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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 25 March 2012
I was really looking forward to this game. I pre-ordered it back in December. I've been playing it since I arrived home from the store with it and I am incredibly disappointed.

The first thing is that Capcom may have its name on this game (and in retrospect may wish they hadn't), it is in fact the offspring of a company called Slant Six. I am informed that Slant Six has been responsible for some of the worst games available.

It is a team based game, but you can play it alone if you really want to put yourself through it. If you do play solo then you get a team of semi-useless AI characters. It is possible to complete the game this way, but it isn't easy. Yes it is a little better as a multiplayer, but not much.

The "story" takes place during the time frame of Resi 2 and 3.

You start off with the "Wolfpack". Remember them, the team that went in with Hunk (the Grim Reaper) to recover the G-virus that Birkin was going to hand over to the US government and was wiped out by the G-Birkin, the only known survivor being team leader Hunk himself. Sadly, you can't play Hunk himself; you are just one of the team. All of that is Resi Law it's in RE2 - Leon and Clare go running round Raccoon City and run into Ada and the Birkins, and a lot of zombies.

It should have been interesting, the whole story from the Umbrella side - like with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles where the whole story was told through Albert Wesker's eyes. In this case there was no story, not even the old ones to follow through - even in what should have been the story mode.

Game choices are casual, normal, veteran and professional, but game play is appalling (regardless of multiplayer or solo play). There are a lot of bugs, and I do mean a LOT of them.

I took cover behind a barrier (as prompted) and the guards (human beings, not zombies) could still shoot me and those with me.

I tossed grenades in the enemy's direction and they never went off.

You can only carry 2 weapons - hand gun and one other, and you cannot pick up or store ammunition for later use. Not that it really matters as you can have an enemy dead-to-rights and suddenly find you're shooting at the ceiling or the gun targeting is travelling upwards or sideways away from what you're trying to kill. Auto targeting is even worse - it doesn't lock on to the enemy.

We had cleared an area of enemies/zombies and suddenly there was a spawn and dozens more appeared out of no-where surrounding us.

I was trying to get round behind the Boss and suddenly found that I couldn't move. This also happened in general play when several of us could be heard screaming abuse at the game as our AI became stuck in one place for no particular reason.

Worse is the fact that any AI comrades in your team are dire. When they are wounded, you have to chase around after them in order to use a health spray on yourself and one of them. Also there are a number of green health herbs you can use (but the AIs won't come near you so you can't heal them too) and you cannot collect them for later use.

Please CapCom, I beg you, don't hand over control to Slant Six again. They obviously don't have a clue.

This game is so bad, I'm left questioning whether or not to cancel my Resident Evil 6 pre-order, especially if it is to be another team/multiplayer only game.

As a fan I would like you to relaunch the previous games, up-grade them and give us all a treat for our PS3s. They've done it with Tomb Raider and Silent Hill and you did it for the Wii with RE0,RE,RE:UC and RE:DC. As a fan I've handed over my hard earned cash for them without a second thought and would do the same for the RE series on PS3.

Please listen to your fans, before you ruin this well loved franchise completely.
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on 1 August 2012
Firstly this is NOT a true Resident Evil game. i.e, it is not part of the series.

It is a sub-story telling how the umbrella spec-ops feared during the 2nd and 3rd installments of the game. In short you won't care as none of the playable characters have any substance to them.

I've played through it twice now, it is just too glitchy! Rubbish gun control, special abilities that do very little, appalling AI characters that will just kill themeselves over and over. The list goes on.

There are not enough models of zombies, you find yourself shooting the same one over and over again... It's as if Racoon City was inhabitited by twins and triplets!

In the game you encounter bigger BOs like Hunters and Lickers (I was excited too), but they are awful. The Hunters are more or less invisible and the lickers seem to hover as if they dicovered levitation in one of the labs underneath Racoon City.

This game could have been so much better if Capcom had just done it themselves. I believe Slant Six (I've not played anything from them before) are the ones to blame here. They were given one of the leading game titles to use and didn't take much care in delivering a good product, they rose on the success of the brand.

Resident Evil sells, we all know that... But only a good Resident Evil game is remembered.

My advice... Wait for RE6

Resident Evil 6 (PS3)
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on 7 January 2013
There's nothing wrong with an all out action game, but you need a solid combat system with decent weapons and firefights to keep you coming back for more. I haven't played this in a few weeks now, because the game is relentless in terms of action and it's not particularly fun action either. I tried playing it online and no-one is joining my game at all, so it's a bog standard single player game to me now. I will complete it at some point when I can be bothered, but just don't bother buying it, the shooting mechanics are pretty poor and take a lot of bullets to kill, you'll end up reloading more than once to kill someone at a distance for example, unless it's a sniper rifle, the game is apparently extremely short, you can finish it within 6 hours or less and you wouldn't want to come back to it. I'll be sticking to the main franchise if I continue to buy Resi games. Resi 6 is a pretty fun game, much better than this in terms of fun and value for money.
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on 18 August 2015
This game was criticised alot especially for its glitches and short campaign and the fact it was made by a different developer for capcom,but that aside it has a more detailed look at the destruction of raccoon city and its various characters from re 2 and 3.You get to play as the wolfpack sent in to destroy evidence and eliminate survivors.I loved the g birkin intro,the return of nemesis,and the different locations eg.labs and zombie filled streets.You can also play the specops missions as dlc.I also loved the soundtrack and the unlockable weapons and concept art.
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As a "Resident Evil" fan, I was really looking forward to this game. And it is a welcome addition to the saga. Yet it is quite different from previous Res Evil games. It is set in the same universe, with some of the same characters featured, but it is distinct and stands apart from the other games in the series.

In most respects, this game is best described as "good fun". It in no way seeks to make any advances in the graphics department, or in character playability - as compared to other games. But the graphics are not poor - rather, they are average.

This is, essentially, a team game. You run around, in third-person, shooting the enemies (and there are LOTS of them to kill). Distinct from previous Res Evil games, this is a 4-player co-op game. And it's best played as such (as the AI characters are rather stupid).

So, as a third-person shooter this game is good. It's got plenty of zombies to kill! And the fact that a number of Res Evil characters are included (e.g Leon) give the game a special quality.

The story takes place in Racoon City, back in 1998, when all hell broke loose. This was originally featured in Res Evil 2 and 3, and it is nice to revisit this episode here - in HD with contemporary graphics.

It is not as great as I had hoped. There is a lack of any real sense of horror. And the music is simply not as good as in Res 4 or 5.

But the game is still worth playing. If you're a Res Evil fan, and can get over the fact that this game is quite distinct from the others in the series (while still being set in the same overall universe), then you'll enjoy it.

I'd give it 3.5 out of 5 (that is, 7 out of 10) overall.
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on 12 July 2015
i absolutely love resident evil games all of them 1-6, code veronica,revelations,remastered, even the 1 which was made for the laser gun can't get enough of the series was hooked ever since i played resident evil 1 for ps1. But this game is by far the worse resident evil i have ever played the first level terrible massive disappointment, all the copies of this game should be rounded up and destroyed from existence
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on 18 January 2015
After enjoying a majority of the Resident Evil series prior to this one (RE 1 and 4 being personal favourites) I decided it was time to purchase a RE game on the PS3 so i'd thought i'd go for this one, and what a bad choice it was! The menu layout is awful, the graphics are horrible and dark so you can't see where you're going half the time and it plays more like a COD game than a Resident Evil game and to make matters worse I don't even play Call of Duty, what on earth were the producers of this game thinking?
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on 30 March 2012
soooo, what have we here?
a bona fide action game bearing the resident evil title?
survival horror franchise decides to go for the action throat? but does it work?
well after they threw action to the forefront for games 4 and 5 in the series its become clear that the resi universe is shifting away from survival horror, so after watching the vids on youtube that idea was well and truly banished for this game.
so what do you get instead?
essentially a third person over the shoulder shooter set in Raccoon City during the event of the second and third games in the series, as expected you get see Birkin, Lean, Ada, Clare and of of course some tyrants!
now the game itself plays ok, yes there are a few snags here and there, but i personally didnt notice or get caught in anywhere near as many as some of the other writers here seem to have found themselves in. maybe i got lucky or i just didnt notice them, because that is where this game scrapes back some very good points, this game is frantic, proper frantic in places with the mix of zombies and spec-ops members both trying to end your life, then throw in some BOW`s and it gets hectic.
for me i liked it, there was very rarely a moment where there isnt something going on, it helps keep the adrenalin up and push you on into the next stage of the level.
now the bad.
the graphics arent great, they are functional but considering the power of the PS3 its not the prettiest of games.
and the main thing for me........the shortness of it.
7 stages is all you get. each one being doable in about 30 to 45 ins each first time through.
not the monster you come to expect of r a resi game is it?!
the online modes help as playing with real people certainly beats the shoddy AI (the CPU members cant hit a barn door) and improves the experience tenfold.
the extra online modes which are there for competition and XP gains are great fun, the survival horde one being my personal favourite, they certainly keep you going back for more.
for me i was lucky as i had a week off work following the release of this game and it has kept me very happy and occupied for a good 4 hours each day, so it does have you coming back, but that said i have been playing almost entirely online i get the feeling if it was just the me and PS3 i would have put it down a lot sooner.
overall an opportunity missed, they nailed the online but the games painfully short run time just feels like a kick in the short and curlies considering its price tag.
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on 5 July 2012
Too many reviews for this game say "I've been a fan since RE X" and then give it a low rating because it's not a survival horror game.

I've been a fan since Resident Evil 1, it was the first game I bought on playstation and is still one of my favourite games of all time. This game is nothing like the other resident evil games in terms of gameplay so I don't even bother trying to compare them.

The gameplay is a 3rd person action game style, although a lot of people have complained that it's not very "resident evil like" I think it works well. Traditionally Resident Evil gives you a small amount of zombies to take on at a time, in raccoon city however there are far more zombies, which makes sense considering you're in the middle of a city. The third person action style lets you take on hordes of zombies which you just wouldn't be able to do with the traditional control scheme.

Along with the hand to hand finishers and the fact you're playing as Umbrella operatives it's a new experience in the resident evil universe and one that I really enjoyed. The different abilities from each character makes your choce of character change how you play. I played a lot of the game solo with the AI, which has some problems, playing missions with friends is the strong point of the game and makes it a lot more fun to play.

The game takes place around the time of resident evil 2 and the first misison will remind those who played RE2 of the opening video. Throughout the game you'll also travel through recognizable areas around raccoon city such as the warehouse and clock tower from RE3.

To put operation raccoon city in context with the other RE games, the earlier resident evil games were like the first hour of a zombie horror film, lots of sneaking around terrified about what could be around the next corner. Operation Raccoon City is like the last 30 mins of a zombie film, the zombies are breaking in and you have to fight like mad to survive!

I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes zombie games and doesn't instantly think a game is bad because it isn't what they thought it should be.
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on 23 March 2012
I looked forward to play it, but I am totally disappointed.

It is not Resident Evil anymore.

- Zombies are buggy
- hit zones can't be much more worse as they already are
- (mini)bosses are almost immortal - even at easy diff!
- friend KI is totally useless
- the soundtrack from the menus annoys you after 30 seconds - infinite loop of worst sounds ever
- no real story
- buggy boss encounters (like you can't get behind the FIRST boss because of an invisible wall following him, or get hit once by him and never ever get back up and get smashed until you see "Game Over")
- infinite zombie spawns out of nowhere on some bosses and in some areas - awesome! no, wait, it's NOT!
- only a quick join for campaign, NO server selection

- different "classes"
- unlockable weapons and skills

So, in the end I would NOT recommend buying this. This is just not like resident evil. Better wait for RE6 to come out. Or if you want to play a 3rd person shooter with unlockables, get Lost Planet 2, it is much more fun, less buggy, better unlockables and something of a story!
If you still want to buy RE:Operation Raccon City, wait until the price gets down. Atm the money isn't worth it.
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