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on 13 July 2011
This is the most amazing value for money box set i've seen. Five studio albums and Strangers, bonus tracks and a new fantastic live recording from 1974. Buy Buy Buy !!!!!
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on 17 August 2011
most ufo fans will have all these albums, this 5 cd set consists of ALL THE SCHENKER ERA ALBUMS FROM 74 TO 79, as well as the 1973 ep give her the gun, great remastering, my only problem at first was the bonus tracks that came out with the ufo chrysalis albums reissues back in 2008 are not included here, HOWERVER what we do indeed get here is an amazing show from 1974 and i belive it was one of ufos first ever us gigs, i have had this show on a cassette tape for about 30 years and always looked for it and hoped to find it as a bootleg on lp or cd at record fairs and second hand record shops but this show to my knowledge never came out on bootleg cd or lp so i was thrilled to see it included on this 5 cd set, for me that was the main selling point here, outside of that i have everything else here, this show from georgia 1974 was recorded for radio so it sounds awsome, ive been a ufo fan for 33 years now and i hope they do the tonka years from 80 to 83 as a box set like this, if that is indeed done then i hope they include the whole hammersmith 83 gig that was released as headstone from the farewell shows in april 83, i have loved every era of ufo from the ufo 1 album in 1970 on to ufo two ( or flying) in 1971 onto this era, the tonka era but the only era i did not like was the 84 to 86 poser pretty boy atomic tommy era tailor cut for us radio and mtv at the time, odd but i did like the aint misbehavin mini album from 1988 and loved the high stakes album with archer and edwards in 1991 as well as the awsome reunion album walk on water back in 1995, im still rockin to ufos new music today in 2011 and i think there line up now is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! phil mogg has always been an amazing song writer to me, if you are a so so casual fan and dont have all these albums then you can get them all here with the bonus show from 1974 for a great price, you cant loose with this set if you like ufo in any way.............
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on 31 July 2011
This is UFO at their very, very best. Ok, so it doesn't contain huge amounts of previously unreleased material, and there aren't T-Shirts, badges, calendars, books and posters in it, but does any of that matter? No - what you get here is the music, with good sound quality, and that's what counts. All for under £12 - the saying is "A no-brainer".
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on 17 July 2011
Ok, first of all I apologise for the title of my review as this was the best I could think of for the initials U F O! (There were others but then Amazon wouldn't have published the review!). The two earlier reviews from Paul and Stan say it all really in that this is an amazing value set which contains one of rock music's most consistent and imaginative output coutesy of the classic UFO line up (with slight personnel variations aong the way). Incredible to think that these 5 studio albums, and a classic live album, all came out during a mere 6 year period - especially when you consider that this is the time most bands nowadays take to put out one album (if you're lucky!). No more needs to be said about the music really but just to add that the mastering on this 5 CD set is spot on and comes in a 'fat box' style CD case making it convenient and, well, compact to store or take with you on that (very long) car journey! It even has that Hipgnosis style sleeve (it isn't a genuine Hipgnosis design on closer inspection of the booklet notes) which we all know and love of the albums represemted here. I would strongly recommend buying this set now before Chrysalis realise that this is a silly price (for us, the buyer's favour that is!) and decide to double it - I would have expected to pay nearer [] quid for a 5 disc set and wouldn't have batted an eye lid. Great listening and definately the box set of the Millenium so far. Oh - and the unreleased live set in Atlanta, 1974 is worth the price alone by the way!
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on 20 July 2011
Having all of UFO's original Vinyl lp's, first generation CD's, compilations, remasterd editions of CD releases with extras and recently re-released double vinyl (with extras) I wasn't going to bother with this.


Apart from having all the 1970's Michael Schenker output on 5 compact discs and a few extra rarities including the first American concert and seeing it was going for a laughable 12 notes I couldn't resist. I'm glad as I am on disc 4 since coming back from work and been listening to this most of the night.

The sound is superb (even with one speaker down!) The version of 'Lights Out' from the legendary John Peel's session from summer 1977 is the best I have heard. This set is superbly and economically packaged, has a booklet with a Sir Philip Of Mogg interview and has disc reproductions of the green and later blue and white chrysalis labels of the 1970's.

Amazon delivered this for free within 3 working days as well so I cannot recommend this enough. Either for current 'Space Cadets' or 'curious musicos' willing to give the most under appreciated rock band ever a spin and have their lives changed as mine was as a 14 year old in 1979 hearing 'Strangers In The Night' for the first time.

For Gods sake buy a copy, hell, buy 10 and give one to a friend. 100 % Platinum stuff for an insane price.

Unbelievably this band are due to go into the studios and make a new record for release in early 2012 ( Vinnie Moore now on guitar and minus basist Pete way - last 3 albums with Vinnie brilliant !) so keep an eye out for that too. As the great man himself would say -'Keep On Rockin'

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VINE VOICEon 30 March 2012
The value of this set obviously cannot be faulted. All the albums from UFO's most successful, and probably highest-quality period for a little over a tenner is remarkable.

But, having gone through the process of issuing all of these albums as remasters with bonus tracks, why is this set missing almost ALL of the bonus tracks from those releases? As another reviewer pointed out, the version of Strangers In The Night here is not the expanded version, but in actual fact NONE of the albums are the expanded versions. Leaving out demos and yet more live tracks (when actually rather a lot of bonus live material has been included in this box anyway) is fair enough, but there are genuine studio bonus tracks. There are some unreleased bonus tracks in their place, but most of them are just single edits of regular tracks, or further live versions (in most cases taken from the BBC In Session and Live Concert album).

Bonus tracks missing tracks:
Sixteen, Doctor Doctor (Live), Oh My (Demo), Sixteen (Demo) from Phenomenon
A Million Miles, Mother Mary (Live Radio One), Out In The Street (Live Radio One), Shoot Shoot (Live Radio One), Let It Roll (Live at The Roundhouse), This Kid's (Live At The Roundhouse) from Force It
All Or Nothing, French Kisses, Have You Seen Me Lately Joan, Do It If You Can, All The Strings from No Heavy Petting
Lights Out (Live At The Roundhouse), Try Me (Live At The Roundhouse), Love To Love (Live At The Roundhouse), Getting' Ready (Live At The Roundhouse) from Lights Out
Hot 'n' Ready (Live), Pack It Up (And Go) (Live), Ain't No Baby (Live) from Obsession
Cherry (Live), Hot 'n' Ready (Live) from Strangers In The Night (Remaster)

Bonus tracks included:
Give Her The Gun (from Phenomenon)
Sweet Little Thing (from Phenomenon)
Doctor Doctor (single edit, 1st time on CD)
Doctor Doctor (live single edit, 1st time on CD)
On With The Action (live, 1st time on CD)
Try Me (single remix, 1st time on CD)
Only You Can Rock Me (single version, 1st time on CD)
6 tracks from BBC In Session And In Concert (seven more are not here, one is listed above)
8 tracks from an unreleased concert in Atlanta, 1974

So yes, this set is good, but it's not perfect, and things have probably been left off and replaced with other unreleased material so that completists will feel the need to buy both this and the individual remasters.
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on 20 July 2012
What a bargain, for about £12, you get 5 studio albums, the essential live classic Strangers in the Night, plus some unreleased goodies (radio broadcasts etc). What you get is one Britains premier hard rock bands, at their commercial and artistic peak, (mid to late 70s when Metal Mickey wielded the Axe). The studio albums, may contain a mixture of classics and fillers, but every rock fan should own Strangers in the Night, and at the price there are no excuses not to buy.
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Thought this clear track listing would be of use,
Please advise any mistakes in the comments and I'll correct.

Despite the fact it's not a review just an attempt to give a little info to those of us that Love the music and group already two people has rated this listing as unhelpful?
I'm truly puzzled that a list of what's on the Cds can be considered as unhelpful?

A big thankyou to all of you who do give a positive rating.
Track listing
1. Give Her the Gun
2. Sweet Little Thing
3. Oh My
4. Crystal Light
5. Doctor Doctor
6. Space Child
7. Rock Bottom
8. Too Young to Know
9. Time on My Hands
10. Built For Comfort
11. Lipstick Traces
12. Queen of the Deep
13. Doctor Doctor (Single Edit)
14. Rock Bottom (Bob Harris Session)
15. Time on My Hands (Bob Harris Session)
16. Give Her the Gun (Bob Harris Session)

1. Oh My (Live at Electric Ballroom)
2. Doctor Doctor (Live at Electric Ballroom)
3. Built for Comfort (Live at Electric Ballroom)
4. Give Her the Gun (Live at Electric Ballroom)
5. Cold Turkey (Live at Electric Ballroom)
6. Space Child (Live at Electric Ballroom)
7. Rock Bottom (Live at Electric Ballroom)
8. Prince Kujuku (Live at Electric Ballroom)
9. Let It Roll
10. Shoot Shoot
11. High Flyer
12. Love Lost Love
13. Out in the Street

1. Mother Mary
2. Too Much of Nothing
3. Dance Your Life Away
4. This Kid's (Including Between the Walls)
5. Natural Thing
6. I'm a Loser
7. Can You Roll Her
8. Belladonna
9. Reasons Love
10. Highway Lady
11. On with the Action
12. A Fool in Love
13. Martian Landscape
14. Too Hot to Handle
15. Just Another Suicide
16. Try Me
17. Lights Out

1. Gettin' Ready
2. Alone Again
3. Electric Phase
4. Love to Love
5. Try Me (Single Remix)
6. Too Hot to Handle (John Peel Session)
7. Lights Out (John Peel Session)
8. Try Me (John Peel Session)
9. Only You Can Rock Me (John Peel Session)
10. Pack It Up (And Go)
11. Arbory Hill
12. Ain't No Baby
13. Lookin' Out for No. 1
14. Hot 'N' Ready
15. Cherry
16. You Don't Fool Me
17. Lookin' Out for No. 1
18. One More for the Rodeo
19. Born to Lose
20. Only You Can Rock Me (Single Version)

1. Natural Thing (Live)
2. Out in the Street (Live)
3. Only You Can Rock Me (Live)
4. Doctor Doctor (Live)
5. Mother Mary (Live)
6. This Kid's (Live)
7. Love to Love (Live)
8. Lights Out (Live)
9. Rock Bottom (Live)
10. Too Hot to Handle (Live)
11. I'm a Loser (Live)
12. Let it Roll (Live)
13. Shoot Shoot (Live)
14. Doctor Doctor (Live)
15. On with the Action (Live Single B-Side)
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on 25 March 2013
You got 5 discs of Micheal Schenker Driven UFO. Definatly a very underated band, the guitar work and musicianship is 1st class, some great double bass drumming from Andy Parker but in my oppinion Mad Micky Scenker steals the show throughout. Don't think singer Phill Mogg would like to hear that but he's got a good voice aswell, I'm just more into the music than vocals TBH.
Turn up Hot 'n' Ready, that song says it all. 10/10 Can't think of anything bad to say about this.10/10
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on 23 September 2011
I bought this cd because I remember going to one of thier concerts in the early 1980s, fantastic box set at a brilliant price, buy it, you'll love it!
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