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Battlefield 3 (PC DVD)
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:£10.83+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 22 August 2017
A good first person shooter especially to play on line as there are a number of games you can join at most times of the day. There would appear to be few cheaters or exploits and it makes for better game play. There are 1 or 2 players that seem to score immense points copared to most others in the game but they are usually good flyers and it is difficult to down planes with infantry weapons available and as I don't fly it is frustrating. All in all though I much prefer this game to MOD Warfighter as there appear to be a lot of cheats on line in that game,
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on 9 December 2015
The game is great to play once you've managed to install it ,its the Origin BS that you HAVE to use to get it. Dont be fooled by the disc in the case, all that does is install the Origin software. You then have to create an account with them to access the game and,get this,download it. IT takes longer to download than to have the damn game installed from the disc. Well done EA,no wonder people pirate games!
Update: The download and updates over a 50 meg fibre line took nearly 45 mins. If you have a slower connection,well, draw your own conclusions on that!
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on 16 December 2013
Bought the game late in the day but I bought it cheap and its bugs had bugged out. TBH, I enjoyed BF2 more and I'm finding BF3 single player a bit samey and all done before (but I'm only at the Bank so far).
And on the subject of the Bank, I'm stuck at the point of entering the restroom and being unable to kill the enemy soldier in the QTE sequence. Both my fellow soldier and I have been killed 8 times in succession so I'm a bit fed up.
I read the IGN Walkthrough Guide and it says "Shoot him, safer than using the knife" but I cannot access any of my firearms so I've been killed 8 times.
Remind me someone, why are QTE's in ANY games and who are the idiots who think they are necessary or any fun?
Every time there are QTE's in games, there are plenty of complaints about them. When will the people who design games not learn the customers (BTW, we are the people who pay your wages) do not want QTE's?
Now, having finally QTE'd my way through the above QTE, I'm now repeatedly dying on the train platform as I fail to press/click on the QTE prompts quickly enough or in the particular way I'm meant to.
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on 26 April 2014
I got this game well after Battlefield 4 was released because of its very low price. I liked Bad company 2, so i thought why the hell not and bought it. delivery was top notch amazon :). The game is quite fun and i would say quite realistic too.

The graphics for this game are superb. I can think of few games that are prettier than this. I normally dislike EA games for their rushed production, but I think DICE should be proud of this work of art. The lighting effects are amazing, and the particle physics is noticeable on the screen with explosions being very large and frightening.

The multiplayer is very competitive. If you have slow response times, you will end up dying a lot. I play on the hardcore servers because I dislike the Hit Points on normal servers where it takes 10-15 rounds to kill somebody. That i dislike because it takes away the realism of warfare. Still, the fact the game is getting less popular now because BF4 is released will show that not as many players are on this game anymore, but there are still a handsome amount of servers to chose from.

Overall, great price that will give you many hours of fun.
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on 1 September 2015
As a huge Battlefield fan (from Battlefield 1942 onwards) I was very excited when I ordered this. First impressions, well I found the install a bit of a faff with Origin but just went along with it as I was just excited to play it as I was heavily into BF2 back in the day.

I wasn't too impressed with the web paged game menu at first but I kind of saw past that and after a while thought it was kind of beneficial to the online multiplier experience but I guess they could have kept, adapt and improved from BF2's player ranking system.

The campaign game is awesome, loved the movie themed story line and the keyboard/ mouse interactions on some scenes, but after playing Battlefield 4, I wished they could have included the weapon collectibles & weapon swap crates they had in BF4. But as the weapons go, they're accurate in detail and characteristics. I also loved the perspective from both the US Marines and the Russian GRU to the story lines perspective. Only thing is you get soo hooked on the game that you can complete it too quickly.

My only gripe with this game is that I have experienced quite a few in game crashes only on campaign game play, and I do have above system requirements and all up to date drivers, but after a while I found that a background process 'ATKFastUserSwitching.exe' seemed to contribute to the instability of the game and after terminating this process the in game crashes have greatly reduced. Online multiplayer gaming is flawless, no crashes or anything.

I have read all the 1 star reviews on this game (and I do agree with some of them) but most people out there are very disappointed by the bugs, glitches and most of all, Origin. I know that people out there are very unhappy with the 'violation of privacy' from Origin, but as I only have game content files on my PC, I guess this doesn't phase me as much. So for this issue of Origin's privacy issue and my in game campaign crashes, I have knocked it down a star because of the experience, and I'm not putting the crash faults down to the game alone, I do think my PC could be contributing too!

Despite this, I haven't let these issues put me off the game play experience, I have played campaign 3 times around now, completed all the co-op missions and gradually coming up through the ranks now online. and i'm thoroughly enjoying it.

I have played Battlefield 4 as I mentioned on a trial from Origin and despite BF4 having slightly better graphics & some in game features, I think Battlefield 3 has a slight edge over it. I have also played Battlefield Bad Company 2 on XBox and although that it a great game, it's rather predictable after a while and the campaign seems a bit of a let down, the Frostbite engine is a nice feature in the game but it just doesn't have the experience like BF3.

I read another 1 star review where they were unhappy about the online weapon unlocks and the fact that new players don't stand a chance against experienced players with vehicle unlocks, and yes I do agree but its a steep learning curve as a newbie and its a huge achievement when you do get those unlocks, it just means you have to work harder and killed a lot more.
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on 18 June 2012
I only got around to buying this game about a fortnight ago, I wish I'd bought it sooner!
The single player campaign is your bog standard storyline, similar to the PS2 game Black (still worth buying today!) The graphics are great from time to time the AI just nails you without warning but it keeps you on your toes.
The online is where this game truly comes into it's own, now being a late comer it was very challenging to begin with as there are a lot of experienced players who know the maps and have superior weapons, however it is well balanced in that the higher ranked weapons don't make low level weapons obsolete. The maps are huge in game modes such as conquest, but are scaled down for TDM, overall have a nice feel with no one team having a large strategical advantage. The vehicles are fun, well the land ones for me at least, I haven't gotten the hang of helicopters or jets yet! The four classes are reasonably balanced, but I found scout the hardest, but most rewarding if you can get the tactics/method nailed down.
I'm not sure what all these complaints everyone is having are about, I've had barely any troubles with origin or anything, the only hiccough was a 5gb patch to begin with, but it's worth the wait, go watch TV or read a book while you wait (I did both).

The online gameplay exists in user controlled servers, which to my understanding require payment to host, so you get a variety of rules maps and play types, either through quick match or the useful filter system for browsing.
The community in the game is the most pleasant of any FPS I've come across although you get the occasional childish player, ignore them and they are no trouble however.
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on 17 July 2015
Not even remotely as good as its predecessor, Battlefield 2.

Not only does the game lack distinctive features from past games, it also has many awful graphical bugs, still present to this day.

Worse still, in order to somehow remedy networking issues a small number of players had experienced in Battlefield Bad Company 2, they decided it would be a good idea to give a players game more leeway in dictating whether or not they hit a target, as opposed to the server making calculations to decide if those shots were possible.
As an example of this, if you shoot a target on your screen, you will always hit them, regardless of whether they had already moved behind a wall prior to you shooting them.

If you are only just buying this game in late 2015+, just buy Bad Company 2 instead. While it lacks Jets and wider-open maps, BC2 is a much more polished game, with much better netcode, and offers an overall more fun experience.
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on 16 April 2012
I bought this game Saturday evening, it arrived Monday afternoon promptly in perfect condition. I eagerly opened it and began installing only to be hit with a 4.5GB update in the face. Now, I don't know about the rest of England, but I live in the area with the slowest broadband speeds for the entire country. It's enough to game with comfort and ease. It is not enough to download a 4.5GB update within 50 hours. I'd love to give a review on the gameplay and such, but I can't actually play yet.

3/5 rating - because I'm just here to sling out a warning to anyone with a crappy download speed. I'll be back when I've had some game time under my belt. But don't hold your breaths.


Back with some game time under my belt and I have to say, it's a hugely entertaining game.

The browser based server selection I was initially discouraged by. I prefer everything to be in a client programme. However, with time I've grown to love it. Everything you could possibly want to know about your progression, and your friends' progressions, are included. Server selection filters are detailed and variety is so vast that I still haven't unlocked everything yet. The voice system is also extremely useful, negating any NEED for ventrilo or teamspeak, and allowing that all important organisation.

The gameplay itself is amazingly fun, whether you're heading out in a tank, or rolling as infantry, whether rolling solo or in a party, things never fail to challenge or to entertain me. Dropping C4 on tanks from a helicopter or using a tank to shoot down a helicopter, there is endless fun to be had here.

IF YOU ARE EXPECTING TO PICK UP A GUN, RUN RAMBO, SPRAY THINGS EVERYWHERE AND GET LOTS OF KILLS - this is not for you, go buy a COD game. Whilst rambo'ing is still sometimes do-able in this game, it's far more effective to play a little more like you would in real life.

The terms and conditions for Origin...
Sure okay, there's a clause which is a bit dodgy. That SAME CLAUSE is in the Steam terms and conditions, and I don't see ANYBODY boycotting them. Origin itself works perfectly for me. I prefer Steam's interface, but Origin has broken a total of 0 times for me in over a month. In under a month, Steam has broken a total of 3 times now.

They're still soul-stealing ****s, but BF3 is still hugely fun.


Game time: 256 Hrs 0 Mins.
Rank: Colonel 25
How much fun am I having?: Lots. Still. Get it. And then get Battlefield 4 afterwards.
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on 3 March 2012
Firstly I will say the storyline is amazing and about standard lengh. The multiplayer has a great quick mtch option and a server list (With detailed information about the server). I've realised that the load times for online take around five minuites to load for me (I have 30mbs and use I a power line adapter), this is due to the speed of my HDD so if you have a old IDE HDD the load times are going to be very long. The game looks beautiful when you max out all the setting, hence you need a pretty powerful machine to play the game. The multiplayer is very fun in the 64 player lobbies which is very mad on the map Metro but in large maps I find 64 player servers are very fun without the craziness from Metro.
If you are a PC gamer you have to buy this game!
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on 7 July 2012
Now, as I was reading other reviews about Battlefield 3 the majority seemed to be bad. This was due to the whole "origin" account, installation problems and how they hate the servers.

I had not one problem when installing (and I had to use my laptop to transfer the disk contents to my terabyte since my pc doesn't have a disk drive). The process was simple. Ran the setup, logged into my origin account (had one before buying battlefield, otherwise you'd have to make one), starting installing the files at 22mb per second. After that was done in a few minutes, it automatically updated the game with the 5gb update which took around half an hour for me to install. And I was good to go.

At first sight I felt weird using the web browsing servers on origin since I'm used to the console menu setup. However, after about an hour of using the origin servers it felt natural and now seems so more convenient. They're are honestly not half as bad as the other reviewers are making out.
When starting the game it runs so smoothly without any lag, and in comparison to the consoles it runs like a charm. As I've been gaming on the consoles the switch to mouse and keyboard took some time to get used to again but after an hour it felt in sync again.

The only downer I've found is that there are a few more bugs than the console versions of the game. These aren't major but little things that are rare to come across, however these don't effect the battlefield player experiance. Even taking into account these minor bugs it would still get a 5/5 from me, and I honestly prefer it to the console versions but a long shot.
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