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on 30 May 2016
I have to say that I have been blown away by this lens.
Before buying I did a bit of research and found that this lens was out-performing much higher priced lenses, just as well really because at the time I bought it I was a little fiscally challenged.
The lens comes in a robust, padded case. The instructions are good and the two lens hoods are good quality.
There are three distance settings on the lens which will keep it from hunting across its range for point of focus. I found the AF, when distance limited to be quite quick, for subjects that are further away it isn't bad but not lightning quick by any means.
Manual focus is with the fantastically large focussing ring, this is very positive in movement.
Image stabilisation is very good, and indeed very welcome! Stabilisation has two three settings, off, all axis and one for use when on a tripod, can't remember off hand what axis this is for. It is good though and very noticeable in use.
The f2.8 max aperture gives the ability to really throw the background and provides great bokeh.
All in all a great lens that I am more than happy with. I have had no regrets at all about buying the lens and have no plans to replace it with a more expensive manufacturers model.
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on 15 December 2016
Having previously owned and sold the nikon 105mm Macro due to not getting much use, i finally gave in and started searching for a cheaper alternative. I was swayed by Nikons 60mm and sigma's 105mm and settled for the sigma after hearing great things. Ive put it straight on the camera (Nikon D810) and I'm instantly impressed. It focuses fast and smooth, its well built, comes with a padded bag unlike the nikon versions, which i never use anyway but its a very nice touch.
Once I've added some AF Fine tune ( always, always calibrate your cameras and lenses before serious use), its bang on, pin sharp and accurate, even with all those megapixels. My nikon 105 required some major calibration but this was almost exactly accurate right out the box.
The Optical stabiliser is a little noisy compared to nikon's system, but it works well for shaky hands.
The switches to the side look like they can be easily knocked and feel cheap, as does the rather nasty looking lens hood but they all do the job and lets facet this is half the price of Nikon's equivalent.
Even thought I've only tested this around the house and garden, I'm happy to rate it 5 stars and can't wait to put it to use this weekend at a wedding.
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VINE VOICEon 11 September 2017
This is a great lens for anyone wanting to get seriously into macro photography on a budget.

Its most important positive qualities are:
Focal length is long enough that you don't need to get so close to small animals that might be disturbed by a big black thing creeping up on them - especially if your camera has an APS-C sensor, which will give this lens an effective focal length of 168mm. And if they're not so easily disturbed (or inanimate) you can get REALLY close to them.
Excellent image stabilisation means you can get ridiculously sharp shots hand-held without compromising image quality with high ISO settings.
The IQ is revelatory and if you need to increase the depth of field (always an issue with macro) it's still decently sharp around f16.
It's far cheaper than comparable competitors and makes the Canon 60mm lens which I replaced with it completely redundant: that lens is currently available for about the same price, lacks image stabilisation, is slightly less sharp and won't fit on full-frame cameras.

One feature that seems to annoy some people is the relative noisiness of the image stabiliser. This might conceivably disturb some insects etc. so if your main intended use for a macro lens is to take very close-up, hand-held shots of quite mobile small creatures you might want to try before you buy. But from personal experience I doubt this will be a big issue - any insect, spider etc. that is jumpy enough to be frightened off by the sound of the image stabiliser on this lens will likely be frightened off either by the lens approaching it or by the noise of the shutter, which is of course far louder than the image stabiliser. For any other purposes it isn't an issue at all and if you're using a tripod the image stabiliser should be turned off anyway.

An apparently genuine design fault noted by professional reviewers is an anomaly in the image stabiliser which means that it doesn't work properly at 1/60s exposure. Personally, despite the 4-stop stabilisation, I tend to be looking for an exposure no slower than 1/125s with this lens; if a 1/60s exposure looked likely (due to poor light or needing more DOF) I'd stick the camera on a tripod (and turn off the image stabiliser); increase the ISO; or increase the aperture - although in fact with 4-stop stabilisation, you could even potentially get away with reducing the ISO so that the exposure was around 1/40-1/50s - it's far from impossible to get away with such a long exposure with this lens, so long as the subject is fairly static and you aren't very close to it. So again, this really isn't a deal-breaker.

Highly recommended and great value.
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on 12 April 2017
Having read the many recommendations on here I decided to buy this lens,it only arrived today and although I have only been using it for 4 hours I can see that it's a quality product and takes amazing photographs,I'm looking forward to learning new techniques and pushing the boundaries of my photography
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on 16 December 2017
Being a pixel peeper geek (as image sharpness is everything) I've found that from the centre outwards to about a millimetre to the edge of the photo the lens is seriously sharp and as always a slight cropping in photoshop is a must with most lenses anyway. The optical stabiliser on full setting (2) is just as good as being on a tripod, suppose that depends on how steady your hold is as well but none the less the stabiliser does its job well. Build quality is on par with Nikon and around HALF the price. For any photographer other than a professional I'd definitely recommend this gorgeous third party macro lens and save yourself a fair bit of money.
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on 8 January 2017
This lens is quite large and heavy, however, it takes excellent pictures. Macro and short range is excellent, but it also works very well as a medium range telephoto. Medium distance objects also focus perfectly, which is one reason this is good for portraits and taking pictures of plants and animals. Automatic focus works well and quickly. The fixed focal length seems to give about the same perspective as the human eye, so is a unique magnification distance.
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on 8 January 2016
Amazing lens, I never write reviews, ever, because I can't be bothered! Until now that is! I'm so happy with it I just felt like leaving a review...

It focuses fast, it's colour reproduction is excellent, the build quality is immense, plush plastics and metal construction, it's fast, a superb length, I don't find it heavy at all like some reviews say and I don't go gym either, just a 5"10 medium build bloke. It's tack sharp and looks the business. Can't fault it all. I was thinking about getting this or the Canon 100mm IS but I cannot fault my Sigma at all - and I've saved a few hundred pounds. If you're thinking about getting one, go for it!
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on 21 January 2017
I bought some Extension tubes to have at go at Macro and decided I liked it. The tubes were good but a bit of a faff. So I splashed out on this lens after reading and researching. I'm so glad I did. This lens is very very sharp and the images can be breathtaking. But it needs patience and practice - i've got a few great macro shots and many bad ones - it's me not the lens. I've seen what the lens can do and now I need to perfect my technique to get some consistency.

If like me you read many reviews before you purchase you'll see that this lens is consistently compared with the Canon 100mm L Macro. But it costs less that half the price. Indeed at a lower price than the Canon non L 100mm Macro it was a no brainer decision in the end. I have not been disappointed.
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on 12 June 2016
Ok normally I buy Canon brand lenses but I took a shot on this and was really impressed with the results. It works great on my 5D ii and 5D iii. Auto focus is a little sluggish so maybe that's the trade off although for macro you might tend to use manual focus anyway for greater control.

The IS works great for hand holding but for serious macro work get your camera on a tripod :) (that's not a complaint of the lens just a general tip)
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on 26 July 2013
What a great lens. It compares well to the Canon 100mm macro L lens that my son bought but quite a bit cheaper.
Excellent build quality with a very well made carry case.
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