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on 9 January 2013
Before I start, I must say that I've always liked the COD-MW franchise and eventhough I played BF-BC2, but it didn't really appeal to me. However, when I played this one, I fell in love with it right away. It is more realistic than COD in everyway!! starting with the sound effect and ending with the game play and the environment.
If you are not a team player and kinda do-it-all or Rambo-style, then definitely, this is NOT the game for you!! You need to stick to your team/squad (eventhough you still get plenty of noobs who think that they can manage on their own).

CONTROLS: pretty much the same as COD
CLASSES/Weapons: this is where the fun is, and where you can define your career/role, and get a unique set of weapons/gadgets. I personally prefer the Engineer (not only because of the RPG, but also because I like the fact that you can fix vehicles, helicopters, or wreck enemies' ones)
VEHICLES/JETS/CHOPPERS: personally I believe that this is the best part about BF3, you can just jump in a tank/jet/helicopter and just wreck everything around you.. however, it takes a while to master them. I love the helicopters and the jets, they are the best.. I played different jet games (Ace combat..etc) but this is by far the best. Oh and btw.. you can also unlock stuff for each particular vehicle/jet/helicopter..etc
MAPS: Are great, some are too big (especially if you have the premium edition which I highly recommend), and so balanced when it comes to vehicles/jets/choppers..etc.
SERVERS: great.. Unlike COD, you can actually search for servers and refine your search with maps, campaigns..etc (like Valve's counterstrike if you've ever played it)
CAMPAIGN: Looks good eventhough I haven't spend much time playing it.. I mean this is mainly an online game

To sum up.. This game is a great game if you like playing as part of a team and have a good internet connection. I still play COD (mainly splitscreen with my brothers, which you can't do with BF3).
I can see myself playing this game for months/years.. When I started playing it I used to spend 7-10hrs a day but now down to 2-4hours :)

One last advice... Pay the extra £10-20 to get the Premium edition as it is well-worth it (more and bigger maps, new vehicles/jets..etc, faster progression, more tags..etc), the premium edition gives you access to all the 5 expansion packs (each costs over £11 if you get them individually through the PSN). I bought the standard one thinking that I can buy the expansion packs later, but when I made the calculations, I found out that it will still be cheaper to buy the premium edition on the top of the standard one.
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on 1 November 2012
For the short version; the sound is fantastic, the graphics are as good as the trailers suggested and the gameplay is still pretty reasonable. However limits of these current generation consoles become apparent in several ways, with regular sound freezes and limited destructibility on larger maps, not to mention the multiplayer is still limited to a middling 12v12. With a frustrating lack of starting weaponry and equipment, it is pretty hard to maintain parity with long term players due to their huge advantages in vehicles compared to a new player, which means compared to Bad Company 2, you will essentially have to 'grind' in order to get anywhere.
For anyone who buys a non-premium version of Battlefield 3 you will be looking forward to a long slog to unlock anything useful, but will have great fun attempting it.

Bad Points:
Compared to Bad Company 2, the graphics are hazy, with many maps being covered in floating dust clouds that make long range aiming harder, combined with many indestructible buildings, makes some maps a little irritating and counter productive at times. Aiming also appears to be different as the autoaim seems to have more gravity, in other words unlike on BC2 where you can press aim and line up a headshot for yourself, Battlefield 3 seems to instantly teleport your sight to the enemy's chest. Great if you can't aim but I preferred the more subtle guidance BC2 gave.
The spotting system is just as glitchy, not always registering something you have been staring at for a minute while hammering the spot button.
The upgrade system is probably more intuitive in a way, as weapon upgrades are unlocked for the specific weapon you are using rather than overall. Ofcourse this means if you want to try out a different weapon you have unlocked, there won't be any gadgetry on it to make it as useful as whatever you used before. The benefits are quicker upgrading for the weapons you do use, but at the cost no overall upgrades for the weapons you don't. I'm not entirely sure it was executed properly.
The same holds true for vehicles, with each vehicle having it's own separate set of upgrades. Hoorah I thought originally, however I then realised that the much vaunted jet was an absolute terror to try and upgrade. With only a machinegun to start with, expect a lot of crashing and pointless deaths just to unlock the heat seeking missiles that would actually allow new players some sort of parity with the resident server airheads.

Good points:
The maps for BF3 are varied and interesting, there are a couple of Call of Duty-esk boxing ring matches that I usually avoid but for the most part, the maps allow for that productive, team based effort that is the hallmark of the Battlefield series. There are also a lot more
The vehicles, despite some annoying points already covered, are great fun. The jeeps are extremely useful, being mobile heavy machine guns, the tanks are still solid and require some taking down. Helicopters fly a little differently to Bad Company 2 but seem much more responsive to commands. Jets are great fun to fly about, even if you can't hit anything. APCs still are the bane of terrain and hiding infantry.
The return of the squad leader is fairly interesting, you can still spawn on any squad mates but the squad leaders are the only ones who can do attack/defend orders on points, this means everyone benefits from following orders are they all gain the experience boost of a fulfilled order - a good incentive to act as a team.

To summarise, if you haven't played Battlefield before, you'll probably not even notice most of what I have mentioned, if you have played Bad Company 2, I'd recommend BF3 if you want a slightly less intense feeling game. There are elements that will frustrate any player but they are counterbalanced by the fluid gameplay and the engine is still a glory to behold.
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on 16 July 2012
Let me explain my reasons for the title to this review, just finished main campaign thought it was really good (a little slow to get going) 1st few missions i thought were very unmemorable, where as the last 4-5 were epic,
Now onto the multiplayer which I'm sure is why most BF3 people buy these games, at first it was really good unfortunately now unless your lucky enough to get in on a game where its pretty much all normal rules, you'll either get kicked by the admin or crippled with rules set by admin which makes the game totally unplayable and no fun (come on that why we all play these things surely)Dice / EA need to take back the multiplayer from all these spurious admin server thingamagiggys and just set the rules for all like it was when they 1st released the game. Let people who want to have private games where only the certain few can have the planes and tanks have there little games and let the rest of us just play.
Ok rant over good game decent length campaign (in todays terms)
Broken multiplayer
Thanks for reading

EDIT 28/08/2012
taken from eurogamer website seems ea/dice have listened to the true fans and added some more dedicated DICE servers:-

"We have heard your wish for more official DICE servers," a statement on the official Battlefield 3 blog reads. "As of now, we have effectively quadrupled them on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

"Note that you will still be able to get quick matched into any ranked server. For the best results if you want an official DICE server, please refer to the manual server browser and enter 'DICE' as a search term. If you go to the Server information screen, all official DICE servers will have the owner set to 'DICE'. Remember that you can favourite servers that you like so you can easily find them again on your next session.

Can't comment on how well this is working as to be honest to busy playing other games at the moment but you never know this might help the online aspect.
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on 13 April 2014
I had always played the Call Of Duty franchise from the very start and was very used to how the game functioned. As someone who had never previously played Battlefield games before, I thought I should give it a try a see what all the hype is about.


1: The game is a lot more realistic than COD games and require more thought to the actions you take in the game hence you will feel more involved with the game itself.
2: The fact that you can use vehicles (planes, heli's, tanks and hummers) in multiplayer mode adds just a bit more fun to the overall game play. Unlike in COD where you were limited to the capabilities of handheld weapons only, BF3 allows the player to explore a wider range of ways to... kills someone.
3: The maps are a much nicer than any other war game I have played, they are big and complex and you are free to roam around which cannot be done in COD.

1: BF3 is WAY harder, if you are like me and used to playing COD games, you will find it very difficult at first and getting used to how everything works can be frustrating at first due to it's complexity.
2: The game might be a bit too realistic, it's all good and all that the bullet curves with wind and distance but this makes it a lot difficult to play as you will be constantly missing your target. With COD however, the distance does not matter, you aim at the guy and fire the bullet will hit him regardless of distance etc.
3: BF3 lacks the ability for the player to use unmanned weapons such as drones, warthogs, attack dogs etc. like in COD, this may seem in reality a bit unrealistic but that's what makes the game fun after all for me anyways.
4: BF3 does not get that adrenaline rush for me, with COD you can quickly rank up kills (double, triple, multi - kills) in a short space of time, this makes the game more fun to play.

All in all this is a good game but only for people who like the extra challenge while playing games and have the patience to wait for a kill. The game in my opinion is good but it lacks the buzz of COD which I personally look forward to in a game.
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on 24 January 2016
This game really blew me away! It has vast, expansive maps and is packed full of great content. The storyline is great and the maps are well planned and have smooth, fluid game play. This was, in my opinion, one of the best games on PS3 and recently I've been getting into it again. I love the feel to: the guns, which are superbly balanced; the map layout, which provides countless cover spots and attack routes; and the game in general!
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on 11 January 2014
But I dont like the ones you cant go for a walk. When you do that, screen turns black&white and appears a countdown, so if you dont come back you are dead. It is not that you go very long way, either! Another think I dont like is that this game belogs to those in witch always are saving your status so when you die you merely come back to repeat (better of course) the last minute. I prefer the ones you should do the last scene or so.
But graphics and music are ok, enviroments very good. So I recommend it if you like "real" (I mean based in this real world not in future, space...) shooters.
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VINE VOICEon 21 March 2013
Battlefield 3 is one of my favorite games ever. customizable game play, varying difficulties and vast online multiplayer gives this game everything you could need. The single player game is epic but where i found a love and draw from the Modern warfare franchise is the multiplayer game types that have both the Close quarter combat styles mixed in with expansive well detailed conquests. The vehicles offer it a unique perspective and the leveling system means that you can customize your ideal character fairly quickly.
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on 16 April 2014
I couldn't help myself but constantly compare this game to CoD. For those who are familiar with the Call of Duty games, this game suffers from a lack of smoothness in the gameplay. The campaign feels a little old fashioned, it lacks the cinematic style of the CoD campaigns of late. The graphics are beautiful, and the destructible environments definitely are superior, however, the gameplay overall feels a little underwhelming - a step back.

I've tried to hard to enjoy both Battlefield and CoD, this is the first Battlefield game I have played having been a long-time CoD fan, and I was very much looking forward to the gorgeous visuals and destructible environments. However, sadly, I could not ignore the fact that these improvements are greatly outweighed by the gaming experience. I understand that many people greatly prefer, in particular, the online experience of Battlefield. However, I personally found that the action was always "happening somewhere else", as though I was never caught up right in the thick of the battle, as is the case with CoD - it felt a lot less involved.

I'm sure that is is just a case of not adjusting to a new gaming experience, that I am haven't been able to convert from CoD to Battlefield, and in that respect I have to say that I cannot condemn this game. For those used to Call of Duty, it may feel a little strange and underwhelming, but overall, this game is definitely worth playing.
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on 4 August 2012
Bought this game after trying it round a mates, quickly purchased it the same night.
I've been a COD fan since the beginning and I am so pleased to have found something that is just so much better.
The game itself is fluid, vast and flexible. I mostly play online and have started the Co-op campaign, I have yet to start the single player campaign.
The online game play is magic, you can customize your class at any point in game including vehicle set ups weapon and equipment changes etc... the balance between classes works in harmony each with pros and cons giving advantages and disadvantages against diverse scenarios. The online play has a squad based ideology, where a team can be broken down into squads of 4 - when a squad plays well together it can really swing the course of a game and it is great fun playing team based as supposed to other team games where you are essentially lots of lone wolves.
Matchmaking is fast and gives you choice of maps and game modes you want to play. Vehicles also bring a diverse game play style, there are many to choose from. The maps are stunning and the destruction engine makes it that much more realistic.
What I've played of the co-op campaign I have very much enjoyed and I'm sure the single player campaign is going to be breath taking - I have heard many positives but have been told it is rather short.

Hope this helps you make the right decision, you know what's right ;)
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on 20 June 2015
Having played Battlefield 4, and enjoyed it, thought I would try battlefield 3, it arrived ahead of predicted time, and am about half-way through the game. Although I like it, it is not as good as version 4. I find it 'a bit' difficult to identify who is the enemy and who are friendly. Cannot select weapons from the weapon chest......but still worth playing
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