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on 14 August 2011
Bella Wheeler had quite a bit resting on her shoulders. She had finally succeeded in restoring her father's reputation, one that had once been tainted. She was a sweet and lovely horse trainer for the British Polo Club and was highly respected in her profession. She was well liked by her co-workers and taken back when she met Nero Caracas, the famous and gorgeous Argentinean polo player.

Susan Stephens took my breath away with The Untamed Argentinean especially with her hero Nero. He was not only rich and famous, he was definitely sexy and whatever he wanted he went after it. Bella definitely he wanted and so with the help of the Prince of England, he worked out an arrangement similar to the program Bella ran in England for children. At a palace dinner, the Prince requested Bella and the horse she loved Misty, travel to Argentina. Once there, she would set up a program for under privileged children, teaching them to ride. She was furious being used that way by Nero. Yet I think secretly she "tingled" all over at the thought of spending time with him.

His palatial ranch was magnificent. His staff Bella fell in love with and they fell in love with Bella and so did the children. The attraction between Bella and Nero was magnificent and their love story such a pleasure to read. I could just picture everything, the horses, the wealthy polo players who came to play against Nero. His horse trainer who adored Bella, his cooks and staff loved her as well. As for Bella, well she fell hard for Nero. It wasn't all hearts and flowers for them. Their passion was amazing but in the end, yes it had to end with Bella returning to England, leaving behind her beloved horse. I cried buckets at their parting.

Magnificent, doesn't even begin to describe this love story. Past hurts for them both concerning their childhoods but in the end, Nero realized his love for this woman was simple and pure and returned to fetch her back home to Argentina in a most romantic and lovely way, thanks to the very talented Susan Stephens.
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on 19 June 2014

There was so much possibility with this book. When it was good, it was good but when it was bad, it was really bad. There were moments where the heroine would misinterpret the actions of the hero to the extent that you'd think she was the stupidest woman on the earth. The buildup to the sex was way way way too long and when it did come, he just shagged her in a barn among hay. I mean hello?? She works with horses but does she have to shag like one. I can understand it if it was the second or third time but the first? Plus the hero sometimes was very unlikable not to mention some of the dialogues are so stilted. The cat and mouse game just went on and on and on. I just started skipping over parts of the book that i disliked and focused on the parts that I liked but then again there would be another part that would make me want to grab my head and hit it against the wall. Because it had so much potential I kept reading and reading hoping that at some point the book will just flow. Nope didn't happen that painful way of writing continued even after he had just told her that he missed her and cared and she went off to deal with her horses and then kept away from him for a week and instead of asking him about herself asked one of the hired help. WHY WHY WHY??????I Really t'd off at the moment. The only reasons I am giving this two stars instead of one, is because firstly it had potential and secondly amazon's one star rating indicates that you hate the book which I don't. I just really really didn't like it.
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on 1 November 2011
One of my favourite authors, ican always escape when i read her books also the discription are very picturesque. the hero and heroine have a sort of magic , i enjoyed very much
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on 9 April 2013
I was looking forward to reading this book. it started well but I found it a little heavy going the further I got into it. I usually enjoy Susan's books but didn't think this was one of her best. I would class it as an 'OK' read but not outstanding. Sorry!
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on 4 January 2015
I really liked Nero and Bella. The secondary characters are interesting and likeable. There's no epilogue which is a shame - but it may be because it is the start of the Acosta Series? I hope so
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on 29 December 2011
I love Mills and Boons modern series and almost all I have appreciated and enjoyed for what they are but I have to say that after reading the storyline and the other readers reviews I was quite let down.
The characters didn't feel very deep to me - in the sense that i knew what they did and what they enjoyed but there was no connection for me to understand what sparked between them, why if they were so in love, it seemed just so easy to walk away... Maybe it's just me being too optimistic for a traditional passionate romance of troubled love ending well but there was no spark for me I am afraid to say though I cannot fault the hero for being an expected sexy alpha male. I just wish there had been more depth than a paddling pool.
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