain if you don't need Caller ID; otherwise be prepared for disappointment.

The problem with an unbranded, poorly-documented product is that you can never really be sure what you've got until you take it apart. Doing so in this case destroyed a seal covering one of the screws, so I wouldn't be refunded even if I could be bothered to return it.

I considered ordering another cheap modem, maybe from a different seller, in the hope that I'd strike lucky and get one which works for me, but it could equally well be another failure. So, since I'm not a gambler, I have ordered a US Robotics model instead. Yes, it's considerably more expensive, but it's from a known manufacturer, is well-built, well-documented and is supported via a website and email.

Caveat emptor.
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on 16 June 2016
After a great deal of phaffing about (the instructions don't match what is on the disc) I think I got this device installed (at least that's what device manager says and its listed along with the keyboard et cetera.
However, on my Windows 7 64 bit the Windows fax and scan won't recognise it nor install it from the cd (selecting Have Disk just takes back to a previous screens with no options to do anything except cancel).
No idea if it is this device or Windows.
And I accidentally ordered two. Sigh.
I think I will order a telephone fax.
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on 14 May 2013
This a great little external modem all installed very easy
although the default is USA so had to change to UK but this was simple to do in the modem settings on windows 7.

I did get this modem for its voice capabilities but they are very limited.

Was hoping to be able to use this as a phone dialer and be able to speak hands free through the computer but this feature does not seem to be supported.

Hence only three stars.
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on 14 February 2015
This modem is amazing value
It is a V92 modem with voice (half duplex sound card built into the USB installs as a 2nd driver automatically) Data (with compression), fax capability and Caller Line ID.
Badged Trixes it appears internally as a Conexant CX93010 UCMxx USB Modem. (Conexant make the chipsets not the modems).
Physically its a dongle design using a utility looking very light flimsy plastic box with two LED's a short USB cable and an RJ11 socket. The supplied RJ11 cable both ends is not useful in the UK as we need a phone jack one end.
I have a few computers and had mixed results with the drivers. of my two windows 7 machines one installed finding the drivers on windows update and worked first time. the other didn't find the drivers on windows update and refused to install with the provided drivers because they are unsigned.
After a bit of poking around websites I got unsigned drivers to install and all was good.
Out of the box its default country is USA (country code B5) and needs changing for the UK for me (B4). also Caller Line ID is turned off by default
Turning these on is easy use these commands the last one AT&W saves
Now caller Line ID will work properly and can be tested by any terminal program like putty where you will see RING followed by the data. AT+VRID=0 will show you the last incoming number received.
ATi3 reports it as a Conexant CX93001-EIS_V0.2002-V9. a google will find the full command manual titled "AT Commands for CX930xx-2x and CX93040-1x Modem Reference Manual" for free.
Its features I have come across appear to be unrestricted for example all the countries in the table can be chosen - it isn't limited to just a few.

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on 22 October 2012
Does exactly what it says on the tin :)
for those people that need the occasional dialup connection, but don't necessarily have either a PCI slot, or a serial port, this device works.

Just plug it in, and either use the driver CD supplied, or, let your OS autodetect and install.

The cable supplied is a RJ11 to RJ11, for use in the UK you need a RJ11 to BT cable, easy to get hold of.
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on 9 November 2011
I bought this item as a temporary dial-up connection for a laptop.

It is pretty lightweight and is slower than a traditional internal or external dial-up modem but it 'plugged and played' immediately, without loading the software into a machine with Win 7 OS.

I was very pleased to find a cheap piece of kit to use in a temporary situation, and I am happy to recommend it to anyone who needs an emergency fix.

Delivery was slower than expected - 8 days!
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on 7 September 2013
I have a very good broadband connection but for occasional updates of a website I use my web host's pay as you go service, which requires a dial-up modem to dial in to a number from which they take a cut of the proceeds. However, my new Windows 8 PC came without an inbuilt dial-up modem so I had to buy an external one. This is my second one - the first simply wouldn't connect with my web host, in spite of both my experience and their customer care team being brought to bear.

I bought this as a last-ditch attempt to narrow down the problem and to my astonishment it worked. I was seriously surprised because it arrived in a plastic bag, with a battered piece of paper listing its features and no instruction manual of any sort. The cable included was the wrong one to connect to my BT socket and the CD wouldn't load. So it was with complete pessimism that I plugged it into the USB socket and instructed the PC to dial to my host. It worked first time without fuss, bother or any issues. I uploaded the new pages for the website and that too worked beautifully.

The modem looks plasticy and rather fragile, but the thing works (in this case with my Windows 8 64-bit system), so in spite of the other grumbles I cannot complain about the end result. It worked, my websites are udpated, and if I look after it I am sure that it will continue to serve me well.
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on 10 January 2013
Having searched around for a USB Fax modem I took a gamble on this one. I can confirm this modem works perfectly with Windows7 AND Windows8 with no additional drivers.
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on 4 April 2013
In case anybody would like to use this with Linux. The modem I received looks the same as the one in the picture. Linux recognises it as:

# lsusb
Bus 002 Device 011: ID 0572:1329 Conexant Systems (Rockwell), Inc.

It creates the /dev/ttyACM0 device (or /dev/ttyACMx - if you've got several serial devices). It appears to use the cdc_acm kernel module by default - no extra drivers/kernel modules needed. It is, however, as far as I can tell, a softmodem.

I use it with Hylafax for receiving faxes - and it works fine. Kernel 2.6.37 here - but based on what I've read on the forums, it seems that it will work with earlier and later kernels as well.
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on 16 June 2012
I try to use this product for the purpose of CallerID display on pc using YAC. As I wasn't sure if it was auto installed or I need to manually install the driver, so I went through a battle of installings and uninstallings, the modem at first failed to work completely, I nearly throw it into the bin. I also has a Max V92 modem which work but not perfect either because the disk come with it has no win7 driver. I did a clean up of my computer of all modem drivers using something called Shampoo...

It is now working perfectly without the need of installing any driver manually, it is very difficult to say whether it does or does not need manual driver installation at this point, as some of the drivers I've installed may have contributed to it being working.

CallerID is now displayed on my PC everytime a call comes in. The good thing I can say about this now is that it does support CallerID on Win7, so I marked it 4*. The negative 1* is that the supplied cable is not UK phone standard but the MaxV9256K does provide a cable where you can plug direct to your phone.
TRIXES USB 56K External Dial Up Voice Fax Data Modem Windows 7
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