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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
In Waves
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 July 2017
In Waves is Trivium's fifth studio album, released in 2011 this record is the first to feature the band's new drummer Nick Augusto. The album brings back a lot of the metalcore qualities from the band's first couple of albums album but sadly suffers for it.

By this point, Trivium's sound had matured and grown into something more interesting, with Shogun being their masterpiece. Unfortunately someone made the decision that the band needed to take two steps back and return to their old, less mature metalcore style. Sadly, the results show that this style no longer suits the band as they have moved on as people and musicians.

The actual quality of the record is pretty sound with some nice top production quality, the same professional quality found on the previous album. The band's newest member Augusto puts out some great beats and fits in to the band nicely. Though I found a lot of the songs enjoyable and up to a reasonable standard of consistency, I found the actual song writing a little lacking. There were no major vocal melodies, hooks or licks that pulled me in and that's a bit of a shame. Talking of vocal melodies, Matt Heafy brings back that old screaming 'emo' vocals which is a bit of a shame. I never liked them on their first two albums and I still don't like it hear. It is clear with the next two albums that he can sing with a wonderful voice, if only he did that here.

When looking at this record next to the previously release shotgun and the soon to follow, Vengenace Falls, I found In Waves to be a reasonably good attempt but nothing great by any means. The band sound great through out but that won't save you if you don't have any great songs to play.

Published by Steven Lornie of Demonszone
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on 18 October 2017
After the technical epic brilliance that was Trivium's 4th album 'Shogun' (which is in my opinion one of the best metal albums of the 21st Century) I remember how stoked I was for the next album. It was a pretty long wait too it seemed, although the bands release of 'Shattering the Skies Above' really got me psyched for what was coming next. Fast forward around 1 year and the lead single and title track 'In Waves' was released. The technical riffs, thrashy vocals and epic scope seemed to have been replaced with a more simplistic modernised metal sound and at first, I wasn't overly keen on the song. It just didn't really hit me like a Trivium song usually would.

The album begins with the opener 'Capsizing the Seas' which as an intro really works and leads very nicely into the title track. Things get a bit different however with the following few songs. 'Inception of the End' reintroduces blast beats from then dummer Nick Augusto, which were debuted on 'Shattering', from the God of War 3 soundtrack. Here however i feel that they are not really necessary and don't really fit the song at all and seem pretty forced. Overall 'Inception' is an okay song but it definitely isn't one of their best. Things pick up however with the tracks 'Dusk Dismantled' and 'Black' these songs are incredible and show completely different sides of the band. 'Dusk' being a fully screamed chugger and 'Black' really showing off the bands skill at writing ready for radio style hits, and the same can be said for 'Built to Fall'. It really does come from the vocal melodies, and Matt Heafy has really picked his game up on here. Pretty much every chorus on here is infectious and the vocal layering really adds to that. A lot has to be said for bassist Paulo Greggoletto, as his voice contrasts Heafy's astonishingly well. I really feel Trivium are underrated when to their professionalism in writing vocal hooks.

Going into the second half the record, we get two back to back absolutely incredible songs, 'Caustic are the Ties That Bind' and 'Forsake Not the Dream'. These two songs right here are why i adore this band so much. Harkening back to the sound of the bands sophomore and breakthrough record, 2005's Ascendancy, these tunes absolutely rip. 'Caustic' is all over the place and has so much going for it, but it's really the middle section that shines - with its Maiden-esque twin guitar magic from Matt and Corey with a melody that is absolutely beautiful. 'Forsake' starts of with a very interesting guitar intro and smashes straight into probably what is the heaviest song on the album. Heafy's screaming vocals are the best on here, especially during 'Crest fall in on the crestfallen' where it feel like he was in the verge of becoming possessed, and it's damn brilliant.

The final song on the album 'Of All These Yesterdays' showcases the bands more mellow side and is similar in some ways to the mid section of the title track to the bands previous album. It's a very beautiful song and keeps at a steady pace, although things pick up on the latter part of the song where Heafy turns up the agression on his vocals and adds some pretty nice and surprisingly fitting backing screams. The song blends well into the short outro track 'Leaving This World Behind'.

This album features some of Triviums best songs, but I feel it isn't without its flaws. The biggest problem I have today with this album is its disjointedness. I'm all for dynamism on a record, but the problem with In Waves as an album is that it doesn't flow that well. And 'Watch The World Burn', 'Drowning In Slow Motion' and 'Chaos Reigns are tracks that have never really done anything for me. Trivium albums are usually all killer no filler and In Waves I feel is an unfortunate exception, making it one of the weaker listens overall in the bands 7, nearly 8 album catalogue.

This isn't to say however that it isn't worth a purchase and although there are a couple of weak track, there are some f**king great ones too and some that to this day are essential to Triviums live setlist, and you can see why.

Personal Favourite Tracks:
Caustic are the Ties That Band
Forsake Not the Dream

Least Favourite Tracks:
Inception of the End
Watch the World Burn
Chaos Reigns

Rating, 8/10
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on 23 September 2017
A good album and title track is smashing
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on 17 May 2017
Great album!!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 August 2011
Trivium's fifth album In Waves is their first album with new drummer Nick Augusto, and their first to be produced by Colin Richardson. Nick's style of drumming fits the band well so there is no need to worry about Travis's absence. Additionally, the general standard of production is brilliant and even the quality of the lyrics has improved.

At first, I was a little worried that the album mightn't be all that good, as I wasn't too keen on the pre-released tracks like the more radio friendly `In Waves,' and `Built To Fall,' or the heavier, more mid-album type tracks `Dusk Dismantled,' and `Inception Of The End,' all of which were objectively good songs but all seemed to be missing something.

That many tracks should be indicative of the album's quality as a whole, so I didn't get my hopes up. They did all grow on me however, and definitely make even more sense within the context of the album as a whole, so if you weren't keen on those tracks either, don't let it put you off listening to the whole album.

As a general rule, the songs are shorter than they were on the previous album Shogun, and a little more straight-forward in terms of composition and structure but this is not necessarily true of every single track. The best way to describe In Waves would be a mixture of radio friendly songs and Ascendancy type songs; when you get right down to it, its another regular Trivium album. No grand departure really.

Every Trivium album so far has had some alteration to the style of the vocals, some harder, some softer and some mixed. In Waves could be described as more mixed, but with some additional styles not heard on a Trivium album before too.

Overall; when you get past the vocal styles, the track lengths, the line up, the production and the albums historical context, at the end of the day the album will stand or fall on whether or not the songs are any good. In Waves has a lot of good songs on it, and for that reason alone you should pick up a copy.

So to summarize, In Waves is a well written and well produced album, perhaps not the single best release in the band's career by leagues and leagues, but ultimately a strong release that long time Trivium fans should definitely add to their collection.

*** If you should get the special edition version; you will find the bonus tracks `Slave New World,' which is a cover of the Sepultura classic, and `Shattering The Skies Above,' which previously featured on the Blood & Metal EP that was released to promote God Of War 3, as well as two bonus tracks `Ensnare The Sun,' and `Drowning In Slow Motion,' added into the actual running order of the album. This set comes with the discs housed in a double-digipak.

In addition to the bonus tracks, there is a DVD featuring the music video for `In Waves,' as well as a `Making Of,' documentary which is fairly substantial at 41 minutes and much more serious in tone than `The Making Of Shogun.' Furthermore there is an astounding quality live concert filmed in the band's practice area at Chapman Studios, in a similar style to Nine Inch Nail's The Slip. The track listing is:
`In Waves,'
`Built To Fall,'
`Watch The World Burn,'
`The Deceived,'
`Suffocating Sight,'
`Down From The Sky,'
`Ember To Inferno.'

The visuals, audio and editing of the live concert are absolutely superb and I highly recommend you buy this version.
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on 1 September 2017
This is by far Trivium's greatest achievement for me.

Very strong songs with very strong production and playing. I like Shogun but everything on In Waves is just tightened up and focused and

to the point. There's no fat *at all*.

It's a damn near PERFECT metal album from start to finish.
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on 25 August 2011
It was asking of a miracle for this album to equal or better the epic 'Shogun' and it has not. A more hardcore album which took several listenings to get into. Change of producer was a step backwards, as the overall sound is a little less refined, especially listening through earphones. It's still a good album, and well worth buying.
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on 26 September 2011
First of all, Trivium, for me, it's the best band of this generation. They are simply awesome in each song they create.
Now, the album... I was a little apprehensive about this album, new drummer and probably some music differences, but the result was impressive in the good way! When I listened the whole album, I found it much heavier than the past albums, more similar with "Ascendancy", but still heavier. The voice is different, personally, I didn't like Matt's voice on "Skyline's Severance" and "Chaos Reigns" at first, but then I liked it very much. It's very melodic at some points and the only thing I have against Trivium on this album it's because I think that "Drowning in Slow Motion" and "A Grey So Dark" shouldn't be bonus, instead they should be on the album. The songs are awesome and the drums are perfect!!
01 - Capsizing the Sea -> Introduction to "In Waves" 9/10
02 - In Waves -> 9/10
03 - Inception of the End -> Awesome riff at the beginning 10/10
04 - Dusk Dismantled -> 9/10
05 - Watch the World Burn -> 10/10
06 - Black -> 10/10
07 - A Skyline's Severance -> Very melodic at the beginning , then, very heavy! 9/10
08 - Ensnare the Sun (*) -> Divison of the album, only in acoustic with some percussion. I liked it! 9/10
09 - Built to Fall -> I loved this song! 10/10
10 - Caustic Are the Ties That Bind -> One of my favourites on the album, simply perfect! 10/10
11 - Forsake Not the Dream -> 10/10
12 - Drowning in Slow Motion (*) -> 10/10
13 - A Grey So Dark (*) -> 10/10
14 - Chaos Reigns -> 8/10
15 - Of All These Yesterdays + 16 - Leaving This World Behind -> Perfect Ending! 10/10
17 - Shattering the Skies Above (*) -> Made especially to God of War 3. It's very good! 10/10
18 - Slave New World (Sepultura Cover) (*) -> They done it perfectly. 10/10
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on 13 July 2012
When they get it right they really do make you want to bang your head `Dusk Dismantled' and `Caustic are the Ties that Bind' are really quite exceptional, what is quite frustrating however is that they don't do it consistently enough to come close to their second album `Ascendancy' which should be your first purchase. Don't get me wrong I still think that Trivium have the potential to make a really good album, I just think they need to go into it with a bit more fire.

The package is brilliant with its five bonus songs a live in the studio performance, which actually helps to make a couple of the tracks on the album a bit more enjoyable (I don't know why it just does) and a mini making of documentary which tries to be a bit arty and apart from a few nice shots doesn't really make it

It was the song `in waves' that made me want to pick up another Trivium album to be honest I had lost interest in them. Unfortunatly if it wasn't for the DVD with the live in the studio I might have only given it three stars. Trivium; be more consistant.
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on 23 November 2011
it seems that too much of a good thing can work against you, this special edition was the copy i bought, my mate bought the cheaper version, well , the version that wasnt so special, the version that had 5 songs less, the studio album,generally bonus tracks are tacked on at the end, in this case they are fed through the album and i feel that holds back the flow.
This is something that i have rectified as i put the album in order as it was born to be into my mp3 player and then it appears more than brilliant.
Trivium are now one of metals most consistent bands for me, maybe the crusade was an idea too radical but aside from that they have released brilliance after sheer brilliance. In waves is a great album, not their best perhaps, ascendancy will take some beating, but this is one strong album. I would say 3 out of 5 for all the tracks and 4 out of 5 for the proper studio album.
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