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on 26 April 2017
Great DVD selection
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on 3 February 2013
Wathcing the first of his movies brings to mind exactly how much things have changed with regard to our attitudes to the treatment of wildlife.

In the first film, the boat is following whales (a mother and a calf), in short it hits a baby whale, the baby whale is bleeding to death, when sharks start to eat it, well....., the crew start to shoot at the sharks and the whole thing ends up in a bit of a bloodbath. David Attenborough would not approve. ;-)

Regardless, it stands the test of time and is probably one of the best documentaries made, especially given its age.

The other movies are also pretty good, but I'd buy it for the 'original' Cousteau movie "The Silent World".

p.s. My discs were printed correctly, correct movies on the correct disks.
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on 3 December 2011
These three movies are without doubt classics which should be in the collection of every diver, marine biologist or oceanographer. We owe Cousteau so much.

There is just one thing to watch out for, in the set I received the discs for "The Silent World" and "Voyage To The Edge Of The World" had each others labels on them! For this reason alone I only gave the set just 4 out of 5 stars.
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on 18 November 2011
Has anyone else noticed that disks 1 and 3 are labelled with each others content respectively, or am I the only one with this error?
Rating's for the films of course, not the misprinted labels!
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on 31 July 2014
What can I say that hasn't already been said about the wonderful Jacques Costeau and the crew of the Calypso? These are a truly eye-opening and in some cases, frightening insight into the world under the seas. They were true pioneers - taking life-threatening risks and pushing boundaries with equipment that which (although very new in its day) looks almost primitive by comparison with what the ordinary day skipper might take out with him.

It's beautiful, incredible and also sometimes depsressing to think that the wilderness that these men were discovering is being spoilt by continual exploitation and pollution.

Thank you, M. Costeau. I could watch these again and again. If you don't konw anything about Jacques Costeau, look up his life story on Wikipedia so that you can fully appreciate the achievements of the man and then watch these films. For the person of a certain age (myself included in that!) we shall never forget how he opened our eyes to the Undersea World on TV in the 60s and 70s. These films are all that and more.
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on 24 March 2014
I dont know whats more mystifying... all the 5 star reviews of these films or the fact Cousteau and his crew are regarded as fantastic voyageurs of the sea...

Me and my mrs could literally only stand about half an hour of the first film... definitely not for the kids!!

In that first half hour we saw...
Costeau and his crew smash along the sea bed crushing the corals beneath their feet, chopping up marine life with their handheld propellers and axes. They see a sea turtle and wrestle/ride it, and report how it needs air to breath as it struggles to the surface, then as a joke, say "how tired the turtle is" afterwards.

Next they say how dynamite fishing is illegal, then proceed to pile up hundreds of fish they've killed or injured... with dynamite???

When they came across a large group of whales i was fearful of what they would do... the skipper "has never been so close to whales before" so decides to "have a go"... at harpooning it of course.
Next, a whale gets rammed. Next, the baby whale gets rammed, and failing to turn off the engines, badly lacerated. The ocean turns red, which attracts 100's of sharks, that feed on the corpse. In an attempt to, I quote; "avenge" the baby whale (that THEY killed?), they drag shark, after shark, after shark, onto the boat with spears through their faces...

This is the point me and the mrs had to turn it off... and i'm not any kind of marine activist, or even squeamish!
I love watching these beautiful sea creatures, and i know this was in the 60's but that doesn't justify the killing here.

unbelievable 5 star reviews. i have no intention of finding out what's on the other 4 hours of footage, but watch Cousteau and his boys at your own peril!
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on 22 November 2011
As a long time fan of Jacques Cousteau and one who had enjoyed the initial viewings of his full length movie releases, it was a long awaited thrill to be able to finally see these classics. Additionally these were advertised as having digitally restored prints of these movies that I had cherished in my memory.

I was sufficiently pleased with the quality of these movies, especially given the age and conditions under which they obviously filmed. I think that they are fantastic historical statements, and speak volumes for themselves. Therefore, I will not attempt to review their contents with my comments.

I had started following Cousteau's adventures back in the 1950's initially through the pages of National Geographic magazine and on television with early broadcasts of the first two movies and of course his various TV series throughout the mid 1960's thru the late 1990's. They always had brought me a lot of pleasure and continued my deep appreciation for the wonders of undersea world and the need for man to understand the need to minimize his negative impact upon it.

Though I am from the U.S., I was fortunate enough to discover that this release, as well as The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau (19 Disc Box Set) and The Ultimate Jacques Cousteau Collection (21 Disc Box Set), was to be available as English language versions. Having a multi-format DVD player, I have eagerly purchased them all and have begun to re-live the days when the Calypso adventures brought intrigue and excitement to my TV viewing.

Sadly, according to The History Channel in the U.S., they have no plans to issue any of these in the States in NTSC format and they seemed unaware that they were even to be released in Europe.

As commented on by reviewer Henry Higgins "snobbish phonetics professor", I was shocked and concerned when I started to watch what was labeled as The Silent World and then to see the menu for Voyage To The Edge Of The World show up. I was primed to see the 1956 film and was greatly depressed to be watching the 1976 film instead. My fear was that my set contained 2 copies of the latter film and was missing the former. After quickly ejecting that disc and then putting in the one labeled Voyage To The Edge Of The World, my fears subsided as the menu for The Silent World appeared. At that point I did a quick sanity check of the third disc, just to verify that it wasn't a mis-labeled disc with A Nightmare on Elm Street on it or something. Fortunately, it had the correct content.

Hopefully, with their release, they will thrill many more viewers and continue the wonderful legacy of Jacques Cousteau for decades to come.
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on 4 January 2013
Always loved Cousteau, the DVDs are incredible, time flies and you want more. Beautifully film and interresting comments...the annecdote are good and funny without been cheesy. must have as a classic
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on 12 July 2013
This was a perfect present for my father- he watched the films originally at the cinema. The product arrived promptly and in excellent condition.
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on 18 January 2014
I bought this item for a Christmas gift and it is very good and we have watched the dvds loads
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