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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Indigo Scroll|Change
Price:£22.99 - £73.49
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on 29 August 2012
Very impressed with this keyboard, it's pretty compact but very comfortable to type on, some positives:

+ Nice compact size yet large enough to touch type full speed accurately on.
+ Nice action on the keys, they are raised above keyboard base and have a comfortable amount of travel on them.
+ Keyboard feels very solid, heavier than other wireless keyboards I've had before but is actually a bonus when typing away from the desk as it helps it stay more stable. Feels like it will last, unlike the microsoft wireless desktop keyboard which felt flimsy by comparison.
+ On off switch - not all wireless keyboards feature this but can only be good for battery consumption.
+ Laptop style Fn button which allows access to further functions (such has on off or email) through F1-12. Not massively useful to me, but some may appreciate it.
+ Media keys at the top, play back forwards, mute vol -+, fairly standard but always useful.
+ Unifying receiver, is tiny, installation is very easy and works with the same receiver from my mouse. There's a compartment in the battery cover for the spare receiver.

And some negatives:

- Keys have a plastic coating feel, the keypress action feels quality but the keys themselves not so much.
- The lettering appears to be stuck on to the keys, can make out a dark outline where they've been added if you look very close. Potential here for commonly used keys to lose they're lettering but this is just speculation.
- Home and end keys are in the wrong place, located above the number pad, which does take some getting used to. Same for the arrow keys which have been moved to save space.

Overall I'd recommend it, nice good quality keyboard at a reasonable price from a reputable brand. Some concessions on key placement to obtain the compact size whilst still using normally sized keys, but is perfect for me - I needed a keyboard that would equally comfortable to type on a desk and on a lap and this is certainly that.
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on 5 November 2011
As I use my Desktop PC for a good few hours each week, I can become very fussy about my keyboard and mouse - though when I find the right item I'll stick with it for a long time. I'll stick with this keyboard for a long time!

Last week I bought a Logitech M510 wireless mouse and started looking at keyboards to go with it, this one was selected.

Good thing I like about it, is that it's compatible with the Unify nano receiver that I received with my mouse ... as I have a spare - no problem, both the mouse and keyboard have a little storage compartment for the spare item.

The keyboard is small in size, to achive this, it does away with the six common keys that sit above the cursor keys. Four of these (Home, End, Pg Up, Pg Dn) are now located above the numerical keypad in line with the Function keys. The insert and delete keys are also in line with the Function keys although are above the backspace key. All in all, no functionality is lost.

The keyboard works well to combine some handy features as secondary functions in the function keys - things like 'Homepage, Email, Search, Lock PC' - these I won't use much and didn't use as standalone keys on my previous keyboard but it is good that they are there and they are not the primary function of the F-Keys.

Multimedia controls are provided and kept to a minimum, the basic arrangement consists of Track Back, Track Forward & Play/Pause on the upper left. On the upper right you have Mute/Vol Up/Vol Down. Keeping this basic arrangement keeps the keyboard clean of clutter yet allows dedicated keys for what some people use often ... I'll use these with Winamp/WMP.

I can't comment on battery life, it takes two AA batteries which came supplied.

The keyboard comes with some pop-out feet to raise the back a little. I was considering the K340 but a lot of comments about the raising feet being absent and the lack of dedicated media keys drove me away from it.

If you are considering a wireless keyboard, I highly recommend this.
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on 7 February 2013
The Logitech K360 might not be the smallest wireless keyboard, but comes with a full numpad which is in my opinion a good addition. It feels sturdy and the feet that keep it inclined for a more comfortable typing angle look durable. Typing feel is good and the keyboard is decently quiet.

It worked out of the box as soon as the Logitech Unifying receiver was plugged in, and auto detected the keyboard layout (En-UK) without additional effort. I installed the Logitech driver anyway, and it adds a nice notifications on the screen whenever caps-lock and num-lock (which lacks its own LED on the keyboard) are toggled.

Ever since I switched back from Mac to PC, I missed the wireless accessories and the convenience of the media keys on the Mac keyboard. Other keyboards tried to implement this, but end up being flawed in the end (hit and miss bluetooth connection, use of function key for media shortcuts). This keyboard has dedicated media keys (play/pause, skip, volume controls).

All in all this is by far the best value for money I have found in a keyboard and will heartily recommend it, even with windows 8.

Edit after 4 weeks : The keyboard seems to be sensitive to cellphone interference. Whenever I leave my iPhone 5 within 30cm of the keyboard, it starts behaving oddly, delaying key response by a few seconds or not registering key press at all. I was inclined to set it back to 3 starts, but the value for money is still unbeatable.

Battery charge is still at full after 4 weeks of use!

Pros :
- Wireless (Via Logitech Unifying Receiver Wireless Dongle)
- Works out of the box with additional drivers
- Sturdy
- Dedicated media keys
- Funky colors
- Num pad

Cons :
- Proprietary wireless technology (This would be offset if you go full Logitech accessories)
- No Num Lock LED (hence the 4-stars review)
- No Scroll Lock LED (but who uses this anyway)
- Battery life to be confirmed
- Very small arrow keys
- Sensitive to cell phone interference?(edited after 4 weeks of use)
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on 18 November 2014
Looks great and turned up very quickly. Nicely packaged and really easy to type on, the keys are nicely spaced out so you never mistakenly hit the wrong key. Very pleased and would recommend.

Also if you like keys that are of a low profile, yet, you can still feel and hear that they clearly depress when typing this is the keyboard for you.

I plugged in the USB and the keyboard had connected before I even logged on to my laptop.

One slight downfall and the reason it didn't get 5 stars as when it turned up it isn't the same keyboard, in terms of colour, as the image. It comes in a plain glossy black (see picture). Personally I think it looks better but if you are purchasing this for the design then this isn't the keyboard for you because you won't get the design in the picture.

Overall, this is a fantastic keyboard and I would recommend to anyone.
review image
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 2 November 2011
Have limited desk space and this is beautifully compact (37cm x 15cm). Does not feel at all flimsy, I estimate the weight at about 0.5kg. Lovely key action, although I'm no sort of typist.

Has the media control keys I was looking for on the top edge, and 12 useful function keys which can be re-programmed via SetPoint software which you download from the Logitech site (try and do that beforehand if your're swapping out an older keyboard). I also downloaded the 'Unifying' s/w as I have it paired-up with an M510 wireless mouse (Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse).

SetPoint misbehaved slightly at first (flickered like mad), but revisited Logitech download page [...] and installed the 32/64-bit fix. Sorted the problem immediately.

Am running Win 7 64-bit.

UPDATE: I still love this keyboard but had to revert to a corded MS unit after the M510 mouse refused to work because the unifying receiver which both the keyboard and mouse use for communicating with the system is reported (by Logitech) as prone to interference if anything is plugged into a USB 3.0 port on the same system (such as my USB 3.0 hub Inateck 360-Degree Interface Mini Design Portable USB 3.0 4-Port Hub with 5V 4A Power Adapter and 3ft USB 3.0 Cable - Backward Compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1 - Support Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 /MacOS X 10.8.4/ Linux, Black [VIA VL812 Chipset]). Real shame, real stupid, and no updates appeared to be available to deal with the problem. Limitations like that need to be flagged up more prominently I feel. Downgraded from 5 to 3 stars.
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on 3 August 2011
I was looking for a new keyboard as the one I use now has some of the keys fading out and makes it necessary too look for typos from the missing letters. I also have special requirements of the keyboard being wireless, light and not have so many optional keys on its upper surface above the function keys as too be in the way. This keyboard met all those requirements. Where the Logitech logo is is a perfect place too support the keyboard.

Why I need those particular functions is I am stuck in a hospital bed so the keyboard rest on my chest or stomach depending on how the bed is set up that day. This Logitech keyboard is small and light that I even fall asleep with it on me. When I type I can use one hand too grasp the top, which I must do, in order too use the keyboard and type with one hand. This keyboard always me too do that as my last one did.

The Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 is a black keyboard as pictured which is my preference and looks to be of a good quality. As I already had Logitech's SetPoint software on my system I just add this keyboard too it and added it too the software's' keyboard section. This software will allow you too program the features you wish too use or remove. If you do not want to program any special keys or turn off any functions you will not need the software but I find it very handy. Though I have read it does cause problems with some games I have never personally experienced this.

I have not tested the range and will not be able too but the computer is over ten feet away from where I use the keyboard. Since the lights are normally off here I would have loved a back lit keyboard of this size and configuration but one does not exist. And for $30 the keyboard deserves solid functions and a quality product. And unlike your old Christmas toys the batteries are included. All I need now is too replace my old mouse with a wireless trackball mouse which is used on my bed and I will be set.

If you need a small, light high quality keyboard at low cost this is a good choice. Remember it is not a gaming keyboard yet I use it for gaming. Though I must admit most of my functionality for what I play is through my mouse. I am very happy too have a working keyboard that I can use!
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on 1 September 2012
For my office at home I wanted to remove the clutter of peripherals wires going across my desk so I recently invested in a wireless Microsoft mouse and this Logitech K360 keyboard.

The keyboard itself is very small and compact but still manages to fit a full number keypad, which I really like. You also get a variety of function keys and media buttons which you don't usually find on smaller compact keyboards. It feels very nice to type on but you could argue the keys are quite noisy in regards to feedback. You can adjust the functions keys with custom actions with the Logitech keyboard software.

The one thing that does annoy me slightly is that the function key (fn) is on the bottom right hand side of the keyboard rather than the left like most UK QWERTY laptop keyboards I've used over the years. Some keys have also been combined with other keys i.e. Home/Printscreen requiring you to use the function key to use them. Depending on your needs this may be an issue. However because of the small size there had to be trade offs somewhere.

The other slight gripe I have about this keyboard is there are no physical indicator lights for Num lock or Power (it does have a CAPS LOCK indicator). For power it just has a small OFF|ON slider on the top right. However if you install the Logitech Wireless keyboard software from Logitech you can configure it to notify you of events via Windows for when the keyboard is low on battery and system changes related to keyboard events.

Overall though, this keyboard is a very small, lightweight, portable and best of all a wireless keyboard that has plenty of features for such a small and inexpensive keyboard.
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on 13 December 2011
I've bought this keyboard in addition to K800 just to try, which one I will like more.
I wanted to try this one, because it has compact layout that I like coming from laptops (dispenses with right-side key duplication), and also it looked like my laptop chiclet keyboard that I liked.

However, on actually trying it out I've found it to be worse in feel:
- it has chiclet style, however the keys are just too small and space between them too big, enough to make typing uncomfortable. Your fingers start to feel more space between keys than the key caps, which is pointless. Island keys on my laptop about 15-20% larger, and gaps between them are smaller - which makes sense, as it should be only enough space to feel where keys are located
- the key travel is VERY big, this is not a low profile keyboard like on my laptop
- the force needed to press the keys is insane! I also have K800 which is already not the softest one, but K360 is even harder. Which made my fingers feel it after I've typed just several sentences. Not sure how it will be on the long run, maybe you will get used to it, maybe it will tire you even more. Also looks like smallish keys make situation worse.

On photos this keyboard looks like laptop scissor-switch low profile chiclet, however its actually not. In reality K360 is a high-force high-travel keyboard with smallish island keys and non-ergonomic typing feel.
Looks like I will be returning back to K800, which is bigger, but has a backlight and much more comfortable typing feel. I think that better typing feel of K800 is mainly due to "PerfectStroke" key system that is not present on cheaper K360.

Which is a shame, because otherwise K360 works very well - unifying nano-receiver support, good battery life (I would assume 3 years is not too far a stretch), very compact size and a dedicated CAPS LOCK indicator lamp.
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on 22 September 2014
Brilliant keyboard for my needs, compact and has a very nice feel when typing. it has a "Caps Lock" indicator which is great and the keyboard itself feels solid and robust. I gave 4 stars because I believe keyboards SHOULD have a "Num Lock" indicator as well as the "Caps Lock". This one does not have the "Num Lock" indicator.
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on 15 May 2014
For the price bracket and the quality, function of this keyboard I really see this purchase as a no brainer. Yes it doesn't come with dedicated home/pageup/down, etc keys. Yes the function keys double as set point keys and the set point software doesn't really work. Those are extras that you won't really care about in everyday use.

As a basic wireless keyboard this is amazing. It's great for normal use, for gaming and for typing. The chiclet style keyboard has great travel and never gave me hand cramps as some keyboards have done in the past. On most modern desktops/laptops it works without needing drivers. I've used it when formatting windows in the past, you just need to make sure its in the right usb slot. Overall, its just a really, really nice wireless keyboard that feels well built and is a quality product that does what its supposed to do without any complaints. Unless you have your heart set on using a function key to launch your mail client or your browser, you won't have any complaints.

As for battery life, this thing lasts for ages. I've changed the batteries in this once and I've used it for past 2 years. My work requires me to use it everyday at least 5-6 hours a day and I use it a few hours besides that. That is amazing in my mind. Must buy.
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