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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 October 2011
The Manchester group 'The Hollies' are represented on this DVD with their own skill and artistry put together on film by director David Peck who said, "My goal with all music films is to educate the public". Not only do we hear and see 22 performances, we have the benefit of the history of the band via talks with the group members detailing their careers, problems, personnel changes, challenges with acceptance in America. These aren't just fillers. They enhance the story and are interspersed between the songs. The 60's were a marvellous time for further musical progress. Looking to the Beatles, Stones, Searchers, Kinks etc were a delight. The Hollies songs were by no means less awaited with expectancy and did not disappoint. Their hallmark was their harmony, energy and as usual neatly attired and attractive!

The initial covers of 'Rockin' Robin','Stay','Baby That's All', were followed by the better known hits. The DVD 'complete performances' are memorable. Mimed performances are well-synchronised, the live versions note-perfect. The harmonies were apparently based on the influence of the Everly Brothers. Graham Nash and Allan Clarke were at infant school together, sang in the choir, were known for their vocal harmonies, (even including 'The Lord's Prayer') and decided to form a group. Allan Clarke's vocals are instantly identifiable as are Nash's high-pitched complimentary hallmark unison.
The 'Hollies' name came from a combination of Buddy Holly and Christmas!
The songs are all vital to the period and are still fresh. Graham Nash's departure after a meeting with David Crosby was a dent but well-explained. The last filmed Hollies with the established line-up are here. 'Listen To Me' and 'Do The Best You Can'. They did impact on America but they remain British.
Allan Clarke went and came back. Tony Hicks and Bobby Elliott were no means just in there. They were integral to the sound. Tony Hicks vocals and guitar work were vital. Elliot's fluent driving, likewise. They are part and parcel of the Hollies' sound. Nor miss the contribution of Terry Sylvester, later joining having been with the 'Swinging Blue Jeans'.

They are all highlights. 'King Midas In Reverse', 'On a Carousel', 'I'm Alive', 'Here I go Again', 'Air That I Breathe','Bus Stop','Carrie Anne' and the emotional 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother'. The others are here to see and hear.
Superbly produced, well-filmed with great sound. They have done 'Dylan' and 'Buddy Holly' tributes with distinction. This is a wonderful group and a precious reminder of their talent and influence. They stayed together through a period of rapid evolution.The film and music are everlasting.Took a while to be inaugurated into the American 'Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame' in 2010.
The 12 page booklet and interviews are most informative. The menu gives the choice options for flexibility. 184 minutes of running time including interviews. Home movies (knocking Elliot's hat off when he had hair) and backstage films are an added attraction. The Hollies have a unique sound and place in music. Highly recommended and lends to repeat viewing.
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on 18 October 2011
This series of releases is obviously targetted at the fans as there is a care and attention to detail taken here. This latest set includes the cream of The Hollies' most well-known songs from the '60s up till the mid '70s (when the hits dried up); a handful of songs which have performnces existing are missing from the set but are nothing drastic. The quality of most of the visuals is very sharp and where a record was mimed to, this has been re-dubbed with a crisp digital version of same. All songs are presented complete minus captions etc. (if selected as a "play all songs" option). Otherwise you get a long and interesting documentary featuring interviews with Clark, Nash, Hicks and Elliott, broken up by the numbers they are discussing.

This DVD set is presented exactly as I would like to see it (i.e. complete song performances, no intrusive screen logos or song captions and re-dubbed digital sound where possible plus an option to view the songs in isolation or as part of the doc). It's also a long running time.

The only criticisms I would make are:
Firstly, there are more interesting performances existing of a few of the songs featured here which were omitted, such as lovely colour clips of Butterfly / Dear Eloise / On A Carousel from Mike Douglas Show (U.S. 1967), Carrie Anne (Smothers Brothers (U.S. 1967), Jennifer Eccles (Hollywood Palace, U.S. 1968) and U.K. TV appearances from 1968 (Bobbie Gentry Show; one of the last existing appearances with Nash) and Julie Felix (1970). All of which are prime Hollies material that deserved to be seen by a wider audience at last! The lack of those key U.S. performances is surprising as the set is U.S. produced. There are some interesting TV appearances included though which usually get overlooked (e.g. Croatian TV), so it isn't all bad news on the selection front.
Secondly, a few (not all, I don't think) clips appear to be PAL original material converted to NTSC, with a slight resulting softness of image. It would have made sense to master direct from PAL to PAL for U.K. release, where originating material was in that format (and a lot of it was).

Still, all told, these British Invasion series releases are well worth the modest price they sell for. This release is NOT the definitive or last word on The Hollies (as several key TV appearances mentioned above have been overlooked). But it's far superior to The Dutch Collection DVD and still rates four stars for high quality. I hope the range continues to expand. I would like to see further volumes on other overlooked (in DVD terms) '60s acts such as Manfred Mann, The Zombies, The Yardbirds and The Animals.
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on 16 October 2011
I put this in the player with the intention of spending a few minutes just flicking through it.

It turned out to be spellbinding - I watched it through from beginning to end. Absolutely superb!

The musical performances are first class, the interviews are interesting, the sound and video are exceptionally good. It emphasises just how brilliant The Hollies were.

Perhaps the most remarkable highlight is the footage of On A Carousel being recorded at Abbey Road.

Very highly recommended.
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on 5 October 2011
This is another well produced DVD from Reelin In The Years. However it's a shame the following hits are missing : Searchin, Stay, We're Through, Yes I Will, If I Needed Someone. Surely film of these tracks exists somewhere. It appears to have been compiled more from an American perspective, all the missing tracks having been U.K. hits before the band broke through Stateside. Still a must have for Hollies fans.
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on 4 October 2011
Firstly, the presentation of the DVD - the case, insert and visuals are, as usual for this series, superb. Beautifully presented with a nice clear menu 'setlist'! As for the actual documentary - it is wonderful to see Clarke, Hicks, Nash and Elliott talk so fondly about the band and all those many classic songs. I had seen quite a bit of the actual song footage before, but not in such stunning detail and with crystal clear sound. Moreover, the segment of Rod Shields footage when King Midas In Reverse was playing is a super little look into life on the road and the spare time of the band at the height of the success. As for the Abbey Road 'Carousel' footage - wow! Breathtaking. Listen to those vocals...!

I understand that the documentary is featuring mainly the Nash era (as mentioned in the notes), but it was nice to have those four Sylvester-era tracks on there too. Plus...there are colour snippets from 'Don't Get Sunburnt' over the opening montage and the audio for 'Amazing Grace' over the end credits. It would be wonderful to have this officially released at some point!

There has obviously been a great deal of loving care put into this production - it shows from the very start. I'd love to see this film on the big screen in a cinema. Without wishing to sound too 'gushing', in some respects it's actually quite an emotional experience to watch this film - here are four guys looking back on success over a nearly FIFTY year period! Let's not forget the other guys who made the story possible - Sylvester, Haydock, Calvert, Rickfors et al. It would have been nice to have a little bit of comment from them, but I can understand the restrictions of time, budget and scope of the production. It's nice to hear Ron Richards' interview comments added into the story - a shame he is no longer with us to enjoy the film.

To sum up, a great, great DVD - thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish and a completely necessary addition to a Hollies fan's collection. I'm very hopeful that this DVD will 'do the business' in the shops and will be warmly received by the public.

Many congratulations to director David Peck and his team on this fine production and I wish them every success with this and hopefully many future endeavours. As I've said after viewing the Small Faces and Gerry & The Pacemakers releases - this is how a music documentary should be done. Full stop.
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on 10 October 2011
I have bought all of the British Invasion dvd sets and can say that they are in the top of their class as far as quality and archive footage is concerned .
The Reelin team deserve respect and a big thanks from 60s fans for obtaining some fantastic footage and Interesting Interviews with the performers , Hopefully they will bring out some more ,With maybe bands like Pretty things , Manfred mann , Who ,ect ,Or even a compilation of any shows that exist .
Look forward to more in the future , Recommended.
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on 19 February 2013
This dvd is great from the beloved Hollies band of the 1960s and 1970s. Not only do you listen to the Hollies excellent sounds and view the various performances, as well as the delightful harmonizing of Allan Clarke and Graham Nash, as I have stated in my Hollies "Reunion" review, they are like "Brothers in Harmony," as the harmonizing technique comes so easily to Graham Nash as he easily harmonizes with the brilliant voice of Allan Clarke their Lead Singer, but the interviews and other background information that are presented are extremely interesting and enjoyable. Yes! Truly the Golden Era of the Hollies, was when during the 1960s Allan Clarke, Graham Nash and Tony Hicks teamed-up with their special blend of the three-in-one harmonizing techniques, as only they could do, and not forgetting Bobby Elliott, their excellent drummer, also other members of the Hollies that I have not mentioned in this review. I give this dvd a five star rating of excellence and I would encourage anyone to buy this dvd and notice the fantastic voice of Allan Clarke, who was underated for his singing during that particular time, also to notice the speciality of the Hollies, their harmonizing techniques. Allan Clarke, Graham Nash and Tony Hicks were great composers of the Hollies songs and when Graham Nash left the band in 1968, Allan wrote along with Roger Cook "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress," as well as singing this song with its remarkable lyrics, as you will know when you view this dvd. What a Team! This is a special dvd with special features - great memorabillia.

I will finish this review by stating that the Hollies are: Kings of the past, present and future groups!
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on 12 November 2011
This is a fantastic DVD for all fans of The Hollies, Crosby Stills & Nash and 60's music. The performance videos show the limitations of 60's TV, but shows that the group liked to have fun on stage. The interviews with Clarke, Hick, Nash & Elliott are particularly enlightening. The stand out piece though is the short documentary about recording On A Carousel at Abbey Road.
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on 27 April 2014
I absolutely love the 'Look Through any Window' dvd. I became a Hollies fan long ago but had not seen lots of the footage in this dvd. I loved it - love the interviews with the boys, particularly Allan Clarke. Allan was always my favourite and I truely believe one of the most underrated voices in pop/rock. This dvd really stands the test of time. I will enjoy watching it again & again. I have seen The Hollies in recent years - it is wonderful to see Tony & Bobby still making music but for me the heart of The Hollies is not quite there now. I guess I was very lucky - I saw them perform many times with Allan as lead singer- nothing can quite match that. This dvd really showcases The Hollies in their prime. Really a 5 star rating!!
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on 2 April 2014
A must for any fan of sixties music.
I always liked the Hollies sound but until you watch this film you don't realise just how talented they were.
Thoroughly entertaining with fantastic interviews with the band. Love the way they all talk about the way the songs and sounds evolve.
Even after Graham Nash left , they had to my mind , some of their best hits,such as Long Cool Woman ,The air that I Breathe
Allan Clarke is a legend , one of the best lead vocalists ever,and seen at his best in this film.
I have watched it 3 times already and will watch again and again . Magic !
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