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on 12 August 2017
WOW. WOW. WOW. this is by far the scariest of all of them that I have seen. Astonishing. I held my breath at points during this and at others had to pause it and leave the room. Crazy scary.
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on 22 March 2017
Love the 80s theme. Really scary.
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on 22 March 2017
You either like this series or you dont.
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on 25 December 2014
Fantastic! Great quality item and super fast shipping!
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on 18 February 2013
The third entry in this seemingly unstoppable franchise is a surprise hit. Horror franchises tend to run out of steam very quickly and certainly by the time the third film arrives, however there is something inherently creepy about Paranormal Activity and the fear factor remains high.

The story revolves around Katie's family again but this time taking it right back to the beginning in her and her sisters childhood. The set-up is the same. The film is shown through the perspective of a handheld camera and a suspicious family member, in this case step dad Dennis, decides he wants to film the house at night to catch the spooky happenings.

It is when the camera is fixed in one place rotating slowly that the tension is ramped up. As the camera slowly pans round you wait in anticipation of something jumping out at you. It is this anticipation that the directors have fun with and they knowingly throw a few scares your way.

Paranormal Activity 3 succeeds with some good jumpy moments. There is always an underlining feeling of dread and not knowing what is about to happen. You cautiously watch the screen waiting for a glimmer of something which normally never comes, but it really does keep you on the edge of your seat.

Although the story is well worn and the characters pretty stock, Paranormal Activity 3 is an effective little horror flick. Its also refreshing to have a film rely on slow burning scares rather than over the top gory effects. At 81 minutes it never outstays it's welcome.

For once a welcome Halloween tradition.
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on 21 July 2013
Minor plot spoilers.

I am not a fan of this series. The stories are too slow to build with long scenes of nothing and then the scare is minimal. This movie is the spoiler for the series as we find out from the subtitle "It runs in the family." We do get an explanation. This is a prequel filmed in high quality DVD using a VHS camera. The acting was better in this one. Lauren Bittner was convincing as Julie. In one scene she puts on a mask and scares the guys. She is so happy she got one over on them, she jumps around with bubbly joy. Also extremely realistic is young Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown) who convinces me she has an imaginary friend named Captain Howdy, er ah Toby. Likewise child actor Chloe Csengery did an excellent job as Katie as she goes screaming across the room.

There is a sex scene that is comical. Dennis (Christopher Nicholas Smith) starts out mouthing "wack-a-da, wack-a-da" porno music and as a romantic sort stampedes right to Julie's chest. There are some strange events going on in the house, so it gets wired for VHS tapes. Now as I recall the longest VHS tape setting was 6 hours (some were 8 hours) which means they would of had to been changed out frequently and viewed for paranormal activity with some scenes lasting for a second. With multiple cameras going 24/7...well you get the idea of how tedious and impracticable this becomes. In one scene the stationary VHS camera is looking at the entire girl's bedroom and then the next second it is focusing on Kristi's bed. While they used the amateur camera for a realistic effect, they didn't stay true to it, which made for a better movie. Maybe one day they will discover how real movies are made.

What is not credible is the wife not believing what is going on and refusing to look at the evidence on film. They had to do this so they could keep the constant build up. Dennis filming everything with the camera at grandma's house didn't make much sense. At some point if you are being chased, you stop filming and run. If you are hiding and need to be quiet, you don't keep the camera on. The chase scene is hard to justify filming in all of these types of movies. I felt a little short changed on the ending.

Like the other movies, it starts out slowly, but it doesn't sputter and grind its wheels like they did. This is my favorite of the three.

F-bomb, no nudity, comical foreplay scene. Was that a 1993 Free Willy stuffed whale in this 1988 movie? Now that was really unexplained.
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on 7 June 2013
I have to admit, I strongly dislike the Paranormal Activity series. I don't find them scary at all and I don't like that everything looks like it's been filmed on a family camcorder. I would probably have to say that this is the best out of all three Paranormal Activity movies, because at least this one gave me a couple of jumps, whereas I fell completely asleep in the other films. I don't know if I missed something, but I don't seem to recall 'Bloody Mary' appearing in this film as she did in the trailer. I found this thoroughly disappointing as that was really the only reason I watched this film. The Paranormal Activity movies also greatly confuse me because they are all linked to each other and yet the events that take place don't really seem to follow on from one another and I got the impression that the characters had forgotten the past horrors, which makes absolutely no sense to me.

The third movie takes us back to 1988 again as a sort of prequel to the prequel and we see Kristi and Katie as little girls. Kristi mysteriously starts interacting with somebody that noone else can see, who she calls 'Toby'. After Toby's appearance, many strange things start happening in the house, so Kristi's mother's boyfriend, Dennis, sets up several cameras all around the house in order to see if anything weird is going on. Everyday, Dennis collects the tapes that have been recording all night and watches the back. At first he cannot see anything, but then strange things start happening, mysterious moving objects, empty spaces that dust won't fall on, floating sheets and slamming doors. Dennis tries to convince Julie, Kristi and Katie's mother, that there's something weird going on in the house, but she refuses to believe him and this could have consequences for her and her family.

The style of acting in these movies is obviously quite different to any other movie. In addition to the fact that you're being recorded on a home camcorder, the characters are usually seen doing normal everyday things, so there's never really any need to display much acting talent as it's all pretty realistic. I did believe that all the scenes were real and had I not known that this was a film, I probably could've believed that they were real home made tapes. I suppose this means that they all were very good at acting, though it would be interesting to see how these actors fare in normal films where they would be forced to adhere to a script that is probably something they have never actually experienced in real life.

These movies always get better as time goes on. The beginnings are usually very, very slow, in fact, I'm pretty sure nothing interesting happened until the last 15 minutes of the second movie, and this one was much the same. However, by the middle of the movie, much had happened, or at least, enough to tickle your curiosity buds and make you pay attention. I felt like there was much more a story line to this one than the previous movies and it wasn't just everyday life with a bit of a twist there was actually a character, 'Toby', involved in the horror. The ending of this movie is definitely the most frightening bit and I think it was done very well in terms of filming; however, I was slightly frustrated at the end as I wasn't entirely sure what had just happened, but that was probably my own fault. This movie actually has a build up and reaches a climax, unlike its predecessor and I'd say this is probably a case of 'third time lucky' for the producers.

Whilst this film was the scariest out of the three for me, it still no way near as scary as your typical 'horror' movies. If you're a fan of the Paranormal Activity movies, then I'd recommend you watch this as it is miles better than the second movie. If you're a horror movie fanatic, but have never watched any of these movies, then personally, I wouldn't recommend that you do when there are plenty of other horror movies out there; however, that's just me. If you're the sort of person who is easily frightened by the mysterious slamming of a door or 'real' horror, then I suppose this is the sort of movie for you.
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on 27 September 2012
Although this one starts off slow,it's interesting enough to keep going,but then when things don't really move too fast,it does get a little too slow.
Then interesting things start happening,with the tension well and truely there.
This certainly kept me watching,what with the little girl talking to the ghost and weird things going on,then it gets very good.
A lot of far more dramatic stuff starts happening,scaring the babysitter and letting us know it's all about to kick off.
The "bloody mary" scene is really well done,loads of dramatic ghostly goings on,gripping stuff.
Then comes the end,in my opinion,it's a bit weird and disappointing,pity. Though i have watched it for a second time now and it does make sense but still doesn't have the impact i was hoping for. But i have added a star to my original review as it did keep my interest more second time.
I would say if more things happened a bit earlier,just subtle things to let you know there's probably something spooky happening,then they keep most of the last say half hour as it is,but then give a better ending,this would've been the best of the lot.
I really enjoyed some of this,but found some dull and the end a bit weirdly done,so close to being really something.
It frustrates me to think this was looking so good after an iffy start and then just falls a little flat,great shame.
But as i say,on second watch,i appreciated it a lot more and have edited this review a little,so not quite brilliant,but very close.
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on 13 November 2012
I love PA3! Of course the first one will probably remain my favourite, but 3 is a lot better than people give it credit for. The scares are genuine and quite clever in places, and the darkness of the developing story is very well done in my opinion. Yes, there are a few plot holes if you wish to be uber critical, but on a whole I think they hit the bullseye with PA3. PA4 ain't bad either! ;-) (Roll on the Blu-ray for that.)
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on 15 August 2015
From the creators of Catfish (the film, more than the series), the best chapter of the horror saga. It takes the only good thing of the first film (that was just a marketin operation, on my opinion), that is the invisibility of evil, and add a lot of interesting directing solutions, like the great idea of a ventilator point of view, where they sick a camera on, which constantly turns left and right and show you two different empy rooms, creating an increasing suspense since you know, sooner or later, that as the camera turns it will reveal something scary. This is just some of the many ideas the couple of directors inject to refresh this saga. Also a look back at the past, to see the background before and behind the first film. There is more story, more thrilling, and a shocking ending. And eventually a big question: the whole film is srchive footage but, who's eyes we've just watched it through....?
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