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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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Will Ferrell (Anchorman) plays Nick Halsey, a guy who gets fired from his job for his recent indiscretions on a business seminar in Denver. Whilst the details aren't clear, Nick - a former alcoholic - has most definitely relapsed and upon returning home finds the locks changed and all of his possessions strewn across his lawn. With his phone cancelled, car repossessed, accounts frozen and wife not taking his calls, he has little choice than to sit down in the middle of his years of accumulated junk; exer-bikes, skis, canoes and assorted memorabilia that it's clear he has absolutely no use for now.

His AA sponsor, homicide cop Frank Garcia (Michael Peña - Battle: Los Angeles) says that he can't live on his front-lawn and the only way around it is to hold a yard sale. Whilst Nick has no intention of selling his belongings initially, as the buyers nibble away at his useless hoard he feels increasingly liberated, helped by local kid Kenny (Christopher Jordan Wallace).

Ferrell plays a deeply fractured-character whose heart is in the place with great flair. Gone are the silly man-child temper tantrums he is famed for and in it's place a deeper style of comedy of a man reduced to indifference by his situation. Wallace plays his emotional sounding board and as Nick wallows in his possessions, eventually some order appears. His new neighbour played by Rebecca Hall (The Town) provides a bit more insight but it's no love affair. Peña's character is a bit-part at best and it's great to see Stephen Root from Office Space make an appearance.

Extras include an audio commentary with director Dan Rush and actor Michael Peña. There is an "In Character" featurette with Will Ferrell, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and deleted scenes to accompany the main feature.

This film was based on the Raymond Carver short story Why Don't You Dance? and doesn't really widen the scope of the story and often you will feel that there is not a lot going on. But Everything Must Go has a lot of subtext as Nick liberates himself by liquidating all of those useless possessions his old life accrued and he realises that he is ready to move along. A touching tale, if a little too benign, but worth it for Ferrell's best performance in a while.
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on 29 March 2017
A nice watchable film
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on 16 April 2017
Very good 😊
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on 20 September 2011
Will Ferrell stars in this excellent drama about a man who loses everything.

It is very real, dark in humour and far removed from a slapstick comedy. This slow, but well paced film is clever, being so real it stings, and most importantly a charming cult gem. Viewers will have to be patient and buy into the believable idea, and I guess like Ferrell also helps.

The film deals with a man (like a morose version of Hank from Old School) who is made redundant, and so has to live on his front lawn. It is very much in the style of say Stranger Than Fiction, with Ferrell acting in what is a modern drama, not comedy, where very little helps, but it is the emotional tie and sympathiser role you take as an onlooker that makes this
film work.
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The film is advertised as a comedy, to be honest i would describe it as rather sad, telling the tale of a once 'top-notch' salesman who because of his alcohol adicition and a female collegue's accusation against him, 'Nick Porter' (Will Ferrell) loses his job.
Upon returning home all his treasured possessions are out on the lawn, the home's locks are all changed, his wife has kicked him out.
'Nick' after drowning his sorrows has decisions to make, his neighbours are not impressed neither is the law, he finally decides to sell his stuff, from----his lawn.
The film did not do that well at the Cinema, and maybe considered a little ''slow'' by some, however for me, yeh....taking it in the contex of a man's life laying in ruins, the film is...worth at least 'watching'
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I find Will Ferrell hit and miss. When he's good, he's great ("Blades Of Glory" and "Stranger Than Fiction") - but when the material sucks so does he ("The Other Guys" and "Bewitched"). So I wanted to like "Everything Must Go" but like most other watchers I found it dull too often and only occasionally touching.

Anyway if you're buying on BLU RAY it's worth noting the American release on Lionsgate is REGION A LOCKED - so it won't play on our machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' (which few are). Avoid that one.

Opt instead for the UK release - in 2014 the BLU RAY has dropped to a very cheap price - and it's a looker on the format too...
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on 7 January 2012
I was surprised at the quality of this film. It reminds me of how surprised I was when I watched Man on the Moon with Jim Carrey: a comedian like that in an 'endearing, moving tale'? It seemed wrong, but it worked brilliantly! The films aren't that similar, but MOTM was fantastic thanks to Carrey's performance, and in the same way Ferrell's performance is commendable in what turns out to be a really good film.

This has its comedic moments, which serve to keep a good rhythm to what is a pretty tragic tale of somebody who's been given a few blows that have sent him on a course of eventual self-renewal through vivid self-destruction. I thought it was a comedy after watching the trailer - a guy loses his job and his wife on the same day... ok, that sounds like the beginning of a mediocre comedy, doesn't it? Actually, it's done really well, beginning with some light hearted moments, but which unravel into a tale of a man allowing his vices, and his outlook (largely developed in a sales-culture environment), to eat dangerously into his life. In the end Ferrell gives a realistic portrayal of somebody who's very likeable and competent, but who's empty, flawed and jaded enough to make him alienate himself from those around him (who are also flawed, but who haven't been dealt his hand).

It's a really good story that's well worth watching, but quite sad and raw at times (albeit with uplifting moments). Watch it!
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Like many others I was thrown a curveball by the write-up for this film which describes it as a 'hilarious comedy'. Perhaps the initial reviewer was being extremely lazy and re-using a tagline from any other Will Ferrell starring movie, however it's inaccurate at best. Like fellow 'Frat-packer' Ben Stiller in Greenberg [DVD], Ferrell walks a slightly uncomfortable line here between dark humour and melodrama. When I say 'humour' I don't mean any kind of laugh-out-loud moment, but rather the bitter, ironic kind, as Ferrell's discarded salesman attempts to pick up the pieces of his life, with help from teenage loner Kenny, and duplicitous AA sponsor Detective Frank Garcia.
With every twist of the knife - and there are plenty of these for Nick, the salesman slips further back into his alcoholism; the root cause of all his problems it transpires. Fortunately the film ends on an (albeit ambiguously) redemptive note, but make sure that if you're going to watch this, you're prepared for some pretty downbeat moments, especially early on.
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on 9 March 2012
Agree with the others who have given this film a high rating. It's steadily-paced, building on the anguish and embarrassment surrounding the lead character a little bit at a time. It has it's cringe-making moments (as they are intended to be); one or two moments of gentle comedy and a great acting performance from Will Ferrell, along with Laura Dern and several other cast members.

Ignore the spiel on the cover - it is NOT 'sharply funny', but the references to Ferrell's acting performance eg 'Ferrell has never been better and 'A terrific performance' are 100% accurate. He's excellent.

Don't watch it if you're expecting hilarity in any form, but do give it a go if you like something that little bit different.
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on 24 October 2011
The film follows Nick Halsey (Will Ferell -Step Brothers) a 40 something year old salesman who is fired from his highly paid job one day after 16 years loyal service, due to his drinking problems & constant replases while working. His day gets worse however, when he arrives home to find his personal belogings strawn across his front lawn, the locks to his home changed & a note form his wife saying she is leaving him. In shock, he tries to live out his normal life by living on his front lawn & drinking to excess, much to the dismay of his neighbours, who soon call the police.

As luck would have it, Nicks sponser for his drinking is Detective Frank Garcia (Michael Peña -Shooter) who manages to prevent him from being arrested, and comes up with a way in which he can stay on his front lawn for 5 days, by law. That way is to hold a yard sale, but Nick is reluctant to sell his things, but with the support and understanding of a young boy Christopher Jordan Wallace (Kenny Loftus -The son of the late Rapper, The Notorious B.I.G. and R&B singer Faith Evans), his new neigbour Samantha (Rebecca Hall -The Town) and the community coming togher with the recent global economic down turn, he might just have a 2nd chance, if he can overcome new shocking revelations.

Now, this film is not one of Will Ferell's OTT comedies, there is some light humour in it which is done well at different places in the film, but overall this is more of a light comedy Drama. It's not fast paced, so if you dont like slow moving drama's it maybe best to avoid this film. however, personaly i actually liked the story & found it interesting to see what this person will do next & watch the relationships between him and those around him react to his circumstances.

In conclusion, for Will Ferell this is certainly a performance akin to Stranger Than Fiction, in that he is playing more towards serious acting than his OTT stuff he is renowned for. Although his character Nick has flaws, I couldnt help but feel sympathy for him thanks to Ferell's performance. Reccomended.
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