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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 14 March 2014
Jamie and Dylan, on opposite coasts, break up with their lovers: each separately vows to stay out of emotional entanglements.

So when Jamie recruits Dylan to run GQ's art department in NYC - and she's the only person he knows in Manhattan - they decide to be friends with sexual benefits.

It works well until Jamie meets a paediatric cardiologist who just might be a match, and Dylan invites her to come home with him to LA for Thanksgiving.

He may be jealous of the doc, she may be sending new vibes in Dylan's direction, but can either see the signals?....

The first thing that really grabbed me about this movie is the fact that Timberlake is very good, and really shows that he could have a good career in these sort of movies.

While the story is essentially 'No Strings Attached' this feels a little more human, whereas that one relied on the star power of the two leads.

The two stars have a very good chemistry right from the start, which makes the film that little more believable, and for once, their isn't an irritating best friend (we have the damaged parents in this, which do provide a very entertaining sub-plot from both perspectives).

Sadly the film is predictable and becomes a bit of a chore at the end with something straight from the teenage Fisher KIng, but otherwise, it's smutty, good stuff, with a good heart.
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A typical story of "boy-meets-girl-and-try-to-have-a-no-ties-sex-only" relationship but in this case it's surprisingly good. Justin Timberlake is a really good actor and comes over in this film as completely natural. The story has plenty of laugh out loud moments brilliant observations and excellent acting from all.
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It's a romantic comedy. That's all you need to know.

If you've seen one before, spoken to someone that has, or simply just passed a poster for an upcoming film featuring two, young, likeable, sexy leading characters of the opposite gender, then you basically know the score.

Some rom-coms are aimed at adults, others at those not quite allowed to hear all those sexual references and naughty words.

Friends With Benefits is an adult rom-com. It's about Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis who decide that, instead of going out together, just to stick to the `bedroom aspect' of the relationship. Wait a minute, I hear you cry - didn't they already do this in Love and Other Drugs and that one with Natalie Portman. Yes, is the answer, they did. And they're doing it again. Is this a bad thing? Not really, if you like romantic comedies.

Justin and Mila are as likeable as the next couple you watch who end up falling in love (I refuse to put the word `spoilers' in a review of a romantic comedy as you know as well as I do what will happen in the end). They have good chemistry and you'll smile a few times along the way. What more do you want from this kind of film?

It also tried to poke fun at rom-com clichés, then ultimately adheres to them. But, if you're bored, break out the popcorn and watch these two annoyingly attractive specimens of humanity exchange some witty banter.

If you like this sort of movie, you could do worse.

If you think this review is overly-cynical - it's probably because I'm single. I would imagine this movie is better to watch with a partner - *sobs*
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on 22 September 2011
Friends with Benefits is an amusing but predictable rom-com which will provide an entertaining couple of hours to anyone who likes this sort of thing. However, the comedy of the first half works better than the romance of the second half.

Your standard romantic comedy isn't complicated: Boy meets Girl at the start of the movie, and by the end of the movie Boy and Girl are together. There are humorous complications in the middle, such as they might not realise they like each other, be kept apart by something, even hate each other, etc etc. Friends with Benefits falls perfectly into this genre.

Dylan, played surprisingly well by Justin Timberlake, is a LA website designer who travels to New York for a big magazine job interview set up by headhunter Jamie, played by Mila Kunis. He takes the new job in the new city, she stays in touch and helps him settle in, and they become friends. The two leads spark off each other quite nicely, and the snappy dialogue is fun.

What happens next is pretty obvious from the title: one drunken evening, they are moaning about how sex means getting into a messy relationship first, and then they decide that the obvious thing to do is to sleep together as friends, no guilt or relationship attached. At this point, things get a bit rude, and you see why it's a 15. There's always a blanket in the way, but it's pretty obvious what's going on under it. This scene is actually played really well, with much comic observation about sex, and was very funny.

Obviously this wouldn't be a rom-com without all this turning from comedy sex into love, and that's where the movie loses its way a bit. It avoids having one of those cheesy moments where one of the characters suddenly realises they'd been in love and didn't know it, but instead has a slow slide into them realising they suit each other. However, this isn't handled that well, and the plot in the second half of the movie is a bit of a mess as a result. Even so, the leads are very watchable, and the conclusion of the movie works fine.

The usual cast of extras are in there, although it's Timberlake's character that gets the most side-plot. Woody Harrelson is amusing as the extremely gay sports writer who dispenses pearls of wisdom. Jamie's unreliable ex-hippy mum turns up and gets in the way, but doesn't do much else for the plot. Most interesting is Dylan's family, back in LA, who we meet on a Thanksgiving trip. His dad has Alzheimer's and the scenes where he shifts between losing his way and realising something is wrong are genuinely poignant. This subplot could easily be in a more serious movie, but it tackles this issue with a good mix of humour and drama.

Overall, if you like rom-coms then you will enjoy this. It's good but not brilliant, let down by a bit of messy writing in the second half, but with plenty of funny moments and a good cast.
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VINE VOICEon 1 September 2011
as a boyfriend of nearly 5 years, the girlfriend will occasionally want to see your basic rom com. mostly we dread these moments as its usually a re hash of the same old tired ben affleck rubbish. this has changed some what recently with the film bridesmaids which I had read up on first and had good reviews. I wasn't disappointed and so when the missis wanted to see this I thought...hmmmm. but I saw it and and to be honest, I laughed nearly all the way through the movie. the basis is two people with bad relationship history decide to have the sex and not the relationship. that's it, you know how its going to end but to be honest it surprised me the ways it got there. the end being the only predicable part. its well acted, they both have great timing, you get the odd cliche but the movie doesn't hang on them too long and so keeps the pace of the movie going.

so in short its really funny and the girlfriend gives you brownie points if you volunteer to see this boys. so you get in her good books for doing something that isn't a chore ( but she thinks it is for you)
win win all round!
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on 7 October 2013
I am glad so many seem to have enjoyed this and awarded it 5 stars-----thats what entitlement to one's own tastes and opinions is all about.For me I have never met or seen, people resembling the two protagonists-----even having lived in L.A. once.---With the contrived machine-gun-rapid-fire dialogue coming out of their mouths----all I could hear were the writers sitting at a desk trying to outdo each other------the film should carry a public health warning---"any resemblance between the film's characters and real human beings is unintentional"
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on 23 September 2011
A lot of time a lack of chemistry between the main characters in a romcom will leave a movie down, they just aren't believable in their roles and can seem wooden and stiff, however Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis change this trend as it's their on screen chemistry that makes this movie what it is, very enjoyable.

The main synopsis of the movie is that both Timberlake and Kunis are unlucky in love and Timberlake moves from L.A to New York where Kunis lands him a job at GQ, the two quickly become good friends. The movie is fast paced and both Kunis and Timberlake are perfect for their roles, there is plenty of laughs a long the way and features a strong supporting cast. Woody Harrelson is Hilarious in his role as Tommy, the head sports writer for GQ who happens to be gay and is convinced that Timberlake is also gay. Patricia Clarkson plays Kunis hippy loving mother who can't recall what nationality Kunis dad is. Richard Jenkins plays Timberlake's dad who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Emma Stone(who could probably have done a good job playing Kunis role if chosen) has a very small role as Timberlakes girlfriend who happens to be obsessed with John Mayer!

While the movie never strays too far from the usual romcom rules it is a funny movie that is well held together by it's lead characters.
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on 4 August 2014
As awful as the title suggests. Acting and storyline terrible - that is, if you can actually discern a storyline amidst all the product placement - GQ GQ GQ; then ten minutes waving around an ipad...if anyone saw this in the cinema, could you tell when the ads ended and the 'film' began?
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on 5 October 2011
Im not a rom-com fan in any way, but I went to this with my girlfriend and though it was fine, cant really praise it any more than that.
The chemistry between Kunis and Timberlake is obvious and they are both clearly having fun in this film.
It starts off as an anti rom-com about two colleagues that are single that decide to become sex buddies but remain emotionless towards each other and are still single to see other people.
Its obvious that this will end up as typical rom-com fodder even though at the start it more or less slams rom-coms for this very reason.
Predictable, harmless, moderately funny but never hilarious, it was an OK way to spend a rainy Tuesday evening in the cinema.
Oh and Woody Harrelsons in it, and hes nearly hilarious but the script never quite lets him (or anyone else) reach their potential.
For chick-flick needs,stick to Bridesmaids.
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on 27 March 2012
It's rather confusing that both this film and "no strings attached" came out fairly close to each other. But I have to say that after having seen both films, this one is my favourite.

The film has some funny moments, and is a good choice for a movie night in, whether that be with the girls or the other half. Both Mila and Justin are good in their roles, and the movie is surprisingly good.
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