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This is not the usual kind of book I would pick up but when the book was offered to me to review there was something that intrigued me about the storyline mainly to do with our main character Rose who has visions which has always been of interest to me. The book gets off to a great start and a fast pace with the first line of the book "It all started when I saw myself dead" .I think this line is going to stick in my mind for a long time as I have never read any kind of book which starts in this way and it certainly had me gripped.

Our main character in this book is Rose who I took an instant like to. She seems quirky and innocent in her ways which I think is mainly due to the sheltered life she has lived. I loved the fact that I found her funny without her even trying which only made her character more likeable. There seemed to be so much in life she had missed out on which only left me rooting for her to tackle all the things she wants to do in life.

I also really enjoyed the character of the next door neighbour Joe. We know he is keeping secrets which only make his character more mysterious and intriguing. Even though I couldn't work out if he was a good guy or a bad guy I still found his character so likeable. I enjoyed the relationship between the two characters.

The storyline to this book is so intense there is just something happening all the time which meant I couldn't put it down as I needed to know what was going to happen next. What I enjoyed most about this book was the suspense factor. I kept chopping and changing my mind with what I thought was going to happen and all in all I was wrong! Just as I thought the story was starting to wrap up something else would happen so to say I was then on the edge of my seat is a slight understatement!

There is such a mix to this book so there is definitely something for everyone in this book. Action, romance, suspense and even a splash of humour. I truly think this book would make for a great film.
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on 3 December 2011
Rose is by far one of the most interesting characters I have read of in quite some time. I love that she didn't let herself be dragged down by her history, as many characters would had they been in her position, she always had such a positive outlook on life. Also, she is the sort of character you cannot help but root for and want to befriend in the hopes that some of her positivity will rub off on you. Furthermore, I very much appreciated that Denise was able to give us Rose's history in little bit and pieces (from all sorts of characters, like her sister, aunt, etc.) as opposed to more large information dump- it just made the book flow so much more naturally and made everything seem so much more real.

It becomes evident as you read the book that Denise doesn't dilly-dally in her writing, that she writes everything with a purpose, which, too, makes the book flow all the more naturally and makes it a literal page-turner- keeping you engaged (and on the edge of your seat) the entire time while reading it.

However, I must admit that the ending did throw me off a bit. I just felt that so much happened in the last bit of the book that I had a hard time keeping track of everything. When I thought the storyline was going in one direction it would go in the complete opposite therefore resulting in me having to reread a bit of the end (but this could have totally been my fault since I literally read this book in one sitting and therefore was most likely tired/ past the point of comprehension by the time I came to the end).

All in all, I highly recommend this book to those looking for a funnier read, albeit a funnier read with quite a bit of action. I cannot tell you how many times I burst out in laughter while reading this book. Also, I challenge you to not start talking in a Southern accent after finishing this book, with all of the characters constantly dropping their "g's" and saying things like "crappy doodles".
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on 9 March 2016
This would possibly be OK for a 12 year old, but even then it's pushing the realms. I'm not sure whether it's meant to be funny or romantic, (it's neither!), or why the "psychic" element was included at all...and the worrying thing is I don't think the author is sure herself. The characters have absolutely nothing about them. The main female is just ridiculous, her name even more so...Rose Gardner? Seriously? I think the author's taking the mick myself. The scenarios are so far beyond the pale it's unreal...literally! I'm sorry but even if you've lived a sheltered life, I'm pretty sure, certain in fact, that by the age of 24 you wouldn't struggle/not know how to open a bottle of beer. Even if you'd never encountered one before, I think you might just be able to work it out!
As for the fact that the murder suspect is not only allowed back to the scene of the crime, but as well as being given free reign to "clean up", you're also expected to believe that she is in fact allowed to redecorate said room within a couple of days. That you're even expected to believe that she'd want to is an absolute joke, given her relationship to the victim. Add to this the oh so believable scenario whereby the murder victim's body is released for the funeral within a few days and I fail to see how anybody can see this as anything other than a complete farce?
I have no idea why her neighbour is attracted to her, other than, "I like your hair"?! ...there is no build up, dialogue, spark, depth, connection...absolutely nothing. I gave up at 33% and would have returned for a refund if it wasn't free already in a bid to drag you into buying the rest of the series...which I certainly won't be doing. I'm irritated that I wasted my time on a 3rd of the first book as it is.
I have absolutely no idea what the 5 star reviewers read but it can't be the same book as the trite effort I had the misfortune to read surely? Another not so fine example of social media networking doing its worst...people when asked will "like" any old's very sad really. Having looked at the reviews for the rest of this seemingly never ending series, it's quite telling that the number of shiny 5 star reviews seems to have diminished exponentially as the series has progressed. You would have thought that the numbers would have remained consistent if it were the case that the story was so amazingly gripping and the writing standard was so high? Funny that? The number of "helpful", (what a joke) votes the top 5 star reviews have is also quite amazing. Given the fact that reviews for even the likes of Stephen King don't even get a third as many, sort of makes this ridiculous practice more than a bit transparent!
I'd give kudos to the author for the marketing if it weren't for the fact that in my humble opinion, this less than honorable tactic quite frankly stinks and ruins the whole E-reading experience for genuine readers.
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on 20 September 2014
I am getting brassed off with reading books that do not have a proper ending. I have read 3 now that do not have an ending, this one is my last one. Why should the first book be free just to get you interested in the story then you have to BUY more to get to the end,. In future will get my books from the library.
The story to the end of the first book was OK. but what happened next. I will never know.
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on 9 June 2014
This was an enormous disappointment full of cliches and completely banal... I kept reading transfixed just to get an idea of just how much more predictable a book could ever be, but page after page I came to understand that there was not going to be anything more than what I already knew I would read. A teenagers love story basically
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on 17 August 2014
What a load of rubbish. Thank god I didn't pay for this! Rose is so annoying I just wanted to pull her from the pages and smack some sense into her! She is so drippy and totally got on my nerves when she said 'crappy doodles' all the time! Terrible predictive plot and there is no way Joe would fall for someone as dense as Rose in real life!
Will definitely NOT be reading the sequels unless I need a good laugh one day!!
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on 17 October 2013
First book i've read by the author and I must say I am very impressed! Took me less than a day to read it and it is very well written.
Very funny and kept me entertained throughout!
Download you will not be disappointed!
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on 3 September 2015
This started out as a promising read, but somewhere between the very 'stock' main character getting a makeover and getting it on with the next door neighbour, things started to get really cliched and predictable. I didn't particularly like any of the characters, especially the main one, who was just plain silly and annoying - the whole makeover bit was just so trite. The most interesting one was the mother - but the writer killed her off. In the end, I thought there was just too much was going on and it all became a bit trying and not so believable. It read like the author was hoping someone would make a film out of it, which wouldn't be a surprise if they did, as Hollywood is full of these unimaginative and regurgitated stories.

Overall, I thought it wasn't worth the read and certainly wouldn't bother with other books written by the same author.
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on 18 August 2016
This is a chick’s book, but from a bloke’s point of view I absolutely enjoyed it. I don’t read a lot of chick-lit, I suppose people wouldn’t expect me to, but I quite fancied this one and thought I’d give it a go. I’m trying to broaden my reading experience.

Although the author seems to lose her way a couple of times, I thoroughly enjoyed the read and found it to be one of those books that I looked forward to getting back to. We’ve got Rose Gardner, who’s a bit of a divvy and who has psychic visions of no real importance (until now), and Joe McAllister, who’s a man of the world. Is he a villain? Is he to be trusted? Is he all he makes himself out to be?

Rose is frustratingly stupid. She doesn’t tell Joe about her second break in, which as far as being short-sighted is concerned, is about as daft as she can get. If he was the one who broke in, then he’ll know about it anyway. And if he wasn’t, then he’ll be able to put measures in place to protect her. She doesn’t even tell the police!

Where I lost the story slightly was when Rose has to hand over a flash drive to Daniel Crocker, the villain of the piece, who repulses her. For some unknown reason she finds the need to hang about and snog him, just because he fancies her. For no other reason than that! A more realistic storyline would see her drop the flash drive in his beer, say, “Stuff you,” and walk out of the bar. Instead she hangs around and plays up to him. I failed to understand why.

There’s a bit of a spoiler coming here: In the final scene we find Rose completely outfought, bullied and intimidated by an old lady, even though a little while earlier she’s had a good old tear-up with Crocker. She can stand up to him all right, but not a woman 40 years her senior. It doesn’t make sense.

But all in all it’s a good book, a light read and easy to jump in and out of. I’d recommend it.

Oh, and the twenty eight wishes; they’re a bit of a sub-plot, if you like. Just a bucket list that she dreams up in the beginning of the book after her mother’s murder. It’s worth a read.
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on 15 April 2016
I was just recently given a kindle as a birthday present and decided to start using it instead of blasting my ears out with music everyday on my way to work.
This was one of my first purchases / downloads from the kindle store and it has lived up to my expectations.
The writing was fantastic and had me hooked from the first page.
The characters are superb and you get to know everything about them - so much so it's as though they are real people.
There are plots, sub plots and all kinds of shennanigans to keep you interested from start to finish.
Very hard to put this book down and I will definitely be buying the paperback version as a way of a thank you.
Thrilling read from start to finish and I would highly recommend this book to anyone.


The world's longest poem written in the English language, entitled 'Maz'zaroth’, has now been published. Consisting of 367,000 words within 10,200 quatrains and including 137 colour illustrations it is more than just a poem. Maz’zaroth is a serious and controversial historical account of the world which suggests that mankind has not only been deliberately placed on the Earth but has over the millennia been affected by a series of extra-terrestrial intelligences, the knowledge of which has been suppressed by a number of world governments from the public domain. The author of the work remains anonymous.
Maz'zaroth re-writes the Bible in its entirety and in chronological order including the forbidden Gnostic gospels that were never included by the Church- a literary first. It shows how, within the Bible, many of the documented events actually portray a series of extra-terrestrial visitations. This however is merely the beginning of our history that develops through religion with the coming of Islam (of which the entire Qu’ran is included in Maz’zaroth), the wars fought between Islam and Christianity and the 'Secret Societies' that developed in the Middle Ages that have had profound effects, even today, in our everyday lives.
Maz'zaroth goes further and in detail describes how the Catholic Church in Europe decided to become a controlling power and how it was eventually unsuccessful in its battle with the 'Secret Societies' who regained their power over the church through banking. One can learn how these 'Secret Societies' have organised a clandestine government behind our visible governments and have been involved in some of the greatest atrocities upon the Earth, cleverly hiding their own tracks through the creation of organisations and committees such as The Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, The Committee of 300, The Council of Foreign Relations to name but a few mentioned in Maz'zaroth.
It was John F. Kennedy who in 1961 warned the American people of the ultimate aim of these 'Secret Societies' that have been hundreds of years in the making. Members include many prominent politicians, business leaders, members of royal families and military leaders that have created and put in place 'a system' which many refer to as 'The New World Order'. Maz’zaroth demonstrates how the term 'Conspiracy Theory' is conveniently used by these 'Secret Societies' to deflect any blame or wrongdoing from themselves and how they are gradually controlling the world labour market through 'Globalisation'.
Maz’zaroth shows how even recent events in world history can all be attributed to the same 'Secret Societies', such as the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb, the assassination of prominent politicians such as President John F. Kennedy, First US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and other world figures, the cover-up of the UFO phenomenon, the governmental approval of smuggling narcotics into western society, the theft of natural resources from the under-developed regions of the world to the developed world, the instigation of wars in the Gulf region through the creation of a false enemy in Al Qaeda to generate fear in the public as an excuse to go to war for the purposes of generating profit from war, reconstruction and natural resources, the creation of debt to control the labour market through the printing of money backed by nothing other than trust, the destruction of civil liberties in western society so that the masses can be more easily controlled.
Finally, Maz'zaroth projects events into the future, with the gradual demise of Europe as a result of its financial systems collapsing, the impending wars that are to come that will be fought on the European continent and the necessary change that will need to take place in world governance that will be required to ensure the continuance of mankind.
Maz’zaroth comes in illustrated, non-illustrated and picture book editions and is available in Amazon’s Kindle E-Book format from
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