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on 22 November 2011
This is a great book to study Cocos2d and game development. The book walks you through the development of an actual game with various different techniques and a lot of the standard features of a modern game, including two different physics engines! By presenting code in short bits and pieces and explaining every single line clearly, you soon develop a familiar feeling with standards in Cocos2d and if something is not clear immediately, it will be broadly explained in one of the next few pages.

Although they do explain a lot of basic Objective-C concepts and are really clear on the code, I do recommend having some previous knowledge of objective-c or at the very least of C and some basic object oriented programming. Programming in Objective-C: Updated for iOS 5 and Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) (Developer's Library) is a great recommendation and with this to your side you will surely understand everything offered in Learning Cocos2d.
In general, more than basic knowledge of and a tiny bit of experience in objective-c is not necessary.

It's a really nice book, written in clear language. Little assumptions are made about prior knowledge and working towards a real game is incredibly cool. The authors are extensive in teaching related concepts, like packing sprites together, to provide you with a really nice start in Cocos2d (game)programming.

If you are looking for a book that teaches you to program a 2d (!!) game on the iPhone or iPad, utilizing sprites, this is a great buy. If you're interested in 3d or very complex (vector, procedural) graphics you might want to look into books about openGL ES for IOS.
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on 9 April 2014
So I bought this book (April 2014) as it seemed to be one of the latest books available for Cocos 2D - despite the fact it was published in 2011! Anyway, it is far too old, the code refers to Cocos 2D v. 0.9 - we are now on version 3.0, and there are MANY differences. The fact that this book uses manual reference counting shows how dated it is. There is little point in buying this book as a good proportion of the info is out of date and you will spend 75% of your time trying to convert what the book says to do into modern Cocos 2D.

Notably, the CCActions classes have changed a bit, there are no more CCLayers, the physics has changed drastically since the book was released (it spends 2 chapters on Box2D which has now been dropped from Cocos2D entirely), and the fact that ARC is not used in the book means all the code needs further tweaking! All of this together means it's probably best not to use this book.
The parts that ARE still useful - general game design, basic AI, and possibly GameCenter implementation (I didn't bother trying it, it may have changed drastically too!). It *is* a well written book that covers a lot of ground, but is more likely to hinder than to help in many areas.

Instead I recommend doing some online tutorials as there seem to be very few text books on Cocos 2D, and none on V3 which is relatively recent at the time of writing, and quite different to previous versions in some key areas. Actually it is all quite simple with V3 - especially if you use SpriteBuilder, which can do half of the work for you!
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on 28 July 2011
I've been developing with Cocos2D for some months now and I've purchased many good books, which have help my understanding of the Cocos2D Framework.

I must admit, I've been looking forward to this title for some months!! Boy! I doesn't dissapoint!! Well, written, and well delivered. I love the way the code in the book is colored as per the Xcode editor.

Even if you already have a good understanding of the Cocos2d Framework, I think this book will serve as a good reference, as I have.
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VINE VOICEon 22 March 2013
A great learning resource, especially (but not only) for those who already have a little experience with Objective-C for iOS. The book takes you through a whole game project, covering everything you should need for a whole variety of different game types. You'll also pick up a lot of valuable advice about writing classes, using XCode and other fundamentals, which is great news if you're still at the beginner / intermediate stage in your iOS programming journey. Thoroughly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 17 March 2012
Cocos2D is a powerful free resource that has been used to create a lot of the most successful apps in the App Store.

This is a terrific book about how to write gaming Apps using Cocos2D. Ray Wenderlich runs a very popular website for IoS development, with sections on Cocos2D programming and snappy guides for programming simple versions of popular gaming apps. This book is a more in-depth extension of that website.

The code is clear, and very well commented to demystify the process. The book is structured around recreating a scrolling shooter/explorer universal app, with physics-based mine cart sections, so it's immediately engaging. This isn't hypothetical classroom learning. This is real code from a real game and it's hugely helpful and inspiring. It's also nicely, clearly written with an engaging tone.

It does expect the reader to have a basic understanding of Objective-C so a complete newcomer (like me) should also pick up a good beginner guide on that topic - the authors make some good suggestions at the beginning of this book.

Very highly recommended.
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on 28 November 2014
I started app development with Ray's tutorials. I now have 7 apps on the App Store and 20K+ downloads. This book is a fantastic resource for some offline reading.
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on 30 September 2011
Very good book. Highly didactic. A must-hav for any person who wants to deep into the fascinating world of programming iphone/ipad games with cocos2D.
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on 10 January 2012
...and now the cheapest as well. If you need reassurance before buying have a look at the quality of the articles at Ray Wenderlich's website.
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on 11 November 2014
no idea what im doing with this book, defiantly aimed at an intermediate learner
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